Episode 30


translated by hephylax, Lied

Edited:by ami



Timo: I spoke with Sophie again today. But I might as well have saved myself the trouble. It’s over between me and Sophie …and I somehow just didn’t want to see it.

Luzi: And I didn’t want to see that Götting is going to destroy us.


Ben leans in to kiss Bea. She moves away.

Ben: Take care.

He leaves and Michael comes up behind her.

Michael: Bea?






Bea: What is it that you don’t believe?

Michael: It should be obvious to you. That I’m seeing you again so soon. That you’re here and not in Munich. And I assume you are here to tell me your decision.

Bea: I wanted to talk to you about that again, anyway.

Michael: I’m all ears.

Bea: You can’t just black-mail me. (He can and he will do it again.) If I'm staying it’s because I want to, not because you are pressuring me.(And when she gets together with Ben,it's because she so in love with him,and not because he has been crazy stalking her for 200 eps..)

Michael: Okay, understood. But are you coming back or aren’t you?

Bea: When I’ve made my decision, I will let Frau Krawczyk know. And she’ll tell you as well.

Michael: Okay, I’ve understood that as well. If you are angry, I might even have earned that but…I cannot and must not allow Frau Krawczyk to run this school if she doesn’t have any support.

Bea: Maybe it’s not so bad that we don’t have to cover for her any longer. Maybe all of this had to happen for her to realize that she needs therapy.

Michael: Well, that may be but…(I still haven’t seen you naked yet) then Götting is going to take over her position and turn this school into an elitist High School, and you don’t want for that to happen either.

Bea: But Götting isn’t allowed to decide on fundamental reforms of this magnitude by himself.

Michael: That’s true but he does have free reign in certain areas…your AG,for example.

Bea: What about it?!

Michael: If no teacher agrees to take over by today, Götting is going to dissolve it.

Bea: He’s going to do what?!(Duhuuu..)



[Vogel home]


Lara: Say, Mama, would you have thought that Papa could be that strong?

Miriam: Of course. Didn’t you?

Piet: Nice to know that there’s a man in the house, isn’t it? You have to admit that.

Miriam: We always knew that, right, Lara? The way I see it, the division of work in your family is rather perfect.

Lara: Exactly. Everyone does what they can do best. You’ll tidy up and I’ll go to school since I’m already late. (And again the Vogel genes run true in Lara.) See you later.

Piet: Yes, see you later.

Miriam: Bea forgot her jacket

Piet: Typical of Bea. She is and always will be a scatterbrain.

Miriam: Somehow I was hoping that she would still change her mind.

Piet: You miss her, don’t you?

Miriam: I just want to have her near. Well, I’m going to send it to her when she calls. This trip was good for us. You’re looking really relaxed.

Piet: Well, I wouldn’t mind doing that again.

Miriam: Oh yes. But this time, we’ll go for real. Across Europe with the Bulli van.

Piet: Well, I’d be happy if we could sleep totally relaxed in our own bed tonight and I love this couch.





Timo: Well, I guess that's it with Heisig’s promised rescue.

Luzi: We still have time until our meeting with Götting. Maybe something will come up by then.

Timo: I’m seriously wondering right now why it's the biggest assholes who always have to win in the end.

Luzi: The good guys win sometimes. Well, okay, not often, but sometimes.

Timo: If you try to be honest and helpful you can count on always getting a kick in the teeth in the end. And chicks like Caro can talk the biggest rubbish and always get away with it. It really makes me sick!

Luzi: You miss her.

Timo: Sophie? Sophie didn’t understand anything. If she believes Caro over me…I should really be glad to be rid of her.

Luzi: But you aren’t.

Timo: Well, but I will be. Eventually.

Luzi: And what if we get Caro back?

Timo: What do you mean?

Luzi: Well, we have to shoot back.

Timo: Against a Caro Eichkamp. We don’t stand a chance. We’re just not ruthless enough.

Luzi: That could be changed.

Timo: Mm. She would deserve it.

Luzi: My thoughts exactly.



[Vogel home]


Piet: So, what’s for dinner?

Miriam: Casserole.

Piet: Casserole? The special casserole with which you won me over back then?

Miriam: The first time I made it, Lara was already here. And I won you over with my green leather mini-skirt, if you can still remember that.

Piet: Of course. Who could forget it, THE green leather mini-skirt. And yes, I fell in love with you for the first time. But when you cooked for me, I fell in love with you all over again. And since then I’ve known that you aren’t just sexy and beautiful and intelligent but…but that you are also a kick-ass cook. You’re one in a million.(Seriously,Piet?Go to complimentary school..)

Miriam: Yes, I’ve spent a lot of time cooking since then.

Piet: Well, maybe now is the time for that to change.

Miriam: What do you mean?

Piet: Well, you always talked about wanting to start your apprenticeship as a travel agent.

Miriam: But…you were opposed to that idea.Always.

Piet: Yes. You know, I was  jealous and wanted to have you with me all of the time and… I now know that it can’t just always be about me.

Miriam: And you won’t completely change your mind again by tomorrow?

Piet: I promise I won’t. I don’t know, we should see to it that you’ll start as soon as possible…if you want to, that is.

Miriam: I so want to.  

They kiss and hug.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ corridor]


Alexandra: Frau Krawczyk, what a surprise. (Krawczyk’s armload of files falls to the ground) Uff. But you aren’t 100%, yet.

Frau Krawczyk: Now, don’t you worry about me.

Alexandra: Maybe you should rather stay at home for a couple of days and recuperate in peace. Not that something like that happens again.

Alexandra walks past Bea and they exchange their usual looks.//Looks of love and desire?

Frau Krawczyk: Bea?! What are you doing here?

Bea: The same as you are.



[Vogel home]


Miriam: Yes, okay. Mhm. Yes, thank you very much. I’ll call again. Bye. Well, they can send me a list of businesses who offer apprenticeships but it’s no use applying before next year. Everything’s full.

Piet: Well great. And they always say that thousands of apprenticeship positions are still vacant.(In Cologne?Seriously?)

Miriam: Well, obviously not in the travel and hotel industry.

Piet: Well, but the main thing is that you are going to pursue an apprenticeship. Whether this year or next doesn’t really matter.

Miriam: Yes, but I’d really like to start right now.

Piet: But… how about a part time job to bridge the gap? Look, these are pretty good offers.

Miriam: I don’t just want a job. I want to learn something new, I want to build something for me.

Piet: But look, in the service sector. That’s pretty close. And then…I don’t know…then we could vent our household budget a little. Especially now that we’ve lost Bea’s rent.

Miriam: I see which way the wind is blowing. And I thought…

Piet: Nonono. Everything’s okay. I’ve just done some calculations, that’s all. But just take a look. If you find something, great, and if you don’t, then we’ll just keep looking.

Miriam: Okay.





Timo: Luzi, I don’t think this is a good idea.

Luzi: It’s a great idea and I’m really looking forward to seeing the look on Caro’s face.

Timo: Okay, let’s just think it over again. Now let’s go see Götting about the AG.

Luzi: But that can wait.

Timo: But maybe someone came forward who wants to supervise the AG.

Luzi: We’ll know soon enough. Listen, if you are so afraid of losing that you won’t even try, you’ve already lost.

Timo: Okay, we’ll do it. But if it goes wrong, I’m never going to listen to you again.

Luzi: And if it works?

Timo: Then…no idea…you can make a wish.

Luzi: Deal.

Timo: Deal.



[Pestalozzi, Götting’s office]


Alexandra: Bea Vogel is just packing her things right now and Krawczyk is back.

Götting: Seems someone’s afraid for her job. Pretty tenacious, I have to admit.

Alexandra: The poor dear, she was still rather unsteady on her feet.

Götting: Then we should increase the pressure on her even further.

Alexandra: I’m giving her a week tops until she  leaves voluntarily.

Götting: I can hardly wait to finally put some clear structures on this school chaos.

Alexandra: It’s high time.

Götting: Above all, it’s time for us to finally become a real Gymnasium (highest, most prestigious high school in Germany,not a sports facility). This dragging along of mediocre students is only holding back the gifted. As an elite Gymnasium we are finally going to have the status that is our due. And also the fitting equipment and services. Speaking of which, I’ll go and make the ending of  the AG Singing and Dancing official. It won’t take long. Will we meet for lunch afterwards?

Alexandra: Why wait? One minute won’t make a difference now. (One minute, huh? In Götting’s place I would be insulted)

Götting: Of course

They start to undress each other and stuff. 



[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Frau Krawczyk: Have you really thought this through?

Bea: I have

Frau Krawczyk: It won't be easy.

Bea: I realize that. I've thought about what you said. You're right. It's time to face my problems head on. I want to teach at this school. And no Julian Götting and no Alexandra Lohmann can change that.

Frau Krawczyk: And this has nothing to do with Michael Heisig's conditions? (very nicely put)

Bea: No. I'm not giving in to blackmail. And I told him that. (and I'm sure you doing exactly what he wants will convince him of that and he'll never do it again because it's no use...oh wait...)

Frau Krawczyk: And what are you planning on doing about your personal problems with Ben Bergmann?

Bea: I've resolved that. For good.

Frau Krawczyk: Are you sure about that?

Bea: Very sure.

Frau Krawczyk: Good. 

She tears up Bea's letter of resignation.

Frau Krawczyk: Then I bid you welcome at the Pestalozzi Comprehensive School a second time.

Bea: Thanks… I've solved my problems (Äh…nope. Things with Ben are over for good? No. Michael can't black-mail you ever again? No. Alexandra doesn't think you killed her sister anymore? No. You'll always be on time from now on? No. So what problem exactly is it you have solved?//Getting movers to get her tatooed fridge to Munich) What about yours?

Frau Krawczyk: I've organized everything in the hospital.

Bea: You can count on my complete support. In the case of Julian Götting as well.

Frau Krawczyk: First you should take care of your AG. Well, get going!


Bea’s march through the school.

Various renditions of: Hello, Frau Vogel



[The Vogel garage]



Piet: Oh, hey.


[Music: Eagles - Hotel California]


Piet: What are you doing?

Miriam: Er, nothing. I was just day-dreaming.





Luzi: Hope it works.

Timo: We'll see. Okay. Let's start. Okay, do you have it?

Luzi: Yes, I've got it here.

Timo: Okay, here she comes.


Luzi: Hey Sophie!

Sophie: What do you want again?

Luzi: Äh, do you have a moment for me?

Sophie: No. Ey Luzi, don't you get it? We never were friends and we never will be, so stop with your fucking stalker impression. You’re starting to get annoying. 

Luzi: You’re annoying too and you’re stupid.

Sophie: Say, are you crazy?!

Luzi: Well, since we were being honest here(Absolute win!)…but this isn’t about the two of us, now.

Sophie: Oh, let me guess, it’s about Caro.

Luzi: I can prove to you that she forced the kiss on Timo.

Sophie: Ey, I don’t give a damn about your opinion of Caro, I know her better than you anyway.

Luzi: Well, then you don’t have anything to lose. So, come with me. Well? Okay, a suggestion. You come with me, I’ll show you what I have to show you and after that I’ll leave you alone. For good. Promise.



[Vogel home]


Miriam: And then we’ll drive up the coast from Nice until we reach Barcelona. I’ve always wanted to go there. Do a little shopping; I’m sure Lara would enjoy that, too.

Piet: Would you hand me the wrench, please?

Miriam: And then we'd drive down, all the way to the Strait of Gibraltar. They're offering day-trips to Morocco there. Then we'd be in Africa!

Piet(to the screw): Urrgh, if I won't finally get you out of here, I will go... - (The man succeeds – The screw apparently is a wimp, because Piet isn't that scary of a person.) Oh God,... I'm sorry, I'm here now. What did you say?

Miriam: Say, didn't you have any fun on our trip?

Piet: I did.

Miriam: Because out of some reason I'm getting the feeling that you aren't really interested in traveling through Europe.

Piet: Because I like to be home. I don't feel like being drawn out there into the big wide world. You know, I do like to go away with you from time to time, but I always like to come back home, too, because here I have everything I need. The woman of my dreams and the best daughter in the world. When you're with me, and Lara is healthy, then I have everything I need. Then I'm perfectly happy.

(Aww/You're still a lamo,Piet,and lazy))





Götting: Is this all that is left of your singing group? - (Poor props not being allowed to have any lines. Well, I guess it only suits Göttings ego if he's the only one allowed to take part in this conversation.) Such a big lack of discipline only shows me that my decision is right.

Hotte: The others will be here in a minute.

Götting: I can't wait that long. Like I already told you yesterday, a project group without a supervising teacher is not allowed to be taking place. Unfortunately, no one has been found who would be willing to take over leadership, even though I really did my best.

Emma: Mr. Heisig said, he meant to help us.

Götting: Mr. Heisig is here as an exchange teacher, I'm sure he has no time for unessential amusements.

Emma: But he told us something about a solution.

Götting: I can't see him anywhere! (And there are even transparent walls involved, so he is making a real good point there.)

Hotte: Yeah, well, then why don't we ask him. I can go and get him quickly. 

Götting: Stay here, I don't have time for something like that. So, let's make it quick...

Ms. Vogel: Why quick? As far as I know there's still 30minutes left of this rehearsal (which makes me fashionable late, considering that a lesson is 45minutes long). I'm sorry about the delay.

Götting: What are you doing here?

Ms. Vogel: Rehears, with my glee club, and you?
(AAAHHHH, Emmaaaa's 'we showed you' look!!! *melts)



[Vogel Home]

Miriam is cleaning some shelves and finds the book “The big Travel-Guide to Europe”. She's browsing through it. ('Berlin – The City of the big Museums', 'Be happy, you're in Spain', though on the left it's Paris ;) )



'Evacuate the Dancefloor' for STAG and their little head shake movement, which Bea is doing ridiculously funny, going through the moves with them half in her mind and the other half semi-subconsciously with her body, while Heisig is watching them.

Ms. Vogel: Good, good! Then tomorrow we'll do the complete sequence again, okay?

Emma: It's nice that you're back, Ms. Vogel.

Hotte: I knew you wouldn't leave us behind. When Luzi hears this, she will freak out with happiness.

Ms. Vogel: There's still a lot of work ahead of us until the band festival. Let the others know, and especially Luzi.

Heisig: That looked very promising already. Now I understand why Götting was so mad - haven't seen him like that for a while. Quite an entertaining sight. It is nice that you're staying.

Ms. Vogel: That has nothing to do with you. Like I said, it was my own decision.

Heisig: And it was only the right one to make. It would be nice if you weren't angry with me forever now. Because it would be sad if our cooperation would suffer from it. Maybe one day you will  understand why I did what I did – at least that's what I wish for.


(Man1 leaves the stage, man2 enters the stage. (I think it appropriate that it just happened that Man1 is spelled with a capital M and man2 with a little m, though maybe they have to change numbers if it was up to Bea's heart.))


[Pestalozzi 'Best Set Ever' Restroom + Hallway]

Caro comes out of a cubicle and finds Timo who's hiding his cell which is on the line with Luzi.

Caro: Can't you decipher symbols? This is the girls restroom.

Luzi is with Sophie and they listen to the call. Sophie doesn't seem impressed.

Luzi: Okay, here we go.

Timo: How is your ankle?

Caro: Spontaneously healed, thanks for asking. But now piss off, you're disturbing my thinking process. (After all the girl's restroom is her save go-to empire.)

Timo: You planned the whole thing from start to end, didn't you? The supposedly hurt ankle, the whole show in front of Sophie.

Caro: You can't forget that kiss, huh?

Timo: Do you actually feel just the tiniest bit bad about this? I mean, after all Sophie is your friend.

Caro: Why should I feel bad? I did her a favor. I mean,joining this loser singing group, is the lowest of the low, now she's doing better.

Timo: You mean, now you are doing better. You only meant to get her back into your volleyball team. That's why you did all of this, right?

Caro: And one day she will be even grateful for it to me. This thing between the two of you wouldn't have lasted anyway, and sooner or later Sophie would have noticed that you are dragging her down. I only sped up the process a little bit.


(And we end DVD Box 1 with Caro <3 . 

We hope you enjoyed Box 1 and are soon coming back for Box 4! :) )