Episode 125

translated by hephylax

edited by sones



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Bea: I have to make a call. Urgently.


Warden Ratched: You have to file an application for phone calls, which has to be granted, and that can take a while.


Bea: It’s just one phone call. You know how it is. You say the wrong thing…and then you want to apologize.


The warden roles her eyes. (Hahaha, I know how you feel, lady.)


Warden Ratched: That shtick doesn’t work with me. I’ll bring you an application form and you can fill it out.


Bea: But…


[Pestalozzi, couch corner]


Emma: Jenny?


Jenny: Hm?


Emma: I..äh…


Different angle on Emma taking the initiative. KISS!!!




(What I learned while translating this episode: 125 actually consists of more than just those marvelous Jemma scenes. There's stuff (not really important stuff but...) happening between those. Yes, I was shocked too.)



[Pestalozzi, couch corner] (rather appropriate for THE legendary couch kiss)


They're still kissing.


Jenny: Are you still cold?


Emma: Nuh-uh.


They're beaming. And then they continue to kiss.





Sophie: Thank you for coming.


Timo: Sophie, what's this crap?! We said that you could sleep over at my place for one

night, and that you would have to find another solution after that!


Sophie: I know. Only one more night, please.


Timo: And then again tomorrow and another and another... Do you know what I'm risking with that? I'm with Luzi now. I'm sorry but that's just the way it is.


Sophie: I just haven't found another solution but... you can trust me, I'll be gone tomorrow.


Timo: Trust you? You disappear from one moment to the next, then you suddenly turn up again without saying one word about what happened in Australia! And to top it all off, you put Frau Vogel in jail! At least tell me why you can't go to your mother.


Sophie: I can't tell you all of it…. Really!


Timo: Then I'm sorry, but you'll have to find another bed for tonight.


Sophie: Please.


Timo: You're gone by tomorrow.


They start walking to Timo's home.



[Pestalozzi, couch corner]


There's still kissing going on, and the kisses are heating up…but Hotte's bladder has the worst timing and chooses this exact moment to raise the alarm.


He stands up and sees the blurry outline of his best bud making out with someone. That's so unusual that the Windows Blue Screen of Death is flashing in his brain….


Hotte: Emma!?!


He quickly puts his glasses on and is finally able to identify the second participant.


Hotte: Oh! Hello…. Jenny. Don't let me disturb you. Everything's…alright.


He walks away a little stunned and promptly runs into a trash can.


Jenny: Poor guy. I think that was too much for him.


Emma: Uh-huh. Looks like it.


Jenny: I'm sure he'll still be telling his grandkids about it. (About the time he once saw two chicks kiss? That’s really not that remarkable anymore. So she probably meant about the first time he saw Aunt Emma and Aunt Jenny kiss.)


Emma: I ah...let me go check on him, alright?


She stands up and leaves, while Jenny stays behind with this incredible smile on her face. (Awwwww!)


[Bergmann villa]


Caro is on the phone.


Caro: I just don’t get why you’re sticking your head out for those idiots! Well, if they deserved it they would be in the A class anyway.


Ben: God, Caro, I just think that they could really use some support.


Caro: Yeah well, I need your support, too.


Ben: Please don’t start with that again…or else we’ll just end up fighting.


Caro: Alright. So we’ll see each other tomorrow morning.


She closes the phone and throws it on the bed.


Stefan: Things aren’t going quite as you planned, are they?


Caro: What do you care?


Stefan: Careful. I want to know why you no longer want to immigrate to Australia with Ben.


Caro: Because the gynaecologist advised against the exertion after the miscarriage.


Stefan: Are you starting to believe your own lies?


Caro: Why? Does it make a difference?


Stefan: The difference is that I know that it was an abortion, and I also know that that’s not the reason for cancelling your trip.


Caro: And how do you know?


Stefan: Because you would do anything to keep Ben. So be careful with whom you’re playing what games.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Hotte: Emma.


Emma: Yes. Me.


Hotte: I thought you’d be… (back to sucking on Jenny’s lips some more) back there or something.


Emma: I wanted to see how you were.


Hotte: Me? Why? I’m fine.


Emma: Well…because of earlier.


Hotte: Ach, I’ve seen stranger things.


Emma: Alright. You don’t think that I…


Hotte: Well, it does look like it.


Emma: Ach Quatsch! (Oh nonsense!) Girls sometimes just do stuff like that. Really…you said yourself that Jenny always does what she feels like.


Hotte: Kissing girls?


Emma: Yes, just to give it a try. And that doesn’t in any way mean that one (is)…or that *I*…


Hotte: And Jenny?


Emma: Nooo. It was an experiment and it didn’t mean anything.


Hotte: Well, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to kiss Timo just to see what that would feel like.


Emma: Luzi, okay? She also kissed a woman once. Just like that, in the restroom.


Hotte: Luzi?


Emma: Yes. Well, she didn’t tell me, but I heard about it, and she isn’t a lesbian either, after all.


Hotte: Right. She’s with Timo.


Emma: You see? And so that things don’t get more complicated, I’m asking you to keep this whole thing to yourself, okay?


Ben walks up to them.


Ben: Hey. You can’t sleep either?


Hotte: Well, I just went to the bathroom.


Emma: Yeah, me too.


Hotte: And then we lost track of time gabbing. Talking about the strike and about what Götting’s reaction will be.


Ben: Well, I’m curious about that too.


He walks into the restroom. Hotte smiles lightly at Emma, and Emma looks tentatively at Hotte.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Students are chanting “A and B - Götting, leave!”


Frau Jäger: This reminds me of Brokdorf


(Like Gorleben in 124, Brokdorf refers to another part of the German anti-nuclear movement/protest:



Female teacher: What? You were there?


Frau Jäger: Well, in front of the TV.


Götting and Alexandra walk into the yard.


Alexandra: Turning off the heater doesn’t appear to have been enough.



[Pestalozzi, couch corner]


Emma, Luzi and some others are sleeping.


Jenny: Good morning, sleepy heads! Wake up! Life is bustling outside. Hi!


Jenny has brought a tray with coffee.


Ben: Looks like our appeal worked.


Jenny: And how.


Luzi: Have any of you seen Timo?


Ben: I haven’t.


Meanwhile, Jenny has turned her sights on a sleepy Emma.




[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Götting: What you’re doing here is a breach of domestic peace! If you don’t clear the entryway immediately, I’ll be forced to take further actions against you.



[Pestalozzi, couch corner]


Jenny: Coffee? Did you sleep well?


Emma nods and smiles. Jenny smiles back looking rather besotted.


Jenny: Alright people, let’s get started, we still have a lot of work to do.



[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


Götting: I want to talk to the students responsible, right now.


Jenny, Luzi and Ben come out.


Jenny: Here we are.


Götting: So you’re the ring leaders of this whole thing.





Sophie: Gee, slow down.


Timo: Say, you don’t honestly think we’re going to show up there together?


Sophie: I thought…I thought that maybe you could use a little support for your strike.


Timo: Tsk. Say Sophie, are you out of your mind? Don’t you get it? Nobody wants to see you there. You’re responsible for Frau Vogel being in jail. You’re out of favour with all of my friends. Completely!


Sophie: But I don’t have the faintest idea of where to go now.


Timo: That’s not my problem.


Sophie: Don’t you have any feelings at all left for me anymore?


Timo: Mostly I have feelings for Luzi, and I’ve been lying to her for two days now to help you. I don’t want to do that anymore. I don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into but…I can’t help you anymore.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Götting: So this was your weird idea.


Luzi: It was all of our idea.


Götting: Do you realize that what you’re doing here is inciting others to upset the domestic peace?


Luzi: Yes, we do realize that.


Götting: And do you also realize that you’re not just getting yourselves, but also your schoolmates, into an extremely difficult situation? Not to mention that most of them are still legally required to attend school.


Ben: What are you planning to do? Write a reprimand in the class register for every student?


Götting: Let’s put it this way: I’m giving you the chance to end this whole thing immediately. In which case, I’ll refrain from taking any actions against you and your schoolmates.


Luzi: And if we don’t?


Götting: Then I’ll make an example of you. And that would mean the following: Unexcused absences…0 points (=F) for every test that can’t be given because of the strike…and 0 points for homework that hasn’t been handed in on the required day.


Ben: So?


Götting: Oh, maybe I forgot to mention that this will affect your Abitur grade and that you are messing up your future with this whole campaign.


Ben: And some students’ futures are already being messed up by the reforms, since they aren’t able to complete their Abi because of them.


Luzi: Or because they can’t afford it anymore.


Ben: And anyway, students also have the right to freedom of assembly.


Götting: Not during class hours.


Ben: Listen, Herr Götting, you said what you had to say, and if you want to you can start making an example out of us.


Luzi: There is no way that we’re ending this strike.



[Pestalozzi, parking lot/schoolyard]


Michael: (on the phone) But this Mirbach can’t just have vanished into thin air.


Lawyer: Bea Vogel is the main suspect, thus the police’s efforts are half-hearted.


Michael: But that’s unfair! Without Mirbach we won’t be able to get Bea out of this.


Lawyer: I know. (I am the lawyer here, duh!) But for the police that’s nothing more than a theory.


Michael: Fine, then I’ll look for him myself. I’ll call you. Talk to you later.


He walks into the school yard and sees the protesting students.


Frau Jäger: Did you hear? Just about all of the students went on strike against the new school reforms. Isn’t that great?


Götting: I’ve already tried talking to the students.


Michael: Without success obviously.


Götting: Right, and that’s why you’re going to talk to them now.


Michael: I don’t believe that’s part of my responsibilities as guidance counsellor, Herr Götting.


Götting: Then I’m going to appoint you this task as of right now. See to it that the students end this silly strike.


Michael: You do know what I think of your reforms, right?


Götting: These students are required to attend school by law! Therefore I don’t really care about your opinion on the matter.


Michael: Fine, but you do care about the law. One look at the Basic Law (Germany’s constitution) should suffice. Section 8, subsection 1: every citizen has the right to demonstrate..... and the compulsory school attendance is subordinate to the freedom of expression and freedom of assembly – Section 5, subsection 1.


Götting: Still, as the principal it’s my decision how unexcused absences are dealt with.


Michael: Right, then I’ll go let the students know about these consequences right now.


Götting: That’s it.



[Pestalozzi, near the kiosk]


Luzi: We mustn’t let ourselves be intimidated by these threats. If we all stand together Götting won’t stand a chance.


Timo: Hey.


Luzi: Where have you been?


Timo: Troubles at home. Sorry.


Luzi: I was worried.


Sophie comes up.


Luzi: What are you doing here? You’ve got a lot of nerve showing up here.


Sophie: I’m still a student at this school.


Luzi: Because of you, Frau Vogel is in prison! You’re a traitor, nothing more.


Sophie: Timo...


Timo steps up to Luzi and takes her hand, showing he’s on her side. Sophie leaves, Timo and Luzi hug.



[Prison, Bea's cell]


Bea is sitting on her bunk leafing through her book and going back and staring at Michael's dedication which reads "I love you. Michael"




Michael: My god, Bea.

Bea: Maybe it’s better if you don’t visit me anymore. If we don’t see each other for a while.


Michael: What?


Bea: Michael, I can’t do this anymore. I don’t feel like having to defend myself against you, too.


Bea: Please go.




The warden comes in and unceremoniously puts a breakfast tray down on the bed.


Warden: Morning.


Bea: Here, there’s my application for the phone call. How long is this going to take?


Warden: Depends. Could be fast, but could also take 4 to 5 days.


Bea: What? That long?


Warden: Yes. It happens. (It’s like shit, really.)



[Pestalozzi, counselling room]


Luzi: What happened at home?


Timo: The usual.


Luzi: The usual? You almost never have any trouble with your parents.


Michael: Thanks for agreeing to talk to me.


Ben: Did Herr Götting send you?


Michael: Uh-huh.


Ben: Great. Then our answer is no.


Michael: But I haven’t asked any questions yet.


Luzi: Well then talk.


Michael: Did you make it through the night alright without heat?


(Luzi: Well, it was cold at first but then I woke up and saw Emma and Jenny kissing and man, let me tell you, I was suddenly warm all over. I even managed to take a picture. I’ll put it on my wall at home, that’ll cut down our heating bill by a third, at least.)


Ben: You haven’t come here to ask us that, have you?


Michael: No. I…ähm…am supposed to give you a stern talking to…that going on strike is okay…but not during school hours.


Timo: So then when?


Michael: After classes end.


Ben: Great. So that Götting wouldn’t have to give a shit.


Michael: Exactly.


Luzi: Tell him that we’ll continue this until all students again have the same rights to a good education.


Michael: Well then I wish you good luck.



[Pestalozzi, big staircase]


Karin is handing out oranges to the students. (A nice contrast in this rather blue tinted episode.)


Karin: How are you?


Luzi: Fine. It’s going great. Everyone thinks that we’ll give in but we won’t.


Karin: Have you thought about the consequences of this whole thing?


Luzi: Mum, now don’t you start too. You yourself went to Götting and complained about these new reforms.


Karin: Of course. That’s why I think it’s great what you are doing here.


Luzi: But…?


Karin: I’m only worried that you’re sticking up for other people now and in the end are going to stand alone again. Just like with that swimming pool thing.


Luzi: You can’t compare the two. This is about equal opportunities.


Karin: And how do the others see this?


Luzi: The same way. We all stick together, nobody gives in and if we continue like this we can really make a difference.


Karin: I just want you to take care of yourself, alright?


Luzi: Of course. Don’t worry.


They hug.



[Pestalozzi, classroom / action painting central]


(Did I mention how much I love the rebel janitor?)


Jenny: Okay, well…I’d say that we should hang up the large banner so that you see it as soon as you enter the yard, hm?


Emma: Okay. Then we could hang the “No poor-rich-gap in the educational system” in the entry hall.


Jenny: Okay. Fine. Fine. Should we roll this one up then?


Emma: Okay.


[Music: Christina Aguilera - Save me from myself]


So each of them starts rolling up a side of the banner and surprisingly they meet in the middle, faces close together. So Emma, closet scientist that she is, initiates some more “experimenting” which of course doesn’t mean anything. Riiiight…



[Bergmann villa]


Sophie: God, you should have seen how they all looked at me. They see me as a leper because I testified against Bea Vogel. (Well, tough luck.)


Caro: I for one am grateful to you, even though you tried to blackmail me. 50.000 Euros? That wasn’t very nice.


Sophie: Caro, you’ve got to help me. I have no idea whatsoever of where to go.


Caro: Well, I’m only a guest myself here at the villa.


Sophie: Then we’ll both go to your home.


Caro: I’m really sorry that you’re in such a mess, but you’ll have to handle that on your own.


Sophie: Then…then I have no other choice.


Caro: What’s that?


Sophie: I have to leave Cologne.


Caro: Well, that would be a shame really but if that’s the only way…


Sophie: I don’t think you understand what I’m getting at, Caro. Then.....I’ll need the money, after all.



[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


Götting: And that’s what you’re supposed to tell me?


Michael: Word for word.


Götting: I won’t be blackmailed by this monkey circus.


Michael: Well, the demands aren’t that unreasonable.


Alexandra: All students are supposed to have the same right to a good education? How is that supposed to work?


Michael: How that is supposed to work? It worked before.


Götting: But at what price? Education costs money. Either the gifted are left behind or the average are destitute.


Michael: And what about the gifted who can’t afford your system?


Götting: I don’t believe I have to justify my reforms to you of all people.


Michael: Not to me. To the students, because otherwise, Herr Götting, your ambitious system will fail miserably. Well, have a nice day.


Alexandra: What a stuck-up twit. And you’re just putting up with this.


Götting: I’m not putting up with anything. I’m just changing my strategy. I’ll get one of the ringleaders to break the strike. Then the others will follow.



[Bergmann villa]


Caro: Sophie, we’ll find another solution. You don’t have to leave Cologne.


Sophie: Oh, now all of a sudden.


Caro: 50.000 Euros! You’re out of your mind!


Sophie: If nobody else helps me, I have to help myself!


Caro: I can’t help you!


Sophie: Fine. Then I’ll go to Ben and tell him that it wasn’t his child.


Caro: We’ve been through this before.


Sophie: Either you get me the money…or I’ll go to Ben and tell him that you were pregnant by his father.



[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


Luzi: Why are you insisting on talking to me alone?


Götting: I have my reasons.


Luzi: Well, if you want to come to an agreement the others should be present.


Götting: What I have to say concerns you alone. Contrary to the others you are truly talented. You’ve proven your fighting spirit. That’s a good combination for making your way in the world.


Luzi: Why are you telling me all this?


Götting: I read on your questionnaire that you want to attend Paul McCartney’s Music College in Liverpool after completing your Abitur…


Luzi: So?


Götting: You’re lacking two things for making this dream a reality: money and good connections. I can offer you both. An old university buddy of mine is a teacher there. So a stipend shouldn’t be a problem.


Luzi: And what does that have to do with the strike?


Götting: A lot. You make sure that it ends…then you can go to Liverpool.