Episode 9


This episode was translated for you by: hephylax edited by ami

Unfortunately, I’m not feeling the Alexandra love at all. Helena, where are you!?

As an aside, Alexandra’s cleavage really scares me, most of the time.//I think  I might see a correlation here... 



Frau Krawczyk: Who supports the motion to expel Ben Bergmann from the Pestalozzi school?


Stefan: You will graduate from school. I promised your mother.


Stefan: I want Ben to stay at this school and get his Abitur/diploma

Götting: Believe me, it’s certainly not in my (best) interest to lose a student like Ben.


Bea: We spent one night together. We met a few times in school.

Ben: Maybe you can fool yourself…but not me.


Frau Krawczyk: …my vote counts double under these circumstances.

(Having a weird sense of deja vu..Bea,I'd start dating other people than overly dominant Principals, if I were you..what about colleagues or students?)





[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Götting: Frau Vogel…your vote will decide if Ben Bergmann is allowed to stay at our school.

Bea: Ben Bergmann acted irresponsibly. If we don’t punish him we are giving out the wrong signal…because  other students will see it as a free pass. On the other hand, we have to take into account that he voluntarily turned himself in. With his history, his future would be destroyed by our expulsion. And that can’t be in our interests…and it goes against everything this school has stood for for years. And that’s why I vote for Ben Bergmann to stay at this school.

Frau Krawczyk: So you are voting for Ben Bergmann to be  staying YOUR student? Are you quite sure about that?

Bea: Yes.(at least I will be for the next five minutes...)

Götting: And with that, the decision of today’s teachers’ conference has been made: The student Bergmann won’t be expelled from the Pestalozzi school. Thank you, colleagues.

Frau Krawczyk: Let’s be glad that Ben Bergmann remains with us. This conference is over.



[Pestalozzi, big stairs]


Luzi is putting up a sign up sheet for the STAG.

Caro: How much does it have to hurt for you to finally give up? Well, I for one don’t know anyone else who is as keen as you are to be making a fool out of themselves.

Luzi: There are people who care more about other things… than they do about appearances.

Caro: Yes, that’s what I would say too if I had your mug.

Luzi: Sure, the only thing that counts in your life is the look into the next mirror…since you are without any other talent.

Caro: Unfortunately, there is no use for your talent in real life. Or do you want to sing to every guy lying next to you in bed because he can’t stand your face?(No, but I'd be singing to you Caro, until you're all blind with love for me!!Cazi forever!)

Timo: Do you have to spread  bad vibes again?

Caro: Are you feeling frustrated or something?





Ben: Hello?

Götting: Hello Ben. Julian Götting here. I have some very good news for you. Your suspension has been revoked as of right now. There won’t be an expulsion from school, either. And the matter of the complaint to the police…forget about it. We are going to be  settling this internally..

Ben: I’m assuming that has cost my father a pretty sum.

Götting: No no. The teaching staff held a democratic vote.

Ben: I didn’t think that I had that many advocates at school. Who do I have to thank for this decision?

Götting: You know that this is classified information.

Ben: Of course….but it would be somewhat helpful to know who doesn’t really want me to come back to the school. Just so I don’t make another mistake again. It was the new teacher who voted against me, wasn’t it? (And who said anything about anyone voting against you, anyway?) Frau…Frau Vogel?

Götting: Then you really don’t know Frau Vogel.

Ben: Alright.

Götting: See you this afternoon.

Ben: Thanks. Bye.



[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Frau Krawczyk: Bea, could you tell me what prompted you to make this decision?

Bea: I already explained it earlier in front of the entire staff.

Frau Krawczyk: Oh come on, Bea! I expected more support from you…especially since I confided in you.

Bea: I’m sorry, Frau Krawczyk. But you were the one who always said that everyone deserves a second chance. I can’t just ignore that just to do you a favour.

Frau Krawczyk: Considering your personal situation, I just would have thought it more reasonable for you to support Ben Bergmann's having to leave the school.

Bea: But this is not about me. And it’s not about you. It’s about the future of a student. (It’s about 225 more episodes of “Ben, we can’t. I’m your teacher.” …mmm…episode 225…now that’s going to be a great episode. You mark my prophetic words.//Hmm? Oh, look, there,it's the girl from Ipanema!Where was I?)



[Pestalozzi, students’ lounge]


Student: Hey Ben.

Ben: Hey!

Timo: What are you doing here?

Ben: Well! The Pestalozzi is really serious about its social responsibility.

Caro and Sophie are standing at the kiosk watching.

Caro: Don’t you agree that the greatest heroes should choose the most beautiful women to duly celebrate their victory?(Honestly, I think that pretty much sums up what remained with Caro from her Latin class..)

Sophie: Of course.

Caro goes over to Ben.

Caro: Congrats. In honor of the occasion, you're allowed a wish.

Ben: Oh, really?


Timo and Sophie are making yearning eye contact.



[Götting’s office]


Alexandra: Don’t you find it strange what happened earlier at the conference?

Götting: You mean the small palace revolution by Vogel?

Alexandra: I’m just puzzled that Bea would vote against Krawczyk. The two of them always were like this in the past. Krawczyk fought for her like a lioness when she…

(Flashback to Bea being questioned by the police)

Götting: When she did what?

Alexandra: Never mind. I’m just puzzled that Bea leaves Krawczyk hanging like this.

Götting: Maybe she realized that old Krawczyk is past her prime.

Alexandra: If anything, I believe that Bea Vogel has some insidious master plan up her sleeve. That’s all a part of her strategy to gain the advantage over me.(Mind.Gutter...This show has so much potential..has anyone pitched it to Logo yet,btw?)

Götting: I’m sorry but that sounds paranoid.(Oh, Götting, you have no idea..just keep the woman away from scissors and other sharp objects in the future,will ya?) I know, Frau Vogel shouldn’t be underestimated but… before she can act out her master plan…we should enjoy our victory. After all, it was her who – indirectly – fulfilled a big wish of yours just now.

I used the window of opportunity and wheedled the training camp on Mallorca out of Bergmann.

Alexandra: Are you serious?

Götting: The national coach of the USA in a first class hotel with a sea view…So? How did I do?

Alexandra: Incredibly well. You may make a wish.

Götting: Anything? (He locks the door) Then I would like to (do it) here, once again?

Alexandra: Good idea.

She takes a seat on his desk. He starts opening his belt.

(Today,it's make a wish day at Pestalozzi!)



[The Vogel home]


Miriam on the phone: Yes, hello. This is Miriam Vogel speaking. I’m calling because I was wondering if you still have a job training position available. Yes, in the commercial sector, that’s where my capabilities lie. No, I don’t have an Abitur . Do you have to have that for a training position? Hauptschulabschluss. 

(I have no idea how to translate this in a way that makes any sense to foreigners with their different school systems. In a nutshell (it’s a lot more complicated in real life): If the Abitur is the highest diploma you can get in school, the Hauptschulabschluss is the lowest and nowadays unfortunately doesn’t get you very far. For more info see:



The Pestalozzi is a Gesamtschule, by the way: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gesamtschule#Germany //Hephylax always the ambassador for German culture:-DI'd have simply gone with a college degree and a diploma )

Miriam: How old I am? 32. Alright. Thank you anyways. Yes.

Lara: Do you want to start training for a job?

Miriam: Yes. Imagine that. Do you really think I want to spend the rest of my life sitting here, doing the washing and cleaning up after you?

Lara: I’m just saying…at your age…

Miriam: Hello!? I’m in my early thirties. At that age you aren’t too old exactly,to understand how to do spreadsheets and write emails.(*cough,cough,cough*)

Lara: And what's going to happen to me?

Miriam: Well, you are going to have to help out a little more, aren’t you? It wouldn’t hurt if you started doing that either way..

Lara: Well, great!

Miriam: I’d just like to do something meaningful.

Lara: Right. Making appointments and working with spread sheets, that’s exactly what the world needs

Miriam: The world maybe not. But I do. - Feet off the table!

(Lara, here is a pacifier. It’s obviously age appropriate and might make you shut up//Hugs Miriam)



[Pestalozzi, big stairs]


Bea looks at the sign-up sheet for the STAG. Someone wrote Luciano Pavarotti and Elton John on it. Bea is irritated and disappointed. (I’m thrilled that someone at this school not only knew of Pavarotti but could even spell his first name correctly./Def not Ben)

Alexandra: Oh! How did you manage that? With this line-up, your AG will become famous all over the world. (Damn! She was right. Jemma International, everyone?/Hah!I wouldn't even have caught onto that!)

Curious that you dropped Krawczyk just like that…after everything she did for you back then. Without her, you would be in some social rehabilitation measure right now.

Bea: The investigation wouldn’t have found anything, even without her advocacy. – Why don’t you take care of your star squad and let me do my work.

Alexandra: My star squad? You are the one with the celebs. And I don’t know if I can compete with that.

Timo walks by the bulletin board and sees the sign-up sheet. He writes down his name. 



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Ben: Frau Vogel! Hey!

Bea: What?

Ben: I just wanted to thank you.

Bea: What for?

Ben: Without your support I would have been kicked out of school.

Bea: And how do you know of this?

Ben: It seems you couldn’t stand not seeing me everyday. (Blech!/Rolleyes)

Bea: Are you crazy!?(Uh, yes?)

Ben: That’s not a bad thing. I’m feeling the same way.

Bea: I just saw to it that your future wasn’t ruined.

Ben: That sounds pretty lofty. Are you sure that your feelings for me didn’t influence this decision? 

Bea: Yes!

Ben: Come on. You are just afraid to lose me if I was running around somewhere out there.

Bea: Now you listen to me! I’ve told you before and…

Ben: Yeees, you are my teacher, I am your student and it was a one time thing, it shouldn’t have happened and… I don’t believe a single word you say. (Nya nya nyaa, I can’t hear youuuuu!)

Bea: But you have to!

(Is it just me or don’t they have zero chemistry together? And if Ben keeps on behaving like this, I’ll start rooting for Michael to finally get somewhere with Bea just to make this stop. And that’s just wrong!/It's SO  much nicer to root for Alexandra/Helena..just look into her eyes instead!)



[Pestalozzi, volleyball court]


Alexandra: You are good…but not good enough. (And how could they be? Jenny isn’t here yet. Worse, we don’t even know who this Jenny is!// But we dream of her and Manderley!Sorry, listening to the “Rebecca” Soundtrack while editing..it's terribly catchy..) Who wants to play at the top has to train even harder. That’s why we are going to a training camp. (long faces all around) On Mallorca. 


Alexandra: Who is the number one in this school?

All: We are!

Caro: And it’s going to stay that way. You can count on us.

Ben walks by after being so cruelly turned away by his beloved.

Caro: Ben? Have you already thought of a wish?

Ben: I have. I could use some distraction.

Caro: What do you have in mind?

Ben: To enjoy life in all its glory.

Caro: Then just tell me the time and place and I’ll be there.

(I went to the wrong school,seriously..)



[Pestalozzi, bicycle stand]


Luzi: I saw that you put your name on the list.

Timo: Well, I thought…Pavarotti, Lady Gaga, Elton John…in a group with that many talented singers, you’ll surely be able to drag me through with you.

Luzi: Thanks.

Timo: Does that mean you’re talking to me again? And are freeing me from my “thinking about it” exile?

Luzi: It looks like you did think about things.

Timo: Yes.

Luzi: Do you still miss Sophie?

Timo: I know what you think of her. But it just felt right between us.

Luzi: She doesn’t seem to feel the same way.

Timo: Yes, well…

Luzi: Well then, singing is the right thing for you to do. You’ll see, it’s totally liberating.

Timo: Well, I hope you won’t change your mind after you’ve heard me sing for the first time.

Luzi: Nonsense. I couldn’t afford to, anyway. Elton John and the others cancelled just now.

Timo: Okay. Well then…



[The Vogel home]


Piet: I’m not saying that I miss her but where is Bea?

Miriam: Your favourite sister has a dinner date.

Piet: So she is seeing her colleague.

Lara: Bea has something going on with a teacher? With whom?

Miriam: That is so not any of your or your father’s business.

Lara: Well, great! Now I’m not even allowed to say anything anymore, or what? And you are doing whatever you want. But you don’t care what happens to our family because of it.(Hephylax, where did you put that pacifier?)

Piet: Did I miss something?

Lara: Mom wants to undertake a job training.

Piet: Wh-what?! I thought that was a joke.

Miriam: No, that was no joke. And anyway, it’s not as if it’s so unusual to want to train for a job, is it?

Piet: But how do you expect for that to work?

Miriam: What do you mean, how am I expecting it to work?

Piet: Well, how will things continue here at home if you’re out and about the whole time?

Miriam: We are three people. It should be manageable if everyone picks up the slack a little.

Piet: But why do you want to go through that again…to sit in some vocational school with a bunch of teenagers?

Miriam: When I was that age, unfortunately I never got around to sitting there?

Piet: But can you imagine how it’s going to be here for three years? Mega-stress and all without any money flowing in. (Just to make this clear, Germans do get apprenticeship pay while they are training for their job. It’s not a full wage but still, Piet is talking out of his ass.)

Miriam: But we’re getting rent from Bea now.

Piet: Oh, right. That’s something you can really build on.

Miriam: I’ve taken a backseat long enough. Now it’s my turn,finally.

Piet: You know, I can imagine that you’re fed up with sitting at home all day but if you want to be out in the world the whole day, then please at least get a job. Then at least money will come in and all of us benefit from it.

Miriam: But it’s not about doing something that you will benefit from as well but about doing something that is good for me.

Lara: Well, great. Mom hasn’t even started working yet and it’s already unbearable here. Thank you so much.

Piet claps: Great.

(*hands Miriam a copy of “A Room of her Own”*)


[Saal 1]


Michael: You wanted to talk to me about your AG(club).

Bea: Which unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore at the moment.

Michael: Oh really? Then Caro Eichkamp did a real thorough job.

Bea: And the sad thing is that every member has real talent.

Michael: Yes, it’s often the case that the so-called misfits have the most talent.

Bea: That’s why it’s imperative that the choir stays. Singing is the opportunity to show what you are really made of.

Michael: Say, do you sing as well?

Bea: Me? Why?

Michael: Well, because I, contrary to you, am of the firm opinion that you will manage to get the group together again. You see, I believe you are someone who knows deep down, what has to be done next. But you are always questioning it.

Bea: Sometimes it’s not that easy to be making the right decision.

Michael: That may be but…to make that decision you don’t need my advice. You need something completely different.

(An eight ball?)


[Some apartment]


Michael takes Bea to some apartment where music is coming from

Bea: Where are we?

Michael: You’re going to like it.

He opens the door and there’s a band playing. They finish their song and motion for Bea to come to the “stage” and hand her a microphone. (And why not? She had already been there 15 seconds, at least, looked like she could sing and was sure to know the lyrics to the next song!) They start singing together and Bea lets loose. And Michael gets even more smitten./Maybe it's a karaoke apartment?


[Pestalozzi, big stairs]


Frau Jäger removes some of the stuff from the bulletin board when she hears Timo at his locker.

Frau Jäger: What are you still doing here? I was just about to leave and lock the door.

Timo: I forgot something in my locker.

Frau Jäger: The AG Singen und Tanzen doesn’t look very popular. You are the only one who put his name down.

Timo: I did that for a good friend.

Sophie is still in school too. She listens to them talking.

Frau Jäger: For Luzi? That’s very decent of you. Luzi went through so much in the last few days…

Timo: Yes, and I wasn’t exactly a big help.

Frau Jäger: The most important thing is that you are standing by her now.

Timo: Thank God, she also sees it like this.

Frau Jäger: Bye! (she realizes that he left his sweater hanging on the banister) Oh, Timo!?

Sophie rushes to the sweater and grabs it.

Sophie: I can give it to him. It’s no problem.

Frau Jäger: What is it today? Do you all not have homes to go to?

(Do you know who also doesn’t have a home to go to? Emma. She only has a door…that we’ve only seen the one time…and we’ve seen her hanging around the school after dark singing depressing but very beautiful songs…So, this would be a great and natural opportunity to see Emma this episode…I’m waiting... Hrmpf./It's ok, she's sleeeping in the attic.)





Ben: Caro, drop your lipstick, leave the haispray, I’m waiting for you here. There you go. Looking forward to it too. It’s going to be a great evening.


FM at the Chulos, kissing (though not FK, I believe). The morning after.


He takes out his cell phone and looks hat his creepy stalker photo of him and a sleeping Bea.

//I see a pattern of denial sex in casa Bergmann..and no, I still haven't gotten over the ONS btw him and Jenny..)





Bea: My first living room concert. It was awesome. 

Michael: I knew you’d like it. What would you like to drink?

Bea: Gin tonic?

Michael: Mhm.

Ben arrives with Caro and sees Bea together with Michael.

Bea: We should “duzen” (using the informal “Du” instead of “Sie”) each other now. Now that we’ve shared our innermost thoughts with each other.

(What comes now is the ritual Brüderschafttrinken (to drink to brotherhood) when you offer the “Du” to someone. You tell each other your first names (it doesn’t matter that the other person already knows it, it’s more of a permission to use it from now on), shake on it, click your glasses, hook your arm with the drink through the other person’s arm and take a drink from your glass. Then you kiss on the mouth or the cheek. Gender doesn’t matter, btw.)

Michael: I’d really like that. Michael.

Bea: Bea.

Ben can’t stand watching his one-night-stand having a good time with someone else.

Ben: Let’s take off.

Caro: But we only just got here.

Michael uses the opportunity to make a move.

Michael: You’re fascinating.

Bea: I am, am I?


(Okay, I’m not rooting for Michael, either. Helenaaaaaa!!!!! I need youuuuu!!!!)