It's time for Box 2!

You think we can only do one Box at once?
You think we can only do one Box at once?

 As you all may know by now Sat1 is streaming the 'Hand aufs Herz 'episodes once more.


To get to know more about our plans concerning the translations and scripts for Box 2 and the newly streamed old episodes - read on.

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Things are looking good for #Hahe, you're the best! :)


Yes, we'll do it again. Just like in old times.


'Every day one episode!' - That will be the goal of our German and English Team for the next few weeks.


Starting today, 'Box 2' aka 'The left Jenny-free Episodes' are being streamed on Sat1-Online again and to guarantee you the full viewing pleasure we are doing our best to provide you with scripts and SRTs for that.


But don't fear to not get your weekly Jenny-fix anymore!


While posting the episode 31-72 daily from Monday to Friday, we will continue to release the SRTs+Scripts for Box 4, too. Just with a slight change to your calendar. Strike out the Tuesday for your Box 4 viewing pleasure and instead add it to your 'Things-to-View' on Saturday.


So what does this mean?


It means that from now on you will have Hahe-episodes to watch on 6 of 7 days of the week!


Wow! This is even better than when #Hahe was originally aired!!! ;)



Little too much information at once?


Okay, let's try it with this. This should pretty much explain the structure of your Jemma-consume in the next weeks ;)




Sounds good? Great!


Little side-note, as we said we are doing our best to provide you with everything as soon as possible. We are hoping to manage to put up Box 2 plus the two missing episodes of Box 3 live to the streaming. This, what you are reading here, is the plan, but unfortunately it can't be a promise. So already at this point in time we can only promise you SRTs for the first week, but after that you might be on your own with the scripts (before we will add the SRTS as soon as possible some time later, but probably after Sat1 will have taken the episodes down again). Again, do not fear, this will not happen with Box 4! Everything stays as it is with Box 4! (Except the Saturday thing ;D )


Also in case you missed this, we updated the English SRTs of Ep1 to Ep 16 :)


To follow all the going ons with the scripts and other useful information follow us on Twitter - @TJIorg.



So, this should be all for now. Thank you for your continued support and following.

You rock and your award-winning clicking fingers rock, too!


We hope you'll be having a great week with the start of Box 2!


Stay Jemma,

Your Team JI


PS: Go to today's episode here: Ep31- Script & Ep31 - Stream

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  • #1

    Sam (Dienstag, 11 September 2012 01:34)

    You guys are awesome, don't know what I'd do without all of your time-consuming and amazing work :)

  • #2

    kykky (Mittwoch, 12 September 2012 19:02)

    you are so so so so great!!!! I love you!!!!

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    Prou (Mittwoch, 19 September 2012 07:30)

    Bow to you!! Thanks for all the great work!