Poll 5 - The love is alive with the sound of music

Jewellery? Music? Both of those things are included in this weeks poll!

So let's get right to it.

Poll 4 - All I Want For Christmas - Jenny Version

A picture says more than thousand words.


So look at Jenny dressed in your favorites!

Well, there's actually just one word: Hot!

Let's all hope this is what will be lying under our christmas tree ;)


Click on the pics beneath to look at the outcome of the last weeks polls!

Poll 5 - The Love is alive with the Sound of Music

What distinguishes a good from an outstanding series? The actors? The locations? The story? Surely it does, but there's yet another point: the music! (For examples, in which the music also made the movies, you might want to think of films like: 'The Great white shark', 'Psycho', 'Imagine Me and You', 'The Thorn Birds'...etc. etc.)


Rarely, if not even never before, the music in a german or maybe even worldwide soap (soap!) was used as wonderfully as in Hand aufs Herz. And we're not just talking about the pieces of music, which the STAG or their individual members performed.  We're talking about the soundtrack and the original music, which filled the scenes with even more intensity, emotions and drama as we watched them in our living room or our laptop screens.


Of course it goes without saying, that also Jemma lived through and with those soundtracks. And this wouldn't be a poll and we wouldn't be ourselves, if we wouldn't want to have a decision from you which one you would like to give a special award to.


Which stroke of genius of the creative Team of Hand aufs Herz has surpised, touched, moved and blown you away the most? Because this poll can also be considered as a kind of curtsey and acknowledgment to the far-sightedness and sensitiveness the responsible persons put in the song choice. Or do you think that the hotel-postcard scene with Emma and her apology to Jenny would have been as much of a heartbreaker with 'Elvis Presley - Return to Sender' jamming away in the background? Exactly!


So here are the choices of this weeks poll!


Psst, little tip, click on the pics to see the scenes ;)

Save Me From Myself
Save Me From Myself

Save Me From Myself:

Episode 124, we didn't think the couch scene would have ever been able to be topped, much less did we dare to dream about it. But then this homage to Walt Disney's masterpiece 'Lady and the Tramp' (Oh wow, the german title is much...nicer. 'Susi and Strolch') followed!  The back alley is replaced with the class room, the candlelight gets substituted by neon light and pasta with meatballs quickly turns into a banner (what do we want with meatballs after all?), but the romance strikes anyway - undoubtedly so. At the lines 'It's not so easy loving me' our hearts pound erratically in our chest, with their meaningful kiss the butterflies are flapping their wings in our bellies, and when we arrive at the final setting we exhale happily after we unconsciously had stopped breathing since they first entered the class room. And with that we realize, like the two of them, too, that: We have just fallen in love!


Fuckin' Perfect
Fuckin' Perfect

Fuckin‘ Perfect:

Who didn't suffer with her, when Jenny's head came to rest on a pillow, while the words 'welcome to my silly life' resounded through the Bergmann living room, only to then being wholeheartedly finished off by her getting up in the next second and dancing that world-famous, beloved and often mentioned 'Angry Ballet'. (Who wouldn't have liked to be the wall, counter or sofa here?) Scarcely, feelings, that everyone who has been in love once knows, are being so easily and impressively conveyed. And who would have thought that pizza in the combination with ballet could be that sexy?



Who didn't shed some tears when Emma finally gathered all her courage and poured the content of her heart out and into those two postcards? Her self-consciousness, but also her longing are reflected beautifully in her face and body language. And somehow one gets the feeling that Christina wrote that song for this moment only. For this hotel room. For this postcard. For our Emma.


Perfect Two
Perfect Two

Perfect Two:

What a roller coaster ride of feelings we went through.

Happiness. Hurt. Hope. Disappointment. Realization.

And while 'Auburn' tells us about the captain and the first mate, the chills on our first date, the hero and the sidekick..., we all turn back into giggling teenagers with butterflies in our belly, and decide that we should go and buy some peanut butter and some jelly again some time soon, while we feel free and like we're defying gravity, just like Jemma, in this moment.

Road To Somewhere
Road To Somewhere

Road To Somewhere:

Three o'clock I'm on my way on the road to somewhere

Little clouds like wounds that blow away

Listening to the radio like a friend that guides me

Playing out every song we used to know

Dream, dream you're not too late

Sweet road to somewhere else

And afterwards Emma's (just like our) face behold the message clearly. We just had our first time.


Love Ain't Gonna Let You Down
Love Ain't Gonna Let You Down

Love Ain’t Gonna Let You Down:

The title says it all. And let's be honest, if someons would have told or just hinted at us that one of the most romantic scenes of Jemma would play out in the Bergmann bathroom.....

In one simple sentence the song explains a relationship and its love. And that is being reflected in Emma's proud gaze and Jenny's grateful kiss. Just a small moment, but hardly to be surpassed in intensity. A great performance, with great music.


Girl From Ipanema
Girl From Ipanema

Girl From Ipanema:

Who picked this song out is a frickin' genius. So there's not only a lesson of geography (Ipanema is a city in brazil) and music contained, but also the most beautiful dancing lesson which the world has ever seen (it's rumba by the way). We're honestly asking ourselves, why there hasn't been a boom for dancing schools! Jemmalicious for beginners. Dresscode: Plaid Shirt and Glitter Leggings. And just to be clear: Today I am leading!

Probably you'll be missing a lot of songs, but we decided that we'll concentrate on those selected few. (Pst, there might be other polls coming up with similar, but also very different content. It's all in the works, so keep patient ;) )


Like always we are looking forward to your votes and your comments about the mentioned and not mentioned songs!

Now, we're wishing you a lot of fun while voting. Don't feel too much anguish about having to decide for only one ;D

We're looking forward to the outcome!

Your Poll Team

Which was the best chosen background song?

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Kommentare: 11
  • #1

    frananifan (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 02:38)

    uh..wow. By far the hardest one yet. I will sleep on this one before I vote.

  • #2

    San (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011)

    Bummed that the scarf set didn't win in Poll 4. I'd like to see how you would have photoshoped those into the picture :)

    You did not refer to The Thorn Birds!!! *Barbara Stanwyck shoutout*

    Like @frananifan I have to do extensive clip review before deciding. But I'm leaning toward F**king Perfect. Just because it is pretty f**king perfect.

  • #3

    Nelle (Montag, 10 Oktober 2011 21:21)

    uhh....that is really hard cause every scene is F****** Perfect xD
    i can't decide....i've must sleep on this too before i vote :S

  • #4

    frananifan (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 01:44)

    This is so hard. I went back and replayed all of the scenes twice. Usually this isn't a burden for me but this time it was sad. I miss them so much. For some ridiculous reason, I am taking this very seriously. wtf.

  • #5

    Randy (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 06:28)

    Re the blurb for Girl From Impanema, I think the dance is a Bossa Nova (derived from the Samba) not a Rumba. The Rumba is far more energetic, while the Bossa Nova is a quieter swing-type dance. When Girl from Impanema was a hit song in the early 1960s, it was part of the Bossa Nova craze.

  • #6

    Kykky (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2011 08:33)

    Gals you are great! Thanks for all these polls! Anyway I've voted for "Love Ain’t Gonna Let You Down": this episode makes me smile and makes me cry...and this song is perfect! ;)

    If I can, I have some polls to suggest you (even, I know, yours are soooo brillants!!!!): your fav. Emma's hairstyle and Jenny's hairsyle... ;)

    just a little idea... :)

    Thanks you for all!

  • #7

    San (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 03:43)

    So I decided on a voting criteria. The song must be part of a scene that (1) has Jenny and Emma in the same room and (2) involves kissing. That leaves Save Me from Myself, Road to Somewhere, and Love Ain't Gonna Let You Down. Then, I voted for F**king Perfect. Perfection is actually the title if you spell it "perffeccktiiung." None of the other songs can do that :)

  • #8

    hoppe (Freitag, 14 Oktober 2011 02:55)

    well, my first choice was spontaneously "Perfect two" - no kissing like San, but the lightheartedness and tenderness and the playful innocence in it touched me immediately when I first saw that scene, the song fits perfectly well. Then I read all the songtexts and watched all scenes again. loved F*cking perfect, Hurt, Save me from myself. Then I couldn't decide, gave it a rest - and now.... I voted for "Perfect two"!
    haha, San! "perffeccktiiung" - this looks somehow a bit Djöörmään ;) love it! :D

  • #9

    Anns (Freitag, 14 Oktober 2011 09:18)

    I voted for 'Fucking Perfect' because, quite frankly, Lucy is fucking perfect. My all time favourite Hahe soundtrack -tune is however 'This Gift' by Sons & Daughters while Angus & Julia Stone's 'For You' is a close second.

    Now I got stuck staring at the 'Girl from Ipanema' -scene. Oh poor me.

  • #10

    Libellule (Samstag, 29 Oktober 2011 08:01)

    It is impossible for me to choose between all of this, the way it is currently presented. And actually it hurts because just through these 7 key musical moments, I have all Jemma story dancing in my head again with all their poignant scenes.
    I was fervently looking for the episode where Jenny does this amazing pizza-ballet to better see how the lyrics were fitting Jenny's emotional state, and doing so of course I re-watched a couple (like a good dozen) of earlier clips and I just ended up crying at all of them. It brought back such deep emotions...

    So since you said "Don't feel too much anguish about having to decide for only one ;D ", then like @San, I would have to "ease" the voting by some additional criteria. Though the pizza-ballet scene is Fuckin' Perfect and Emma tearing over the postcards has me reach for the tissues (both scenes get me each time), I've decided them out of the poll as Jenny and Emma are not together in these scenes (flashbacks do not count!).
    Then out of the 5 choices left, I've decided to go with the early butterflies, when drama is around the corner but hasn't touched them yet, when they're just in awe of each other:
    Save Me From Myself
    Also because this song, at that moment where their love is sealed over the banner, is actually a perfect sum up/prediction of their story, how their love will grow, how they'll both be the savior of one another.

    Lyrics extract:
    It's not so easy loving me
    It gets so complicated
    All the things you've gotta be
    Everything's changin
    But you're the truth
    I'm amazed by all your patience
    Everything I put you through

    When I'm about to fall
    Somehow you're always waitin
    with your open arms to catch me
    You're gonna save me from myself
    from myself, yes
    You're gonna save me from myself

    -Last part-
    And don't ask me why I love you
    It's obvious your tenderness
    Is what I need to make me
    a better woman to myself
    to myself, myself
    You're gonna save me from myself

  • #11

    apple (Sonntag, 28 Oktober 2012)

    i like the background song when they took the exam.. the gotting assessment test. anyone knows the title?