Happy New Year! Guest Blog Nic

What a difference a year makes
What a difference a year makes

Happy New Year!

Of course we've got something to say about it! :-)

When I think of 2011, there is one word that springs to mind.One word that colors the whole year in pink and purple:


And if you think,that this means the couple on TV that all of us adore so fervently, I can only tell you, that that one small word has come to mean so,so much more in the past year.

Yes, it has meant a couple on TV,one I and many of you fell hopelessly in love with, cause they were written and portrayed with so much love.

But Jemma has gotten to mean so much more.

It was a forum I suddenly came home to, a website that ate up a lot of my waking time (and a lot of the supposedly sleeping,too), there were suddenly events all over the place, and most of all..it means people.

People I would never have had the great fortune to meet in a world without Jemma.

One of these people is Nic,one of the weight carrying founding stones of this site.

Nic has been a tireless companion and worker in our quests, the one behind the camera, in front of the computer.

The one with a mac, while all of us were using windows;-)

But Nic, and her wife, have been so much more.

They are the kindest and most hospitable people I have ever met.

Not only is their home the secret Jemma headquarters, where everyone is being welcomed with a smile, a bite to eat, enthusiam and genuine openness, I suspect, that they have kind of adopted me these past months.

They have been the most wonderful of friends, ones you can count on, and have been the safe haven in the sometimes stormy sea of existence. 

When I look back onto this past year, I am full of gratitude.

I am full of gratitude for every  kind word, kind gesture, the incredible offers of help, the jokes, and even the Hi!s.

And I am so,so grateful, for people,that I would never have met otherwise, who have become friends.

I would like to thank all of you, out there, for being along for the ride, and for making it such an enjoyable one, and I am now handing the word over to Nic, who wrote a blog a while back, I believe it was on the third of September, just after the last episode of the show.

P.S.: Happy New Year! 





Looking for the dropbox on a mac...
Looking for the dropbox on a mac...

Guest Blog Nic


First days without HAHE, without Jemma.... Don‘t know what to say......


I said to myself every few minutes: Stop it Nic, it‘s only a TV Show.


But then Lucy Scherer came up with her fabulous little blog and teared me back in this salty sea of tears.


So I have to admit to myself there is a lot more to it than a little German Soap Opera which makes my heart feel heavy.


HAHE and Jemma reminded me that a lot of things are possible if you only believe in them and it made me find a bunch of crazy people whom I wrap up in my heart.


And it made me learn a lot of things:


I learned that a German TV show can make the world move a little bit closer


I learned that love is a universal thing. It does not matter how old or young you are, if you are a man or a woman, if you are gay or not, if you stay in Germany or somewhere in the world. Love ist the one thing which we all long for. And which we like to see on a screen, when the story around it ist well written.


I learned how I can be taken away by actors who have such a chemistry between them, that I almost forgot that I‘m only watching a TV show.


I learned that a lot of things are possible if a lot of people believe in them and that it is not only important to win a battle but to fight for the things which are important to you.


I learned that you are never to old to do crazy stuff, like to go to a FANTAG, a FLASHMOB , write FANLETTERS or some other things that would embarrass me too much to write them down here.:-)


I learned that old and young can have fun together if only everbody overcomes their  prejudices and fears not to be accepted by the other one. 


I learned that I can have fun with a lot of people all over the world if I join a chat. ( But let me say, I was a little bit dizzy in the head  the next day and had fast moving coloured letters before the eye ....   )


With this website I got to know a drop box, that it is possible to „work“ with people you have never seen before and you will probably  never meet in person, how many screenshots can be done in a second ( Rike, I adore and love you for that !) ,how much fun work can be and a lot of other things. 


And if you ever meet up with Ami: this day will change your life! Be prepared for everything! Be sure your days will no longer be boring and easy-going. 

Always have a full loaded mobile with you and make sure before you enter a cafe that there are enough plugs in it.  THANX, CHEFFE!!!!! 


Above all I learned, that my life will never be the same..... But that I like this thought


                           Stay Crazy, Stay Jemma, Stay in touch!



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  • #1

    Sones (Sonntag, 01 Januar 2012 23:12)

    Loved it...!! You both put everything into words so perfectly...and as always, THANK YOU for everything that you've done to bring us all together... ;o)

  • #2

    Marlene (Montag, 02 Januar 2012 01:00)

    Greetings from Canada! Thanks for the beautiful blogs. Thanks also for bringing Jemma to the world. It has been a blast!

  • #3

    Kirsty (Montag, 02 Januar 2012 01:41)

    Nic, Ami- so true! And so well said, both of you. We are all so lucky to have had Jemma in our lives and this website, and the other Jemma websites and we have all gained new friends through this crazy experience. ( I always smile when I see Oregano in the supermarket now!) Happy New Year to everyone and stay Jemma :)

  • #4

    Carol Berry (Montag, 02 Januar 2012 08:38)

    The past few months has seen so many Jemma related projects and friendships go from simple ideas to being firmly entrenched. Thanks for being a cornerstone of the Jemma universe!

  • #5

    Claudi (Montag, 02 Januar 2012 22:20)

    Beautiful introduction Ami and you're absolutely right. Jemma became more than just a word, more than just two names which are combined. Somehow this little word consisting of 5 letters managed to get people around the world together who probably would have never got in touch without it.
    Now Nic's Guestblog!!! You chose the words very well and made me thinking because I haven't thought it through yet what I have learnt from the whole thing. But now that you have written it down for us it made me thougtful...And like you said so nicely: Stay Jemma! Because they will always have a place in our hearts.
    Thanks to my personal translator Sabrina!

  • #6

    frananifan (Sonntag, 15 Januar 2012 04:51)

    Thank you Ami and Nic. Happy New Year