Episode 28

Translated by hephylax, edited by amidola

Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Sebastian: Lara?! C’mon, I’ll take you home.

Lara: I don’t want to go there.


Miriam: Lara.

Piet: You…you know each other?


Michael: Frau Krawczyk!





[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Michael is on the floor with Frau Krawczyk where she collapsed earlier.

Michael: Oh my God.

Bea comes in. (Does anybody ever knock around here?/That's why they have the traffic lights that everybody ignores;)

Bea: Frau Krawczyk, I need… What are you doing here?

Michael: Come in. Close the door behind you.

Bea: What happened? Gabriele? Gabriele?!

Michael: That won’t work. She’s unconscious. Who are you calling?

Bea: 9-1-1 (it’s really 112 in Germany, though,/Wow, Bea knows the number?She didn't let on during the acident..))Hello. Bea Vogel speaking. We urgently need an ambulance at the Pestalozzi Comprehensive School. Yes, exactly. In the school office.Alcohol poisoning.probably. (And somewhere, far off, you hear a dispatcher laughing loudly)

Michael: You knew?! You knew that Frau Krawczyk was drinking?



[Pestalozzi, school toilet/hallway]


Sophie and Caro flush ripped up photos of Timo down the toilet.(Why didn't that ever happen to Ben or Michael?)

Caro: I’ve seen a top, that would be right up your alley. We’re going to volleyball practice now, after that we’re going to do some shopping and then we'll have a bite to eat. And during that time, we won’t waste a thought on that loser Timo. Well, how about it?(Is it date night already?)

Sophie: Thanks for being there for me.

Caro: That’s what friends are for.

They pass Emma and Hotte in the hallway.

Hotte: The two of you together. Did I miss something?

Caro: Yes, a lot. But that’s something you’ll have to deal with on your own.(I am not writing that dialogue, btw..:-)

Emma: Are we going to see you at the rehearsal later?

Sophie: I’m not quite sure yet.

Caro: You coming?

Hotte: I don’t think she is going to show up.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Frau Krawczyk is being wheeled to the ambulance, Frau Jäger faithfully at her side.

Frau Jäger: Don’t worry. Everything is going to be alright.(This reminds me of a bad,bad country song..or Del Reyes “Video Games”...)

The ambulance drives off.

Michael: I don’t believe it.

Bea: She is going to be okay.

Michael: That’s not what I meant. I can’t believe that you knew.

Bea: I…I haven’t known for long. She promised,that she would get it under control.

Götting: Was that our principal just now?

Bea: She just had a small dizzy spell, nothing serious.

Götting: A dizzy spell. Well, that’s something new. At this time of day? It usually takes until the afternoon for Frau Krawczyk to become indisposed.

Bea: Save it. Nobody shares your opinion.

Götting(chuckles): I didn’t expect anything else from you. That’s why I’m more interested in colleague Heisig’s opinion.

Michael: I guess…she didn’t have anything for breakfast this morning…that can be a reason for passing out, can’t it?

Götting: Nothing for breakfast… Well well…



[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Frau Jäger walks into the room, sees the mess and vodka bottle and starts tidying the room up in a hurry.



[Pestalozzi, Götting’s office]


Götting: This time she’s gone too far. We've got her this time.

Alexandra: That would be good news for once.

Götting: Passed out drunk at work. Even those slowpokes of the school authority won’t be able to turn a blind eye on that. I mean, everyone can see that she isn’t able to run the school anymore.

Alexandra: Krawczyk has friends within the authority. You will have to put cast iron hard proof onto the table or you can just as soon forget about it.

Götting: You’re right. But I’m afraid, the dear won’t agree to a blood test.

Alexandra: Well, I expected her to react to my accusations somehow but…that she would run straight to her office to get plastered…What?!

Götting: She went straight to her office…?

Alexandra: …to get plastered, yes.

Götting: Then there should still be some signs of her small private orgy in there.

(Jäger to the rescue!)


[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]

Alexandra and Götting enter the room and start looking around. It seems, Frau Jäger did excellent work.

Alexandra: Well, looks like it really was just a dizzy spell.

Götting: That’s not funny.

He goes through the drawers.

Alexandra: Did you find something? (She takes out a juice box.)Here’s the proof we need. Mrs. Principal has the sense of taste of a grade-schooler.(Nothing wrong with spritzing your vodka shots up al little..just waiting for the moment when Alexandra goes through her drawers and finds jelly in little shot glasses, lemons, salt,tonic water, limes, mint, an ice crusher,little cocktail umbrellas.. but: no.proof;-)

Meanwhile, Götting has sat down in Frau Krawczyk’s chair, feet on the table.

Alexandra: The chair suits you.

Götting: As though it was made for me.

Alexandra: I’ve got lots of ideas about what we could do in here once it has become your office.(Nothing that Helena hasn't been up to..how many episodes is it still until she arrives on the scene anyways?)

Frau Jäger comes in.

Frau Jäger: As far as I know the office of the vice-principal is two doors down. This is still the principal’s office.(Jägerrawr!)

Götting: For this moment you may be right. But maybe you should start looking for a new job for the time after that.



[Pestalozzi, upstairs hall]


Michael: I don’t get you. You are such a good teacher, one who really supports her students.

Bea: I got the idea of becoming a teacher only because of Frau Krawczyk. She was my great role model.

Michael: Yeah, I know. That’s why you came here (I’m waiting for him to add “ blablabla”. It would fit with his tone of voice.)

Bea: As a student, this was paradise. It was some kind of oasis of freedom and creativity. Whatever you wanted to do, you could do (And look what that produced: A teacher who is unable to be on time, can’t make up her mind to save her life, is sleeping with her annoying and immature student and starts a relationship with someone who had already blackmailed her (sorry for the end-of-this-episode-spoiler, I’m sure you’re shocked. Shocked!). Can you say dysfunctional?). Frau Krawczyk always supported us, motivated us… be it in the choir or in class.(I will refrain from mentioning other completely inappropiate places..like attics, for example)

Michael: But if you knew about her problem, you should have…done something.

Bea: I couldn’t report her. Then…all of her work would have been destroyed in an instant.

Michael: What I’m really wondering about is: Why are you leaving now? Why aren’t you staying here throwing yourself into your work and making the school into what it was during your school years?

Bea: Believe me, if it were possible I would stay. But the way things are now, it’s better if I go.

Michael: Why?

Bea: Because…because I overestimated myself.

(What Bea is trying to say:Work?Students?Ideology?I have drama, boyfriend, drama like nobody's bizness, who cares about work?Pah!)


[Music: Clueso - Gewinner]


[Bergmann villa]


Ben is lying on his bed(Hello, Ben’s bed! I’m a big fan), eyes closed, listening to music on his phone. Stefan walks in. His voice is drowned out by the music.

Stefan: Every time I come home, you’re here just hanging out. I would like just once to see you doing something for school…

He walks over to the bed, takes away Ben’s phone and puts it out of reach on the table.

Ben: Why did you do that?

Stefan: I asked if you don’t have anything to do. If I remember correctly, school already started weeks ago (sooo, this whole “take me with you to Munich” really happened after they knew each other for weeks.)

Ben: One should be allowed to have a shitty day now and again. (Geez, cry me a river, will ya/Heph!Now I have Justin Timberlake dancing on the stairs of the Bergmannvilla in my head..)

Stefan: When you have your Abi in the bag, that's when you can do whatever you want. Until then: Pull yourself together.(And get a haircut)

Ben: Thanks for the talk. You’re a great father,really.

As if summoned by the talk of great parents…

Karin: Herr Bergmann?

Stefan: Yes? Here, here! Look at Frau Beschenko’s daughter, for instance, ähm…äh..

Karin: Luzi.

Stefan: What?

Karin: Luzi.

Stefan: Yes. Luzi.(Hey, that’s your step-daughter-to-be, better learn her name.)She wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She had to struggle through it all! But when I see you here, then…

Ben: Isn’t it enough already?

Stefan: And I’m sure she isn’t as disrespectful as you are. Is she?

And because Karin is such an incredible person she knows when to stay out of things.

Karin: I actually just wanted to discuss the plan for next week before I'm heading home.

Stefan: Very well…

(Arm touching! The two of them turn to leave Ben’s room, and Stefan puts his hand on Karin’s arm for a moment. Yes!/Double yes!Hmm..maybe we should send Stefan Bergmann an application form to military school for Ben..as if we'd have things like that in Germany..where's the bootcamp,when you need it? )



[Pestalozzi, volleyball court]


Caro and Sophie are playing…or at least they are trying to.

Alexandra: Your game is abysmal. How long haven’t you been playing together anymore? A few days or a few years?

Caro: Well, a match sometimes just goes wrong. It happens.

Alexandra: No, a match can’t just go wrong if you put in a little effort! Another weak performance like that and Sarah and Rieke will become the top team, are we clear?

Caro+Sophie: Clear.

Caro: Why did you have to mishit the last ball, the pass was A+ (top, as in quality grade).

Sophie: It wasn’t A+, it was 2E- at the most. There’s no way I could have reached it.

Caro: Then you’ll just have to make more of an effort next time.

They run into Luzi.

Luzi: Well? Back on sand?

Sophie: Yeah…well…

Caro: There have to be people who do something sensible. I mean, spazzing around like you, like one, two…(she moves her arms a little), not everyone can do that, right?

Sophie: Good God, just leave it be for once.

Caro: It was all in good fun.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


[Timo – You are so beautiful]

Timo is sitting at the piano playing, singing and flashbacking to Sophie. Luzi comes in.

Luzi: Hi.

Timo: Hi.

Luzi: That was really beautiful.

Timo: Then why does it feel so fucked up?

Emma and Hotte come in.

Hotte: You saw it yourself. Sophie and Caro are bosom buddies again.(Will not comment on that..will not..)

Emma: Yes, but…Sophie playing together with Caro again doesn’t mean that she won’t participate here any longer, does it?(Emmakens,I lubz you!)

Timo: Who knows.

Hotte: Believe me, it’s a fait accompli. Sophie won’t be coming by anymore.



[Bergmann villa]


Stefan comes by Ben’s room again. Ben is once more lying on his bed listening to music.

Stefan: Oh great. So you’re still resting.

Ben: You really never listen to me, do you? I didn’t say I was resting, I said that I was feeling shitty.

(I can’t describe Stefan’s facial expression and the noise he makes at this moment but…my thoughts exactly!)

Stefan: And that’s my fault?!

Ben: No. But maybe you could just… Oh, forget it! You know, normal people can’t just function normally all the time and deliver a good performance. Sometimes, they are sad or depressed.

Stefan: But normal people live different lives than yours. And don’t drive such expensive cars.

Ben: How are you managing to be like this? Explain it to me.

Stefan: I don’t feel like arguing with you, Ben.

Ben: No, really. Explain it to me. Why is the job more important to some people than the people in their life? How can one make only rational decisions and suppress all emotions? (because that’s how you become director of a bank, which makes you acquainted with directors of other branches, for example the one in London, which leads you to agree to host their daughter in your home for a year, which brings Jenny to Cologne and the Pestalozzi, which is all that matters. So what is your problem, Ben!?)

Stefan: There are two kinds of people. (The ones who realize that Jemma is one of the greatest things to ever happen on TV and the ones who don’t.)The ones that bother with their sensitivities won’t amount to anything in their life. And then there are those who concentrate on a goal and won’t let themselves be lead astray until they have reached it. I really hope that you belong to the latter group and finally start working on your Abi in earnest.

Ben: And that brings you happiness?

Stefan: It’s not always about happiness, Ben. Sometimes you have to forgo things to achieve something great.

Ben: But you can’t just chase one goal after the other.

Stefan: But that’s exactly what brings you forward.

Ben: And for that, you sacrifice anything that gets in your way. Feelings, people.

Stefan: If it’s necessary…yes.

Ben: I pity you. I don’t want to become like that.

(Then Ben, I'd suggest to give away your car and go waiting tables..if your constant moping leaves you enough space and time for that..)



[Bea’s home]


Beais writing a letter:

Dear Frau Krawczyk,

I actually wanted to tell you this in person. But unfortunately things turned out differently. I wanted to thank you for the trust you had in my pedagogical abilities. I wish our cooperation could have been different and less conflict-ridden.

All the more, I wish with all my heart that you’ll get back on your feet quickly. I really don’t want to get too personal but…please, Frau Krawczyk, get help. Do something against your disease. I know you can do it.

With kind regards,

Your Bea




[Vogel home]


Lara: What can I do?

Miriam: You can get the cooler from the garage. Oh, and also get the sleeping bags while you’re at it.

Lara: Okay.

Miriam: And the camping stove and the pump for the air-mattresses has to be lying around there somewhere, too.

Lara: Why don’t you just tell me to get the whole garage?

Piet: Well, the car is ready.

Lara: Mama. Papa. I still have to tell you something. Sorry that I ran away. That was really…completely stupid.

Miriam: Let’s just forget about the whole thing quickly, okay?

Piet: But only after she has completed her punishment.

Lara: What punishment?

Miriam: You’re on kitchen duty for the whole camping trip.

Piet: Yes, you have to pump up the air-mattresses…

Miriam: Gather things together…

Piet: Well, and load and unload the car. Then we’ll be even. But you know what? I’m not that mean. I’m going to help you.

They leave and Bea comes in.

Miriam: Well? And you? Don’t you want to come with us, after all?

Bea: No. I’m as good as gone.

Miriam: But… you could think things over again, surrounded by nature. I mean, to pull up all stakes here again and to go back to Munich…

Bea: I can’t stay. Too much has happened.

Miriam: But remember, no matter how often you move, you can’t leave yourself behind. And neither your own feeling. (I'm sure Miriam read that in a fortune cookie somewhere)

Bea: It isn’t just because of Ben. The story with Frau Krawczyk…Franziska Lohmann. (Whoa, getting around,huh,Bea?)She is never going to leave me in peace. She won’t ever believe that I’ve got nothing to do with her sister’s disappearance. It’s just too much. In Munich I have the chance to start from scratch again. (Shades of Jenny. I’ll take what I can get)

Miriam: You are running away from your problems. You do realize that?

Bea: Miriam, don’t make it so hard for me. Please.

Miriam: Very well, come here.

They hug.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Michaelon the phone: Herr Dr. Wendtland. There are new developments regarding the matter Krawczyk. Do you have a moment? Great. (Alexandra and Götting come in)These developments are developments that I would prefer to talk to you about in person. It might be best if I called you back again. I’m sorry. Talk to you later. Bye.

Götting: Herr Heisig.

Michael: Herr Götting.

Götting: Are there any news about the state of health of our dear Frau Krawczyk?

Michael: You better ask Frau Jäger as she is the more competent contact person in this case. (He is so right. Jäkra foreva!)

Götting: The thing is, Frau Jäger is only saying that Frau Krawczyk had a dizzy spell.

Michael: You know that that’s exactly what I’ve told you,already.

Götting: I know. But that was in the presence of Frau Vogel and I wanted to give you the opportunity now to talk openly.Both of us know that it would be irresponsible to be covering for an alcoholic principal.

Michael: Yes. I see it the same way.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Emma: Aren’t you leaving, too?

Luzi: Yes, shortly.

Emma: Everything okay with you?

Luzi: Yeah yeah.

Emma: Hey…We’ll get Frau Noack to listen to your song suggestions. And then we’ll get admission to the band festival for sure. We’ll manage. Even without Frau Vogel. We’ve got you.

Luzi: Well, at least I know my way around music.

Emma: And where not?

Luzi: Around Timo and Sophie.

Emma: Oh, those two. One can really feel bad for them. From dream couple to two emo-wrecks.

Luzi: How stupid, right? They love each other, everyone can see it. And then stupid Caro comes along and everything’s over.

Emma: Well, maybe it’s better the way it is now. I don’t think that Caro would ever give them her blessing.

Luzi: And that’s exactly what’s bugging me.

Emma: But what can you do? To go up against Caro? (Don’t you worry, Emma. You’ll learn to do that, too. And quite successfully at that)



[Outside the Vogel house]


Miriam: Can you take this for me please?

Lara: Yeah yeah.

Miriam: Thanks.

Bea: It feels good to see you so happy. Have lots of fun on your camping trip.

Miriam: We will. – And you’ll call when you’ve arrived safely in Munich, okay?

Bea: Okay.

Piet: Thanks again for everything. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Bea: Hey, we’re a family. I’d do almost anything for my big brother.

Piet: Thanks. Bye.

Lara: Bye, Bea.

Miriam: Alright. Oh. And don’t forget to call, okay?

Bea: Okay!

The 3 Vogels take off, just as Michael drives up on his bike. (I bet in this moment Bea wishes she had gone with them after all.)

Bea: I can’t imagine that you’ve come by just to say goodbye.(Again?)

Michael: You’d be right. Before you leave…I wanted to be honest with you. (Remember my spoiler further up? Keep that in mind while he’s being honest.)

Bea: You weren’t before?

Michael: I didn’t really come to the Pestalozzi School as a substitute teacher.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Sophie: If this is about the STAG, I’m not sure yet if I’ll come back. So, better not count on me.

Luzi: Actually, I wanted to talk to you about Timo.

Sophie: Oh no. Thanks but no thanks.

Luzi: Sophie, wait a minute!

Sophie: But I don’t feel like talking about this with you of all people.

Luzi: But I of all people want to help you.

Sophie: And why? You can be happy now that you’ve got Timo all to yourself again.

Luzi: I could, but I’m not because…he’s suffering like…like…I don’t know like what. He’s suffering. He loves you. He didn’t cheat on you. Not even in his mind.

Sophie: Well, I saw something completely different. And Caro confirmed it.

Luzi: Oh my God, ey! Think. Who’s scheming one intrigue after another? That’s Caro! She sends you the SMS text, gets you to the girls’ restroom, you see the two of them…all that came from her!

Sophie: And how is she supposed to have gotten him to go into the girls’ restroom (how was he supposed to know that it was the ladies’ room at that time? A few eps back Michael used it as the men’s room)and to kiss her?!

Luzi: Gosh, she put on an act. She pretended to have hurt her ankle and Timo just wanted to help her! Sophie: Caro isn’t interested in Timo! Why would she invent such a huge scheme? For what?!

Luzi: For you! (Oooooo…)She wanted you back (When I had you to myself, I didn’t want you around…). As her friend (or girlfriend, German leaves you a whole lot of room for interpretation ;-)and on the volleyball team. Think about it! Who profits the most from this whole story?! Who has got what they wanted now?!



[Outside the Vogel house]


Michael: The school authority sent me to find out if there was any truth to the rumours of Frau Krawczyk’s alcoholism.

Bea: You’re from the school authority? (Yes, Bea, he’s a nark. And a twatting twat. And a dozen other interesting British words that Bad Girls taught me./That I have no clue about..I need to catch up on that show asap))Then you only came to gather evidence against Frau Krawczyk?

Michael: Götting reported her drinking problem months ago. By the way, my school inspector thinks as much of Frau Krawczyk as you do. That’s why he didn’t want to do anything, at least as long as there wasn’t any proof.

Bea: Why are you telling me all of this?

Michael: Because I don’t want Götting to become principal any more than you do. But now I can’t pretend that nothing happened. (Because I’m an honest man of principles./Ha!)I could keep silent on this matter if you rescinded your resignation. (Unless I can use things to my personal advantage.)

Bea: You are demanding that I stay…or else Frau Krawczyk’s career is ruined?

Michael: Yes. Her fate is in your hands.

(She really dated this guy after this. How disturbed can you get?/Maybe Bea has some kind of repetitive short term memory loss?)