Episode 122

translated by hephylax

edited by sones



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Sophie: Please don’t send me away again. I’ll tell you everything, but you mustn’t get mad.


Timo: Why? Well, what happened?!


Sophie embraces Timo…just as Luzi comes around the corner! 


Timo: I…we…


Luzi: Man, Timo! You’re not letting her fool you once again, are you? Geez, she testified against Frau Vogel. She’s the reason she’s in prison again!


Timo: You went to the police!?! Why!?!


Sophie: Because…Frau Vogel is a murderer.


Timo: Wait a minute....!


Luzi: It’s not as if I haven’t been doing that this whole time. Who do you love!?! Either her or me!




(Okay, people, stick with me. This is a Jemma-free episode but we’ll get through this together. Because we’re strong and fearless…and we know that 122 plus 2 equals blanket-sharing and couch kisses.)


[Pestalozzi, entry hall]


Luzi: Dammit, Timo, she dumped you and went to England with some other guy!


Sophie: That’s not true at all! You two kissed on New Year’s Eve and I was just pissed!


Timo: So you went to Australia?!


Sophie: Yes!


Timo: And you found out something so terrible, that you immediately had to go to the police because it allegedly proves that Vogel killed Lohmann’s sister?!


Sophie: I met someone there and…man Timo, just believe me!


Luzi gets fed up and starts to walk off....


Timo: Luzi, just wait!


Luzi: Man, NO! I’m not waiting any longer.


She continues to walk away, and Timo is forced to play his hand...


Timo: Man.....I love you, damn it!


Luzi stops...


Sophie: You can’t leave me alone now too!


Timo: I’m sorry. I thought you left with another guy. I didn’t hear from you at all, and now you’ve incriminated Frau Vogel and will only tell half the story. Sorry.


Timo walks away...


Sophie: Man, Timo... I will tell you everything!


Timo walks up to Luzi and hugs her before taking her hand and walking away....



[Police station – Meeting Room]

Bea is meeting with her lawyer.


Lawyer: Frau Vogel, so you still don’t have any idea why your student, Sophie Klein, is suddenly testifying against you?


Bea: No. And I also have no idea what her connection to Jens is. Hasn’t there been any trace of him by now?


Lawyer: Well, the search is on. So, do you still love him?


Bea: No, of course not. He was my boyfriend but that’s been over for a long time.


Lawyer: You shouldn’t have met with Jens Mirbach. Now, you look like accomplices.


Bea: Jens isn’t the killer.


Lawyer: So who is it then?


Bea: Jens knows the truth. He was just about to tell me when the police showed up.


Lawyer: Then why did he run away?


Bea: If we don’t find him then… I’ll have no chance of getting out of here, right?


Lawyer: Ah, Frau Vogel, there is always a chance. In your case, the prosecution is going to introduce a circumstantial evidence lawsuit, which means it’s about warding off anything that could make you a suspect. And for that it’s necessary to be completely credible. You’re a respected teacher and we have to use that. (he notices her look) What is it? She looks guilty, and he presses on. Frau Vogel, if there is anything in your past that the prosecution can use against you I, as your defence attorney, have to know about it now.



[Pestalozzi, classroom]


Inspector Hintze: Hello?


Götting: Oh, Inspector Hinze…good day. How can I help you?


Inspector Hintze: Your colleague hinted that the – let’s say – integrity of Frau Vogel isn’t all that good,

and I would like to hear your opinion about that.


Götting: Well, I…I…don’t want to incriminate Frau Vogel even more… YEAH RIGHT, Götting!!!!


Inspector Hintze: Oh, it speaks highly of your collegiality, Herr Götting, but as you know, I’m searching for the truth, and in order to find that, it’s important to learn about the person I’m dealing with. Something like this can be a deciding factor.



[Police Station]

Bea’s Lawyer is obviously not happy....and a little bit shocked...


Lawyer: An affair with a student…


Bea: When I met him I didn’t know he was my student. I stopped things immediately but…but then…


Lawyer: Who knows about this?


Bea: Not many. (That’s alright then, isn’t it?)


Lawyer: This matter must never be made public, of course…because if it is, make no mistake, an acquittal will be hard to come by.



[Götting’s office]


Götting: His name is Ben Bergmann. His father asked us to provide him with a lot of attention because of his scholastic problems. Well, Frau Vogel..... may have taken advantage of this. Rumour has it that she promised him that he would graduate with good grades on the condition that he er..… yes, but, as I said, those are just rumours. This irresponsible behaviour by Frau Vogel could never be proven.


Inspector Hintze: Thank you.


Götting: Yes.


GOD.... he’s SO good at playing his role!



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Ben and Caro are walking down the hall, Ben looking at a piece of paper in his hand...


Ben: They’re putting me into the A class even though I handed in a blank sheet. Tsk...


Caro: Be glad. Or would you prefer to sit with the idiots? She sees Timo and Luzi kissing, and raises her voice a bit. Though, I don’t understand why they are passing for the elite. They hear her and stop kissing. God, that’s disgusting.


Luzi sees Frau Jäger and the policemen, ignores Caro and makes a beeline for them.


Luzi: Excuse me? You’re with the police, aren’t you? Do you have a minute?


Inspector Hintze: Yes.


Luzi: No matter what Sophie’s said, Frau Vogel is innocent. She is the best teacher we’ve ever had. Ben has heard Bea’s name and comes over to see what’s going on. You mustn’t believe Sophie! She’s a liar, and Bea Vogel would never in a million years kill someone.


Frau Jäger: Luzi, I’m sure the police are doing everything they can to find out the truth.


Luzi: How is that supposed to work if everyone buries them in bullshit?


Inspector Hintze: Listen, I can understand that you’re taking the arrest of your teacher to heart but… you will just have to leave the investigation to us.


They leave and just totally dismiss Luzi.


Luzi: Ey, did you see their expressions? They’ve already written Frau Vogel off completely.


Ben: Does this mean that Frau Vogel is back in pre-trial custody again?


Luzi: Yes. Because Sophie has been telling some utter crap.


Ben is VERY upset by this news.





Michael: Horst.


Lawyer: Michael, hi.


Michael: I’ve been trying to reach you for an hour.


Lawyer: I’m sorry, I had a court date.


Michael: Okay. How is Bea?


Lawyer: To be honest, it doesn’t look good, but I have one piece of good news. I managed to arrange a visit.... but there is a small catch.


Michael: What kind of catch?





Ben: What proof is Sophie supposed to have found?


Luzi: She didn’t say, and she couldn’t have since there is none!


Timo: Well, you didn’t really let her finish, did you?


Luzi: Frau Vogel didn’t kill anyone.


Ben: Well, we all know that, right?


Timo: Still, I would like to know why Sophie would say something like that.


Caro: Maybe she has a reason for not saying.


Luzi: Do you know something? Did she talk to you? Did Sophie say anything to you?


Caro: Of course not. I’m just saying.


Ben: Caro, Frau Vogel is in prison right now because of Sophie. If you know something…


Caro: I don’t know anything.


Ben: Okay, but we have to do something.


Timo: Ah...and what?


Caro: Rent a chopper and kidnap her from prison? (Hehe, that’s the Caro I love and don’t want to smack every time she opens her mouth.)


Ben: Man, Caro!


Caro: I’m sorry, but maybe it would be better if we just let the police handle this matter!


Ben: It wouldn’t. They are the ones responsible for putting her in prison in the first place.


Luzi: Ben is right.


Timo: So now what?


Ben: Well, sitting around won’t solve anything.


He walks off, much to Caro’s dismay.


Caro: Hey!



[Pestalozzi, classroom]


Luzi: I’m curious about what Ben’s up to.


Timo: Something rash, for sure.


Luzi: That’s more Sophie’s thing.


Timo: Luzi, we simply don’t know all the facts, okay? We don’t know why she testified against Frau Vogel.


Luzi: You mean, she was forced to do it…by evil powers?


Timo: No, but she’s acting totally weird and isn’t saying anything.... And she doesn’t want to sleep at her mother’s.


Luzi: That’s one thing I can understand. She’s even worse than Sophie. Timo is getting madder and madder, and she finally notices. Wha!t?!


Timo: Are you finished with your Sophie bashing?


Luzi is baffled by his reaction, but a major fight is avoided by Götting’s entrance...


Götting: Good day. Our topic today is the demographic change with particular emphasis on the pension system in Germany since 1872.



[Pestalozzi, street in front of the school]


Sophie is standing in front of the gate to the schoolyard and Caro walks by trying to call Ben.


Bens voicemail: Ey yo, what’s up? This is Ben’s voicemail. Talk to it.


Caro: Ben, call me. Where are you? Caro notices Sophie, and after some hesitation walks over to her. If you’re hiding from Beschenko, good idea. So you were the one who put Vogel in prison. That was your big secret? Why don’t you finally tell me what you found out?


Sophie: That is…complicated.


Caro: Well, the important thing is that Vogel is gone. If she’s in prison for a couple of years, Ben will have forgotten about her.


Sophie: Could you maybe lend me 5 Euros?


Caro: Sure. Since you’re asking so nicely. She takes out her wallet and hands Sophie the money. Payback would be appreciated.


Sophie: Can I sleep at your place tonight? I can’t go to my mother’s.


Caro: Why not?


Sophie: That’s just how things are.


Caro: You can’t come to my place either.


Sophie: But there’s lots of room in that villa.


Caro: I’m a guest there. I can’t just let you spend the night there. Besides, Ben wouldn’t let you in. You put his birdie (Vögelchen) in a cage.


Poor Sophie.... she’s been denied by EVERYONE.....



[Pestalozzi, classroom]


Götting: All homework is to be done on the laptop which will become your daily companion from now on. Presentations will be given as computer presentations.


Luzi: That won’t be possible.


Götting: Nothing has changed however concerning the custom of raising your hand if you have a question. Luzi raises her hand. Frau Beschenko?


Luzi: My laptop is broken.


Götting: Then buy a new one.


Luzi: And with what?


Götting: As far as I know, the Harani Bank is offering cheap student loans.


Timo, along with a few others, scoff at this idea.


Luzi: I’m supposed to go into debt to be able to get through the Abitur?


Götting: Well, you can see it as debt or as an investment for a successful future.



[Pestalozzi, school office]


Karin is going through her cleaning supplies.


Karin: Frau Jäger, I have no idea how these new cleaning agents ended up in my cart.


Frau Jäger: Boss’s orders. From now on, only the best of the best is to be used for cleaning and polishing.


Karin: I’ve been cleaning for years using my cleaning agents and there was never any reason for complaints.


Frau Jäger: You’re welcome to write this down on the list of complaints against Mr. Götting’s changes.


Luzi comes over.


Luzi: Götting can kiss my ass.


Karin: Luzi.


Luzi: What? Because of him I have to attend the B class from now on and will get a bad degree.


Karin: But I thought your test was good enough to make the A group.


Luzi: For the A’s I need a laptop and for the B’s every support measure has been cancelled. Götting wants to get rid of them.


Karin: I don’t believe this. Someone has to stop him.


Luzi: Mum, I’ll manage. I’ll get a student loan or something.


Karin: Student loan?! She rips off her gloves and throws them down. That’s enough!


[Götting’s office]


A VERY angry Karin is facing off against a VERY smug Götting...


Götting: What is enough, Frau Beschenko?


Karin: I’m sure I’m not the only mother who can’t afford your new teaching methods!


Götting: Change always leads to resentment, but still it’s necessary.


Karin: And what’s going to happen to my daughter if she continues to do her homework by using a pen and paper!?!


Götting: I believe in the pedagogical concept of this school, and so do the parents of our students. They are prepared to put everything into the education of their children. If you aren’t prepared to do that, then I’m sure there are other schools better suited for your daughter.


Karin: That’s your plan!?! You want to ship off the poor to somewhere else!?!


He remains silent, and she storms out.... slamming the door behind her.



[Saal 1]


Miriam serves Piet a coffee.


Piet: Thanks.


Miriam: So you don’t know why Michael so desperately wants to meet us either?


Piet: I’m sure it’s about Bea. I mean, this lawyer guy is one of his pals, isn’t he?


Miriam: And how are you?


There’s some hand touching, hand pulling away stuff going on but it’s just Miriam and Piet, so pffff….


Piet: I just want to talk to Bea. I want to tell her that everything is going to be alright, even if I don’t know how.


Michael: Hey. Glad we could meet so quickly.


Piet: What’s up?


Michael: Bea’s case is a circumstantial evidence case.


Piet: Okay, circumstantial evidence. That means there is no proof.


Michael: No, of course not. But a good argument, and sufficient amount of circumstantial evidence, can also lead to a conviction. That means that everything depends on Bea being presented to the judge as a responsible and trustworthy person. (Some things are just impossible to achieve, you know. And she would probably be late to the trial on top of it.) As a person with a clean slate.


Miriam: Well, let’s hope they won’t dig too deep.


Piet: What do you mean?


Miriam: They’ll interpret everything the way it suits them.


Piet: And what about the credibility of this student who incriminated her so heavily?


Miriam: Right. Sophie black-mailed her own mother so she could run away.... If the police hear about that…


Michael: Okay. But that still leaves Frau Krawczyk’s false statement and Jens, who’s on the run.


Miriam: There’s something else you’re trying to tell us.


Piet: Well spit it out. It can’t get any worse.


Michael: Our lawyer managed to push through a visit.


Miriam: What? Why are you just telling us this now?


Michael: The rules in pre-trial custody are rather rigid. That means only one person is allowed to visit. And I thought, since you are her family.... so please arrange it amongst yourselves.


Piet is happy about this but Miriam rains on his parade.


Miriam (to Michael): You’ll go.


Michael: What?


Piet is OBVIOUSLY unhappy about this, but Miriam gives him a LOOK....


Piet: Y-yes, you should go. I mean, I’m sure Bea would prefer talking to her boyfriend rather than to her grumpy brother, so… I wouldn’t even know what to say to her.


Michael: Alright, if you think so. Thanks.



[Police station]


Ben barges into Inspector Hinze’s office…no, it’s the interrogation room. So how did he know that Hinze was in there?


Random policeman: Hey hey hey!


Ben: But I have to talk to him now!


Inspector Hinze: It’s okay. I’ll handle this. What can I do for you?


Ben: I know that you’re investigating the Bea Vogel case.


Inspector Hinze: Well, let’s say I’m investigating the murder of Franziska Lohmann.


Ben: Bea Vogel is innocent. And Sophie Klein is a liar.


Inspector Hinze: Yes, some of your classmates, who apparently are also very attached to Frau Vogel, have already told me that, too.


Ben: Herr Hinze…Sophie Klein blackmailed her own mother for ransom-money. She stops at nothing. A few weeks ago she took off in the middle of a school trip without letting anyone know.


Inspector Hinze: Wait a minute! Frau Klein blackmailed her own mother?


Ben: Yes, damn it! And I wonder why you don’t already know about that.


Inspector Hinze: Okay, you are going to sit down and tell me everything from the beginning. You are?

Ben takes a seat, obviously highly annoyed.


Ben: Ben Bergmann.


Inspector Hinze: Oh, so you are Ben Bergmann. The student.


Ben: A student.


Inspector Hinze: Do you know Frau Vogel well?


Ben: Of course not. She’s my teacher, but I do know Sophie Klein.


Inspector Hinze: Why are you lying to me?


Ben’s face = OH CRAP....




Sophie is sitting on a bench crying. Conveniently, Timo just happens to pass by.


Timo (on the phone): Yes. Yes, Luzi, I’m already on the way. See you soon. He sees Sophie, walks on, hesitates, turns back around and takes a seat next to her. Hey. What’s wrong?


Sophie: I don’t know where to go.


Timo: Why don’t you just go to your mother’s?


Sophie: Because she’s mad at me because I didn’t call her the entire time I was gone.


Timo: That’s understandable, isn’t it? I mean, you’ve been gone for weeks. We were all worried, and then you come back, put Frau Vogel in prison and you won’t say what happened. Sorry, but…that’s not the Sophie I know.


Sophie: The one you loved? They boy sigh, obviously unsure of what to do, or say, until Sophie just gets annoyed and slams her fists on her legs. Can’t I just sleep at your place?


Timo: No!


Sophie: Man, Timo! I trusted you the whole time! I befriended your stupid clique! I danced with them and sang with them while you started something with Luzi behind my back! It’s only logical that I would change because of that. And as soon as I’m gone for a few days you immediately get together with her?! Man, screw you! You didn’t worry about me, at all!


Sophie storms off....


Timo: FUCK! Hey! …She stops and he goes after her... One night. And nobody hears about it.


They hug.



[Police station]



Ben: You can keep me here all night but I didn’t have, and am not having, an affair with Bea Vogel.


Inspector Hinze: There are witnesses.


Ben: Ach…they’re lying!


Inspector Hinze: Herr Bergmann, there’s a long list of school expulsions in your past. The Pestalozzi School agreed to give you somewhat of a last chance.


Ben: And what does that have to do with this case? What business is it of yours, anyway?


Inspector Hinze: Bea Vogel knew of your problems, she found you…attractive (well well Inspector) … and saw you as easy prey.


Ben: Pah....What!?!


Inspector Hinze: One word from her, a bad grade and poof… that would have been it. Last chance wasted.


Ben: Bullshit.


Inspector Hinze: So you agreed to her demands and slept with her.


Ben: No!


Inspector Hinze: Yes.


(So who is more annoying at the moment? I really can’t decide. Was there ever a scene between Hinze, Ben und Michael? Now that would have been a crime against humanity…or at least against yours truly.)


Ben: No! It wasn’t like that.


Inspector Hinze: If it wasn’t like that, how was it then? Herr Bergmann, I don’t know what happened between you and Frau Vogel, or what your relationship is with each other… but I get the feeling that you want to help her. But you can’t do that by continuing to tell lies. So, if it wasn’t like I said, how was it then?


Ben: She never pressured me. Bea is the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. (Ah!!!! So stupid and easily manipulated.)


Inspector Hinze: Bea? There’s that “OH SHIT” look again.... So you did have an affair.



[Beschenko home]


(Oh, a little Emma bonus. Wasn’t expecting that in this otherwise completely Jemma-less ep.)


Luzi is sitting at the table, sipping from a mug and talking on the phone with Emma.


Luzi: I don’t know what’s keeping Timo. He should have been here some time ago.


Emma’s voice: He’s been rather rattled since Sophie came back.


Luzi: Well, he had been worried. I mean, it’s a no brainer. The two of them were together and then Sophie disappears just like that, but today he told me that he loves me. Only me.


Emma laughs: Well, you are the dream team. (For about two more episodes when Jenny and I are gonna take over.)


Luzi: Heh. (Bell rings) That’s him. I’ll call you back later, okay?


Emma: Have fun!


Luzi opens the door.


Timo: Hey.


Luzi: Hey, Timo. What took you so long!?!


Timo: Sorry, I had to help out my parents.


Luzi: That’s okay. I’ve just been wanting to tell you something all day. That was really stupid of me today.


Timo: What do you mean?


Luzi: Well, the Sophie bashing. I’m sorry about that. I might have been a little jealous and… it won’t happen again, alright? I trust you.


She kisses him and he smiles at her, while still managing to look a little guilty.



[Police station]


Inspector Hinze: Alright. You remember the way out?


Ben: I’ll do my best.


Inspector Hinze: Have a good day.


And while Ben is on his way out, Bea is being escorted to the interrogation room. And so they pass each other by in the middle of the hallway. Which means long looks aaaaand…slowmo, of course.


Inspector Hinze: And? Does it feel weird to meet under such unusual circumstances?


Bea: Of course it feels weird to meet a student in here. Where’s my lawyer? You know very well that you aren’t allowed to question me without my lawyer present.


Inspector Hinze: Oh, I don’t want to question you. I just wanted to see it with my own eyes.


Bea: See what?


Inspector Hinze: That you would go so far as to start an affair with a student, with someone in your care. And I have to say you’re looks were…telling. (Even he couldn’t miss the slowmo.)


Bea: How can you suggest something like that?


Inspector Hinze: Frau Vogel, we can do this the complicated way, where all the witnesses from your past are going to appear before the judge or you can prove to me that you value the truth. Did you have an affair with your student?


(Well, that depends entirely on what the meaning of the word 'is' is, doesn’t it?)