Episode 3

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(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)


[Vogel Home]

Bea: I saw him again today.

Miriam: Who?

Bea: Ben?!?

Miriam: He is a colleague? - You did it....with a student?!?!

Bea: Don't...don't say it out loud!


[Pool Party]

Caro: I guess, I won't be able to come out of the water anymore..

Ben: Why's that?

Caro: My underwear is so thin..


Ben:It was a really nice evening, but I still have something I need to take care of.


[Bea's Home]

Ben: Actually...I'm not really here because of the tea..





[Bea's Home]

After having left make out partner Caro behind at the school after the pool party to be possibly murdered and buried under the volleyball field, Ben is leaning in to kiss Bea who pulls back in the last moment.


Bea: This won't work.

Ben: Why? Nobody has to know.

Bea: I'm your teacher. None of this should ever have happened. If I had known, that you're my student, I never..never would have gotten involved with you!

Ben: Sure?

Bea: No...Yes! (Ah, yay for the continuity of Bea's incontinuity)

Ben:I am nineteen, and not a minor anymore by a long shot. If I don't mean to get you into even more trouble, I guess, I'll better go now.

Bea: You had something to drink..I'm going to drive you.


[In front of the Bergmann Villa]

Bea drove Ben home and they get out of the car. (It's Bea's first time driving Ben's Mustang Hugo. He must really trust her.)


Ben: Thank you for driving me. Come inside for a minute, I'm going to call you a taxi.

Bea: That's not necessary.

Ben: Seriously, I could make you some tea, too..some good tea, and not the kind of horrible stuff you made earlier.

Bea: I'm going to call myself a cab.

Ben: May I call you?

(He leans in to kiss her while Mr. Bergmann is driving up in the background. Bea pulls back.)

Bea: No!

Stefan: Good evening. What's going on here?

Ben: Hi dad.

Stefan: And who are you?

Bea: Bea Vogel, I'm Ben's teacher.

(Stefan looks questioning at Ben.)

Ben: Oh, yes..Miss Vogel, saved me from driving home drunk. There was a small party at school, that got a bit out of hand.

Stefan: The army of those cleaning up after my son seems to get even bigger, thank you from saving him from another stupid mistake. (To Ben while dragging him up to the house and thus breaking his lovefoolish stare at Bea.) Go...gohoo...Come on.

Bea: You're welcome....


[In the Hallway of Luzi's House]

Timo brought Luzi home from Chulos. She's locking her bike while they talk.


Timo: Ben is the absolute over poser. Well, but you girls seem to be into that kind of thing.

Luzi: Girls like Caro, maybe.

Timo: But Sophie is totally into him, too. She's only restraining herself because of Caro. What I ever saw in her..remains a mystery to me.

Luzi: I've been asking myself that for a long time...You're totally not matching up.

Timo: Why's that?

Luzi: Cause..you can listen for hours..and when one feels bad..you'll notice. And Sophie...she'd notice at the most, if the outfit won't match. (and even that small power is lost to her in latter episodes..)

Timo: I don't think, that I would have held out as long as I did, without you.

(Timo steps up to Luzi, standing behind her while she was about to open the door. He brushes her hair back over her shoulder)

Timo: You really know me best of all.

(Luzi turns around to him, her heart going all du-dum-du-dum and then they kiss. Sweet small slow kiss and Luzi smiles and awwww.)

Timo: Do you know what I think?

(Luzi does a small nod, because inside of her there are fireworks to her future solo song '1000 days of sunshine' going on, the words to it forming in her brain right at this moment.)

Timo: Maybe we've just known each other for too long?

(Luzi looks down and smiles even brighter in the truth of his words.)

Timo: This is as though a brother would kiss his sister, or something like that.

(Whaaaat the fuck? - Sunshine turns to rain, and Luzi's heart lays shattered on the floor, but she's good in covering it.)

Luzi: Timo, listen, I'm way too tired, I'm about to fall asleep standing up.

Timo: Ok, see you tomorrow.

Luzi: Hmm.

(Luzi opens the door to her flat before Timo stops her once more.)

Timo: Luzi? - It's nice, having a friend, like you.


[Luzi's Room]

Luzi takes a picture of her and Timo of the pinboard on which soon a picture of her best girlfriends, as in girlfriends, will be hanging. She's looking at the picture of Timo and her and sits down on her bed when her mum knocks at her door. (The superhero cape, aka the colorful blanket, is already lying on her bed, just waiting for the day it will be grabbed by Jenny to cover her body.....)


It knocks.



Karin: You're still up?

Luzi: I was out with friends.

Karin: So, was it nice?

Luzi:It was pretty ok. And why are you still up?

Karin: City Utilities Festival..a small job on the side. You can't imagine what kind of garbage people leave behind...And now go to sleep, honey, or you won't be getting through school tomorrow.

Luzi: Goodnight, mama.


As soon as Karin has left, Luzi is picking up the picture again, crying a few silent tears over Timo's blindness.


[Vogel Home]


Miriam: Bea!

Bea: Good morning...thanks.

Miriam: I saw Ben was here yesterday.

Bea: Nothing happened.

Miriam: Well, I assumed, since you swore up and down yesterday, that that was a one time thing only.

Bea: It was.

Miriam: And odes he know that, too?

Bea: What choice does he have?

Miriam: Then everything is well. Isn't it?

Bea: Are you starting with this again?

Miriam: So you'll be going to Krawczyk and tell her that you had sex with you student?

(Bea nods)

Miriam: Bea. There's so much at stake here. I mean, I know your principles, but one can also carry it to the excess. Just leave your hands off of him, and stay at the school..no one will ever know.

Bea: I have to go to school.


[Pestalozzi - Staircase]


Caro: One shouldn't give herself away at the first date.

Sophie: Right..otherwise, they'll think one is easy prey.

Caro: Good insight, you should remember that for your looser Timo..

(Luzi is coming down the stairs and Caro drives her elbow against her, so that Luzi lets her books fall)

Caro: Watch it you stupid dance mouse! Damn..I've probably strained my wrist because of her.

(Ben steps to them and helps Luzi pick up her books. They smile at each other and then Luzi leaves.)

Ben: Hey you two, great party yesterday.

Caro: Yeah, we had tons of fun.

(Caro turns away to Sophie and ignores him.)

Caro: Come on, let's get some coffee. (They walk up the stairs) Stop staring at him like that..it's disgusting. (Right after she said that, she looks back at Ben. Haha Is someone bitter about last night?)



[Pestalozzi – Blue Lockers]


Timo: Hey.

Luzi: Hello.

Timo:Heard anything new from the teacher's front? Wow, we went pretty wild in the pool yesterday.

Luzi: We? That's not very accurate.

Timo: Oh dude, I'm sure that they're going to try to find someone guilty for that. But how? Thanks to you, they didn't catch any of us! If it hadn't been for you, I probably would still have been standing in the water, beer in hand, when Jurajewicz came in.

Luzi: I have to go.

Timo: Ok, see you later!


(Blind. Blind. Blind.)


[Pestalozzi – Teacher's Lounge]


Michael: Well, I had my best nights at parties like these.

Lohmann: But the damage inflicted upon the property is huge.

Bea: What happened?

Michael: Some students broke into the pool last night and partied it up. Which reminds me: I've got something for you-

Krawczyk: Very good. I meant to come and see you anyways, it's about your music club. I've checked our funds, and decided to let Stefan Bergamnn's donation go towards a new stereo system.

Lohmann: Sadly, that's not possible. The funds have already been weighed in for a new volleyball field.

Krawczyk: That's news to me. And if Mr. Götting has promised this to you, he has been mistaken. Only the principal can decide on these matters.

Lohmann: In case you should have forgotten: The volleyball team is the only presentable thing this school possesses.

Krawczyk:Well, it doesn't have to stay this way. My decision has been made.


(Steamy looks are being exchanged between Alexandra and Bea, and then Alexandra leaves.)


Krawczyk: None of this has anything to do with the thing that there is between you and Ms.Lohmann.( :-D ) What happened to Ms.Lohmann's sister back in the day is horrible. But this isn't about that. It wasn't my idea to appoint Julian Götting vice -principal. Since he's been here, he's not letting a chance pass by to weaken my position. He wants to turn this school into an elitist school. I need a counterweight to Ms. Lohmann and Mr.Götting. I didn't abandon you either, back then..so..can I rely on you?


(Bea looks a bit overwhelmed and she's weighing her options in her head.)


[Pestalozzi – Tables, Student Lounge]

Caro&Sophie sneak up on Luzi who's looking through a book called 'The greatest pop hits of music history'.


Caro: The greatest pop hits of music history. Hahaha, for the greatest losers of school history? Let's see, what have we got here? Broken Hearts... nice. I think we have missed out on something here.

(Luzi closes the book and walks away)


Luzi: Ms. Vogel!?!

(She goes to Bea who's at the kiosk)

Luzi: Ms. Vogel.

Bea: Luzi?

Luzi: Ms.Vogel,I have picked out a few pieces for the next practice..

Bea: Yeah, great.

(Since her beloved teacher isn't very enthused, but in her own thoughts, Luzi just turns around to go. When Bea notices her rudeness she calls after her.)

Bea: Luzi! We're going to get the stereosystem!

Luzi: Yes?

Bea: Ms. Krawczyk, has assigned the donation to us.

Caro: Hold on a second! The donations are already dealt to another project.

Sophie: For our new volleyball field.

Bea: Wrong. The money goes to us.

Caro: But Ms.Lohmann...

Bea: ..isn't the principal.(Sadly enough, don't imagine a Helena/Lohman hybrid now, it might make your head explode!) That is why she can't decide on matters such as these.


[Pestalozzi – Restrooms]

Caro&Sophie storm into their empire.


Caro: This rabid bitch! Only has been here for two days, and she's already getting everything into complete chaos! I mean, who does she think she is?

Sophie: I'm sure that she won't get through with this.

Caro: Well, the Vogel was pretty sure about it.

Sophie: Well, we've been the only ones getting anything done around here, without us, the Pesta would only be making headlines with schoolyard beat ups and drug deals (Teeheee!)

Caro: Yes, and who cares? Nobody, does, obviously. They'd rather have a bunch of shitty songbirds instead of a high performance sports elite!

(A girl opens the door and wants to come in, but Caro catches the door and shuts it in her face in the same moment)

Caro: It's occupihiied!!! Yeah, thank you. (The door is already pretty much closed when she 'thanks' her lol Then to the topic at hand: ) Shit! We have to sing (haha, ami. Think! not sing. Not everything can be solved with singing a song, even though Emma suggests it.) of something. We can't let a bunch of complete idiots ruin our show.

Sophie: Do you have a plan?

Caro: Honey, I always have a plan.

(Caro is the queen of friggin' everything!!/I'm so in love with early Caro..and late Caro, both pregnant late and episode late Caro...pretty much every Caro, even the scream singing one, except maybe when she nearly ruins 'I've got the love', but...I'm starting to ramble. Btw: I want to get to know her parents, too! Season 2 :/ - Okay, let's better move on now.)


[Pestalozzi - Swimming Pool]

Alexandra+Julian walk into the Swimming Pool to estimate the damage. Then Jäger joins them.


Ms. Jäger: Oh my! It looks like....Oh my God! Oh God...Oh God..


Lohmann: How can you allow for Bea Vogel to steal my budget?

Götting: What was I supposed to do? I'm not principal yet.

Lohmann: Then see to it, that you will be.

Götting: Just give me some time.


Jäger: Mr.Götting! The lock is completely broken, it will most probably have to be replaced. No one can bath in here anymore like this..and how it smells! Like smoking!

(Lohmann picks up a white shirt from the ground. No, it's not the one with the Eiffel Tower on it, neither the one that is being worn underneath the black see through one with the bow, nor the a bit loose one which matches perfectly to a green skirt, did I miss any? Well, what I'm trying to say: No sign of Jenny :/ )

Lohmann: What's this?

Jäger: If it'll be possible to ever get this cleaned up?

Götting: This won't help us right now, either.

(Götting picks up a library card of Ben. - Buahaha, as if he would have one.)

Jäger: Have you found something?

Götting: Nope, isn't there still some work for you to finish up at the office, Ms.Jäger?

Jäger: Ok.

Götting: I have just found something that will get you and your volleyball team back into the game.

Lohmann: What is it?

Götting: I won't tell, but you are going to like it, a lot!




Bea: And that is why we have gotten the donation.

(STAG Whoops! Emma high fives with both hands with the girl who yesterday wore plaid...I'm becoming suspicious of this relationship ;) )

Bea: And because we have gotten that donation, we will have to work hard starting right now!

Emma: But we aren't even that good!

Luzi: Finally stop always questioning yourself! (It will only take another ~174 episodes, be patient.)

Bea: Ok, who wants to start?

Hotte: Me!

Bea: Ok, maybe it'll be better if we start with the lead. (Why are you even asking then?) So you are really going to get the song into your ear. Luzi, please get up on here. (Bea, are you feeling me looking mad at you? You just discouraged a motivated student of you(and motivated students are rare)...plus that student was lovely Hotte...you're evil. But Luzi sings awesomely, so...you may keep living.)

Luzi: On the chair?

Bea: Yes! And oh, close your eyes. And think about this, when you start singing: There is no prerequisite for singing this song..it's only you and your feelings.


Luzi sings “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal.

(Wouldn't that have been just great as a call back Jemma duet?)


[Götting's Office]

Julian calls Mr. Bergmann. Instead of evily twirling his mustache he plays around with Ben's library card.


Götting: Mr.Bergmann! Götting here! I just called to thank you for your generous donation.

Bergmann: You are welcome.

Götting: Sadly, the money hasn't been used as intended by the principal.

Bergman: I am sorry to hear that, but we had a deal: As soon as my son has his abitur, we can talk again. Before that, I am afraid, there is nothing I can do for you.

Götting: I am afraid that we'll have to talk a bit sooner than that. Tonight, the pool was broken into, and an illegal party, which caused quite a lot of damage took place.

Bergmann: So?

Götting: The problem now, is the following: We couldn't prove any student guilty of participating at the party...except for Ben.

Bergmann: I already talked this over your colleague yesterday!

Götting: Which colleague?

Bergmann: Miss Vogel.

Götting: You already cleared this up with Miss Vogel?(Some of us do have trouble hearing, Götting, I feel your pain:-) )



The Stag is merry, and it's not even Christmas yet! // Emma is adorably laughing since music makes her happy. End of scene. Oh no, wait, it's not. There may be trouble around the corner.


Hotte: Well, I thought we were great!

Bea: If we keep at it, you have a real chance of becoming the new headliner for the Pestalozzi school.

Luzi: To get up there and just sing...it feels so incredible!

(Caro and Sophie enter and Caro claps her hands)

Caro: Wow, respect.

Luzi: That means, now you like it?

Caro: It's not perfect yet, but the potential is clearly visible. That's why we would like to join up.

Luzi: No. We're complete.

Sophie: I thought any student was free to join?

Bea: Yes, that's true, but not to stir up trouble.

Caro: No, that's not what we want..ok, at the beginning we thought this was totally lame, but..we didn't realize how cool the whole thing really is.

Bea: Alright, but if you are going to start messing with the others, you're going to be out of here faster than you can blink.

(Caro is peeing her pants. / Actually Sophie&Caro are hugging. Unfortunately not because of any state of undress...)

Hotte: I think it's great for you to join!

Caro: So do I!

(Luzi intentionally bumps into her while walking past her)

Caro: We are totally going to have so much fun together!

(Emma doesn't think so. How I know? Cause she is spotting a sad puppy look! :,( )


[Pestalozzi Hallways]

Ben leans totally cool against a wall and watches Bea walking up to him.


Bea: Are you watching me? I thought we cleared this up? It was a one time mistake!

Ben: Yes, I know. If you had known that I was your student, none of this would ever have happened. I got it. Everything is clear. Then..we'll see each other in class tomorrow?

(Wow, Jenny can be glad she got rid of him that quickly and smoothly!!///He totally warned Bea that he's a stalker.)


[Pestalozzi – Window]

Götting is looking out the window of the student lounge. He watches Bea on the schoolground who walked out a few seconds after Ben. Alexandra joins his spying mission. - Oh, btw, for the people who are not watching, he didn't eavesdrop to the conversation before or anything. He has no clue....yet.


Götting: I underestimated her..she looks so harmless.

Lohmann: It's just a well kept facade...that woman is so vile...you can't even begin to imagine!

Götting: What was it, that happened between the two of you,back then?  

(Bea and Alexandra were THE IT couple of the school. They split up, because Franziska, Lohmann's sister lied and told Alexandra, that Bea slept with her. Alexandra couldn't believe a bangy Bea Vogel, who swore her innocence up and down. Then Franziska Lohmann disappeared off to Australia..and Alexandra thought Bea had murdered her to cover up her tracks of unfaithfulness, while Bea was sure, that Franziska hightailed it out of the country with her gardener, Jens, but didn't have the guts to tell Alexandra, that she'd rather live in a hut in the sun, instead of at the Lohmann villa on the outskirts of town, with her demanding sister...tragic,tragic..where was I?Oh yes, Lohmann went to Kindergarten with Helena Schmidt, their paths would later cross....hmm,what?Oh, yes,the show..I forgot...) // I approve of the continuity of Andrea alternate flashbacks! Thank you ami.


Really #Hahe is showing you this:


[Flashback- Auditorium 10 years in the past]

(To me it looks like Alexandra is sitting backwards on a chair, like Emma in 198 (see the subtlety of this subtext?) while Bea is sitting on the stage stairs)

Alexandra: Do you have any idea about what it's like at home, since Franziska has disappeared? Nobody even knows if there's still room for hope or if she's dead..

And you? You're the only one who knows what really happened!

Bea: No!



Götting: Are you alright?

Lohmann: Just stop asking about it.

Götting: I have been talking to Stefan Bergmann earlier. Because what I have found earlier,at the pool, was Ben's library card (He has a library card??Had.) Which proves, without a doubt, that he was at the party.

Lohmann: That's great. With his record, that means that he will be expelled from the school. It could get a bit costly for daddy to prevent just that.

Götting: The only problem is, that someone else already tapped that source.

Lohmann: Who?

Götting: Bea Vogel. I have no idea, how she got a hold of Bergmann.

Lohmann: I do.

(Alexandra walks away, while we already could see Bea talking to Michael on the schoolground, to which we cut now.)


[Pestalozzi Schoolground]


Michael: I'm already very excited about the performance of your singing and dancing club. It's just the kind of thing, that the school has been lacking until now.

Bea: Thank you.

(There's a weird pause with Bea looking away after he complimented her.)

Michael: Yeah, uh, well then see you tomorrow.

Bea: See you tomorrow.

Michael: See you.


Alexandra walks out of the school and leans overly hot against the opened doors of the schools.


Lohmann: You may be able to deceive the others, but not me.

Bea: I don't know what you mean.

Lohmann: I know why I am being denied my volleyball field...because you are getting it on with Bergmann! (Argh! The.pictures.in.my.head!!)


Bea has panicking flashbacks of Ben and her first night. - Does she know? Does she know? Does she know!?


And with that question episode three ends. Tune in again tomorrow :)