Episode 127

translated by hephylax

edited by sones



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Caro: I have to talk to Ben before Stefan does. Tell him my version of the story.


Sophie: Your version.


Stefan: I’m sorry but my concern can’t wait.


Caro: Neither can mine!


Ben: What is this?


Stefan: The child…that Caro lost…was…it wasn’t yours. It was mine.





[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Ben: What?


Stefan: It was a mistake. I lost control for a moment.


Ben: You two?


Caro: He seduced me. It was on New Year’s Eve. You had broken up with me…and I was so desperate and… he took advantage of that.


Stefan: Stop that.


Caro: You yourself said that he had the hots for me.


Ben: You knew the whole time that it wasn’t my child?


Caro: I really wished for it to be your child.


Stefan: Wished? You wanted it gone as soon as possible.


Caro: That’s not true.


Stefan: Right. Before that you had to blackmail me for those 100.000 Euros. But after that you couldn’t wait to have an abortion. That was a lie too. She didn’t lose the child. She aborted it.





Michael is rummaging around on the grave of two people named Mirbach talking to the flowers.


Michael: You aren’t more than three days old…


The flowers show their wisdom and ignore him. Having struck out once again, Michael looks around for another target and sees the cemetery gardener.

Michael: Oh, excuse me! I have a question about that grave back there. Married couple Mirbach. There are fresh flowers.


Cemetery gardener: They’re from today.


Michael: Do you have any idea who might have placed them there?


Cemetery gardener: No. But they weren’t here this morning.


Michael: Have there been many visitors here today? (The gardener shakes his head.) I’m sorry but this is really important. Do you know…do you know this man? Was he here today?


Cemetery gardener: Might be. He had different hair…but everything else…but don’t quote me on that.


Michael: Thanks. You’ve really helped me a lot. (He takes out his phone.) Piet, this is Michael. I have news. Mirbach didn’t leave. He’s still in Cologne.



[Pestalozzi, entry hall]


Ben is storming down the stairs, Caro in pursuit.


Caro: Hey! Now just wait a moment! At least listen to me!


Ben: Piss off, Caro! I’m serious. Don’t ever speak to me again. Never again! The two of us, we’re through. For good.


And he's gone. Which can't be said for half the Pestalozzi student body who just witnessed the whole thing.


Caro: What are you all staring at!!!


And she storms off too.


Luzi: What now?


Timo: Hey, where do you think you’re going?


Luzi: Well, to ask what’s going on.


Timo: If Ben wants to talk to you, he’ll come to you. Besides, we need you here now. If everybody leaves, Götting might think that the strike is over. We have to hold the fort here. (Luzi just stares at him) Yes, okay, I need you here.


Luzi: Well then I’ll stay here of course.


Timo: Believe me, Ben will be okay.


Luzi: It didn’t look like it.


Timo: Because he’s with Caro. Who knows what she did now?


Luzi: Yes, who knows…


Timo: Hey. He has to deal with Caro’s crap himself. You should concentrate on us.


Luzi: I’m so glad that this is behind us.


Timo: What?


Luzi: Well, all of this stress and these games. I can trust you. Okay, it took a long while but now everything’s clear between us and…that feels so good.



[Pestalozzi, couch corner]


Timo: Well people, it looks like this might take a while longer and we still have the problem of not having enough provisions.


Emma comes rushing over.


Emma: Götting is standing outside the entrance downstairs. He wants to talk. He is threatening to have the police clear the school.


Marcel: He’s welcome to try.


Luzi: If Götting wanted to do that, he would have done it a long time ago.


Jenny: Right. He doesn’t want to cause a stir. He wants to sweep this thing here under the rug and continue on like before.


Hotte: Without me.


Marcel: Right. There’ll be no giving up.


Luzi: Okay, so what's our plan?


Jenny: We'll keep Götting waiting outside the door and see what happens. (Off Luzi’s look) Do you want to sit down with him at a table? We know his stance. Ending the strike or else sanctions.


Luzi: Yes, alright. But then maybe we should clarify our stance again.


Hotte: And you think Götting is going to talk with us?


Luzi: Well, that depends...


Timo: On what?


Luzi: Well, on what means we are going to use.



[Bergmann villa]


Ben is pacing in the living room, letting his aggressions build up some more. Between the flashbacks he looks at the pictures of him standing on a table. (Hey, Ben was a blond once.) He smashes the one showing him and his father together. Then he starts wrecking the rest of the room.




Stefan: The child that Caro lost...it was mine.


Caro: We're talking about a baby here. Our baby.


Ben: Caro, do you want to become a mother now? This close to your Abi?


Stefan: For God’s sake, you don't even know if it's your child!


Caro: I've lost our child. And it's your fault.





[Pestalozzi, entry hall/big staircase]


Luzi comes back in with Götting. The rest of the gang are positioned on the stairs.


Götting: It's about time. I was just about to call the police. But I am glad of course that you agreed to talk. Are you the negotiator for the student side?


Luzi takes her place on the stairs and...


The STAG (and the rest of the students) perform Fuck you


(And here we can once again be glad that it was a German pre-prime-time family show and not American, or else we would have gotten: *Beep* you, *Beep* you very very much. ;-)



[Bergmann villa]


Stefan comes home to some stuff lying on the floor and things having been knocked over. (It looks rather tame really. Given how Jenny threw the drugged water bottle in a rage in 216 she would have done a much better job with demolishing the living room, too.)


Ben shows up in the doorway with a bag. Some staring, then he turns to go.


Stefan: Ben...


Stefan makes a grab for his arm, Ben pulls it away. He turns around again to leave.


Stefan: Ben, I just wan...


Stefan makes a grab for his arm again and Ben in turn grabs his lapel and draws his fist back. But in the end he doesn't punch him but just takes his stuff and leaves.


[Outside the Bergmann villa]


Karin: Hello Ben. Why aren’t you at school? Where are you going?


Ben: No idea.


Karin: Ben! Hold on.


Ben: I won't stay in this house for one more second.


Karin: What's wrong?


Ben: Doesn't matter. I have to get out of here.


Karin: Ben! If you want you can come to our place. You're welcome to spend the night.


Ben: Thanks. But no.


Karin: You don't have to say anything, and you don't have to explain what happened. I just think...


Ben: I'll manage on my own!


Karin: Wait here. I'll just take this inside real quick.


She goes inside but Ben doesn't wait.



[Pestalozzi, big staircase]


The STAG is still telling Götting "Fuck you"


They finish and he claps sarcastically.


Götting: Touching, very touching. And soo yesterday. Just like this whole childish campaign. Look at the facts…either you end this ridiculous strike or your days at this school are numbered.


Emma: He was only half as cool as he pretended.


Let’s see what happens next!


Cheering and hugging all around. Including a Jemma hug!

Timo gets another text from Sophie: "Come to the parking lot. Please!"


Timo: I have to leave for a bit.


[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


Timo: What do you want?


Sophie: Can I stay with you again?


Timo: You already spent the last two nights at my place.


Sophie: I know. Just one more night!


Timo: That's what you said yesterday too.


Sophie: I need money, and I thought I would get some...


Timo: I think money is the least of your problems right now.


Sophie: But I...


Timo: Sophie, we're going round in circles.


Sophie: I'll explain everything to you soon, okay?


Timo: Well, unfortunately I'm not interested anymore.


Sophie: I have no idea whatsoever of where to go now.


Timo: You had two days to look for something...to your mother, or to Caro, no idea. But my place isn't an option anymore.


Sophie: Because of Luzi?


Timo: Yes. That too. I just don't want to risk things with her because of some secrecy. Been there, done that. I'm sorry, I have to go.


Sophie: Timo!


Timo: No!



[Vogel home]


Piet: But the cemetery gardener wasn't completely sure?


Michael: No. But he only saw one other visitor who at least resembled Jens Mirbach. Besides, there were fresh flowers on the grave. And you said yourself that there weren't any other relatives.


Miriam: So that means that Jens is still in Cologne. Do the police already know?


Piet: That won’t be enough for them.


Michael: Yes alright, the gardener wasn't sure. He surely wouldn't testify in front of the police.


Piet: I mean, they aren't even looking for Jens. They’ve found what they were searching for in Bea.


Michael: Yes. And her trial starts in a couple of days. That's why we have to find Mirbach.


Piet: Alright, I could check out all the hotels. Let me get the addresses.


Michael: How was your visit with Bea? How is she?


Miriam: Well...she puts up a good fight but during my visit we got the news that Jens had supposedly left Germany.


Michael: No, he's here...and we have to find him. And we will find him.


Miriam: You should go see Bea as soon as possible.


(I'll take that as Miriam throwing him out. Politely.)



[Bergmann villa]


Caro comes in and sees the thrashed living room.


Stefan: You dare to show up here?!


Caro: I want to see Ben.


Stefan: He isn't here.


Caro: Did he do that?


Stefan: Go. Now!


Caro: Now don't act as if it's all my fault. You were the one who had to tell him everything.


Stefan: And I should have done it much sooner. You don't have any right to be in this house any longer.


Caro: I'm waiting for Ben. I have to talk to him.


Stefan: You think he'll listen to you? He won't. You're dead to him.


Caro: We'll see.


Stefan: No. Because you will leave him alone from now on.


Caro: Are you threatening me?


Stefan: I'm giving you a piece of advice. And now, get lost!


Caro: But I've still got some of my stuff here.

Stefan: You have five minutes.





Ben is aimlessly roaming the dark streets.




Bea: A miscarriage can have lots of reasons.


Ben: You're doing it again. You’re always making excuses, it’s always someone else’s fault. You're always talking about responsibility but you don't take any, and you haven't from the start.


(I didn't like this scene with bratty self-righteous Ben to begin with and now it's a flashback?? Okay, was there ever a Bean-Flashback that I did like? Hm...)


Bea: You know that's not true.


Ben: I know that I made a mistake. You were a mistake. You can’t imagine how much I regret it. So once more. Leave. Don't come back.





[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


The auditorium seems to have become the dorm for this night. (But there's no Jenny or Emma. They probably claimed the couch again and that's why everyone else had to leave.)


Timo comes in.


Timo: Hey. It's really cosy in here.


Luzi: Where have you been all this time?


Timo hems and haws a bit then produces a red rose from behind his back.


Luzi: Aww. Thanks. And I thought you were leaving me in the lurch again.


Timo: Why’s that?


Luzi: Well, because the last two nights you were at home too, because of your father.


Timo: Oh. Well. Not today.


Luzi: But maybe there really is something that I don't know about you yet. Are you scared of big dark places?


Timo: Yes, that's right. But now that I'm here with you...I feel very safe.


Luzi: I'll protect you.



[Pestalozzi, school toilet]


Sophie walks in, looks at herself in the mirror and flashes back to walking up to Timo and kissing him openly at school for the first time.



[Beschenko home]


The doorbell rings. Karin opens the door.


Karin: Ben...


Ben: Is your offer still open?


Karin: Of course. Come in.



[Bergmann villa]


Caro comes back out of Ben's room with a bag. Stefan has been waiting for her.


Stefan: Hold it. The keys. There's one thing you should know. I arranged for the 100.000 to be transferred back.


Caro: You can't do that.


Stefan: I can. Or did you really think I would let you have 100.000 Euros without making sure that there was a loophole?


Caro: We had a deal.


Stefan: No. You blackmailed me. But no more.


Caro: I wouldn't be so sure.


Stefan: What do you plan to do? Go to Ben and tell him the truth? There's nothing you can do anymore, dear. You're out.


Caro angrily grabs her bag again.


Stefan: Just a sec. Nice earrings. Are those new?


Caro: Ben gave them to me.


Stefan: And I paid for them. Give them to me.


She takes them out and hands them over.


Stefan: And the bag, too.


Caro: And where am I supposed to put my stuff in?


Stefan: Wait here.


He grabs a big blue plastic garbage bag.


Stefan: Here you go.


Caro: You're not serious.


Stefan: I am. Now hurry. I still have an appointment.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Sophie walks in and addresses Timo and Luzi who are lying snuggled together on the floor.


Sophie: What you're pulling is embarrassing...and unfair.


Luzi: Sophie? What...?


Timo: God, Sophie, get lost.


Sophie: You are only with her because I wasn't here.


Luzi: Äh, hello?!


Timo: Leave us alone.


Sophie: You don't love her. You love me. I know that.


Timo: No, I don't and now get lost. You’re really making a fool of yourself.


Sophie: You’re making a fool of yourself. Don't you realize that? Just admit it!


Timo: What? That I'm in love with Luzi? I can give it to you in writing if you want.


Sophie: You're lying.


Timo: Sophie...


Sophie: Then why did you let me spend the last couple of nights at your place without telling your beloved Luzi about that?!