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A new vid, new interview and an outing through Berlin. And an update.

What's been new and excting in Jemmanation this week?

Look in and find out:-)

First things first: Congratulations Kasia to your 6.111 Likes on Facebook. They're continously growing, and have surpassed that number already, but Miss Borek has met the designated number in timely manner with a promised video, which you can find here.

Enjoy! It's in English and features Kaisia's infamous orange wall!

In more news, Lucy has sat down with Musical Foto Journalismus (Musical theater photo Journalism) to give an interview for them, which you can find here in its entirety with pretty pictures to boot!


I, for my part, have the great pleasure to be thanking Sones from Hawaii and Nynke from Dutchland, I mean Holland, I mean the Netherlands, for the translation.

That's no piece of cake, since the Ms.Scherer loves German sayings and phrases and loves even more to pun on them, so give it up for the Ladies!

Here it is!

Now, Hand Upon Your Heart (Hand aufs Herz), isn't she popular???


The new musical, Rebecca, that is going to celebrate its premiere on the 8thof December in the Stuttgardian Palladium Theater, is heralding its appearance. Known musical stars like Pia Douwes and Thomas Borchert embody two of the three main characters. The third features another shining young star. Lucy Scherer, a known name in theater and movie circles for a long time. She embodied popular characters like Sarah from Dance of the Vampires in Berlin and Stuttgart, Eponine in “Les Miserables“ in St. Gallen, and last year, Glinda in the German Premiere of “Wicked: The Witches of Oz,“ in Stuttgart as well. After a sabbatical she returns to the musical stage. Before, she was featured in the TV-Soap “Hand aufs Herz“ in a leading role. Since then, the hype surrounding the petite woman with the piercing blue eyes and the charming dimples is official. Lucy Scherer, more “popular“ than ever, has made it. MFJ is happy to have met the fun and sympathetic musical actress for an interview.




Lucy, we're looking back on your last year. In the soap „Hand aufs Herz“ (short: HaHe) you entered new acting terrain. How did you get to play the role of Jenny, and what are your thoughts on it?


Since 2006 I have been with an agency for film and television, but had been engaged continuously in musicals. During the period of "Wicked" I went to TV and film auditions. At that time I realized that I would like to get to know this area. After auditioning a few times I quickly earned the role of Jenny Hartmann for the SAT1 telenovela "Hand aufs Herz." When I learned that I would have to sing and dance in this role, I thought: Yes, yes, yes! That's it! I was incredibly happy about that, even though I had no idea what to expect.


It is hard to summarize the experience into a few words, because she (Jenny) was very intense and I learned a tremendous amount. I never expected how much time it takes to play a continuous series role. I always thought musical performance was an extreme sport.. exhausting.. and that nothing could beat it. But by working on the series I soon got to know new stress factors, such as the enormous pressure of time and effort that is put into it. You easily work 60 hours a week, including recording scenes outside, learning new scripts and a weekly change of directors!


The plunge into unknown waters was quite refreshing. :) I noticed many differences from the work of a stage actor. In television, nothing is ever recorded in chronological order, but by scenes. There is an enormous time pressure, everything is meticulously planned and you have to decide fast on how to act and react. When you are on the stage, you are accustomed to rehearsing things over and over again so that things are perfect. In TV there is less time and you have to be very willing to compromise. In the beginning this was very difficult for me. An additional factor was the dancing, singing and getting the songs ready.


The general appreciation regarding production requirements of a daily show in Germany, in my opinion, is much too low. What is being done under this time pressure is unbelievable. The work has a different intensity than the theater. In addition, the reveiver is much closer to the actors so one must learn not to talk so loud, or to gesticulate. I had to learn how to find and accept this different kind of tension.


I was also entrusted with a very special story in my role as Jenny. I played a lesbian girl. At first I was a little surprised, but quickly felt that I was interested in the story and I wanted to address the matter with an open and curious attitude. I was also lucky to have had such a wonderful colleague on my side, Kasia Borek. The story about the two girls has become very popular, especially internationally. This is something that neither one of us expected. Since Kasia has been in Anna {Anna und die Liebe #Audl] I have watched regularly. :). I must say, I now see soaps from an entirely different angle.


Is there a funny story from your Hahe time you would like to share?


It was at the beginning of my time there, a scene with Dennis and Emma. We were sitting down doing a seance. We were sitting at a table and the glass was supposed to move as if by magic. Everything was very mystical, with a gong and the candles that were burning. A bird was supposed to fly against the window and make the scene more dramatic. The glass did not work. A magnet under the table was supposed to move the glass on the table, but it did not work. Everything was so askew. Nothing was working. So we sat there, trying to be serious, but it wasn’t easy! For me it was harder as Jenny, because she had already made fun of the whole thing earlier. Therefore, it was difficult for me to watch the others without laughing. There we all sat, straining to remain serious, and if someone just took a deep breath, it was incredibly funny. We all laughed so much. During the ride home we were all really messed up.


What were the reactions from your Stage colleagues regarding your TV role?


Here in the cast there are many people that I am working with for the first time. We are getting to know each other and talk mainly about Rebecca. But, once people find out about the show they think it's interesting. There are also some colleagues, who have told me that they have seen the soap and have given me compliments. Which pleases me.


Do you think this new fan-base from the series is good PR for the upcoming musical ‘Rebecca,‘and has attracted a new clientele to the theater?


I think so. I also see it in my blog or on my facebook site that people write that they want to watch the play. It is unknown how many will actually get to come because the play is in Stuttgart, but some are making a significant effort to come. I do believe that there are many who previously have had no experience with musicals and now they would like to see one. Sometimes I even get letters where people write that I have to play because they have purchased tickets for specific days. I’ll put a schedule online so that the fans can know when I’ll be there and can then get themselves organized. ;)


Speaking of the fan base, how do you see all of the hype about Jenny that has resulted from the series? What is your reaction to some of the comments?


Every actor from HaHe has their own fansite, but I made mine fairly late. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to post news, but I like it when pictures are uploaded or when fans talk amongst themselves. I like that very much. Naturally, I read the comments and like reading what they have to say. I especially like it when I have written something and see countless comments and likes not even two minutes later.


Let’s talk about “Rebecca”. What did you do to prepare?


We all needed to initially get into the mood. Everything is still getting bigger because we haven't yet gone through the piece completely. Slowly the spirit of the show is awakening and the music creates goosebumps.


For my preparations: of course I have read the book and there are a lot of movies, most notably the one by Alfred Hitchcock. Rebecca has such an intriguing history with a large variety of films, and it’s interesting to know why the interest in the story is so large. There are so many unhappy souls in the play, such as Maxim. Actually, he’s an absolute gentleman, but sometimes he flares up and loses his composure. What is the reason for this? Why did he marry the girl, “I”? Also, who was Rebecca? Why did that marriage not work? …Many questions are open and on the table. Then there is Mrs. Danvers, who is also very strange… Each of the characters has a secret. These are really interesting and thrilling characters. It’s exciting because these interpersonal relations are so different and intense.


To what extent are Michael Kunze and Silvester Levy involved during your rehearsal time?


Until now, both were on location in Stuttgart but, of course, not every day. They tell us about their work, share interesting information, thoughts and ideas with us. You can tell how incredibly important they consider the musical. I have become a real Levy-Kunze fan. It’s also great to be so close to the creative team and to be able to work with them and develop ourselves as actors.


In “Rebecca’ you play the introverted “I” So far your roles (Jenny, Glinda, Lulu) have been the opposite of this, so extroverted. Which character is more like you?


I find it more difficult to play a humorous role than a dramatic one because the timing has to be just right every night, and a drama requires a completely different energy and effort than a comedy. In Wicked I thought to myself many times that I would like to play a victim because for so long I played a Prima Donna who was always so particular. Therefore, I am now especially happy to play the role of “I”.


What does your "I" look like. Do you have leeway to interpret your role?


Yes, definitely. Our director Francesca Zambello gives us a lot of space to act in. It's different than with Wicked, where everything we had to do is so carefully defined. Here in Stuttgart, so many things will be slightly different than in Vienna or St Gallen. I'm very excited.


What is personally for you the biggest challenge in playing 'I'?


I think the biggest challenge for me personally is this softness, and to be calm and being able to listen patiently. As Lucy, I wouldn't like it. I would defend myself much earlier. “I" is very clever, intelligent and wise. She lost her family not too long ago in the storyline. It doesn't come up directly in the show but it is probably a thing that characterizes her. Gives her a certain strength and a calm personality. This knowledge helps me in my portrayal of her.


Just when I'm about to protest, this gets me to calm down and I'm able to implement this peaceful nature of 'I'. "She is what she is," said Michael Kunze to me at the beginning of rehearsals. I think this phrase is so great because it is what every human being strives for. And so my "I" must travel a rocky road. Fate beats wildly and this is particularly exciting to play in the theater.


What isn't so easy for me: The Palladium Theater is still green in my mind's eye,[Lucy spent years playing Glinda in the selfsame theater] but more and more it is beginning to shine blue. I notice that I need to grow into Rebecca as a show, because for me everywhere and everything is Wicked ... the memories are still with me.


The story content is very challenging, because "I" changes and evolves in the musical. How does the story come together with the music for you personally?


As mentioned before I'm a big Kunze-Levy fan. You can tell it is their musical. I like that because I like their style. Many scenes are backed by Underscore music that conveys the suspenseful nature of the show. I'm on stage a lot and have many duets. For me it's so exciting when, for example, Levy explains his compositions. He kept the pieces for 'I' simple, because she is a simple girl. But simplicity is by no means easy.


Oh and on the bright side, my father says that at least this time I won't get killed. He has told me, "Child, what kind of roles are you always playing, where you're either bit, knifed, or shot to death?“


Have you done special vocal preparations?


I am working on the directness of my melodies, and grow into the different moods. An example: the title " Heut Nacht verzauber ich die Welt " (Tonight I Enchant the World) feels like Walt Disney's Arielle. I like the song very much. It is very different compaired to the Vienna version of the duet, as it's now between 'I' and her 'maid' Clarice.


Are there people with whom you would like to work with in the future, and if so who would they be?


Oh, there are so many. In the musical area I can think of names like: Friederike Haas, Heike Schmitz, Serkan Kaya, Detlef Schneider and Drew Sarich.


And a dream that has already come true: Pia Douwes, ... That's so awesome. I remember when I was 14 years old I went to see 'Elizabeth' with my parents in Vienna, and I admired Pia on the stage. Now I'm standing up there next to her :). Pia has a great sense of humor. I've already laughed so much with her. It's exciting to see her play such a strong role.


And then Thomas: I know him well and think that he is the perfect Maxime


Lucy, you're one of the most popular actresses and most respected musical performers. What sort of job would have interested you if you hadn't become a musical star?

(Is pleased) That's a great question that hasn't be asked before! I wanted to become a goldsmith, but I don’t think that would have worked; I'm too impatient. That was the most concrete idea I had, before I started my musical theater studies. I cannot imagine doing anything different now. Sometimes I long to hold a three-dimensional result of my work in my hands. In the theater the moment comes and goes. In television, the result is a movie. Sometimes I would also like to be a potter, because you can see the result of your work and you can keep it in your hands. But to stand here on the stage, that's the right place for me.


For the premiere "break a leg", and we wish you all imaginable love and happiness, as well as numerous enthusiastic fans.



Now, speaking of performance schedules, Lucy postet earlier, that she is going to be playing all shows of "Rebecca" through December 23rd of this year.After that, Tuesdays will be her off days.


In more anyone even still reading this? Anyways, in more news, the 4th Hand aufs Herz DVD Box set is available for preorder on amazon here.It will be released on the 9th of December!

Speaking of:We are going to start posting the transcripts to the Jenny featuring episodes(beginning with ep 73), complete with translations AND SRT files in two languages beginning next week Monday,the uhm 28th of November. Feel free to join us in our Forum's Couch thread with popcorn at the ready!

Thank you to the awesome teams German and English and our all new Foxy Srt Girls team!

I would like to apologize personally for the hold up to the translations, since well, you know, real life only gets to be ignored for so long, and then you kind of get struck down with a freaky  virus, your internet crashes and you get an eviction note.

In even more news, Hotte's Dennis Schigiol was in Berlin over the weekend to visit  an old friend from work, and tweeted up a storm.

Follow the guy, and check out his tweets!

And last but not least..speaking of Hahe best friends to Emma and Jenny, Bodo's Frank Ziegler will be joining "Anna und die Liebe" as  young design student Chris Doppler, a possible (and hopefully more faithful) new love interest for Liv! Good luck on the show,Frank!

P.S.:The Anna und die Liebe recaps will start up again., as soon as my internet connection does:-) Tech issues,so to speak.

Have a good week everybody and take care!xoxo

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  • #1

    Kykky (Montag, 21 November 2011 06:39)

    Thank u gals!!! You rock!!! But is it really possible that frank can be a liv's love interest?? I hope!!!!

  • #2

    Anns (Montag, 21 November 2011 07:42)

    Kasia on the video....wawawoom I tell you, wawawoom. That voice... Also, Lucy's answers to that interview were amazing. Thanks for translating! I truly hope that Frank's character will be Liv's new love interest.

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    Libellule (Montag, 21 November 2011 08:44)

    Thx a lot for all these news.
    The interview with Lucy is very interesting. I'd like to object to one statement from MFJ intro though: "After a sabbatical she returns to the musical stage". They should precise a sabbatical from the stage, not from work in general, because shooting HaH for 60h/week for several months is no easy breezy. ;p

    Eviction note? Send them Helena and Caro, the pair will have them make amend to you in no time!
    Also I've never had a chance to thank you for the translation of Lucy's last post on her blog. I had the same issue as you with the captcha code at the time and when I was finally able to comment there, I didn't check her FB first to see if you posted something (I don't have a FB, I look at Kasia and Lucy's walls only once in a while). So thank you for adding the translation later on Lucy's blog. :)

    Ps: Is Kasia trying to reenact the scene where Emma was stalking Jenny to ask her to join for Sister Act, hiding behind the stairs or the corridor column, with that food in a grocery store? Adorable.
    Pps: I love how Kasia and Lucy generously acknowledge their international fanbase.

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    Clijsters3 (Montag, 21 November 2011 15:35)

    Thank you so much for the translation you are brilliant! That was a very detailed interview, Lucy seemed to really think about the questions and gave back really good answers. Glad she mentioned all her fans including the international fans! Interesting she wanted to be a goldsmith, that seems a bit random:) She comes across so nice, really down to earth.

  • #5

    Carol Berry (Montag, 21 November 2011 16:22)

    I love how thoughtful Lucy is in the interview. Thank you for giving us a much better translation of the interview, in this case especially Google Translate was not making a lot of sense. It is important that our two girls know that the international fans are still here watching them in their new roles, they are both so talented and deserve the attention.

  • #6

    Sones (Dienstag, 22 November 2011 10:48)

    I'm not so sure how I feel about Frank playing her love interest... I need to get out of the mind-frame that they have a brother/sister type relationship! LOL...

    Thanks for all the info Ami... a good blog, as always! ;) And also, thanks for the above kudos... 'twas our pleasure to help out!!

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    honsei (Freitag, 25 November 2011 03:44)

    Just wanted to say thanks for the translation of the interview. Thanks!

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