Episode 25

translated by hephylax edited by amidola


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Bea: Just take note of my resignation then.

Frau Krawczyk: But I'm not going to accept it.

Bea: You have to.


Bea: I don’t want you to come to Munich with me.

Ben: You are dumping me. Just like that?(Yep.Welcome to life.The real one.Where you don't look like Robert Patton and glitter when the sun shines..)


Piet: Is Lara home?

Miriam: No. You are getting her from school right now, aren’t you?

Piet: Yes, but she isn’t here and she isn’t in the volleyball team anymore, either.

Miriam: Excuse me? But we just talked to her about it yesterday. She should have already been home,then.


Bea: What’s up?

Miriam: Lara is missing. She wasn’t in class…and her bag is missing as well.





[The Vogel home]


Piet: Okay. Yes, I’ll try calling there again. Well, she has to be somewhere. Bye.

Bea: Lara ran away?(Bea was only able to deduce that cause she is a math teacher..)

Miriam: That’s what it looks like. Her piggy bank has been raided.

Bea: But why?

Miriam: I don’t know. Did you see her?

Piet: Well, I have a number here of some Xenia…do you know her?

Bea: She’s in her class but they aren’t really friends. What about Katrin?

Miriam: She was the first one we called. She was just as surprised as we were. It seems she didn’t confide in her either.

Bea: What about her cell phone?

Piet: Turned off.

Miriam: Piet searched the entire school, went by the ice cream parlor, the small park…everywhere she usually hangs out. Nothing.

Bea: Have you called the police already?

Piet: No, not yet. We were hoping that it wouldn’t be necessary.

Miriam: But I can’t wait any longer. I’m calling them.

Piet: I just want to know where she is.

Bea: We’re going to find her.

Miriam: Yes, hello?



[Music: Leona Lewis – Don’t let me down]


[Bergmann villa, Ben’s room]


In theory Ben is doing his homework. But in reality he is suffering. (Snore)



(My eyes, my eyes!!!!)

Ben and Bea doing the nasty.


Bea: I’ve been thinking about what I want long enough.

Ben: Assuming we would have met under different circumstances, without school and everything… would that have changed anything?

Bea: I don’t know.


Time for Ben to look at his cell phone’s contacts. He really used the creepy stalker picture for Bea/Classy.



[The Vogel home]


Miriam: The picture we had taken for her last student ID has to be here somewhere.

Piet: I hope the police will start the search before they get the picture.

Miriam: I’ll fax it to them right away. Besides, I gave a complete description of Lara to the police, what she’s wearing…

Piet: Why is she doing something like this?

Miriam: I don’t know either, Piet!

Bea: Let’s continue with looking for the pictures. The sooner the police get a picture, the better.

Miriam: This was at the Baltic Sea. Oh God, she was so little back then. This was her first day at school… We were so proud. (She starts crying)God, I hope nothing has happened to her.

Bea: Hey, we’re going to find her. Everything will be alright.

Miriam: Where are you going?

Piet: Well, I’m going to continue to look for her.

Miriam: That won’t do any good, Piet. It’s dark outside.

Piet: I don’t care. Am I supposed to wait for the police to do something? And I just can’t bear staying here anymore.

Bea: I’ll go with him. We’ll take this.

Miriam: Okay, then I’ll stay here in case someone calls back or Lara comes home.

Bea: Alright.



[Outside the Vogel home]


Bea: Piet! Piet, wait! It’s late already.

Piet: But she could be behind every corner.

Bea: She could be anywhere. But the police have her picture now. They have much more resources than we do.

Piet: It’s my daughter. I can’t stand this.

Piet starts showing Lara’s photo to the people passing by.

Piet: Excuse me.

Piet sees a girl.

Piet: Lara…Lara!

She turns around. It’s a stranger.




[Music: Coldplay – Talk]


[Vogel home]

Miriam starts going through Lara’s thingsin the hopes of finding some clue.



Piet: I don’t understand. What the hell happened? I mean, she wouldn’t just run away like that.

Bea: Come on.



[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Knock knock.

Krawczyk: How in the world am I supposed to finish the new schedule if you’re interrupting me every ten minutes?!

Jäger: I’m sorry, Frau Krawczyk, but Frau Vogel just called.

Krawczyk: Did she change her mind?

Jäger: No, Miriam Vogel called. Her daughter Lara went missing without a trace yesterday.

Krawczyk: Does this have to happen now of all times? Are there no leads?

Jäger: She ran away,apparently. Her savings and a bag are missing. Nobody has seen her since yesterday morning. And she didn’t attend class either.

Krawczyk: Well, don’t her parents have any idea where she might have been?

Jäger: No! The mother sounded terribly worried. Should I make an announcement?

Krawczyk: Anyone who has seen Lara since yesterday should let us know. We’ll investigate any lead, no matter how insignificant.

Jäger: Okay.

(I love Jäkra going all sleuth on the missing Vogel child..Rizzles who?)



[Vogel home]


Piet: Why haven’t they called us back? There has to be some hint. Anything.

Miriam: Piet, it’s a big city. Lara could be anywhere. If she even still is in Cologne.

Piet: Now, don’t say that.

Miriam: Do you think it’s our fault? I mean, why do children run away from home? Because of the parents.

Piet: No. Children run away because…because they get beaten or… or take drugs. And that’s not the case with us.

Miriam: Maybe it was our constant arguing.

Piet: She didn’t notice that.

Miriam: Of course she noticed. She’s not a small child anymore. And she was acting so strangely a few days ago. Totally snippy. Withdrawn. She didn’t open up to me, at all.

Piet: You didn’t tell me that.

Miriam: Well, I thought she was unlucky in love or had a fight with a friend.

Piet: So you didn’t dig any further?

Miriam: No, she didn’t want to talk to me.

Piet: So you just let it go? If you had talked to her, we would know now what was wrong with her. Then, then she probably wouldn’t even have run away.

Miriam: God, Piet! Teenagers sometimes do stuff like this. And if you would pay a little more attention to Lara, you’d know that. But you prefer to disappear as soon as there are any problems!

Piet: Above all, I'd prefer to drive to school now and find out what was wrong with her.



[Pestalozzi, classroom]


Emma: Hi.(Emma!Hi!So good to see you!)

Luzi: Hi.

Emma: Have you heard anything from Frau Noack, yet? Is she going to fill in for Frau Vogel?

Luzi: I only talked to her for a second. But we can start up rehearsals again soon.

Emma: And…does she have any idea on how this is going to work?

Luzi: No. She said we should choose songs that we like and we can discuss them next time.

Emma: Aha.

Sophie: That sounds pretty great! Well, I know exactly what I’m going to suggest.

Luzi: Not necessarily. I already made a song list.

Sophie: But wouldn’t it be better if every one of us made a suggestion and then we voted?

Emma: Oh yes. That would be fun.

Luzi: It would be a big fail, above all else. Everyone is only going to vote for their stuff and we will still be sitting here three months from now not knowing a single song.

Frau Jägerover the intercom: May I have your attention, please, for an important matter. The student Lara Vogel has been missing since yesterday morning. Anyone who has seen Lara Vogel in the last two days or who noticed anything unusual in regards to Lara Vogel is asked to report it to the school office. Every hint can be important. Thank you.

Sophie: Fuck.

Emma: Did you guys notice anything?

Sophie: I don’t even know her.

Luzi: Isn’t Lara Frau Vogel’s niece?

Emma nods.



[Pestalozzi, volleyball court]


Alexandra: Very well played. But Rieke, your cutshot has to become a little more accurate, okay? Sarah, you lack a little pacing. You could use some one on one practice. (Can this really be something other than an euphemism?/I'm sorry, my mind momentarily drifted off to “Jenny's physical effort” I love Volleyball with Lohmann..gayest thing ever:-D) So if you’ve got the time…(they agree)Yes? Then we’re having a ten minute break and then we’ll continue. I want you to be at the top of your game for the next tournament.

Caro: You are letting the two of them play a tournament?

Alexandra: That’s how it goes in sports. If you don’t deliver a good enough performance, others will get the advancement.

Caro: I’ve won every tournament up until now and now you’re dropping me just like that?

Alexandra: No, Caro. But I have to think about the team. We are representing the entire school.

Caro: Okay. Then give me intensive practice.

Alexandra: As soon as you have a partner again with whom you can achieve reasonable results, you’ll be back on top.

Caro: Vogel has quit and thus the Music AG is over. Sophie will be back here, soon.(I loove how they're like cartoon character evil:-)

Alexandra: Frau Noack is going to continue the ST. And as far as I know, nobody has left the AG. So if you want to bring Sophie back, you will have to put a little more effort into it. Excuse me, I have to coach the girls. Girls!

(Gayest.Volleyballteam.Ever.And it's Beachvolleyball,too!)



[Vogel home]


Miriam is in the middle of a cleaning spree. Bea comes in.

Bea: Are there any news?

Miriam: No.

Bea: Where is Piet?

Miriam: He’s gone back to the school.

Bea: Did something happen between the two of you?

Miriam: We blamed each other for Lara’s disappearance. Instead of standing together.

Bea: You are wiped out. You hardly got any sleep. But finger-pointing is useless at the moment. There could be so many reasons why she ran away. For example, problems at school…or something like that…

Miriam: What is it?

Bea: Nothing. I…I have to call Michael. He is the guidance counsellor.

Miriam: You think he knows something?

Bea: No idea.



[Pestalozzi, school toilet]


Caro is practicing. (And let’s all keep in mind what we’ve learned from Jenny’s STAG/Emma – volleyball/Caro dilemma: it’s never just about STAG and volleyball in these situations on HaHe.)

Caro: Sophie, I’m sorry.

It was a mistake to throw you out of the team.

Ach, that doesn’t work at all!

We both know that you are more into volleyball. (and me)

Maybe you could do both.

Damn! Just come back already!!

(to herself in the mirror)Well, my dear, you really fucked that one up. (Two girls enter the restroom and disturb Caro’s performance)Hey, are you two planning to put down roots in here?!



[The Vogel home]


Bea: He doesn’t pick up. I’ll try again later. Take a break.

Miriam: I can’t. I am so worried. I lay awake the whole night, the entire time asking myself where she could be and where she’s sleeping.

Bea: Lara is an intelligent girl. She’ll be careful.

Miriam: Lara is sixteen. She has never been away alone for a longer time. So much could happen. I don’t know how to stand all of this.

Bea: We can do this.

Miriam: We? You are heading off to Munich.

Bea: I’m staying until we’ve found her. We are a family. We mustn’t give up hope.

They hug.



[Pestalozzi, on the big stairs]


Timo and Sophie are walking hand in hand.

Timo: Are we going to see each other later?

Sophie: I have an English test tomorrow, and I still have to study.

Timo: Bummer.

They kiss.

Sophie: See you tomorrow.

Timo leaves.Caro seizes the opportunity.

Caro: So, how are you?

Sophie: Good, for now…

(Caro is standing pretty close to Sophie, isn’t she?)

Caro: Sophie, I’m sorry that we fought. Volleyball is only half as much fun without you.

Sophie: Ey, I’ve told you hundreds of times, I'm not going to come back.

Caro: I know. And it’s okay if you like the ST.

Sophie: Caro… What do you want?

Caro: I want to apologize. I was a rotten friend. I mean, you are totally into Timo and I’m picking on him the whole time. I wouldn’t like it either, if it was the other way around.

Sophie: Well, that was pretty rotten. So what changed your mind all of a sudden?

Caro: I miss you. And not just during volleyball. I mean, we’ve been best friends forever and we’ve always had a lot of fun together.

Sophie: True. And not just once. (O_O)

Caro: That’s probably why I had such a problem with Timo.

Sophie: Why?

Caro: Well, I heard stories…ah, let’s forget about it. I probably just overstated everything.

Sophie: What stories?

Caro: Let’s not talk about that. You’re happy now, so...

She turns to leave.

Sophie: Hey, Caro, wait!

Caro: I’ll be late for biology. See you, okay?



[Vogel home]


Miriam: Bea, I can’t eat anything right now.

Bea: It’s just soup. (It’s never just soup. Remember ep. 216? It’s a miracle cure. At least when concocted by Emma with love.)

The doorbell rings. Miriam gets up.

Miriam: Lara.

Bea checks her phone. Michael, the useless git, hasn’t called back



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Ben is standing alone in the auditorium, staring at the creepy stalker picture on his phone. He starts to call Bea.



[Vogel home]


Miriam comes back in with a policeman on her heels.

Miriam: Theft? That wasn’t Lara,then.

Policeman:The description of the greengrocers fits your daughter perfectly.

Bea: Maybe she didn’t have cash and was hungry.

On the table, Bea’s cell phone is silently ringing. Nobody notices.

Miriam: Then she should have come home!

Bea: Miriam…

Miriam: Sorry.

Bea: Look on the bright side. It’s a sign of life. (to the policeman)The fruit got stolen this morning?

Policemannods: We’ll continue to keep our eyes open. Perhaps we can get you your daughter back soon.

Miriam: Thanks for coming by so quickly.

Policeman:I’ll be going then. I can find my own way out.

Miriam: What is she doing? Lara is usually so sensible.

Bea: At least we now know that she is still in Cologne. Well, don’t you want to call Piet?

Miriam: Yes, of course, sure. – His phone is turned off. The battery is probably dead. Then I better drive to the school as well.

Bea: I’ll drive you. You don’t have a car. Piet has it. Come on.



[Pestalozzi, volleyball court]


The team is playing, Piet is conducting interviews.

Piet: And she didn’t mention anything about having problems or something? Nothing?

Student: No, nothing.

Piet: Alexandra!

Alexandra: Have you discovered a weakness for volleyball courts, recently?

Piet: We’re still looking for Lara.

Alexandra: She’s not here. I’ve already told you this yesterday. She probably lost interest and that’s why she hasn’t shown up again.

Piet: Alexandra. Lara has been missing since yesterday.

Alexandra: What?

Piet: Well, she ran away just like that. Miriam and I have been looking for her. And we’ve already called the police.

Alexandra: I didn’t know that. I’m sorry.(And she means, it,too!)

Piet: But I thought everyone at school knew about it.

Alexandra: I’m here on the court most of the time. You don’t hear any announcements out here. Are there any leads?

Piet: No, none at all. We are hoping that she’s still in Cologne.

Alexandra: I hope so too, for your sake.

Piet: But…did she maybe say anything at practice? That she was unhappy or something?



Alexandra: I only put you up because you swore you could beat the Händel girls together with Lara.

Caro: Well, what am I supposed to do if she quits right in the middle of it?

Alexandra: And why did it work this morning during practice?

Caro: Who knows. Some sort of family trouble. It seems her own parents realized that their daughter was a complete loser.



Alexandra: There’s little time during practice to talk about personal matters. And Lara hasn’t been part of the team for very long.

Piet: But sometimes, you still pick up on things…when the girls are talking to each other. Did she get into a fight?

Alexandra: Not that I know of. Sorry.

Piet: But I don’t understand. She wanted to get on the team at all cost. To give up after only a few days, that’s just not like her.

Alexandra: The last time I saw her, it was during practice here, and she was acting normally.

Piet: Okay, thanks. Then I’ll go ask a few other students.

Alexandra: If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.


Piet marches across the school yard and passes the gang who are standing by the Jemma Coming-Out Monument.(I’m getting my Emma fix! Life is good.)

Luzi: Hasn’t Lara contacted you by now?

Piet: Do you know her well?

Hotte: Well, as well as you know somebody at school. Lara is two grades below us.

Emma: I used to be a tutor in her class but…for another student.

Piet: We’re still looking for reasons why she ran away. Did you notice anything, did she…did she have a fight or something?

Luzi: I was thinking about that but I don’t remember anything.

Emma: I do. I totally forgot about that. There was trouble.

Hotte: With whom?

Emma: Well, who do you have trouble with at this school, hm?

Luzi: Caro?

Emma: Mhm.

Luzi: What do they have to do with each other?

Hotte: Well, but Caro isn’t to blame for everything that happens here, is she?

Piet: Excuse me, please think, what exactly happened with this Caro.

Emma: Well, I was in the parking lot and I was waiting for my father since he wanted to pick me up but he was late because…

Hotte: It doesn’t have to be this exact.

Emma: Well anyway, the volleyball team came back with the bus.

Piet: Was Lara with them?

Emma: Yes. That was after the tournament and…the other day after they lost…and everyone was angry and Caro was ranting against Lara the whole time and saying that it was her fault…

Piet: But she just joined the team. I mean, why should she be responsible for the whole team losing?

Luzi: That’s Caro for you.

Hotte: But she doesn’t have to run away because of that.

Emma: That wasn’t all. Then Lohmann claimed the same thing and dressed her down in front of the whole team.

Piet: Alexandra Lohmann?

Emma: Lara looked as if she would start crying any minute. I felt really bad for her. (Piet rushes off back to Alexandra. Emma calls after him:)Was that in any way helpful to you?


Piet: Why did you lie to me?

Alexandra: Excuse me?

Piet: What did you do to my daughter?

Alexandra: Nothing! And don’t speak to me in that tone.

Piet: Don’t teachers have a duty to protect their students?

Alexandra: But it’s not the task of us educators to take over parental duties.

Piet grabs the lapels of Alexandra’s jacket and starts shaking (and choking) her.

Piet: Don’t you talk to me about parental duties!!! Because of you my daughter is gone and if something happens to her I’ll kill you!!!