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Lucy-Kasia blogs+Saving Hahe

+ me(Lied) even having gotten amidola to spread my cry-story ;D I must stop complaining! - So german....

Heya you guys,

now after a week of emo blogposts (and more to follow, nothing sadder than a depressed blonde), I thought I'd keep you a bit up to date for a change!


First of all Kasia has started blogging! And by blogging I mean b.l.o.g.g.i.n.g! Do yourself a favor and check the blog out here!


It has been driving me to desperation the past few days, but remember, how I promised in the last post that we'd try to let you guys take part as much as possible? That's why we're translating the blogposts in the comments. And that's a perfect opportunity to say Hi! and thanks to Andy(from Guatemala) and our Italian crew, Lip, rage and Elena! Who besides translating whole episodes in record time, now have also jumped onto the extended mission international train!


Now, I haven't gotten around to most of Lucy's posts yet, but haven't forgotten!


If, for some reason, you can't navigate their blogs, you will also find everything of Lucy's here and Kasia's here with translations! (Thanks to my co-hero, Be Mine for the pages!)


Now, you have asked what you can do for your Hand aufs Herz, after it has done so much for you?


We've tried to come up with a sort of plan for the motivated International viewer here.


Speaking of....



Now, don't tell me you'll ever look at chocofresh the same way again.


We're still looking for contributions..and trust me it's FUN! And I mean those capital letters!


You'll find more info here.


Or just mail your craziness to jemmaclips@hotmail.com


Would totally love to have you on there!


Now, and thanks go to our Hungarian Translator Andy(from Hungary) for yet another idea.


She reminded us that it's all nice and good for SAT1 to be super sick and tired of us, but they go home at some point, and what the show needs is viewers!


So, let's get out of our little virtual cocoon and go outside!



The concept is easy enough, you'll find a few printable layouts on here

Then you, print them, and put them up.

Please make sure to use tape that will leave no residues, because  the people whose property you'd damage, will be after you, us, Hahe and whoever else in a jiffy.

Don't glue things onto commercial spaces either and ask restaurants and bars before you put them out.

Most will say YES! ;-)

P.S.I love trafficlights and the insides of bathroom doors for putting up stuff..places where people just stand/sit around anyways.Thank you Lillifee, Thuy and Carrie!


Now, what else is new in Jemmaworld?


Well, nothing new, I'd just like to apologize, for the ship to have been rocky this week in the translations department..we have been shellshocked, busy, dealing with exams,sick as dogs, all of the above, and I'd like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to the very,very faithful Team English which has been seeing us through, through stormy weather and high seas(Like Corinna and Speedy, and Thuy and Carrie,too!!). Sorry for being so slow on the finishing up, guys, you rock!


But we're all good now, up to date on all of the eps, in almost all languages, and I would like to personally recommend this week's preview clips to you guys.


If you should illegally upload any of the corresponding eps, make sure that I will make use of my worldwide connections and voodoo you,personally.:-) Same goes for anything else going down this week.


Same goes for anyone spreading links, too, by the way.We're fighting like lions to save the show, so I think you can maybe hold it together for a week, right?Right?


Great, I'm good with needles..many sizes, you know, so you better be good,like as in really good.

*stern look*


Ok, I know you miss her like crazy, I do,too, but Cpt.Lied will be back soon enough, wish her luck on her exams and her getting better and bear with me yet a little longer.


Have a good Monday guys!Catch you laterz!



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    ecosse (Mittwoch, 06 Juli 2011 23:28)

    Awesome work. Well done!

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    Kristen (Donnerstag, 07 Juli 2011 09:50)

    Yeppers, thank you very much! I always wonder why you guys don't have more comments...