Episode 23

[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Lara: It's just that I found out that I'm an accident that no one wants..

Caro: No!


Frau Lohmann: I haven't seen such a disgrace in years!

Caro: What am I supposed to do if she drops out after half the game?!

Frau Lohmann: And why did it work this morning at practice? That's exactly what you should have aspired up to! What happened in between?

Caro: Some kind of family trouble. Her own parents apparently noticed that their daughter is a complete failure!


Bea: You're rid of me! Once and for all! I resigned.

Frau Lohmann: But I will make sure that the truth will be unearthed! (Hahaha,literally!)

Bea: What truth?

Frau Lohmann: Did you forget? You know exactly what I'm talking about! What you did to Franziska! Her blood is on your hands, you fucking murderer!

(Hmm, does that mean Alexandra and Bea cannot finally be a couple now that Bea has resigned?Damn..)


[Opening Title]


Bea: It's nobody's fault that Franziska disappeared!

Frau Lohmann: Sure! Maybe you'll get away with that with the police, but not with me!

Bea: You know that she went to Australia... with Jens.

Frau Lohmann: That's the tale you spin. But I know what you did. And one day you are going to pay for it – I swear!

Ben: Everything okay?
Bea: How long have you been standing there?

Ben: A while... Could you explain what that just was about?


Lara: Mum! Your cellphone! Yes?

Sebastian: Hi, this is Sebastian. Is that you, Miriam?


Miriam: Well, I was fourteen. And then I -

Lara:What are you doing here?! [Ton fehlt]
Miriam: Lara! I was grocery shopping and then I met Sebastian by chance.


Lara: You can't talk to my mum!


Ben: Who is this Franziska and why does Frau Lohmann think her blood is on your hands?!

Bea: Alexandra's completely out of her mind about that

Ben: Bea, that woman just claimed you killed someone, that is pretty heavy, even by Frau Lohmann standards!

Bea: I didn't kill anyone

Ben: I didn't say that you did. I just want to understand why she thinks that you did

Bea: The whole thing was ten years back... I was a student here...

Ben: And?

Bea: I don't want to talk about it, especially not with you.

Ben: Because I'm your student? Do you really think I'm going to run through school and tell everybody?

Bea: No! I never want to talk about it ever again! With nobody!

Ben: And I never wanted to get kicked out of school, but sometimes things just don't work out as you want them to. Bea, I'm here for you. I want to help you.(Ben,that's the crappiest line of reasoning ever, and bro, you needz to be less pushy,seriously..)

Bea: It was a mistake

Ben: That thing with this Franziska?(Oh, here's a thought.)

Bea: That thing with Franziska, that thing with you! I never should have come back!(Now, I am really interested about that thing with Franziska as well..it's ok, Bea, you couldn't help it,they were twins..sometimes people get confused and drunk and can't find their glasses..no wonder that Alexandra still holds a grudge..)



Piet: And how about that one time you got pregnant and both of us thought “What kind of crap is this?!” Did I run away or did I stay? I stayed! I could have had such a wonderful life! I mean, me and you, we never even wanted a child!

Miriam: You act as if I burdened you with Lara!

Piet: I've faced my responsibility, as shitty as that was!

Miriam: For both of us, Piet!



Miriam: Lara!

Lara: What?

Miriam: Do you have any white laundry?

Lara: No...

Miriam: And what's about this? Is everything okay? Are you not well?

Lara: Yeah, I'm just tired..

Miriam: Well, no wonder. I'm sure you'll adjust to the new training program soon

Lara: Hmhm...

Miriam: Say, how's it going anyway? Are the other girls nice?(Have you MET the volleyballteam?)

Lara: Sure... I'll bring it in a moment...


Frau Lohmann: Too bad you didn't have that much energy during the tournament...

Caro: I've had the same energy as always. Not my fault if the others don't have what it takes...

Frau Lohmann: Then you should see to it,that you're playing with Sophie again.
Caro: Well, I can't exactly force her to come back

Frau Lohmann: And I always thought that exactly was your strong point?!

Caro: If Sophie wants to join the losers of STAG – fine! But I won't come crawling up to her,that's for sure!

Frau Lohmann: You should think twice about that. Because you're apparently only half as valuable without her and I'm not sure if that is enough. Besides, I don't think you'll have to convince her that much...

Caro: Doesn't it go that well for her in the music AG?

Frau Lohmann: It doesn't go well for the music AG. Frau Vogel resigned.


Ben: Shit!

Karin: Did you lose?

Ben: You could put it like that... I'm not playing, though, I'm researching...

Karin: And it's upsetting you like that, your homework?!

Ben: It's not about school, it's about her... You know...

Karin: Did you talk to her?

Ben: Yeah... Sadly without success...


Bea: Ben...

Ben: May I come in?

Bea: What do you want?

Ben: See how you're doing... I researched … this Franziska...

Bea: Why?

Ben: Because she obviously still has an important role in your life.(And I don't want my super stalker status to be challenged by some glittering vampire..pfft..) Why does Frau Lohmann claim you killed Franziska?

Bea: Did you find something?

Ben: Only that a student disappeared back then... You're not mentioned anywhere, though.

Bea: Then I probably don't have anything to do with it

Ben: Of course not, but... what happened back then?

Bea: Okay. Franziska Lohmann was Alexandra's twin sister. Alexandra and I didn't really like each other back then akready...(But then we became lovers,a little like Jenny and Emma,you know?No? That's cause we're only at ep 23..ok,ok, anyways,things do get better,but I'm getting ahead of myself..I wantd to tell you about Franziska and I..)

Ben: Let me guess. A guy? (Tadamm!)

Bea: Sadly, it was a little more complicated. Actually, it was like now. There were two competing camps. The volleyball team and the choir.(I did not make that up;-)

Ben: Only back then the choir was the hit. Of course I researched you, too, on the internet. You look hot in leggings and hot pants, by the way. (I will not even comment on that..Ok, maybe I will..why oh why is there no season two,with some eighties rap songs?Jenny Hartmann would have slain that shit..)

Bea: Alexandra, she hated the choir. Franziska saw that differently for some reason.(The reason was Bea Vogel..) She wanted to be part of it badly.



Caro: Okay, you had your fun. That's enough.

Timo: Jealous?

Caro: Did I talk to you? We want you back on the team.

Sophie: Sadly, I'm already booked up.

Caro: Change your plans then. You don't want to seriously tell me you think it is fun to bounce around on a stage with these losers?!(While you could throw yourself into the sand with me?In Bikinis?)

Sophie: At least it's more fun than jumping into the sand for you.(See?)

Caro: Well, then you'll have even more time to yourselves soon. Because your music AG is going to be shut down.

Timo: Nice try

Luzi: Caro, just mind your own fucking business and leave us alone already!

Timo: I bet she's only jealous! It's not really working out for her at the moment!

Caro: As a sign of my good will, I'll give you some hot insider information: Bea Vogel resigned. Yeah, well, and without a bird, there's no chirping. [Vogel = bird] Think about my offer. So, what's up? Do I get a drink?


Bea: I quite quickly understood why Franziska wanted to join the choir so badly... Because of Jens...

Ben: Jens?

Bea: We had been together for a while at the time. At first I didn't really think much of it. Franziska was just thesort of person that likes to flirt.

Ben: But it didn't remain just a flirt...

Bea: Eventually Jens told me that he had fallen in love with her...

Ben: And what about you? Did you love him?

Bea: Yes... Very much...



Bea: You're just using Jens!

Franziska: So?



Ben: That must have been hard for you...

Bea: Especially because I knew exactly that she just wanted to test her limits. She just wanted to know if she could really have him.



Bea: I won't!!

Franziska: Leave me... Ahh!

Bea: Franziska! Franziska?! Are you okay? Stay out! Stay put, I'll get help!

Franziska: I am okay...

Bea: Let me see...

Franziska: Leave me alone!!



Bea: That was the last time I saw her...

Ben: And she never showed up again?

Bea: No. Of course there were police investigations... and I asked myself a thousand times if it wouldn't have been better if I would have gone after her... It... it was hell. And then... eventually... there was a postcard. From Australia. From Jens. The two of them went there together.

Ben: But I don't understand why Frau Lohmann thinks her sister is dead, then.

Bea: They were very close. Alexandra always claimed she could feel what happened to her sister.

Ben: That's not exactly solid proof.

Bea: I think Alexandra was just disappointed that Franziska just left her behind.

Ben: And the postcards?

Bea: They stopped coming eventually... Nobody ever heard anything from Jens and Franziska again.

Ben: Intense story.

Bea: Do you know what the worst part of it is? She is only going to stop if Franziska shows up again some day.

Ben: So Frau Lohmann won't leave you alone?

Bea: That's nother reason why I resigned

Ben: You did what?

Bea: Yeah... I'm not a teacher at the Pestalozzi anymore...

Ben: And... what happens to us?



Michael: Morning, Bea.

Bea: Michael...

Michael: Sorry, did I wake you?

Bea: Did something happen?

Michael: No. Well,actually I wanted to ask you that. Say, is it true that you resigned?

Bea: Yeah, it is true.

Michael: Why? Why didn't you tell me?

Bea: It came quite surprising... But this isn't the time nor the place to talk about that.

Michael: No? Well, you'll have to explain,eventually.

Bea: Eventually... Ben... Ben! You got to get up!

Ben: I'll just skip classes today. (Oh please, you didn't really think she would let you do that, did you?)

Bea: No you won't! You'll attend school!

Ben: You're not my teacher anymore...

Bea: You can use the shower.

(WHUT?Isn't that in Piet's part of the house? )


Luzi: Hey!

Timo: Hi. How are you?

Luzi: Well, apart from the AG being shut down – just fine!

Timo: Hey, it's not certain yet, that Frau Vogel resigned. Maybe it's just another of Caro's shows.

Luzi: Finally I could do what I always wanted to do and I didn't feel small and bad about myself anymore.

Timo: Well it was at least good for that,then.

Luzi: You don't even get what this is about, do you?

Timo: I do, but I just don't know what to do about it.

Sophie: Good morning. Slept well?

Luzi: Of course. You don't care about anything, hu?! As long as you have fun!

Sophie: STAG?


Miriam: So I did hear right, you are here.

Bea: Is that coffee?

Miriam: Yes! Are you still sick?

Bea: No, I'll just go to school later

Miriam: Are you okay otherwise?

Bea: So-so.

Miriam: Because of Ben?

Bea: Alexandra. (No.Comment:-)

Miriam: If she could just shut up! And Franziska is probably traveling through Australia, not thinking one second about what she did.

Bea: Probably. But Alexandra doesn't know that. Damn, if I would have known that she is at the school, I never would have come back!

Miriam: Bea, you are much stronger than her! Always have been!

Bea: But I don't want to live through that again.

Miriam: You don't have to. We are here now. Okay?!


Michael: Yes, please? Oh, Lara! What can I do for you?

Lara: Is this the guidance hour?

Michael: It is. Come on in. Sit down.

Lara: You can address me informally.

Michael: Okay.

Lara: So everything we talk about here is confidential, isn't it?

Michael: Of course, otherwise there'd be no point. What is it about?

Lara: Well, at the moment everything's just going wrong. I was so happy when I got into the beach volleyball team and now Caro's just dissing me. She says it's my fault that we lost.

Michael: Yeah, Caro's not exactly known for being a good loser.

Lara: I know, but she got me on the squad. She said we were a team and now ... now she's dropping me, too.

Michael: If you want me to, I could talk to Frau Lohmann. In the end, she's the one making the decisions.

Lara: If Caro's having it in for me, it is no fun anyway.

Michael: I can understand that. If you want to play volleyball so badly, maybe your parents can help finding a club outside of school.

Lara: My parents... Of all people...

Michael: Why, are you having problems?

Lara: No, everything alright. I could talk to them, I guess...

Michael: If you want me to, I could do that, too. Excuse me.

Lara: How do you know him?

Michael: That is my half-brother. Why? Do you know him?

Lara: Me? No, uh... not reall- umm... I need to go now.

Michael: Uhh...


Timo: Sophie is right. Even if Frau Vogel isn't there anymore, that doesn't have to mean the end of the AG.

Luzi: And who's supposed to do it? We do need some kind of teacher!

Sophie: What about Frau Noak? She's teaching music, too!

Luzi: And we're just going to sing Schubert songs?!(Which would be awesome, by the way)

Timo: Or Herr Heisig! Herr Heisig is cool.

Sophie: Yeah, and he's friends with Frau Vogel, he'd surely do that!

Luzi: Sadly, he doesn't know anything about music.

Sophie: I think we should just ask him and he doesn't even need to know that much about music.

Luzi: And who's supposed to lead the STAG?

Timo: Duh! You!

Sophie: Yeah! You always did it together with Frau Vogel anyway and you sure do know a lot about music!


Ben: Hey!

Bea: It's nice of you to have come.

Ben: Did something happen?

Bea: No. Ben, don't. I know you can't escape your past, but sometimes you need a little distance to clear some things for yourself.

Ben: I understand. So you're going away for a while?

Bea: Not for a while. Forever. I'm going back to Munich.