While you say Goodbye, we say Hello!
While you say Goodbye, we say Hello!

Ok, let's not even pretend that last week has been all hunky dory and nothing virtually evil and wonderful at the same time has happened.

First of all, completely beyond any reasonable logic and our "little unicorn everything is gonna be turning out all alright,it IS it HAS to!!" belief in the world, Hahe did see its final episode last Friday,.

Not to be cussing on an international website that is occasionally frequented by minors or anything, but ...balls.

Ok, however, we did promise you something a while back, though.

And that is the translation of ALL of the show.

So, while it's all Goodbyes, it's Hello! at the same time.

So this week we will dedicate to be gaining some headway on the translations of the first  DVD and some mourning, and will begin to post the translations to the full eps, starting with Episode one next Monday.

That is the, uh,13th?

Are you ready to see some actual action on the Volleyballfield(in varying states of undress)?? To watch Emma gingerly spread her singing wings? To meet Bea's long lost Love Alexandra Lohmann?

Thought so.


Prepare to fall in love with the show all over again!

It is SO awesome, I'm sometimes caught in between laughing and crying and all for the right reasons.

So well, loves, you have a week to get your hands on these first few eps, however  that may be.

Please be reminded not to be sharing any illegal links on here, or to suggest any to us *cough cough* ;-)

Believe it or not, but we're actually kind of keen for ALL of the episodes of "Hand aufs Herz" to be released on DVD.

If they'd be subtitled and region code free, dear Sat1, you know, we wouldn't mind our social lives back either..although it IS getting winter again..so no hurry.And we'd be totally up for subbing them for you, in case you should read this.:-)

Speaking of..did I mention, that at the beginning of November the third Box Set will see the light of day?

The first Jemma set!


If you possess the DVDs and the first Box set already, you might want to spruce the cover up somehwat by having our favorite Ladies on it.

There's a printable version here. (Thanks to our secret superhero hephylax)


So, are you ready for the first episodes,yet?


Ok, not quiite, you're still in the deep pit of mourning. 


Want some Soup?
Want some Soup?

That's is totally, well. it may not be healthy, but it's  normal.

I almost broke out in tears at the mall yesterday when I stumbled over a striped shirt while shopping.

"Emma!" I inwardly whispered, but you know, t's' A,ok. I just can't go into public places with people who don't know Jemma.


How the team at "Hand aufs Herz" said on their facebook page on Friday however, "It is not a goodbye but a thank you," since the characters will live on within us.

 So, you know, I thought that for the rest of this messy blog, and since we've set this week aside anyways,for saying our goodbyes and thank yous, I'd provide you with all the info so many of you have asked about already:




e-Mail, facebook, snail mail,blogs,etc.


Let me preclue this, that snail mail is a better idea than email, especiall, with Ms. Borek! 


Lucy Scherer:







Lucy Scherer

c/o Frank Oliver Schulz

Tritweg 25

59929 Brilon

Facebook page: 

Kasia Borek

Snail mail:
Kasia Borek

c/o Agentur Hübchen
Pariser Str.20 
10707 Berlin



And last but not least, the team behind the storyline:


Petra Bodenbach


Producers at Work GmbH

Alt Nowawes 116 - 118
14482 Potsdam



and the Producers themselves, who have been very,very dedicated about this project,and ever so grateful about the Jemma love:



Producers at Work GmbH

Alt Nowawes 116 - 118
14482 Potsdam




Don't forgt to check out the other stars' facebook pages, people like Sophie's Franciska Friede  and Ronnie's Frederic Heidorn,who've been downright lesbros, like Helena's super sweet real life alter ego Kim Sarah Brandts and Bodo's Frank Ziegler, Ms.Jäger's Franziska Traub. Karin Beschenko's Barbara Sotelsek, Hotte's Dennis Schigiol...you name them.

Everyone on this show has been so positive and embracing..it's been quite the embarrassement of riches.


Guess what?

You might actually have a decent chance at getting an answer to your letter, or getting an autograph, if you put in a self addressed envelope with a German postage stamp,with enough value to get the thing back to ya.

How would that work? The German postal system has printable stamps, and everything and a site in English: So print your postage to your heart's delight here.

(They 're famously reliable, too)




In Good News:No Lesbian git shot during the making of the last episode.
In Good News:No Lesbian git shot during the making of the last episode.

Now, before I'll leave you for the night, I'll leave you with Lucy's latest Blog post's translation:




After the end of “Hand aufs Herz” I have jumped into salty waves- dived and swam..and now, the sea has returned me.
I would like to say thanks to you and in the name of Jenny Goodbye!!
We are very happy- to have been able to take you along on this trip and most of all, of course, for you to have so wholeheartedly accompanied us!!!

Where the road might be leading now..I will of course let you know!

Until then, my dear friends-enjoy the sun-the wind-eat as much ice cream as you can get your hands on.-and be as happy as you can be!!

Jenny wishes you farewell!!

We're gonna miss you, Jenny Hartmann.
We're gonna miss you, Jenny Hartmann.

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  • #1

    coffeebean (Sonntag, 04 September 2011 23:14)

    Noooooo! The 3rd box is released at the beginning of november?! Arrgh so close - I'm only in Austria at the end of october, which means I'll then have to wait again until christmas to get the first Jemma box set? *schluchz*

    Did they already announce when the next box set(s) or how fast the last ones will be released?

    And like I already said in another comment yesterday - thanks for all your work on this site. :) But don't forget to sleep in between real-life and translating HaH. ;)

  • #2

    San (Montag, 05 September 2011 01:23)

    So HaHe starts anew on the 13th? That should be roughly when my shipment arrives from Germany! *squeel* *clapping*

    I tell you, shopping will never be the same for me. Just about everything makes me think of a Jenny outfit. I tried to tell my sister, and she gave me a "not that German show again" look. *sigh* BTW, saw some leggings with only one leg. Jenny would kill for those, no?

    Thanks for carrying on the translations! I'm really looking forward to experiencing the show from the beginning and seeing Emma grow. Can't wait for Box Set 3!!!

  • #3

    Anns (Montag, 05 September 2011 06:03)

    Oh man,Emma has been ginger? That settles everything. *orders the first DVDs* Ep 1, can't wait!

  • #4

    kikky (Montag, 05 September 2011 09:51)

    THANK U SOOOOO MUCH for all your job and devotion and love for JEMMA and for the whole serie!!! I'm so happy you have decided to translate the old episodes! I am in love with "Hand aufs Herz" and the wirters...so....I'll waiting for the old episodes and I'll stay here, with you all!
    YOU ROCK! really.

  • #5

    alph_gal (Montag, 05 September 2011 14:01)

    Gosh, we're so lucky that the Jemma translation team are completely crazy(!) and willing to give up their lives to translate HaHe for their adoring international viewers/readers. Thank you so much - you're all amazing and have made the Jemma phenomenon possible! Looking forward to finding out about Emma in her early dorky days...

  • #6

    Carol201 (Montag, 05 September 2011 15:28)

    Thank you very much, it is only because of the hours and hours of hard work by very generous (and funny) translators that I am able to love Jemma so completely. I have the 1st DVD and the 2nd one is on its way, this is going to be fun!

  • #7

    clijsters3 (Montag, 05 September 2011 15:39)

    You guys! We are so lucky to have you to translate the early eps. I can't wait to find out just how nerdy Emma was in the olden days. I'm liking Lucy's message from her blog and to see what her next project will be and the same for Kasia.

  • #8

    lsfoster (Montag, 05 September 2011 16:28)

    I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for continuing the translations. I had been trying to learn German even before HaH, (and the show has helped immensely!) and it helps so much to be able to watch along with the German subtitles (to help make out what they're saying better), and also have the English translation right there if I can't figure out what something means.
    You guys have been amazing through this whole thing, and we could never thank you enough for all your work and dedication to sharing the Jemma story in so many languages. :)

  • #9

    Wired (Dienstag, 06 September 2011 21:17)

    More episodes translated! Yay! Though it's early Jemma I can't wait to see how Emma grew (not surprisingly I jumped right in on episode 74 or so) into the confidant terrier she ended up being.

    Today has been hard for me since I had no new episodes or new GIFs of Jemma to look at. Quitting Jemma is hard! I heard P!nk "F**king Perfect" again and sang a bit too loudly too it on the way to work this morning...

  • #10

    Strangefish (Dienstag, 06 September 2011 23:02)

    ahhhh know i see the wisdom. Was bit confused about the translations of early eps and was thinking how annoying that will be now they have taken the eps down of the web site. But of course, genius, get the dvd.s and read the translations then i will have jemma for ever, whoop whoop. Very happy girlie. Hate the idea of leaving these lovely ladies behind. Too sad as it is. Yeah. heres to many winter nights, with hot tea and HaH. Wicked.

    Thanks again peeps, you are awesome.