J: Look at this FanArt
J: Look at this FanArt

Hello lovely Jemmalings!

No, we'll not be diving into the German Language together today. Sad, I know, but this will be a thousand times better than this. There'll be no stupid rules about how you are supposed to talk and write, but just pure enjoyment today, because I was asked to do a GuestBlog about FanArt for you in order to ring in the newly pimped FanArt Corner.

So go ahead and browse through the Fanart Corner (after you read this Blog ;) )

Warning, this is like...LONG, but totally worth it.

Hello again to everyone who was so kind to click 'Mehr lesen' and actually wants to read about my ramblings about Jemma FanArt instead of just going to look at it yourself. I hope you know what you are getting yourself into.


First let me clarify, 'GuestBlog', what this means you ask? Well that means that today it's purely me speaking (read: gushing) to you about FanArt and it has little connection to me as being a member of the website or informing you of important things.


So this was a really hard job to do. Really. It was terrible. I hated doing it because there was all this prettyness to look at and the funniness to laugh at and the swooning to do and the joy to be had. ;) But what really was hard to do was to select stuff I wanted to point out, talk about and figuring out the way how to talk about it. I hope in the end it turned out well and that no one feels left out. (I think I don't have to say that this blog is very biased and has little to do about actual objective reporting or anything. But now I did anyway, so... Now you know. ;) )


What this means is, unfortunately I'll not be able to talk about every pic and fic and vid that there is out there. But I picked out several different things that I love, to show them to you in hope they'll bring you a bit of happiness, too. For more you can always check out the FanArt Corner. And at this point let me say thank you to Ann, Simi and lulufa for creating and taking care of the FanArt corner.


So after all that blabla let's get down to business!


I love fiction. I love the different takes of people on characters I love and giving them new stories and stuff to deal with and letting me see them through the words of someone else. Sometimes I like to read even the crappiest of fic just to get new pictures and ideas in my mind. But then there are the ones which simply are perfect in their own way, which give new insights in the characters and not only bring the character to life but also manage to hold the tone which they orginally had in the show.


So because of that I'd like to point you to our new FanFic category in the FanArt Corner, where you will find a collection of places to find fics. There are really a lot of fics out there which are good and which you should check out, sadly I can't talk about every one, so here I picked a few out which I especially like:

London's Calling

Click to read 'London's Calling' by thraikios
Click to read 'London's Calling' by thraikios

Author's Summary: Jenny has to return to London for a funeral of a family friend and Emma has to come to terms with who her girlfriend was before Cologne.


That doesn't even cut to describe the story. There's Jenny and Emma who to put this...well, yes, pretty hot for each other, but they want the first time to be right. The first chapter will already blow your mind a bit and then Jenny gets a message from her ex-girlfriend that her dad has died, who's a close friend of the Hartmann family. Jenny has to go home testing Jemma's relationship by destroying all plans for a first time and Emma is emmaing all over the place in fear of the ex. Then there's Ben being awesome to her and you don't want to miss that, and you will get to know Jenny's life in London better, and actually from here on out I would only spoil you and I don't want to do that. Just know that it's very well written, with an eye to detail and good inner perspectives and thoughts of the characters.


Look Who's Messing With My Head

Click to read 'Look Who's Messing With My Head' by lostingreeneyes
Click to read 'Look Who's Messing With My Head' by lostingreeneyes

This one is one that actually everyone knows by now, right? Yeah, thought so. But when I say everyone, then I mean everyone except me. *hangs head in shame* I did take a look into it and I do like the writing very much and the way it gives us the chance to get into Emma/Jenny's minds in the original scenes, but I simply didn't have the chance to read it yet. But I am planning to do so and since this piece is so popular I had to mention it.


Brief Summary what to expect (from someone unknowing):

This is a retelling of Jemma's Hand aufs Herz scenes, allowing us to get a glimpse in the minds of Emma and Jenny while doing all that sometimes crazy and sometimes lovely lovefoolish stuff. it starts at 105 with Emma being hell mad on Jenny for getting her kicked out of the job at Saal1 by turning off the alarm system and it's up to 15 chapters by now, the 15th being about 197 and I don't have to tell you what happens there. ;)


If you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should.


Wenn wir zusammen halten, dann schaffen wir das!

Click to read 'Wenn wir zusammen halten, dann schaffen wir das!' by WunderGrund
Click to read 'Wenn wir zusammen halten, dann schaffen wir das!' by WunderGrund

I really enjoyed reading this when I first got into Jemma.

And I mention the german fic for all the learning people out there.


What to expect:

The story starts at Jenny's birthday party, but Luzi didn't trick Emma into coming, she just had to talk her into it. Well, the complete story is told from Emma's POV and it is wonderfully done. There is struggle and there is strenght with which Emma often surprises herself. We soon leave the Hand aufs Herz storyline and the story takes on its own dynamic. There's some serious drama with Jenny's parents, which still has me a bit disturbed, but beside that the story is wonderful. You get to know Emma's family, Jenny+Emma are making a trip to visit Emma's brother and in the end Jenny is all 'I know we're kind of together and did it all already, but actually I'd like to do this romantic thing with you. I always thought it isn't like in the movies, but with you it can be. Let's do that and date' Aw.


One negative, it sadly doesn't seem to get updated anymore. But there are 35chapters. 

WunderGrund, if you read this. Continue, please? ^^

Searching For Other German Fic!

At this point I'd like to call out for your help.


There is this one fic which I can't find anymore but which I read in the early beginning of my Jemma obsession. Jenny and Emma are together and living in their own apartment after school, but then Jenny leaves from one day to the other since her evil father found her in cologne. She goes back to London to live with him, but then he gets killed and she is a suspect, so that she can't go back to Emma. Meanwhile Emma doesn't know where Jenny is. There's lots of drama and this plays out over years...later Emma and Jenny have a son and he gets bullied at school because of his lesbian parents. Emma is a doctor by the way and develops an alcohol addiction over all the drama that takes place. And Jenny became an actress and gets a stalker, who, when Jenny is in Italy for some filming, appears on her doorstep and somehow Jenny hits her head and gets into the hospital...and...there's so much more. Does someone recognize this? Give me the link to it. PLEASE! 

You want more?

Just go to the new 'FanFic' category in our FanArt Corner!


Picture Material

So I have an obsession. Yes, Jemma obviously. But everything that involves pictures, too. Especially gifs and caps with hilarious captions.

Now put these two together and you have me:

I love you brennoth. This had to be said. Your like the gif-shrine of Jemma. <3 Click the pic to visit her site!
I love you brennoth. This had to be said. Your like the gif-shrine of Jemma. <3 Click the pic to visit her site!

So let us see what the Jemmanation has to offer and dive into it:


I first thought of rating the following art with Jenny's Enjoyment Barometer ->

But then I quickly knew that I couldn't do that, because everything that will follow is simply made of epic win.



On the FanArt Corner we added the category 'Art Rooms' for avatars, signatures and wallpapers like these:


Let me just say that I love that these girls are offering you sets, meaning a signature with the fitting avatar!


How awesome is that?



<- - - this awesome!


Also we added a 'Tumblr' category to the FanArt Corner trying to collect all the tumblrs out there.

On these you will find gifs, gifs, gifs, but also wallpapers and signatures.

And the range of things you will find there are going from Sweet&Cute:

Over Hot+Sexy:

To Funny:

To Batshit Crazy:

At last I'd specifically like to point out this tumblr user 'The Girl With The Ugly Shoes' (Wait, this couldn't be actually Emma, right? I don't think so. Then it would be 'boots' not 'shoes. ;) ) , because, oh my, the epicness of these gifs makes me swoon so hard.


Just click+look at them ->


I love people who have a talent like drawing. I'm really good at drawing, too.

Yes. I can draw almost straight lines and like nice spirals and uh, oh the house of santa clause and, um, yeah that's about it.


So I greatly enjoy the works of others. Like the following:

by novalle
by novalle


I don't have to say anything to this, do I?



Hm, the talent that everyone has is amazing. Look on:

by ElectricMelody
by ElectricMelody


Not to repeat myself, but...


Sweeeeeeeetneessss. :D

Next in the row is:

by Rui
by Rui

These and more you can find on her photobucket.

And before moving on, just give us all a moment to...


Okay, at last here is something sooo cool. Like, so cool! Look at this:

by Shelley
by Shelley

2.95$ per month you say? Where do I sign the Abo? - What there is no actual comic about them?

Project Screencaps

So you see that I and we all of TJI love the Fanart, so what we're doing at the moment is upload HQ Screencaps to every episode.

So that you just have to go back to FullEpisodes and click yourself through the Eps and you will find some material to work with :)


Here are some examples:

It's a project in work, and we're planning to do it for the 'old' episodes, meaning the EpisodeGuide, too. It's just a matter of time. And sorry for not completing the EpisodeGuide, but that was a bit time stealing as you can imagine. Instead you at first will get pictures now, and seeing the pictures I'm sure you'll know what is going on in the episode, at least Jemmawise.



We move on to more prettiness to look at. Videos! Yes, I also love videos. Moving pictures are always a plus. And if you want to do one and are wondering 'hmm, how can I get Lied to like it?' then add voice overs which tell a story with the song+the clips you used and I'll be putty in your hands. (Just putting it out there.)

Here I collected some vids for you and I note, Jemmafans love their:

Sweet Romance

'Wicked Game' Click Pic ;)
'Wicked Game' Click Pic ;)


Spoofed Oregano Subs  - Click Pic
Spoofed Oregano Subs - Click Pic

Also let's not forget the Jemma Tv Spots, they may  not be new, but they're still always great to look at!


And also obviously there are oh so many on YT, just go there and get lost in them for a few days.

Note: You might want to leave bread crumbs as a trail behind you to find your way out again.

Other Pairings


At last I have to feature this in here, because otherwise I fear I might get a beating of my superior ;) Though I have to say that I'm still not sailing that ship. I mean how can 'ex-wife of your boyfriend' beat 'sister of the girl you supposedly killed'? - Yes, I thought so. Point made.

(It was hard not writing a five pages long analysis with included fic-outlines about why Alexandra+Bea (Andrea), are a better pairing than Belena here...)

Thank you Marleen for this Belena fanvideo, I'm sure amidola did a spontaneous flashmob in her living room to celebrate it. ;D


And here we've got another special one for all of you Jäger lovers out there ^^



From Videos we move on to Music.


And here at last there is something I want to introduce you to, which is something very personal...and intimate..and special - I'm kidding. Halfway.

It is actually very special and a bit awesome, too. (If I may say so myself.)


(It follows a background story, which is me being silly, you might want to skip that and directly go to the awesome Music Vid bellow ;) )


Weeks ago...

 Oh my, yes, WEEKS, Emma.


So, weeks ago there was the idea of creating a song. It came up because of the flashmob video we were doing.

There was this girl saying:

And I was like:

And she was like:

And I was like:

And then she was like:

And while I was like totally going

I came up with saying, I think it should be something like this:


I wanted to take over the school
but they started a revolution
I heard from girls kissing girls under blankets
and seeing that gif broke my firm resolution

Yeah, sadly this didn't make the cut for the actual song. But in that moment a great partnership was born and we began working on the song. Me doing the lyrics and that girl, whose name is Alexa by the way and the greatest person to work with, ever, doing the music and singing.


Now weeks later, after internet free and guitarless vacations, exams and other distractions we finally finished it up and it is ready to be presented to you. It was written from around 177 and shortly after the cancelation was announced and we hope you will like it as much as we do.


Special thanks go to a very supermegahammeraffengeilen Spoon who we hold very dearly in our heart and who was our cheerleader, and provider of many pics in the Music-Video.


Now let's just get to it. Here it is the Jemmanation Song sung by Alexa. 

Lyrics in the description!

After you worked yourself through this massive Blog it is time for you to tell us. What is your favorite FanArt and where can we find it?




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  • #1

    WOOT! (Montag, 15 August 2011 10:19)

    GREAT JOB ALEXA & LEID!!!!!!!!! It was worth the wait! ;)


  • #2

    amidola (Montag, 15 August 2011 21:01)

    Yay!! Love this!! Now I can spend the rainy summertime staring endlessly at gifs!
    And Lied and Alexa:Wowza!! This is really good, and by really good, I mean REALLY good!

  • #3

    Andi (Dienstag, 16 August 2011 00:34)

    Great job with Jemmanation song!! Love it! I think I just sexually harassed the replay button...

  • #4

    Wired (Dienstag, 16 August 2011 03:49)

    Wow! i finally got a chance to watch the jemmanation song! Very very awesome Alexa and Lied. You guys are the best. Couldn't stop smiling! thanks!

  • #5

    Clijsters3 (Dienstag, 16 August 2011 17:15)

    You're right it is long but like so totally worth it! Your song is amazing the lyrics are perfecto. Oh and I love Lucy's face when she's saying Rly? How is it humanly possible to look so beautiful when pulling that face? Haven't had time to look at everything yet so it will keep me occupied for a while.

  • #6

    Eyelesstrees (Dienstag, 16 August 2011 21:35)

    So many things about the Jemmanation have made me laugh:
    Leid and Ami's text fight during the live chat;
    the cap of Jenny saying 'I'm way too hot for this shit';
    the person who has the SAT1 sign in a toilet as their avatar;
    Bea and her evil students.
    Add the Jemmanation song to that list!

    I really hope that Lucy, Kasia and the crew get to see some of this stuff!

    (While I'm on - does anyone know who did the 'I'm way too hot for this shit' Jenny cap? I couldn't see it in the HellYeah Jemma blog and I'd love a copy for my office!)

  • #7

    Lied (Dienstag, 16 August 2011 23:55)

    Hey Eyelesstrees!
    First, thanks for adding us to that list ;)
    The 'I'm way too hot for this shit' is actually from the owner of 'HellYeahJemma'-Spoony. The first mention is in her Jemmaguide. You'll find it here: It's often used, so I'm not sure which picture you're talking about exactly ;D

    Thanks for all the other compliments from everyone else, too. You're working us up to quite an Emmablush ;)

  • #8

    JennyDreizehn (Samstag, 10 März 2012 12:01)

    You did an amazing Job. I really enjoyed reading everything. And I think that I might know which FanFiction you're searching for.
    I guess it's "Jenny und Emma - Augenblicke"
    Here's the link:
    I don't know if you can find this one somewhere else.

  • #9

    HakunaMatata (Sonntag, 28 Oktober 2012 12:47)

    Viiiieeeelen Dank, dass der Bereich wieder funktioniert!! [url=][img][/img][/url]

    Ihr habt mir meinen Sonntag versüßt, nach dem doch etwas traurigen Freitag, frusttrinkerei [url=][img][/img][/url] mit dem wohlbekannten Zubrowka aka Kotzkatalysator aka polnischer Schädelspalter (hiermit danke ich einer talentierten Schreiberin, die mir so manchen schmerzhaften Lacher gegönnt hat ;D).

    Hier werde ich wohl noch einige Stunden zubringen [url=][img][/img][/url]