Flashmob at Pestalozzi
Flashmob at Pestalozzi

Hi you guys, long time no hear!

Well there are some news to relay!

Mannheim Flashmob
Mannheim Flashmob

First of all on the 16th of July, quite a few crazies came together in several German cities and performed "Flashmobs for Saving Hand aufs Herz". You'll find more info here. And on YT and the likes.The events, were, of course well documented ;-)

THE Virtual Flashmob has Arrived!!!
THE Virtual Flashmob has Arrived!!!

The reason for this post however, is that our very own, Virtual Flashmob is done!


We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do :)

YAY! To everyone who participated: You guys are soo great!


And thank you, Juno, for battling it out with your computer!

*click*&follow Mel's AllAboutJemma Blog!
*click*&follow Mel's AllAboutJemma Blog!

AND in case anyone has missed out on the fantabulousness of this yet: Rosalie and co's MeL trekked out to Strausberg before the show's cancellation, and did some really great interviews with Petra Bodenbach , Lucy Scherer and Kasia Borek, and wrote her own set report! Enjoy!

In completely different matters, I believe it has been said by Erich Fried, that it is a crime to be talking about the weather if that entails keeping the silence about other things.


Fully aware, that this is neither the time nor the place, I still need to mention, that this has been written with a heavy, heavy heart because of the terrible, terrible murders in Norway. Words like tragedy, crime, etc, do not seem employable in the face of this..this..sickness of the soul.


May it serve, as well as my country's own, sinister history, as a constant reminder for the everpresent responsibility each and every one of us holds for his or her fellow human being at all times.May this responsibility  never be forgotten nor ignored in any of our thoughts and acts.




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    DutchCJ (Montag, 25 Juli 2011 19:17)

    Great virtual flashmob. Loved it.
    But, I really want to commend everyone who was part of the flashmobs July the 16th.
    Hats off to you.

  • #2

    angie (Dienstag, 26 Juli 2011 03:58)

    Awesome, flashmobers!!! Here's to a forever Jemma connection even if Sat1 pulls HaH!!

  • #3

    Sonia (Dienstag, 26 Juli 2011 06:47)

    It came out great! ;)

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    Metric07 (Dienstag, 26 Juli 2011 07:49)

    Coming out of lurkerdom just to say that your words about the current situation in Norway really touched me. I'm not from Norway, Canada actually, however your words were beautifully written. Along with the rest of the world I have been following media reports as they come in. I'm not as good with words but I just wanted to express my thanks.

  • #5

    Kaia (Dienstag, 26 Juli 2011 23:10)

    @amidola: From someone who lives in Oslo, Norway, I just wanted to say thank you for your kind and thoughful words... The support and love I've felt and still feel from not only my fellow norwegians but from people all over the world is amazing!

    "If one man can show so much hatred,
    imagine how much love we can show together".
    Said by one of the survivers from Utøya

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    ecosse (Dienstag, 26 Juli 2011 23:45)

    Excellent work, really impressed!

    Well said, Ami. I hope you guys in Norway know we're thinking of you and we're all behind you. Actions like this are designed to divide us and spread hatred. All it's done is bring us closer together. We stand with you, together. x

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    radio dyke (Mittwoch, 27 Juli 2011 05:22)

    Loved the flashmob. Kicking myself for not getting anything together but so freaking happy that so many of us did. I laughed out loud at the Barbie poses. Just brilliant!

    Norway...man how terribly terribly tragic. Words can't express....