Episode 19

Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Miriam:You only have to talk to another guy once and your daughter already accuses you of cheating.


Bea’s flashback fades in.


Ben: You’re not my teacher! You’re the woman I want to be with. I love you!
Bea: You’re my student and I’m your teacher. Period!

Ben: Then I’m wondering why you still kissed me. But maybe you should be asking yourself that, too.



Miriam:Hey, say, are you even listening to me?

Miriam: Then what did I just say?

Bea:I'm in love.

Miriam:What did you just say?

Bea: I'm in love. … With Ben.




Miriam:You’re kidding, right?

Bea:I’ve been trying to fight this feeling. At first I was thinking that he was the one who got carried away. But he was just being more honest.

Miriam: Now come off it, Bea! You can’t fall in love with this boy!

Bea: Every time I see him, it’s there. Probably because he knows what he wants. He is so spontaneous, so uncompromising.

Miriam: Is that what you want? Spontaneous and uncompromising? The wild life on the back seat of a convertible. Come on, Bea, you’re a teacher. A good teacher! You can’t possibly give up on all of this for an adventure like that!

Bea: Of course not.

Miriam: Yes. It’s probably still very exciting at the moment – it certainly is for him…an affair with the teacher…He is probably bragging about it to everyone!

Bea: He would never do that!

Miriam: Well it doesn’t matter. But it could jeopardize your career!

(And land you in jail...)


[Pestalozzi, just outside the entrance to the school grounds]


Sophie: It’s great that you’ve come! I thought that maybe we could have a drink.

Timo: Where? In a café, where nobody would recognize us? Where Caro certainly wouldn’t show up?

Sophie: Can we just talk?

Timo: Sure! Maybe about why we can only meet in secret. Say, what is it,that you expect from me?

Sophie: Nothing. I just want you to give me a second chance. I really do want to be with you, Timo!

Timo: Yes, but only if nobody sees us.

Sophie: I'm going to talk to Caro.

Timo: When? When an advantageous moment presents itself? When I’m not part of STAG anymore and only hanging out with the cool guys? Until I have Caro’s respect? Sophie, that is not going to happen. I stand by what I want. And if you really loved me, you would already have talked to your so-called friend. But you know something? I don't think Caro is the actual problem. I think the actual problem is that you are not able to be your own person.





Michael: Tell me, who are you hoping to see coming through that door?

Sebastian: Nobody.

Michael: What’s her name?

Sebastian: Miriam. Well your girlfriend’s friend. You know. The blonde, the pretty one.

Michael:I know who you mean. But it’s news to me that I have a girlfriend.

Sebastian:That teacher you are fancying.

Michael:Oh her. Thanks. Well, since Miriam isn’t showing up I guess you are having just as little success as I am.

Sebastian: Nonsense! At least I keep trying. The trouble is I don’t have her number.

Michael: Awww.

Sebastian: Only her name. And you know her friend.

Michael: No. Forget it.

Sebastian: It’s really awesome to be able to rely on one’s brother.

(Sebastian, you've known him for how long?)


[Still at Chulos]


Caro: A classic case of delusion if you're asking me. At least Ben is the only one in that group who knows how to move somewhat.

Sophie:Timo can dance pretty well, too.

Caro: Timo?(laughs)Don’t tell me that guy still means something to you. Have you already forgotten that, just recently and out of the blue, he tried to smooch you all over? I mean, it’s so embarrassing when those guys try to place themselves on the same level with us. Right?



[Home of the Beschenkos]


(Luzi and Karin are doing the dishes.)

Luzi: And then she also forced us to do 100 straight jumps.

Karin: And all of that just because you are part of STAG?

Luzi: She’s pissed because she thinks that we upstaged her.

Karin:I think it’s awesome that you are so dedicated.

Luzi:You should have been there; we were really good,actually!

(Luzi’s mobile is ringing.)

Luzi: Timo.

Karin:Go answer it. I’m going to do the rest by myself.

Luzi:(on the phone)Hi.

Timo:(on the phone)Hey. Miss Lohmann is totally nuts, isn’t she?

Luzi:I’m barely able to move. What about you?

Timo: To be honest, I just made it even worse when I tried to leg it.

Luzi: To leg it?

Timo:Yeah, it was cooler than limping away from Sophie.

Luzi:You met with Sophie?

Timo:Yeah, she wanted to meet me after school and talk. She said that she'd still like to be with me. But only if no one else knows, of course.

Luzi:Yeah, and what did you tell her?

Timo: Well, I said that I don't want something like that.

(Haha, what a weird and cool relieved swallow Luzi.)

Timo: I just wish she would have had the courage to stand by me.

Luzi:Well, she had the chance.

Timo:Yes, but I mean, she was under a lot of pressure..with Caro and...

Luzi:You're still defending her?

Timo: No! No...

Luzi:Damn, this woman is superficial and a coward. She dumped you, because Caro wanted her to. If Caro told her to she'd probably jump off a bridge, too.

Timo: Yes, I know.

Luzi:You really deserve better.

Timo:You mean, a (girl)friend like you or so.

Luzi:I mean someone who respects you just the way you are.

Timo: Yes, you're right. - Ciao!


They hang up and I don't know about you, but I couldn't stop watching Luzi's mum washing the dishes in the background, listening in on the one-sided conversation. It's kind of equally sweet and natural to Luzi+Timo :)


[Bea's Flat+Ben's room]

Adele – Make You Feel My Love


I know there's some point about Ben and Bea in here, yearning, missing, forbidden things blabla... but to us it's much more important to check out a) Hahe continuity or b) (if a) is non existing) if Emma is someone to change her mobile number often. - I'd say no, cause of the money but let's see.


Ep19: 0171 – 336955


Annnnndddd, it's b). I'm disappointed in Hahe. I guess Emma does change her number often, always on the hunt for the cheapest provider?I guess Vodafone is better than T-Mobile Haha Though in her place I would have tried to keep that awesome number of Ep19.


Ep 208: 0152 - 26186012

Ep135: Dear Jenny's mobile, I'm mad that you don't display the numbers with the names.

//Maybe she inherits her phones from her sister, too? // Good thinking!)



Caro text to Ben: Am at the club and I'm bored – come around!

(Ben has the right sheets and the right phone number,obviously...I don't know why the girls keep calling him, when they wanna party, however. All he ever does is mope about Bea..)


[Vogel Home]

Lara comes into the living room, presenting volleyball shorts which (not just to Miriam) seem more like underpants. Oh, and also she goes 'Taadaa' - Mhmm...eclairs...


Miriam:You really mean to wear that?

Lara: Why? Do you think it's too small? *sighs* Man, I wish I had Caro's figure..

Miriam: No, not to small. But a little too short.

Lara:Everyone in the Volleyball A Team wears this.

Piet:Do we have to pay for those?

Lara: No. Papa, the outfits are provided by the school.

Miriam: Since when are you a member of the A Team?
Lara:Since today. I talked to Ms. Lohmann yesterday, and she has seen how I trained in the last few months and she's giving me a chance today.

Miriam: That means, from now on you have P.E. with her?

Lara: Yes. She's the best. You can learn the most from her.

Miriam: Maybe on how you torment other people...

(Piet looks reproachful)

Miriam: Well, I just don't think much of her pedagogical abilities. I mean, you could do something else. Here, you could join Bea's music club, for example.

Lara(laugs): Hey Mum, the ST is not really the best team. Everyone who thinks they are better, play beach volleyball.

Piet: Why should she drop out of the volleyball team?

Miriam:She should, if she wants to. I just think it shouldn't be Alexandra's team.

Piet:She is the sports teacher

Miriam(to Piet): You know exactly what I mean.

Piet:But it is Bea's problem. Lara is not involved in this.

Miriam: What??? If this woman is coaching my daughter then is Lara involved.

Piet: Our daughter., please.

Miriam: Yes, but you don't care who is coaching our daughter.

Piet: Hey, it is about playing volleyball. What is wrong with that?

Lara: Why are you arguing?

Miriam: I don't trust her- And she knows that Lara is Bea's niece.

Piet:Ohh, yes and that is why she is treating all of us the same. I got it.



[Pestalozi, Hallway]


Timo: And, did you already practice the choreography for tomorrow?

Luzi: Pfff, after yesterday's practice? No way.



Caro: Sophie??? Ahh, she is not serious.


Sophie:Do we meet at break?

Timo: Sure.





Ben: Good Morning Ms. Vogel.

Bea: What are you doing here?

Ben:I forgot my book yesterday. You should read it. Its about an art teacher who has an affair with her student. Very fascinating. Sadly she gets blackmailed by her principal. You can borrow it, if you want to? After I have finished it.

Bea:I don't think that I'm interested in such a story.



Bea:Good Morning.

Students: Good Morning.


Bea: Good to know but sadly we don't have English or P.E.. Marie, could you hand out these books, please? And someone else clean the board, please.



[Pestalozzi – Principal's office]


Ms. Krawczyk: Come in, Ben. Please take a seat. I hope you have settled in well.

Ben:Thanks, I'm fine.

Ms. Krawczyk: Good. Then we can place your pool escapade as a one-time aberration and your counseling sessions with Mr. Heisig, I hope you take the chances we are giving you.

Ben: I could not imagine a better teacher, to learn to deal with frustration.

Ms. Krawczyk: You could figure out that there is something else we have to talk about. To be honest I own you a Thank you and an explanation.

Ben: You don't have to.

Ms. Krawczyk: I think so. You discovered me in an unusual condition yesterday. You should know that I have to take medication for the flu,because of which I can not tolerate alcohol. And since one of my colleagues wanted to toast to his birthday with a glass of Procsecco, I saw what can happen.





Ben: What are you doing?

Ms. Krawczyk:I am the principal of this goddamn school and this is still my office.


Flashback ends


Ms. Krawczyk:My doctors told me that this can happen . At least now I know that I am not going to touch alcohol as long as I have to take the medication..





Mr. Bergmann: All I want is to help you find your way in life.

Ben:Like with Mum?

Mr. Bergmann: Leave your mother out of this.

Ben: What are you afraid of? That I'm going to tell the truth? You have killed her with your shitty manner and you know it.


Flashback ends


Ben: Ms. Krawczyk, I know those stories. My mother was addicted to alcohol, too.

Ms. Krawczyk: Ohh. I understand.Maybe you should talk to Mr. Heisig about that. Do you want me to extend your sessions with your school counselor?

Ben: No, thanks. And don't worry. I won't put someone who is sick under pressure.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Bea is pouring herself a cup of coffee.

Michael:That has been sitting there for four hours by now.

Bea: Mm, delicious.

Michael: Um, say, do you have a minute?


Michael: It’s…it’s about your friend…Miriam.

Bea: What about her?

Michael: I need her number.

Bea: Excuse me?

Michael: Not for me! For my brother. He asked me to ask you for it.

Bea: And what does your brother want with Miriam’s number?

Michael:What does a man want with a woman’s phone number…?

Bea:A date.

Michael: Yes. I’d understand if you aren’t that thrilled about it.

Bea: Maybe your brother missed the fact that Miriam isn’t just my best friend but also my sister-in-law. She‘s married to my brother.

Michael: Oh.



[Pestalozzi, volleyball court]


Alexandra:Lara is going to practice with the first team today. I need volunteers to see what level she is at.

Sophie arrives and takes a seat next to Caro. Both pointedly ignore each other.

Caro: I’ll do it.

Alexandra:No, Caro is playing with Hanna, Sophie with Lara. Let’s go.

They start playing with Caro constantly targeting Lara with smashes.

Sophie:Dude, that was completely unfair.

Caro: I just showed you where you belong.

Alexandra: Okay, thanks, that’s enough. I’ve seen enough.

Caro: Come on.

Alexandra(to Lara):I’m sorry. You aren’t good enough yet to play in the first team. Maybe next year.



[Saal 1]


Miriam: Hey.

Bea: Hey.

Miriam: Don’t tell me you quit your job and are moving in together with Ben.

Bea:No, I’ve got a free period. I’m following your advice and am not jeopardizing anything. And how about you?

Miriam: What about me?

Bea: What’s going on with this Sebastian? Miriam…I know things with Piet are difficult.

Miriam: Piet is how he is. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by any of this. And Sebastian, he…he listens to me, at least. When I talk to him…I suddenly get a feeling of what I could achieve. He sees something in me that I would love to see myself.

Bea hands over a folded piece of paper.

Miriam:What's that?

Bea:That's Sebastian's number. Michael gave it to me. Miri, everything you just told me... have you ever told Piet this?



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Piet is sitting on the Jemma Coming Out Monument.

Bea:Hi. Have you had spare parts delivered here again for you?

Piet:No, don't worry. I'm just picking Lara up from school.

Bea:By the way, I was thinking that I could go to the movies with Lara sometime. You and Miriam, you have so little alone time together...

Piet: What's this all about?

Bea:You hardly get the chance to do something together.

Piet: Are you trying to give me relationship advice? Because you have so much experience with relationships? Forget it, madame, hm?

Bea:I'm not so much worried about you but more about Miriam. I get the feeling that she's somehow not being challenged enough.

Piet:She's welcome to start an apprenticeship or something...

Bea:That's not the point. You've been together for 17 years. You have a child. And somehow, that's the only thing holding your relationship together at the moment.

Piet:I'm working myself to the bone, the whole day at the shop and then in the evenings in the garage with the Bulli van, I can't take anymore vacation days anyway, so what am I supposed to do?

Bea:If you two don't think of something soon, you are going to lose her. You do love Miriam, don't you?

Piet: Yes, of course.

Bea:Then you have to work for it, hm...

Bea goes inside the building, Lara comes out.

Lara: Couldn't you have waited in the car. It's so embarrassing getting picked up like a baby.

Piet:What's wrong now?!

Lara: Nothing. I just wish sometimes that I had a sister who you could take care of or take your frustrations out on.

Having planted this great idea in her father’s brain, Lara storms past him.



[Pestalozzi, volleyball court]


Sophie: Can we talk?

Caro:I wouldn't know what we could possibly have to talk about?

Sophie: Ey, what's your problem, anyway?

Caro: Believe me, I'm not the one with the problem.

Sophie: If you have a problem with me and Timo being together, then just say it.

Caro:  f you want to belong to the losers, okay, your decision. But I made a decision too. From today on, you aren't on my team anymore.

Sophie: Your team?!

Caro: Yes. And I have no use for losers on the team.

Sophie:Okay. But then don't expect me to show up anymore.

(What team is that again?All this talk of teams is getting me confused..)



[The Vogel home]


Miriam: What's going on here? Did I forget our wedding anniversary?

Piet: That's usually my job, I know. I just simply wanted to talk to my wife again - I know that we didn't have it easy. Lots of work, lots of stress, we don't do anything together anymore, we don't talk to each other anymore and when we do, we argue. Everyone just does their thing and...well, I did, anyway... Well, the two of us, we never had it easy...with Lara and so on. But we managed. Together.

Miriam: Yes, we did.

Piet: And I want it to be like that again in the future.

Miriam: I want that too.

Piet: And that's why I thought of something...that will bring us closer together again.

Miriam: Yes?

Piet: You and I...we should have another child.

(Yay, if you're going to stay home and take care of it?Yay!..tsst..)