Me, myself and I---News!!

New Jobs for both!
New Jobs for both!

Kasia is an olive, I mean Olivia, and has an interview and pretty pictures and a new corner,

Lucy is I , and I don't mean me, but haunted,nonetheless,

New and old eps are finally upped and up, without Jenny, but maybe traces of her, and there is a forum on your horizons!

Lotsa news!

Read on!

Hi Guys!


First of all, as you have been informed previously, Kasia has a new job, as Olivia Kosmar, on "Anna und die Liebe" (#Audl).

Heather Hogan published a little something about it here  (hee, hee, dragon scale jumpsiuts FTW!) and Rosalieundco here.


Kasia also did an interview with the #audl people, where she grew a bit nostalgic about Hand aufs Herz..

You'll find the translation to the interview in our newly created "Kosmar's Corner" where, in the future, you'll find all info we cam get our greedy little hands on, surrounding that character. We have an extra spoiler subpage, with English translations for the spoilers, and an extra gallery for the spoiler pics. You'll also find the "Fake spoiler pics", following a common urge,it seems, to subtitle the spoiler pics with imaginihgs of our own,jemmafied brains. Feel free to do your own, anytime:-)

Get the picture?
Get the picture?

So, now, in hugesy news, Lucy got the part of "I" in the musical "Rebecca", premiering in Stuttgart at the beginning of December.

Check out her Blog on the matter.You'll find the translation in the comments, as usual.

You can also find info on the matter on "All about Jemma"  here and a picture gallery here.

There will also be an "I" corner or sth. on JI soon. Very soon, as soon as we got the time. As soon as we have recovered from browisng clips and songs from the musical.


Speaking of time...we have begun our travel back in time (get out of my head, Cher!!!) this week, by posting the translations to the first "Hand aufs Herz" eps, here.

Beach Volleyball, Pool Parties, Ben owning a Library card..this show is full of surprises and dubious female relationships!

We have changed a little bit about the translation procedure, as now, each ep has its very own translator and editor, in colorful combination.That way, you can get to know a little bit about the different personal styles, which hopefully will keep it a bit more interesting for you:-)

German transcripts are also available, and will continue to be so! Yay! 

Hop onto the ride, Marty McFly!


Emma can't wait to meet Jenny, and neither can we!
Emma can't wait to meet Jenny, and neither can we!

Now, finally, you have been right, and we do agree on the need for a forum. Lied is working on one that can be implanted into the site (like the device thingies into the Borg collective) and we're going to have that ready for you sometime in the near future:-)


In other news: Franciska Friede has a new Autograph Card, check out her newest blog (she always writes in English).


Ok, I'm sure I've forgotten something. Eventful little week.

We'll keep you posted!



P.S.: If your Sunday is as rainy as ours, the full Hitchcock Movie "Rebecca" is on YT.

P.P.S: This is the scene that was featured in "The Celluloid Closet".(Come on, we both know you were going to look for it;-)

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  • #1

    vixen (Montag, 19 September 2011 08:03)

    I am happy that Kasia and Lucy has new jobs. But it also made me sad that they have clearly moved on from is really stupid of me to hang on to something that is not real but the Jemma withdrawal has been painful.Not seeing those two together again is awful..

  • #2

    Clijsters3 (Montag, 19 September 2011 12:39)

    Wow lots going on can't wait to see Lucy and Kasia in their new role. Vielen danke for creating a forum for us, sehr exciting. Lucy's copied my hair! I can't believe it.

    @Vixen I know what you mean, no more new Jemma, but at least they have new jobs and can have a really successful career.

  • #3

    amidola (Montag, 19 September 2011 13:53)

    We'll always have photoshop..;-) But I do know what you mean.

  • #4

    hoppe (Montag, 19 September 2011 14:53)

    wow! you are really the Pfadfinder/scouts through the big, big world wide web! LOL - getting all that stuff together - love reading your news ;) way to go!

  • #5

    San (Montag, 19 September 2011 15:17)

    Love the pic of Emma waiting. Made me smile :)

  • #6

    wired (Montag, 19 September 2011 17:17)

    Wow you guys never cease to amaze me with all of the awesome information, pictures and corners on this website. Thank you for all of the work you are doing and will be doing! Can't wait for the new Lucy corner to be I'm off to check out all the new info you guys have! Thanks!

  • #7

    Kirsty (Montag, 19 September 2011 18:32)

    Anyone else just finding it weird to see the pictures of Lucy looking all loveydovey with a man. Oh well, we'll just have to get used to it I guess...

    And thanks again you guys for keeping us up to date :))

  • #8

    Lied (Dienstag, 20 September 2011 16:23)

    Hahaha, watching her sing at the press conference and hearing all the snaps of the cameras going off made me think of when I do screencaps. I wish it would make snapping sounds then, it would sound just as frantic if not more lol

  • #9

    Eyelesstrees (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 02:02)

    'I really had trouble finding my blue plaid shirt today.....' Crying laughing!

    I'm pleased they've both got new work. Lucy clearly loves theatre but I think it's a shame she's only going to be seen by however many people the theatre holds!

    I also think it's a shame Kasia isn't singing as she has such a brilliant voice.

    Didn't one of Lucy's co-stars have a bad experience trying to take Tanz der Vampire to the States? Lucy mentions the Broadway production in her blog though so maybe there's a plan for her to transfer?! That's one hell of a challenge if she attempts it.

    Is JI getting the sense that lots of Jemma fans are coming to Germany in December?

  • #10

    San (Mittwoch, 21 September 2011 04:19)

    Hehe @Lied Just between us, you've now started going "click click click click click click click," haven't you?