Poll 3 – What's your favorite kind of Jemma kiss?

Hello my friends,

We decided that every two weeks would be a good space of time to do a new poll. So guess what, it's time for a new poll! This one you will like and we're really curious who will be the winner here, because we really can't tell.

To find out more about the contestants and about last weeks poll click, what?

(Warning: This Blog should be consumated with caution. It might overstimulate your body, mind & brain.)

Poll 2 – What's the coolest means of transportation?

And our wiiinneeerrr iiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss *drum roll*


Emma's Blue Runners!!!

This was not a surprise. Who wouldn't like to have such cool Runners which make them able to run from one side of cologne to the other one in a blink of an eye? The practical turbo transportation has overweight the ugliness of their alter ego which they will turn into again once their job is done. But that it did is kind of natural, because when in need these little guys will never leave you in the lurch.


I suspect the runner up 'Ben's Mustang' only made the second place because it was not Emma driving it, because the 'Saving your girlfriend' factor weight in both of those options. Then again: Oh my god, can you imagine Emma driving it in that scene? They wouldn't even have made it on the airfield, since she would have crashed into the fence, barely missing the opening. ;) Also Ben would have died of an heart attack next to her.


The bitter looser in this: The Cessna

Apparently, out of whatever reason, it is not very cool to land in the English Channel, and people weren't able to forgive The Cessna this little slip-up. The STAG Bus only barely hold itself on the 6th place, maybe only because that bus accident didn't kill anyone close to Jemma. But we can conclude, vehicles which crash and thus don't do their job of getting you to your destination are not as well liked as those that do ;)


Look at the poll results again here:

Now, since there were heavy complaints about having left out an important option in this last poll, I think there is some explanation left to be done. The official statement is: Jenny's legs were disqualified because of excessive hawtness and their organic substance. Though taking Jenny in hyper speed to Emma when she was attacked, they are not considered as a 'means of transportation' which is accessible for everyone. But still, we can not deny you to have a few pictures included here to be able to look at them, since clearly they have deserved the audience prize.

by Spoony - Look at them go!
by Spoony - Look at them go!

*whistles loudly to get your attention*


When you're ready, let's move on to the real topic of this Blog. Poll Number Three!

Poll 3 – What's your favorite kind of Jemma kiss?

The idea out of which this poll has arisen came from someone in the 225 chat we did. It was asked to do a poll about 'your favorite kiss'. While our research we found out though that there are 31 kissing scenes (the number of kisses is higher) to choose from. So we decided that that would be way too many options to choose from and thus this question was considered as No Poll Material. But don't worry. We came up with something else, which will be quite interesting, too.


So in the next two weeks we want to know from you: What kind of Jemma kiss do you like most?


Let me present The Contestants in alphabetical order:

(Note: Per kissing scene there is one picture included in the banner)

The Cheek Kiss

- Sweet, endearing and treasuring.

149, 193, 197, 198, 201, 222, 227, 177, 218


The small 'I love you'.

Above you see nine of twelve lovely Cheek Kisses.


The Forehead Kiss

- Respect and Treasure

226, 225

If on a high or on a low in life this one is always fitting with the right message to it and has a bit of a nice surprise effect in it.


Here, in both (among other things) it's saying:

"I'll be with you, even if I'm gone."

The Hand Kiss

- Love and Treasure.

149, 193, 222, 225, 231

When kissing her mouth would be too much and wouldn't get your point across as splendid as with a simple kiss to her hand.


Five of 15 hand kisses you can see above, plus the finger licking.


The Knee Kiss



For the moments in which every patch of newly uncovered skin is worth a kiss to savor her.


The Mouth Kiss

- Rainbow of Emotions

114, 124, 125, 132, 148, 149, 175, 176, 182, 185, 190, 193, 195, 197, 198, 218, 222, 224, 225, 229, 230

Love. Love. Love.


30 kissing scenes with 117 kisses. There's really no lack in quantity here.


-- STOP 31! And then we have 118 kisses.

I can't believe I skipped the one from 181! I'm going into that corner over there and feel ashamed of myself.

Have a separate look at it:

Pls tell me I didn't miss another one...

The Neck Kiss

- Hotness and Desire


To get her going.


The Nose Kiss

- Playfulness


For when you feel like being cute.


The Shoulder Kiss

- Love and Comfort

154, 200

When you don't know what else to do to show her your support.


The Tummy Kiss

 - Desire and Discovery


The subtle way of saying: 'I'm ready to get you out of your clothes and pepper your whole body with these'.


The Tease

- Tingling Frustration!

149, 154, 176, 181, 185

Trauma reasons or simply being mean, leaving your audience partner all bothered.



This was a lot to process, right?


Alright, collect yourself and then vote!

And make sure to tell us in the comments what you voted for, why you voted for it and also tell us which your favorite kiss is!


What's your favorite kind of Jemma kiss?
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At last, we want to do a special mention of the Eskimo Kisses. It wasn't forgotten! The Eskimo Kiss is not the Jenny's legs of the means of transportations in this poll! ;D Though all the nose kissing and touching is very beloved, after some consideration it was left out. Excuse: There are no lips involved. (Truth: No time to redo the intense research, since I forgot to note those down in the first run. Dang.)


But look at the ones, which I picked out from the top of my head, anyway, because there can never be enough Jemma cuteness:

The perfectionist in me is already bothered by the incompleteness of this...How could I forget to put 221 in, for example?



Your Poll Team

PS: With all those pictures, really, don't forget to VOTE! ;D

PPS: You want the full list of kisses? Here you go ->

A List of all the Kisses
Updated 09-14-11
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PPPS: Now comment and tell us about your favorite kisses ;)


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  • #1

    Conchi (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 02:41)

    Thanks! great selection of Jemma kisses and caresses...And I prefer the mouth ones...

  • #2

    Su (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 08:41)

    Rote Lippen soll man küssen, denn... *sing*

  • #3

    Prou (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 08:55)

    Wow! Excellent job, that's a lot to process in just one go, i need to steady myself...*sigh* i prefer the mouth kisses too, and my favourites would be the blanket kisses, there's the joy, excitement, tenderness, and longing of a new love, Lucy and Kasia did a great job...

  • #4

    Prou (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 09:11)

    Lol!! I just saw your warning!!! You're hilarious! But totally right about it!!
    I just wanted to add something to my comment above: the happy and beaming face of Lucy at the end of the blanket kisses, when Emma goes after Hotte...perfect!

  • #5

    Anns (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 09:57)

    This was pretty hard choice but I voted the mouth kiss. As I said in the chat, my favourite kiss is still the Jemma-version of the locker kiss, where Emma tells Jenny that she wants the whole world to see that they are together. Okay, I scrolled back up again to see that kiss and I kind of got lost in all the other kisses... The tummy kiss has a special place in my heart aswell.

    I know that this is not the right forum to bring this topic up (It would be nice to have a JA forum btw. ;)) but something has been bugging me as Kasia posted a new picture of herself on her facebook site. It seems that some people find it their business to comment on Kasia losing weight etc. Do these people have any manners? Didn't their mothers tell them how to behave or is it customary to point out these things in some countries? Makes me angry because I have always found her beautiful just the way she is.

    Okay, rant over. I shall calm down watching the kiss pictures.

  • #6

    Libellule (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 10:49)

    First, thumbs up to that GIF of speedy Jenny's legs, absolutely hilarious!
    Second, the screenshots of that poll are brilliant!

    Now, though I voted for the Mouth Kiss (yes, it's worth capitals :p ), it's a very difficult choice as I have several favorite kissing scenes depending on the emotion. So maybe several polls labelled "Favorite -fill in the blank emotion- kiss" would have left me less torn :D.
    Here is a non-exhaustive list:

    Rolling-the-banner kiss (125). It was the very beginning of Jemma (before that, it was more Jenny chasing after Emma), and I don't know, the way Lucy and Kasia played that one, you can feel it all. The impression that your chest's gonna explode, the heart bumping like crazy because of overwhelming joy of mutual feelings, the illusion that the world doesn't exist outside of you two, that moment when every fiber of your body is fully aware of the other one's...
    To me, all the Jemma kisses after that one feel more "softened" (physically I mean, not emotionally).

    Probably that Neck Kiss Emma does on Jenny in 197.

    This one is very, very, tough. Picking a single kiss out of this story which is Love in itself (yes, LOVE)is quite impossible. But that mirror kiss (222?)would definitely be in it. That moment in most difficult times when you (Jenny in this case) realise that the one by your side is the most amazing person is the whole universe; that the one you love is truly loving you back, inconditionally; when you feel grateful to life to live this, because whatever happens in your world you actually really have THIS...

    Another tough one. I'll go with is-it-ok-that-we-wait flowery bed sheets Hand Kiss in 149. Oh no, wait, I'll go with the cuddling scene in previous episode (Jemma Spoon). Ah no, wait again, out of category, that's not a kiss, damn...

    Actually even categorized by emotions, defining a favorite kiss is not easier. I'm still torn. And in delirium tremens now that I had to remember all these Jemma moments. Withdrawal syndroms hitting back in full force, thank you JI poll! ;p
    What about a poll on Eye Kiss? I mean these two don't need their lips to express whatever they want to express.
    JemmAAaaaaa, where art thou?

  • #7

    amidola (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 11:39)

    According to the Kama Sutra, the kiss of the hand is also known as the "Revelatory Kiss".It shows your intention/belonging/love towards your partner.Only thought I'd drop that in.I don't recommedn running all of the Jemma kisses through the old vedic labeling because that might cause insanity.
    Love, this blog...but have a hard time deciding.I love the mouth kisses, but the cheek kisses...damn these two just rock them so much!

  • #8

    Clijsters3 (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 12:07)

    This is too hard! The mouth kiss I guess is the obvious choice and I nearly clicked on it, but then I thought hang on a minute! what about the hand kiss, when you think of couples who kiss each other on the hand you'll think of Jemma they did it plenty of times and it's such a loving thing to do. But then there's the neck kiss and the forehead kiss... I'm really stuck. No i've decided it's got to be the mouth kiss. 118 kisses is that right? wow.

    Danke for Jenny's moving legs.

  • #9

    Eyelesstrees (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 15:14)

    I love this site - JI team you are one crazy brilliant bunch!

    (I've referenced this latest creative wonder on AE to see if we can't persuade any of the nonJemmas to see the light - or the lack of need for translations! It's under HH's last re-cap)

  • #10

    frananifan (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 15:34)

    wow. overwhelmed. like a 4 year old in a candy store. I will have to get back to you in a few hours....

  • #11

    Carolyn1202 (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 16:26)

    Mouth kisses. Now that I have said that I would like to say this poll is the most brilliantly researched and presented poll I've ever participated in. I think there is enough categories statistics, picture examples to make a semester's course!! Thanks very much for this
    research thesis ,oops , I mean poll.

  • #12

    Carolyn1202 (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 16:36)

    Haha I forgot to say this poll has the highest swoon quotient too, lol. Time to go review this question some more :)!!

  • #13

    Kirsty (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 18:58)

    @Frananifan 'kid in a candy shop'- you got that right! Took me quite a while to get past the section on Jenny's legs...
    So I voted for mouth kisses..Apart from the Banner kiss I have to say my favourites are when they are sitting at the piano before Timo walks in on them and the goodbye kiss before Jenny gets in her parents' car. Which also included a brilliant cheek kiss.
    Almost went for Hand kisses though, I think they're pretty sexy, and especially when the person is looking up at you too..
    Oh and in the Teasing section, when Jenny doesn't kiss Emma and calls her 'Buddy', standing at the foot of the stairs...
    Just so many lovely moments.
    And regarding Kasia's new profile picture- very different but very hot! Wonder what she's going to look like as Olivia. Will they let her go back to her normal hair colour, what style will it be? They can't have her looking too much like Emma. As long as they don't make her wear Those Boots again!

  • #14

    San (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 19:29)

    *involuntarily blurts out* I vote for Jenny's legs! Now what was the question again???

    There are so many mouth kisses, so it's hard not to vote for them. The hand kisses are always a wonderful surprise, so I have to go for the hand. AND as an added bonus, the hand kiss nearly always leads to a mouth kiss (and beyond) - I call that a win-win ;) Would've voted Eskimo kisses, but alas, that was not an option. I guess that's the next poll - favorite Eskimo Kiss?

  • #15

    Lied (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 20:17)

    @Prou: Yes, Jenny after the kiss on the couch was pure swoon. Just like Emma's reaction to the first kiss was something completely new and different and wow. These two moments are definitely on my top moments list.

    @Libellule: Mirror kiss? I'm lost, help?

    @ami:"According to the Kama Sutra, the kiss of the hand is also known as the "Revelatory Kiss".It shows your intention/belonging/love towards your partner."
    Yes, exactly! That's what I had trouble to express, especially the belonging part. Kissing the hand is like signing the relationship.

    @San: You're a lil jokester ;) The only way you could have messed with me more would have been if you said I missed another kiss! Haha

    @all: Love that you're loving it. I definitely loved doing this ;)

  • #16

    Libellule (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 21:36)

    By mirro kiss (I think it's 222 but not sure), I meant when Jenny kisses Emma after looking at her in the mirror, for the drug test plan B.
    But actually, re-thinking about that, all the love is expressed is her eyes, looking at Emma's reflect for a few second in that mirror, just before she kisses her.

    Damn, the way these two talk with their eyes is just...beyond words (pun intented)! So moving... And again, bow down to Lucy and Kasia for how they interpreted Jenny and Emma.
    And now, if you'll excuse me, I need my Jemma fix in an emergency, so I'll go have another (100th) look at these screenshots...

  • #17

    San (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 22:00)

    @Libellule I think that's 217. The Eye kiss before (as @frananifan termed) the "Piss Kiss" - excellent BTW! That would have to be my favorite eye kiss as well. It's the kind of eye kiss that makes babies materialize from psychedelic daisies, am I right?

    @Lied What's the Coming out of the Laundry kiss (217)? Mouth or cheek?

  • #18

    frananifan (Sonntag, 11 September 2011 22:40)

    I am always grateful for what moves me. All things Jemma have inspired my fun, my love, my peace of mind and my art (not so much my work-too distracting). Though I had no Jemma episodes to empower me, I am defined by a history that resembles Jemma, as it also includes harassment, quiet observation, tragic loss, meaningless sex, unchecked bullying, unspeakable passion, true forever love, and in-your-face gay defiance (think PDA on a jumbo-tron).
    Having said all of that, their most ‘meaningful’ kiss to me is the Bodo kiss.
    When Emma pins Jenny to the wall in the music room she is accepting Jenny’s terms (you may not hurt me), even if the unknowns scare her to death. With her kisses Emma is saying that kissing you and loving you means I will be with you…at great risk to my comfort level, my love is greater than all of the things I know I should fear…and…you are really hot, how can I help you with that? (well, there was a lot of kissing all at once).

    Yet the piss-kiss before the drug test stands out for me. Jenny whips around and plants a kiss that seems to say I need you to feel this from me-no matter what happens next.

    Both of these fall under mouth kissing, however, and I am really into skin. So if we are talking about turn-ons, the tummy and neck, shoulder, cheek, forehead, hand, knee, nose kiss should get my vote.

    My favorite type of Jemma kiss and vote goes to the forehead kiss. I respect and treasure you. That is how all of those other kisses can mean so much.

  • #19

    Lied (Montag, 12 September 2011 01:26)

    @Libellule/San: That's 218. And oh my god, San you had to do it. I didn't count that one. The proper one from 218 has distracted me too much. And it's a cheek kiss. This will be fixed, soon.

  • #20

    Wired (Montag, 12 September 2011 03:29)

    Wow! This is the best poll and I really wish I could have been on your research team!

    Ok I picked the mouth kiss mostly because of the love it shows and I can never get enough girl on girl on the lips kissing on tv. My most favorite ones: the kiss just before Jenny is supposed to leave for the rehab clinic and Emma starts to cry at the end - heartbreaking! Also the one Bodo interrupted. That was the one time I wanted to strangle a tv character for interrupting them.

    I guess I 'll have to check out your list though as I didn't know there were that many kisses! The things I do to keep informed !

  • #21

    San (Montag, 12 September 2011 03:58)

    Hey, @Lied, librarians have to keep each other honest. Only a librarian could create such an extensive index of all those sweet Jemma kisses. I consulted my screencap directory, and my highly standardized filenames confirm that it was indeed 218 :) I'm more disappointed in myself for not getting a screencap on that kiss, which probably should have tipped me off that it was a cheek kiss.

  • #22

    tamu13 (Montag, 12 September 2011 07:54)

    @Libellule .. that's why I miss 124-125.. after that the mouth kisses kinda lost their 'click' .. but helped by other gesture.. (staring,touching)

    I likes Kasia's 'real laugh' on 124-161 (didn't research much) comparing with a video outakes at sat1.. btw, why Lucy scratching her left elbow?? it's weird ;)

  • #23

    Prou (Montag, 12 September 2011 09:26)

    There is another kiss i really love, it's Ep 193, Jenny is really happy that Emma is feeling ok again after the Ronnie thing, and it's when Emma asks her about taking their relationgship one step further...in that scene ther're sooo into each other: the kisses, their looks the Jenny?-Emma? questions... sooo cute...

  • #24

    Anns (Montag, 12 September 2011 13:36)

    I ordered the first set of DVDs and apparently the first batch is sold out or atleast that was what I got from the e-mail the German dealer sent me. Today is definitely not my day. But this begs the question: What was Sat1 thinking, if the DVDs sell like hotcakes? So unfair. (Still staring at the pictures.)

  • #25

    Tintin (Montag, 12 September 2011 14:38)

    I really liked the neck kiss and episode 197 because during the intimate scene I saw Emma's ears which turned red (knees getting weak, fell on the ground). I miss Jemma!!!!

  • #26

    Mel (Montag, 12 September 2011 15:00)

    The best kiss ever ?
    The one Emma kissed Jenny for the first time in school, in episode 124.
    Because it's the first time Emma takes this step
    aaaaand: Jenny smiles so damn cute after it.

  • #27

    Kykky (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 14:50)

    my vote goes to... mouth kiss...pretty obvious... ;)
    but I like every single scene and touch of Jemma.

    For what regard the mouth kisses my fav ones:

    1-ep 149.
    Because, at last, after so much troubles, Emma is conscious she wants this kiss because she has admitted to herself she wants Jenny.
    And I love this one because Jenny is full of desire. So at the beginning is a little kiss, like "Well, If I kiss her will she push me back again....?" And then the kiss becomes deeper and deeper and more passionate with Jenny's hand which exlores Emma's skin.

    2-Ep 218 (bathroom scene). OMG Can a bathroom be soooo hot?!?!?
    Well. YES IT CAN.
    What a kiss!
    Again, so full of desire but also love and devotion and gratitude for Emma.
    Jenny has understood how deep and unconditional Emma's love is.

    I burned into flames after seeing it

    3-ep 197.
    when Emma pushes Jenny on the bed and Jenny is on top. (ok this description is a little....porno... ? sorry...)
    because i can see their pleasure in kissing each others....it is similar to the eating scenes...: taste, relish, feel, enjoy, touch, breath...

    Ok. Now I stop and take a COLD shower...... :))

  • #28

    frananifan (Dienstag, 13 September 2011 15:27)

    @Kykky-LOL "burning into flames" says it all.

  • #29

    Kykky (Mittwoch, 14 September 2011 08:38)

    well I have to correct myself...in my previous post I've written ep 149 but it was 148!! ;)

  • #30

    KBee (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 05:25)

    Wow. Really? I gotta pick? Sorry, still distracted by the awesome screen caps. That's just a lotta Jemma joy there. Can I get back to you later?

  • #31

    KBee (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 05:48)

    Okay, still can't decide. One of the things that struck me was that there were times when the Jemma kisses were kind of stiff and stilted. At least that's how they looked to me. Was it just me? Jenny's kiss after Emma's help with Plan B ("piss-kiss") struck me as being more open, more relaxed, more passionate than the others. That stands out to me as being one of my fav's. One of my other fav's, by far, is Jenny's cheek kiss final goodbye to Emma before she gets into the car with her parents to head to the airport. So much emotion in that moment. Oops, but then there's Emma's crying goodbye kiss just moments before Jenny's cheek kiss... ugh! How can I decide? Great work, Lied!

  • #32

    Prou (Donnerstag, 15 September 2011 18:49)

    @KBee about their sometimes way kind of restrained way of kissing, i think maybe they had to do it like that, if they started kissing more passionately, they wouldn't be able to stop...;)

  • #33

    KBee (Freitag, 16 September 2011 03:28)

    @Prou - restraint, I like that. Good perspective.

  • #34

    Prou (Freitag, 16 September 2011 10:35)

    @KBee i agree that their kissing sometimes didn't quite match their emotions, maybe next time they'll see that they have to please the masses too, as they so often did with the Bea-Ben couple...

  • #35

    Eyelesstrees (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 00:59)

    @Prou and @KBee, Hmmmm- that hadn't occurred to me until I read your posts.

    Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman (Bette and Tina in the L Word) did a whole lot of passionate kissing- tongues and all and a whole lot else too. That still didn't get them into my top 3 couples though!

    I fast forwarded through a lot of Ben and Bea - were they filmed differently do you think?

    I suppose no matter how good an actor, kissing is going to look a bit stilted unless you are going to do it like you would in real life? Depending on your view, swapping saliva isn't something you are going to do lightly so unless the story calls for it, or you both agree to, then you aren't physically going to be able to kiss your co-star the same way you would a real life partner?

    The directors used a lot of different camera angles for Jemma too so I suppose they had to keep stopping while they were filmed from different angles?

    Maybe one of these is a reason you found it a bit stilted? I'm interested to see what you say. I'm off to do more research!

    Ps is anyone else noticing how brilliantly and effortlessly Lucy is now channelling Jenny and Jenny's sexuality? First Lucy posts a picture of herself with, not a dog or a sunset or a glass of wine but; a CAT. Then she gets a role in a du Maurier play. Du Maurier - seriously: originally from London, (and I'm pretty certain I read this somewhere years ago)had relationships with women. Jenny much?! Aside from being generally supertalented, I'm starting to suspect Lucy is also some sort of comedy genius!

  • #36

    KBee (Sonntag, 18 September 2011 02:02)

    I concur @Eyelesstrees, the affection and connection between Jemma was more meaningful to me than Tibette. Loved Tibette, but the connection, affection, intimacy and playfulness that Jemma had(rar!) was at a totally different level. And maybe that's because sometimes things are more romantic and sometimes more meaningful when they're more subtle. I'm going to ponder that more. All the great images above prove that Jemma brought the house down on romantic! What a great story. And a great poll! Thanks!

    Oops, I still haven't voted yet. I'm voting for the cheek kiss 'cuz it's just such a show of affection and tenderness.

  • #37

    Prou (Montag, 19 September 2011 05:01)

    @Eyelesstrees, @KBee My comment was not intended as criticism, i can´t remember any time when they kissed me thinking that it was forced, i think it pretty much looked that they kissed like they ment it, and their side acting (touching, smiling, looks...) was first class and totally romantic. Yes, passionate tongue kissing does not necessarily mean making it more realistic..., i just thought that in the more intimate scenes it just seemed right that they would let themselves go some more, let desire and passion surface a little more, like other couples in the show did (i am speaking of memory here, and correct me if i’m wrong, i didn’t have time to do my research:( )... I thought if they had gone a little bit further (in those intimate scenes), it would have been awesome, like everything they did...But maybe there was some kind of reason behind that, like the show time slot, i think it was around 6, so maybe it was not appropriate for a teenage lesbian couple to show that much affection. Or maybe it was something in the contract of the actresses, that would not allow to show much skin or tongue kissing, etc. Like i said, i could not be more happy with the way their relationship was told and acted, it was way more realistic and felt than most (or even any!) other lesbian couples i’ve seen , maybe i am overthinking all this but i thought there might be some reason for that...

  • #38

    tamu13 (Montag, 19 September 2011 08:11)

    @Prou.. agree with you
    or maybe it's not a good example for teenagers if Jemma's kiss more passionate? when the show is for teenage audience (story in a highschool, jung's behavior, etc)

  • #39

    Cris (Samstag, 06 Juli 2013 14:04)

    my favourite kisses are from ep 124-125 :D