Episode 27

translated by IAGSW edited by amidola


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Sophie:What kind of bullshit are you pulling? Why are you walking around half naked in front of Hotte and Timo and act like a femme fatale?

Caro:When the two of you got together the first time around, Timo couldn’t always keep his hands to himself.

Sophie:Which means…?

Caro:…those constant coincidental touches and compliments. When he eventually tried to kiss me then…well, it was quite obvious.

Sophie:I don’t believe you.


Caro:Ah shit! Come on, help me please!


Caro:I’ll text my mom to come and pick me up.

(In fact she writes a message to Sophie saying:


Come to the ladies’ restroom quickly! Timo is trying it again.”)


Timo:I’ve gotbto leave now!


Caro: But I want to thank you.

(She sees Sophie approaching.)

Timo:But you already did.

Caro:But not really, yet.

(Caro kisses Timo knowing that Sophie is watching them.)






[At Pestalozzi, corridor]


Timo pushes Caro away.(This seems to be a common occurrence at Pestalozzi,and explains why Timo never asked Emma what that was all about,when she pushed Jenny away..)


Timo:Say, are you out of your mind?

Caro:What? Now don’t you pretend! First you are kissing me…


Caro:…and now you’re trying to deny it?

Timo:(to Caro)That’s utter bullshit! You were the one who …(to Sophie)SHE was the one who kissed me!

Caro:Yeah, sure! You wish!

Timo: I just helped her!

Sophie:Leave it be, Timo. It’s just embarrassing now.

Caro:(to Sophie) I’m so sorry! He took me by surprise.

Timo:You believe…

Sophie: Ey, don’t you even touch me!

Timo:Do you really believe her?

Sophie:We’re done. (She walks away.)

Caro:You’re such a ….such a psycho!

(Look who's talking..)



[In the streets]


Sebastian sees Lara pulling down a leaflet.



(Lara runs away and is being followed by Sebastian.)

Sebastian:Lara, wait! Lara, now stop! Lara!

(Sebastian gets a hold on her arm.)

Lara:Let go of me!

Sebastian:Now, calm down! I just want to talk to you!

Lara:But I don’t!

Sebastian:Fine, then just listen to me! Your parents are really worried about you!

Lara:Well, you don’t know anything about my parents! They don’t give a shit about me!

Sebastian:Right! And that’s why they are looking for you everywhere and spread those flyers around the whole city!(Well, actually Bea and Ben did that,ahum..and Ben really doesn't give a shit about you..) Because they don’t give a shit about you!

Lara:You just want to act as the hero who has found me in front of my mom!

Sebastian:I just want to help you, Lara!

Lara:If you really want to help me, then leave my mother alone!

Sebastian:I think you’re confusing some things here.

Lara:I’m not stupid! Got it?

Sebastian:Well, nobody said that! But if you really want to be an adult then let’s talk like adults, ok?



[At Pestalozzi, hallway]


Emma and Hotte are cracking up over a biology book…



Emma:Euh, that’s disgusting!

Timo shows up.

Timo: Have you seen Sophie?


Timo: Yes, no, gosh! Have you seen her or not? I’ve got to set something straight.

(Hotte and Emma shake their heads.)

Timo:Luzi! Wait! Have you seen Sophie? You have just been rehearsing with her, right?

Luzi:Yes, but..

Timo:But what?

Luzi:Well, she was rehearsing, then she got a message and left all of a sudden. Why? What happened?

Timo:(sighs) Caro…She was pulling some bullshit to get us apart!

Luzi:Like what?

Timo:Sophie saw Caro kissing me.

Luzi:Uh, how is that possible?

Timo:Well, Caro pretended to have hurt her ankle. So I helped her and took her to the restroom. There she came on to me.

Luzi:…crazy story.

Timo:I know. And Sophie of course thought that she had caught us kissing and broke up with me. I really need to talk to her!

Luzi:O-okay. Uh…



[In the streets]


Ben:I’m sure that Lara is going to show up again soon. Now that everybody has been given one of these flyers.

Bea:Hopefully. I know, I’ve thanked you like a million times already but…if it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have managed.

Ben:No problem.

Bea:I should be going home now. Maybe Miriam and Piet have some news.

Ben:I could walk you a short part of the way.

Bea:That’s not a good idea. Well, then…

Ben:Well, then…

Bea:Take care of yourself!

Ben:You, too.

(Ben leans in for a kiss but Bea avoids him and leaves.)


Sebastian and Lara are sitting on a bench.


Sebastian:If you want to change something then you should also be able to make the first move. I mean, I have no idea what’s wrong at your place…

Lara:And I’m not going to…

Sebastian:Don’t worry, I don’t want to know anyway. All I know is, that you can’t solve problems by running away.

Lara:Great! Was that it? I don’t need any advice! Really, especially not from you!

Sebastian:Ok, you’ve got to know what you are going to do. But maybe you can spare a moment to think about how your parents are feeling right now. They are worried sick about you!

(Sebastian is about to leave.)

Lara:They never wanted to have me anyway! They should be glad to have gotten rid of me.

Sebastian:Are you really thinking that?

Lara:Of course! I heard them say it! I was just an accident.

Sebastian:Well, sometimes you say things you don’t really mean. That has also happened to you already, hasn’t it? Come on, I’m going to take you home now.

Lara:I don’t want to go there!

Sebastian:If you are not going to talk to your parents, you are never going to know the truth. And if, after that, you are still thinking that they don’t want to have you there…I mean park benches and trash cans…those surely aren’t going to be running away.



[At Pestalozzi, Götting’s office]


Götting:Are you feeling better? I was worried. You were really shaken up.

Alexandra:Yes. Thanks.

Götting:I’m sorry if I upset you.

(Alexandra shakes her head.)

Götting:Of course you don’t have anything to do with the disappearance of the young Vogel. The fact that you’re so sensitive to this subject…I mean, you’re not really close to the Vogels...

Alexandra:Can you imagine what it feels like when someone suddenly fades out of your life? In the blink of an eye?

Götting:Well, regarding certain people, I would certainly like to imagine..

Alexandra:My sister Franziska vanished without a trace.


Alexandra:It’s been 11 years.

Götting:I didn’t know you had a sister.

Alexandra:My twin sister. (She shows him a picture.) We were inseparable. And from one day to the next she disappeared. The Vogels’ must be feeling the same way now.

Götting:Maybe she will show up again.

Alexandra:Yes. Maybe.

Götting:I don’t think that you should take on the trouble of attending the meeting tomorrow.

Alexandra:I don’t have a choice.

Götting:That’s crazy. Your behavior as a teacher has nothing to do with the disappearance of this girl! And especially with this back story I don’t think it’s right that you are going there.

Alexandra:You know, maybe that’s exactly the reason I should go.



[At the Vogels’]


Piet:Hey. Still nothing?


(While they're hugging each other Lara comes in.)

Miriam:Lara! Oh my God!

Piet:There you are! Hey!

(Both hold her tight but Lara pushes them away.)

Lara:Can you let me take a shower first?

Miriam:(to Piet)Let her go. She has to calm down first.

Piet:(to Sebastian) Did you bring her here?

Sebastian:Yes, I know her from Chulos’. I saw her in the streets.

Piet:Thank you so much! You can’t even begin to imagine how much you’ve helped us. Thank you!

Sebastian:Both of us thought,that it would be better to take her home.

Miriam:I have no idea how to thank you!

Piet:You…you know each other?

Miriam:Yes. That’s Sebastian Heisig.

(Bea comes in.)

Bea:She’s back?

Miriam:Sebastian found her.

Sebastian:Yes…Uhm, I’m late. I should be going now.

Piet:Good idea. Thanks.



[At Chulos’]


(Sebastian fails at opening a bottle./That's pretty bitter if you're a bartender..)



Michael:Come on, hand it over. It can’t be that hard.

Sebastian:Now, I’ve found a woman who’s the perfect match…and she’s married. Why does life always have to be so complicated?

Michael:You’re asking the wrong person here.(Yup,Michael thinks life is a Victoria's Secret catalogue..his words,not mine!)

Sebastian:I’m really the last person who would want to destroy a family. Though you should have seen her this afternoon. How she looked at me.

Michael:Does that surprise you? I mean, you brought her daughter back.

Sebastian:Yes. But there was more,somehow. If her husband wouldn’t have shown up…

Michael:What then?

Sebastian:Ah, dammit. I don’t know either. And then your colleague showed up, too! (The Birds! Eeek,eek,eek..)

Michael:Bea is still here? I thought she already left for Munich!

Sebastian:Thank you! I’m crying on your shoulder here, and the only thing you can think of or you’re interested in are your hormones!(Yep, you're talking to Michael,remember?)

Michael:Well, we both seem to be having a soft spot for the Vogel family….Listen, I’ve got to talk to you. Uhm…


Michael:No, tomorrow morning.



[At the Vogels’]


Everybody’s having breakfast.


Piet:(to Lara) Would you like to have scrambled eggs? I’ll make you some. Come on, maybe some fruit, yoghurt, muesli…Eat something first, and then we’ll talk a little. I’m taking a day off just for you!

Lara:You don’t have to put on a show for me.

Bea:It wasn’t easy out there, right?

Lara:It was ok.

Piet:Why didn’t you tell us about Alexandra Lohmann having put you down?

Lara:Nobody would have cared.

Piet:That’s not true! Of course we care! I mean teachers don’t have the right to treat you like that and if it happens again I want for you to tell us! Because we want to help you. We’re here for you and you know that!

Lara:You're not understanding anything.

(Lara leaves.)



(Bea is trying to follow Lara when Michael suddenly shows up./Hormones over heartbreak..a repeating pattern..)



[At the Vogel’s, door]



Michael:Hey! It’s great that Lara is back! I hope she’s on her way to school.

Bea:Yes, she is. There have been some issues, but, thank God, she’s ok again. What’s wrongwith your mobile phone? I tried to call you. Because of Lara.(I was busy moping over your absence and couldn't be bothered with a missing student..)

Michael:Ah, well I lost it. I’ve got a new on now. But the number is still the same. So you can still reach me…Uhm, yes…The reason why I’m actually here: I wanted to say goodbye and wish you well.

Bea:Thank you.

Michael:When are you going to leave?

Bea:I still need to see Mrs Krawczyk,after that I’ll be gone.

Michael:Ok. Well, it’s too bad that you are leaving. I had a nice time working with you. (Lame,lame,lame..)



[At the Vogel’s, inside]


Piet:Why isn’t she talking to us?

Miriam:Well, you know how it is at this age. Maybe we should give her a little more time.

Piet:But it won’t work like this.

Miriam:What are you going to do?

Piet:I’m going to the school to have a talk with her.

Miriam:No, Piet, don’t make matters worse.

Piet:Worse than now?



[At Pestalozzi, school yard]


Piet:Lara! Lara, please!

Lara:Go away!

Piet:Dammit, I’m going to stay here until you are telling me what’s going on!

Lara:Now don’t pretend that you care about how I feel!

Piet:What the hell makes you think that we don’t care? Alright, we may argue a little too much, but it has nothing to do with you!

Lara:Stop lying! I know that you didn’t want to have me!


Lara:You said it yourself when you fought with mom!

Piet:You overheard us?

Lara:Yes I heard you! And now I know. I was an accident. I screwed your life up.

Piet:You didn’t screw up anything for us! Don’t think about that, even for a second!

Lara:And why did you say it then?

Piet:Our fight was about back then. We were both 17 when we got the news, that Miriam was pregnant. We were one year older than you are now. Can you imagine? You know, I was afraid that we wouldn’t manage. I…I just didn’t want to become a father at this young age. The responsibility for a child..

Lara:And why didn’t you just give me away?

Piet:Because you belong to us! The second I held you in my arms for the very first time, I knew for sure that I would never love anybody more than I love you! And you didn’t screw up our life! You are our life! And we didn’t regret for a second that we got you! And please don’t have any doubts about this. Ok?


Piet:You’re the best thing that has ever happened to us!



[At Pestalozzi, teachers’ room]


Mrs Krawczyk:Some of you may already have heard the good news. The missing student Lara Vogel showed up again last night. According to our colleague Mr Heisig she is healthy and fine.

Ms Jäger:Thank God!(I love you Fau Jäger!)

Mrs Krawczyk:Alright, can we start now?

(All teachers sit down for a meeting.)

Mrs Krawcyk:But that does not release me from the duty to test the causes of Lara Vogel’s disappearance. Ms Lohmann, maybe you could explain to us what exactly happened between you and Lara.



[At Pestalozzi, hallway]


Luzi:Hey! Did you hear that Lara has shown up again?

Sophie:(totally disinterested) Really?

Luzi:Finally some good news, hm? Ok, I got it. You’ve got other problems.


Luzi:Well, I know this facial expression…from Timo.

Sophie:I really don’t feel like talking about it. I’m done with Timo, ok?

Luzi:Ts, you really believe this story with Caro??

Sophie:But I saw him kissing her! There are no further explanations needed.

(Sophie turns around and spots Tim.)

Luzi:Hey, now think about all of those things Timo has done for you in the last weeks! What he had to put up with just to be with you! Do you think a guy who is…(She sees Sophie looking at Timo.) Do you think a guy who is into another girl does that? (But Sophie isn’t really listening to her.)Pf, what the hell am I doing here?

Sophie:Did you say something?




[At Pestalozzi, teachers’ room]


Mrs Krawcyk:Aversion or partiality towards a student has no place here at the Pestalozzi school! We, as teachers, always have to be aware of the fact that our behavior has an enormous influence on the students.

Alexandra:And that’s coming from you, of all people? Where was your impartiality when my sister disappeared back then? Where was your commitment to solve the murder back then?

Mrs Krawcyk:I don’t think that this belongs here now.

Götting:Though I do think we should listen to what Ms Lohmann has to say.

Alexandra:If you had acted neutrally and unbiased, Bea Vogel would have been held responsible and might have told the truth! But you interfered!



[At Pestalozzi, at the lockers]


Sophie is removing all the stuff that’s related to Timo from her locker.


Caro:Hey, there you are. I was looking for you everywhere.

Sophie:What do you want?

Caro:To see how you are.

Sophie:Well, how do you think I am?

Caro:Sorry, stupid question. Hey, I didn’t want for this to happen. I’m sorry.

Sophie:Then why did you kiss Timo?

Caro:He totally took me by surprise! I mean, first he was just flirting. Everybody does that once in a while, and I ignored it. But I didn’t think that he would suddenly kiss me!

Sophie:Ey, thanks. I was there. I don’t need to hear it again.

Caro:I didn’t want for this to happen. I knew that the two of you were together.

Sophie:As if that would have ever kept you from doing anything!

Caro:If I had been into Timo then I would have barely texted you to come.

Sophie:Ey, I’m really fed up with talking about it.

Caro:Sophie. Hey, I also think this sucks. And the fact that I was involved doesn’t make it any better. I’m aware of that. But I’m your friend. And I don’t want you to be alone right now. You know what? We’ll skip biology and have coffee together and these (pictures of Sophie and Timo) willget trashed. Ok?

(Sophie agrees with a smile.)

Caro:Come on, I’ll take this.



[At Pestalozzi, teachers’ room]


Mrs Krawcyk: Your sister wasn’t killed. She…

Alexandra:If my sister were still living, I would know. Trust me, I’m going to find out what really happened,someday! And then everybody who covered for the murderer will be held responsible.

Mrs Krawcyk: I think it would be best if we adjourned this discussion until our colleague Lohmann will be able to control herself again. Under the present circumstances an objective dispute obviously isn’t possible. Would you excuse me please?

(Mrs Krawcyk storms out of the teachers' room and into her office.)


Placebo’s “Infra-red” is playing while Mrs Krawcyk doesn’t know what to do and Bea packs her stuff having flashbacks of Ben.(Really?Tssst..)



[At Pestalozzi, Mrs Krawcyk’s office]


Mrs Krawcyk eventually takes a bottle of Vodka again and falls off her chair while drinking when Michael comes in.


Michael:Mrs Krawcyk...Hello?

(Michael looks around and finds her on the floor.)

Michael:Mrs Krawcyk! Wake up! Mrs Krawcyk!