Good News!

So, whatcha wanna do next? Run away and do a web series?
So, whatcha wanna do next? Run away and do a web series?

*Stands on Balcony and waves in Glinda manner*

A contest, the jemma girls' futures, old ep translation schedules and the webseries,we all dreamed of.

Where to begin?

First things first, I'll let you in on a little secret:

Half of the German Jemma fandom has been humming, singing, whistling or clapping out various songs from the "Rebecca" Soundtrack this past week.

It's awfully catchy, and really good, and well, you tend to get a different song stuck in your head every day.

It's "Rebecca fever".

To let you partake in the hype of things,despite lacking knwoledge of German, our very own "Be Mine" has come up with this super brilliant background info corner on  the musical.

Incidentally, there have been demo recordings of some songs in English, which you'll find there as well.

Check out all things *whispers* "Rebecca" on Ego's corner,here.


Furthermore, there are new spoilers afoot, concerning Olivia Kosmar, Kasia's role on "Anna und die Liebe".Btw,  before the show airs, you can expect a recap by yours truly of the show so far.


Speaking of...time.

You can't fill it in a bottle, stretch it,multiply it,whatever.

Therefore,to be able to keep up with the new projects of our girls, (and our own lives!) we will now post the translations to the old Hand aufs Herz eps on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, instead of on every weekday.

This gives us an opportunity for more fun and more reliability and you something to look forward to;-)

Whenever things have settled down more, (and I have succesfully moved into an apartment with a functioning shower) we might be able to pick up the pace again:-)


Now last, but very much not least:


Hand aufs Herz will be renewed as a webseries.


Now, put that bottle/cup in your hand down and stop staring at the screen.

No, stop checking the calendar, here in Germany it's not April's fools either.


Remember those heartwrenching letters you sent?

The one million things you did.

Here's the result.

Miracles do happen.

They might be happening a little too late.

Or a little too early.

No clue.

But maybe, miracles do really happen, and they happen right on time?

I honestly don't know, and neither does anyone else, but fortunately enough, we're not a bunch of fortune tellers (geez, no one is hoping for HER to return, right?)

But a translation service to provide you with news.

Now, not being in lack of sources, I will link you to this


It's an interview with bartels, whom you might recognize from the adress line of some of those letters and postcards.

he's leaving Sat1.

In the interview, he emphasizes the need for a channel to have its own profile, and that of Sat1 being selfmade German shows.

He also talks about how much he loves sixx, since it's growing so quickly, and talks about some other stuff, like the internet, and Hand aufs Herz being continued as a webseries (YAY!).

The FAZ, in which this article is published is something akin to the New York Times, so spell reliable in capital letters, but if that ain't enough for you, Quotenemter and DWDL also reported on the news, and moreover,so did the Hand aufs Herz Team on their facebook site 


"Dear "Hand aufs Herz" fans, here's the info straight from the source, for you, since there's been quite a lot of coverage on the news in the media:We are planning a continuation of the show online, but we don't have any further info at the moment,it's just too early for that yet.As soon as we know more, you'll get more info about it here,of course! Thank you from the depths of our hearts for your faithfulness, your Hand aufs Herz Team"


Now what do you think?


Early stages of conceptualization? 

The end of Jemma? A new beginning?

The timing might just be wrong, but it might also be just right.


Now, before I forget!


Sat 1 is asking you for your favorite "Hand aufs Herz" Episode, to put it back up online in its entirety!


By voting, you enter to win a second DVD box set, or Luzi Beschenko's necklace, the one Timo gave her for her birthday!

Click the Pic
Click the Pic

To make it a little more possible for you to partake, I've done a screenshot of the form, and put the english translation of the required information right next to the spaces, ok, click below, for an enlargement of the form with translations.This pic will take you to the form.Please enter by October 5th.

By the way, I'm torn in between 124, 125 and 225. Whole eps! Yay!



By the way, Lied is going to put the forum up in the next few days, so you can thoroughly Lesbian process the news in peace:-)


And one last thing:


by @sat1:

"@ACarlton @Amidola @hhoagie You'll get more information soon. ;-)"

Thanks for @Acarlton for pimping us out ;-) and thanks for @sat1 for getting us more info soon!

And thank you guys for reading this epically long thing!



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  • #1

    Kykky (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 21:54)

    thank you, thank you, thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you!!!!!!

  • #2

    amidola (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 22:15)

    What I forgot to mention:
    Hand aufs Herz allegedly had 200 000 online viewers.Thank you to all of you, who chose to watch the show legally, on the site,endured transcripts and lots and lots of commercials, and who made this possible.

  • #3

    Carol Berry (Mittwoch, 28 September 2011 22:19)

    Thanks for being so quick with the news! This is going to take a while to digest! And thank you for the tireless (more probably tiring) work translating the older episodes! Especially love the translation notes! Cheers from Toronto, carol2010!

  • #4

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 00:06)

    a friend had the idea, that SAT1 wants to find out which persons, couples (which episode) is most wanted by the webusers with this winning game - so they know which characters should be in the webseries. So we have to vote like hell and get our fellow lesbians and friends to vote for our episodes ;) well, Amidola, I think I have to chosse between the same ones than you! :)

  • #5

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 00:14)

    gosh! I shouldn't write being totally tired ;
    it must be: "so they'll know...." and "choose" - sorry

  • #6

    hoppe (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 00:22)

    sorry, that I post another one, but the fact that you have to tell them from which country you are when choosing your favourite episode shows as well that this is related to the webseries. I think they want to find out from which countries there is the most interest in what ;)

  • #7

    Charlie (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 01:52)

    AMAZING news all round. Just wanted to say thanks again to you and the JI team for the hard work to keep us all Jemma'd up. Just going to wait to see what transpires!! :0)

  • #8

    San (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 02:16)

    @hoppe If that's the case and they're using the contest to get audience demographics (which is very sly), I'm more inclined to vote for 124 or 125 over 225. One, I haven't seen those whole episodes. Two, what's the Jemma to Bean to Tizi ratio? *over thinking* I'm leaning 125 - great kissing and Hotte :)

  • #9

    Prou (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 05:20)

    Am i dreaming or what!!?? JI you are really great!! Thanks for everything! Now i'm off to vote... i guess i'll go for 225, they're so deeply love and sexy and cute..
    @san, i'm with you, Jenny's happiness, the Emma-ing and kissing in 124-125 is so..aarg! Too hard to choose :)))

  • #10

    Metric07 (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011)

    Hear, hear! No one is hoping for the fortune teller's return :p I pretty much can't stop smiling like a dork over the web series news. Seriously. My face hurts.

  • #11

    Anns (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 10:42)

    Sounds awesome! Here's hoping that Kasia and Lucy will be able to join the webseries. And Dennis! And Selina! And Rocco! Andandand....

  • #12

    Clijsters3 (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 10:55)

    This is the best news ever! I'm getting all excited but I don't want to get my hopes up too much otherwise I'll be depressed if you know who isn't in the webseries. So i will try to stay calm. Fav ep. I don't know, this will take some research.

  • #13

    Sonia (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 11:58)

    Sooooooooooo.......... part of me... a pretty big part... wants to jump around with excitement!!! But before I get very excited I want to have some more information... but *still*... this is amazing... and awesome... and YAY!! And a BIIIIIIIIIIIIG part of it is because of y'all here at JI... thanks for everything that you've done and continue to do... and here's hoping that this goes the way we all hope it will!!!! :D

  • #14

    frananifan (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 13:51)

    remaining cautious...hate to be jerked around...yet, still glowing a little:)

  • #15

    Tintin (Donnerstag, 29 September 2011 14:43)

    Yey! This is great news, thank you so much Jemmainternational. (:

  • #16

    tamu13 (Freitag, 30 September 2011 01:50)

    VIVA ONLINERZ!! thanks God to the founders of internet
    voted voted voted

  • #17

    Marie-Helene (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 02:14)

    It's great news, indeed. I think they would never have announced this if they had no hope to have Kasia and Lucy on board. They are not stupid, they know perfectly well the amplitude of the fans love for Jemma. So I am looking forward to learning more about this webserie project.

  • #18

    ejsaususa (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2011 17:07)

    Ep 124

  • #19

    Eyelesstrees (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 21:07)

    JI team, YOU DID IT!!!!!!

    Well done JI team and all the fans for fighting the good fight.

    Can't wait to see what happens.........

  • #20

    Eyelesstrees (Montag, 03 Oktober 2011 22:30)

    Now I've processed this news a few things have occurred to me:

    Let's be prepared for the possibility of a subscription charge. Unless Sat1 are going to put money into this as a test run for future web content then it'll have to be paid for - most likely by subscription or loads of adverts;

    Do you remember how one of the cast said that on set they were insulated from a lot of the hype? Maybe we should make sure Lucy and Kasia know we are excited about the possibility of them working together again - just in case they are in any doubt;

    If Sat1 want to maximise their audience (and thus revenue) they've got to subtitle the webseries- we know that lot's of potential viewers didn't follow because they couldn't be bothered reading the translations and then going back and watching the episode;

    If Sat1 want another revenue stream then they should think about making the songs available for download separately.

    Yours Emmabeaming,