Episode 123

translated by hephylax

edited by sones


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Inspector Hinze: You are?


Ben: Ben Bergmann.


Inspector Hinze: Oh, so you are Ben Bergmann. Do you know Frau Vogel well?


Ben: Bea is the most wonderful person I’ve ever met.


Inspector Hinze: Bea? So you did have an affair.


Slow-Mo Bean encounter in the hallway.


Inspector Hinze: Frau Vogel, we can do this the complicated way where all the witnesses from your past are going to appear before the judge, or you can prove to me that you value the truth. Did you have an affair with your student?



Intro (The suspense is killing me. Will Bea tell the truth!?!)



[Prison, interrogation room]


Bea: I don't understand. What does Ben have to do with Franziska Lohmann's death?


Inspector Hinze: That wasn't the question. The question was whether you are guilty of abusing one of your wards.


Bea: Abusing!?!


Inspector Hinze: If it wasn't abuse, what was is then? A consensual affair?


Bea: Is that why Ben was here? Is that why you questioned him?


Inspector Hinze: Let's assume that's why he was here. What do you think he would have answered?


Bea: You tell me.


Inspector Hinze: You think I'm bluffing. Good, it’s your decision, but keep in mind that your statement is on the record and that you might have to repeat it under oath before a judge.


(Oh come on. You can lie to the police all you want as long as it doesn’t result in a crime like falsely accusing someone else. You only have to tell the truth in court.)


Bea: Alright. Again, for the record: I, Bea Vogel, didn't have an affair with my ward Ben Bergmann.


(Good girl.)





Sebastian is busy at the bar when Michael walks up…


Michael: Hey.


Sebastian: Hey. Any news about Bea?


Michael: Yes. Well, I mean, I can visit her tomorrow.


Sebastian: Finally.


Michael: Yes, but what am I supposed to tell her? Sophie has snapped out of it…and is taking her accusations back? Everything will be alright? No.


Sebastian: Oh, I'm sorry, by the way, that you had to see her in our kitchen. I didn't have the faintest idea that she had anything to do with Bea's arrest.


Michael: It's okay.


Sebastian: She was slouching here at the bar looking like the picture of misery and didn't know where to go. That's why I offered her...


Michael: I told you, it's okay! I'm just wondering why she would do this to Bea.


Sebastian: It has to be a mistake. I mean, she wouldn't frame Bea intentionally for the murder, would she? Unless she did it herself, at the age of seven!


Sebastian finds his joke funny, and starts to laugh, but a glance from Michael silences him quickly.


Michael: This is what it must feel like to go mad. You can't imagine how many different versions of the murder have been going through my mind. To say nothing about perpetrators and motives.


Sebastian: Go ahead.


Michael: You've still got other things to do today, don't you?


Sebastian: For you I would even take the day off.


Michael: Never mind. I'm always ending up back at Sophie. Jens Mirbach must have put all this stuff in her head! Probably because he wanted to deflect attention from himself because he's actually the perpetrator.


Sebastian: Then why did the police arrest Bea?


Michael: Because they are taking the easy way out. (Omg, I'm agreeing with Michael. Eek.) Sophie's statement fits perfectly into their theory. Bea the murderer, Jens the accomplice...case solved.


Sebastian: Often the simplest solution is the right solution.


Michael: Excuse me?


Sebastian: Well, I don't believe that Bea has anything to do with the murder, but we are not detectives, and in no way objective.


Michael: But see, I know that Bea is innocent! I don't need some smart detective to prove that to me!


Sebastian hands him a beer.


Sebastian: On the house.




[Prison, interrogation room]


Bea: If you don't have any further questions, may I go back to my cell?


Inspector Hinze: Hm.


Bea: Stop that. You can't intimidate me.


Inspector Hinze: Oh, I don't want to intimidate you. I just want to give you the opportunity to rethink your statement.


Silence. He opens a file and begins to read.


“Bea Vogel is the most wonderful person I know. Yes, we had an affair.” Well, one of you is lying. Should we ask Mr. Bergmann to come back?


Bea: No. That won't be necessary. He told the truth.


Inspector Hinze: Yes. It would have been better if you had done the same thing.


Bea: Herr Hinze, it's not the way you think. When I first met Mr. Bergmann he wasn't my student yet. We...we met in a bar and...my lawyer advised me to not say anything. (You should have listened to him, btw.) When you mentioned Ben...I panicked. (Boohoohoo!)


Inspector Hinze: Frau Vogel, put yourself in my shoes. You just lied to my face! Do you know how hard it is for me to believe anything you say at all now? (Especially since I didn't believe anything you said in the first place.) I'll have someone escort you back to your cell.



[Beschenko home, Luzi’s room]


Timo's lying on the bed going through a magazine. His mobile beeps. It’s a text from Sophie: I’m in your room now. Thanks.


Luzi comes in.


Luzi: From Sophie?


Timo: No. Yes. Can we talk about something else?


Luzi: If you can think about something else.


Timo: Hey. I told you that I love you.


Luzi: I know. (kiss) And I'm happy about that...I mean we've been friends for so long and...now

finally... (kissing) Okay wait.


Timo: Ähm...I've got condoms now.


Luzi: But my mother is in the next room.


Timo: I can lock the door...or don't you want to, anymore?


Luzi: I do. Sure. But...not like this. Let's go to your place.


Timo: (panicked laugh) I'm afraid that's not possible. No way.


Luzi: Why? I thought your parents were going out tonight.


Timo: The...concert has been cancelled.


Luzi: Okay, then we'll stay here.


She kisses him again, but he pulls back….


Timo: Ummm….You're right, it's pretty awkward with your mother in the next room.


Luzi: Oh, I never thought it would be so complicated. I thought when you've decided to do it, nothing and no one could keep you from it. (Neither ants nor mosquitoes nor chemical toilets...nor giving spontaneous fashion advice. Geez, Luzi, don't be such a sissy. If you really wanted to, you would even use someone else's bed and with the door open at that. And you wouldn't care. And even the possibility of the owner of said bed coming back any minute wouldn't keep you from starting up again... or so I’ve heard...somewhere...)


Timo: Except mothers next door.


Luzi: Or musicians who cancel their concerts and deprive parents of their evening out which results in certain sons not having the house to themselves anymore.


Timo: I think it's better for me to go home.


Luzi: But...but you could sleep over anyway.


Timo: Yes, but I've still got lots of studying to do. I mean, we're in the A class now. Hello?


Luzi: Did I do something wrong? (Yes. You didn't choose someone like GotY-Jenny who would have just cuddled with you. And who wouldn't have cared about parents next door...or downstairs as the case may be.)


Timo: Quatsch. It's all just a little too much right now. Alright?


He kisses her and leaves… she obviously thinks she’s done something wrong.



[Saal 1]


The door opens and some people come in. Emma, obviously hoping that it would be Jenny, turns around in a hurry and drops everything she’s carrying.


Emma: Oh fuck!


Miriam: Do you need help?


Emma: No! Thanks.


Miriam: Say, is something wrong?


Emma: Yes. No. Well, I'm a little out of it today. I'm sorry. (I haven't seen Jenny yet today so I'm going through withdrawal.)


Miriam: I feel the same way. (Jonesing for Jenny??) This whole thing with Bea...I mean Frau Vogel...it’s really terrible.


Emma: True.


Miriam: Luckily, we don't have that many guests today.


Emma: Speaking of...when is Jenny going to be here, anyway? (Were you speaking of her? I mean, I know I was...)


Miriam: Didn't she tell you?


Emma: No, what? (She's got a crush. On you!)


Miriam: She quit.



[Bergmann villa]


Jenny is sitting on the sofa listening to music and leafing through a magazine when Ben comes in.


Ben: What a shitty day!


She doesn't react.


Ben: Evening.


She finally notices him and pulls out her ear bud, showing it to him…


Jenny: Did you say something?


Ben: No. Never mind.


Jenny: Did you have as shitty a day as I did?


Ben: Yep. Say, don't you have to work?


Jenny: I quit.


Ben accepts that with a puzzled nod.


I had my reasons. (He didn't say anything. Bad conscience, Jenny?) The work climate was too heated for my taste.


Ben: Well, I'd love to quit myself. Here, at school... everywhere.


Jenny: School...there are more important things.


Yes, Jenny….It starts with an E and ends with an A, and has lots of mmmm in the middle.


Ben: You're right about that.



[Music: Maria Mena – Just hold me]


[Prison, Bea’s cell]


Bea goes back to her cell, the door is shut behind her again, and she collapses against it.




Michael is drinking his beer.


[Prison, Bea’s cell]


Bea is now sitting on her bed…




Slow-Mo hallway encounter.


Inspector Hinze: You just lied to my face! Do you know how hard it is for me to still believe anything you say at all now?!






Michael is drinking some more of his beer, Sebastian comes up to comfort him, but Michael turns away, ignoring his brother.


[Prison, Bea’s cell]


Bea is sitting on her cot in the dark.




Michael is drinking more beer, that sour look on his face getting worse and worse.



[Pestalozzi, entry hall]


Emma and Luzi walk over to Hotte.


Hotte: Have you read this? There's going to be a field trip to Brussels.


Emma: But not for the riffraff, I assume.


Hotte: Be glad. It's become clear to me now what Götting's master plan is. Some time ago, they busted one of the largest Scientology Centers in Brussels. That means that they're in need of new blood. Ring a bell?


Luzi: Oh Quatsch.


Hotte: And all this talk about the performance elite? Götting is one of them...or some other sect.


Timo comes up to them.


Timo: Hi.


Luzi: Hey.


He kisses Luzi on the cheek.


Timo: What was that? Götting belongs to a sect?


Emma: Just forget it. Hotte has been doing research again.


Hotte: Yes, that's right. There is a website.


Luzi: Ähm yes…Timo and I have to have a little talk right now.


She pulls Timo away. Emma gets the hint and pulls Hotte in the other direction.


Emma: Äh yes, now what about this website?


They leave.


Luzi: Please tell me what's wrong. Timo is at a loss for words. It's me, isn't it? First I whine and complain to you about school and then that scene with Sophie...No wonder it turned you off.


Timo: Luzi, I told you I had to study.


Luzi: But something is different, I can feel it. Sophie?


Timo: Now don't make up something that isn't there. Everything's normal between us.


Luzi: Then why can't we manage to...you know?


Timo: Well, sometimes things just don't go as planned. (And you end up in a villa instead of a ramshackle hut in the undergrowth.)


Luzi: Okay.


They kiss.


Timo: Does that mean I can sit next to you on the trip to Brussels?


Luzi: You goof.


She gently slaps him on the arm and they walk off together.



[Pestalozzi, class room]


Götting: In this folder you'll find all the dates for our excursion, as well as a detailed timetable.


Hotte raises his hand.


Götting: Yes, go ahead.


Hotte: Why are we going to Brussels of all places?


Götting: Because that city is an important political and economical center of Europe, and thus might be very interesting for your future career. Any more questions? Luzi.


Luzi: What about the costs of this trip?


Götting: Äh...pffff...something around 150 Euros. It's all in there.


Luzi: It's more than 200 Euros.


Götting: Well, you mustn't forget…the bus, overnight stay, museums, several lectures...all of that has its price.


Luzi: But there are people who don't have 200 Euros just lying around.


Götting: As you know, that's just a question of priorities in my eyes.


Timo: Does that mean that people who can't afford it can't come on the trip...and are at a disadvantage during the next exam because of it?


Götting: It means people who don't want to slip through the cracks at this school should be willing to invest something. 200 Euros shouldn't be an insurmountable obstacle.


Timo: Tsk. (He notices Ben just staring into space.) You could speak up too, you know?!


Ben: It’s all fucked up here.


Timo: Oh, very constructive.


Götting: Does anyone here want to switch to the B course?


Everyone shuts up.



[Pestalozzi, hallway outside the B classroom] (which looks like the A classroom)


They're waiting for the teacher, throwing packing materials at each other.


Marcel: Alright, I think that's it. There won't be a teacher coming today.


All the students start to leave.


Emma: Hey, stay. Or else they'll say again that we're the ones boycotting classes.


Marcel: Who boycotts whom? We're losers to the school administration anyway.


Emma: But it doesn't have to stay that way.


Jenny rushes around the corner, sees Emma, comes to an abrupt halt and takes a step back to watch her sweetie without being seen herself.


Marcel: Oh man, open your eyes. They've long since given up on us.


(I'm still convinced that Marcel had a thing for Emma. First, the being mean to get her attention, now he's telling her this with a calm and even somewhat compassionate voice. And later he even auditions for the STAG. Okay, that might have been due to the limited number of extras running around the Pestalozzi, but still...)


Jenny witnesses all of this from around the corner.


Emma: Then it's even more important for us to give it our best so that Götting realizes that this two-class system sucks! Everybody else leaves. Hey! They all ignore her and keep walking…. Heeey...!!!


Poor Emma sighs in frustration, no idea what to do…



[Pestalozzi, at the kiosk]


Timo: Well, now we even have to pay for the chicanery.


Luzi: Let's see what Emma has to say. I'm sure things aren't going any better for them.


Ben is buying a sandwich at the kiosk.


Janitor: That's 4.50.


Ben: Since when?


Janitor: I'm sorry. New prices. Orders from the top.


Ben takes a bite.


Ben: Weird. Tastes just like it did yesterday. Why should I pay more?


Marcel: What do you care about a couple Euros? Your banker daddy can give you some of his bonus payments.


Ben: Keep the change.


Marcel deliberately knocks the sandwich out of Ben's hand.


Marcel: Oops. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. But you could just buy yourself a new one.


Timo: Hey hey hey! Do you really want to show the class struggle that Götting wants?


Ben: I don't, but he does. Listen, you chimp, I've just been waiting for a punching bag like you.


Marcel: Oops.


Luzi: I've had enough of this. Götting isn't God.


Timo: But that's what it looks like.



[Pestalozzi, counselor’s office]


Luzi, Emma and Ben storm into Michael’s office.


Michael: Come...Come in.


Luzi: Herr Heisig, you're still our guidance counselor, aren't you?


Michael: Yeah, that's correct.


Ben: You have to take Götting to task. These selection methods are the pits.


Michael: I can understand that you're frustrated.


Emma: We don't even get a substitute teacher.


Luzi: And we have to pay more than 200 Euros for some field trip and 5 Euros for a sandwich.


Michael: Mm. …his phone rings… Excuse me. He answers his phone. Yes, Heisig here. Yes, okay. That’s right. In five minutes? Alright, I'll be there. See you then. I'm sorry but I have to go.


Luzi: You're joking.


Michael: No, I'm not joking. Rather abrupt for someone going off for personal stuff during work hours.


Ben: Well, great. The one time you're needed...


Michael: We'll simply postpone your concerns until later. I'm sorry, there's something important I have to do.


And he leaves them standing there.



[Prison, visitation room] (which looks a lot like the interrogation room)


Michael is shown into the room.


Michael: Hey.


Bea: Hey!


They hug.


Ward (Ratched): No bodily contact.


She separates them. My hero! I’d like to hire you for the rest of the season.


Michael: Alright already. They sit down at the table. I'm so glad to see you.


Bea: Me too.


Michael: Miriam and Piet send their love. Unfortunately only one person is allowed to visit you here.


Bea: I would prefer that they don't see me like this anyway. You, I don't care.


Michael: I brought you something.


He holds out a book. Warden Ratched rips it out of his hand and checks the book.


Michael: It's alright, your colleague already leafed through everything. There's nothing in there.


(It's a book! Of course there's something in there. Knowledge.)


Warden Ratched finally agrees the book is ok, and she tosses it down next to Bea.


Bea: Thanks, that's nice of you. I miss you so.


Michael: I miss you too. But we'll get through this. If there is anything you need, if there is anything I can do...


Bea: Convince them that they have to find Jens. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the meeting. I was really hoping he would be able to exonerate me.


M0ichael: Instead, he made everything worse. Sophie probably prodded him into it. He's probably the murderer himself.


Bea: No, it wasn't Jens, but he knows the truth. (And kept it to himself for 10 years. A model of trustworthiness, indeed.) He was just about to tell me when the police showed up.


Michael: And what do you think this truth is?


Bea: It doesn't matter anyway. Nobody here believes anything I say anymore.


Michael: Why, what happened?


Bea: Hinze asked me about Ben. I denied everything. Only, it’s too bad that Ben had already told him about the affair.


Michael: You lied to the police?!


Bea: How was I supposed to know that Hinze was laying a trap? Besides, your school friend lawyer advised me not to say anything.


Michael: But I'm sure he didn't advise you to lie to the police. Bea, if you continue on like this you won't be getting out of here.



[Pestalozzi, couch corner]


Emma: And you really think he had to go see Frau Vogel in prison? But would he be allowed to, anyway?


Ben: Well, he is her boyfriend.


Luzi: Shit, I completely forgot about Frau Vogel.


Emma: Hey! Maybe we could rehearse a song and send it to her.


Luzi: And when she comes back she'll get a special performance.


Emma: Well, if she comes back...


Ben: She will.


Timo: Guys, those are all great suggestions but...Götting prohibited us from rehearsing, or have you already forgotten?


Emma: Götting. I'm so sick of hearing that name.


Jenny’s pullover and bag cross behind Emma. Since they are probably not doing that by themselves (though they’re Jenny’s clothes so anything is possible) it’s rather safe to assume that Jenny is in da house!


Ben: I don't believe that he even wants to harass us. He really thinks his new system is pedagogically sensible.


Luzi: And so he raises the kiosk prices? What's pedagogically sensible about that?


Emma: It's only about money and prestige for him. And we have to pay for it and don't stand any chance.


Jenny: Well, then how about staging a revolution?


Timo: And what is this revolution supposed to look like?


Jenny: Similar to Heathrow. Well, the airport in which you always get stuck because the air traffic controllers want to get more dough.


Luzi: Okay…


Jenny: You don't know what I'm talking about. Strike!



[Saal 1]


Götting, Stefan and a bunch of others are sitting around a table.


Götting: Of course at this point I have to thank you once again for your support. Especially Mr. Bergmann. His involvement was unprecedented.


Götting’s phone rings. He ignores it.


Götting: Excuse me. Well, as I said, Herr Bergmann has been instrumental in our school once again becoming an exemplary and future-oriented educational facility. The phone starts ringing again. Thank you, Herr Bergmann.


Stefan: Wouldn't you like to finally answer your phone?


Götting: Och, I'm sure it's just the school.


Stefan: Hummm…. He just stares at him….


Götting: Oh…He looks at the screen, obviously annoyed….Well... He answers… Frau Jäger, I told you, no phone calls.


Frau Jäger: Excuse me, but this is an emergency, and I thought I had to inform you in that case!


Götting: I'm still in the middle of the parental talks. What's going on?


Frau Jäger: Pure chaos, Herr Götting. Pure chaos.


Götting clears his throat, nods to the others and is OBVIOUSLY uncomfortable…



[Prison, visitation room]


In the middle of a fight…


Bea: Alright already! I made a mistake but I don't need any clever advice right now.


Michael: Well, what else? A little more love, or something?


Bea: Yes.


Michael: Bea, I'm thinking of you every night. (TMI, way way too much! )


Bea: And I of you. And then you come here and reprimand me.


Michael: I'm not reprimanding you. I'm worried, don't you get that?! You're lying about Ben, you don't tell me about your meeting with Jens, you don't tell the police about his postcard! I...


Bea: I get it. I'm a failure.


Michael: I didn't say that.


Bea: But you meant it.


Michael: My god, Bea...


He tries to take her hands. She pulls them away.


Bea: Maybe...it's better if you don't visit me anymore...If we don't see each other for a while.


Michael looks like he’s been kicked….


Michael: What?


Bea: Michael, I can’t do this anymore. I don't want to have to defend myself to you, too. (She stands up and Warden Ratched comes over.) Please go.


Michael: (to Warden Ratched) We aren't done yet. Bea...


Bea: We are.