Episode 131

Translated by Thuy Van

Edited by Sones


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Bea:Why dod Sophie go to Australia to get Jens? Why did she testify against me?


Michael:Sophie and her mother know more than they are saying.


Bea:What are you going to do now?


Michael:I’m going to go to Mrs Klein and find out what she knows.


Mrs Klein: (pointing a gun at Michael) Nothing is going to be ok. You have seen too much!


Jens: (tied to some pipes) You have to get me out of here! I can tell the police about what really happened to Franciska Lohmann back then.


Mrs Klein: (turns around to face Jens) Shut up!


(Michael tries to get pass her from behind but gets shot by Mrs Klein.)






[Bea’s cell]


Bea seems to sense that something is wrong.



[Mrs Klein’s basement]


Jens:Put down the gun! What do you want to do now? Pull the trigger again? And then shoot me? He’s going to die.


(Michael is lying on the floor, he’s been shot, but the bullet has only grazed his arm…)


Jens:If you don’t get some help he will bleed out!


(Mrs Klein lets the gun fall and walks out.)







Emma:The strike was no use at all.


Jenny:Götting’s Two-class-system remains.


Emma:I can’t stand being in the B-class any longer! We are not allowed to join any clubs, we won’t get any support. And nobody gives a sh*t about whether or not we manage to graduate. It’s unbelievable that he gets to go on like that after all that happened!


(Caro comes by.)


Caro:Well, what did you expect? That Götting would let some toads ruin his concept? He knew exactly that you all were going to chicken out when an expulsion from school was mentioned.

Jenny:Listen, Caro, I’m aware of the other problems that you have at the moment. Stefan kicked you out and Ben doesn’t want to have anything to do with you anymore. So you have nobody anymore to wipe your ass for you, but for your information: We didn’t chicken out. We cancelled the strike … because Sophie tried to kill herself.



Jenny: sarcasticly But what are Sophie’s problems compared to yours? After-all, she’s only your best friend.


(Jenny starts to leave…)


Jenny: (to Emma) Come.


They leave a stunned Caro…



[Mrs Klein’s basement]


Michael wakes up.


Jens:Everything ok?


Michael:I don’t know yet.


Jens:I…I’ve got a pocketknife in my right jacket pocket….You need to go to a hospital immediately.


(Michael cuts Jens off the pipes.)


Jens:After risking your life for me…I mean, who are you?


Michael: Michael Heisig.


Jens: Jens Mierbach.


Michael:I know who you are.


Jens:I’ve been looking for you this whole time.


Michael:To be honest, I didn’t just want to get you out of this basement, but also some information about the homicide of Franciska Lohmann. We have a friend in common. She really needs your help right now.




Michael:I know that you know the truth….and I also know that this truth will free Bea from the suspicion of murder. What I don’t understand is why you haven’t gone to the police and testified yet.


Jens:You need to get to a hospital now.


Michael:I don’t need to go anywhere before I get to know what happened 10 years ago. Listen, I can’t keep you from disappearing again, but it is kind of thanks to me that you still can do anything at all. So you actually owe me something. Tell me who killed Franciska Lohmann!



[Petsalozzi, class room]


Emma and Hotte are alone.


Emma:You really want to leave for Las Vegas?


Hotte:It’s a one-in-a-lifetime chance. 5 people out of how many applicants…I would be stupid…


Emma:If I left just like that…ok. I’m in the class of losers, and I’ll have to be thankful that Götting won’t bully me out of school before I graduate. But you??


Hotte:I might be in the A-calss now, but Götting is going to change me until I fit in his elite vision. I’m not up for it! And anyway, I don’t need to graduate for Magic.


Emma:Are you aware of how stupid that sounds?


Hotte:Because you call the metaphysical illusion ridiculous!


Emma:It IS ridiculous! They are going to tear you to pieces.


Hotte:You don’t want me to leave.


Emma:Do you think I’ve a crush on you again, or what?


Hotte:Well, maybe not that…but I’m your freaky buddy you can’t live without.


Emma:Don’t be ridiculous….Yes, ok!


Hotte:Well, say it!


Emma:Yes, you are my freaky buddy that I can’t live without. There’s total chaos going on here and I just won’t manage without your thousand dream women and your bizzare realizations. And besides, you sing and dance very well.


Hotte:I’m going to miss you, too, Emma…. But it’s my biggest dream. And if I don’t try it at least then…


Emma:…then you will regret it. Sure.



[Mrs Klein’s basement]


Michael:Mr Klein killed Franciska?


Jens:They had an affair. Franciska betrayed all of us. Bea, me…And I was foolish enough to be taken in by her. Mr Klein didn’t want to risk that this affair would threaten his marriage.


Michael:That’s why he killed her??


Jens:I’ve no idea what happened exactly. But I think it was more of an accident. I just bumped into them when Mr and Mrs Klein were…


Michael:They buried her in the construction trench and…and you saw everything.


Jens:The Kleins offered me some money to leave the country and keep my mouth shut, and I accepted.


Michael:But you already knew back then that Bea was accused!


Jens:I’m a coward, and Bea had an alibi anyway.


Michael:Mrs Krawcyk’s false statement.





[Pestalozzi, corridor]


Ben: (to some classmates)The strike is over but it doesn’t mean that we have to put up with Götting’s sh*t.

Ben:Alright, see you later!


Caro:Ben! I want to explain everything to you.




Caro:You know your Dad’s version, but every story has two sides.


Ben:I know your side. You just slept with my dad because I hurt your ego…to get back at me or just because you have a thing for old men.


Caro:But I…


Ben: (despisingly) Then you got pregnant…didn’t go very well because my father didn’t give a sh*t. But suddenly you realized: ‘Hey, if I say that Ben is the father, he’ll surely be stupid enough to take me back. I’ll get to live in the nice villa and blackmail the real father in the meantime!’


Caro:I never did that!


Ben:What about the 100.000 my father gave us as a start-up capital? I felt horrible when I thought that your miscarriage was my fault. But you were too greedy once again and wanted more money from my father. Well, you underestimated him. His son isn’t so important to him that he allows himself to be blackmailed forever. Good-bye, Caro.


Caro:Ben! I love you.


Ben:You’re as sick as my father. He has the same perception of love. You know what? Go to him. You two are a great team! Bah…



[Pestalozzi, class room]


Hotte:I’m going to do a farewell show later. In the auditorium. Will you gather STAG for it?


Emma:But only…if the trick works this time.



[Mrs Klein’s basement]


Jens:I started a new life in Australia. We let everybody believe that I took Franciska with me.


Michael:Then you found out from Sophie that the case got re-opened, and that Bea had been accused again.


Jens:I couldn’t believe when I saw that girl at my door asking if she had some half-siblings. Sophie was completely on the wrong track. But then she figured everything out pretty quickly. I came to Cologne to help Bea. You have to believe me!


Michael:But I don’t. You didn’t go to the police right away.


Jens:I wanted to talk to Bea first. But then everything got out of control. Sophie made a false statement. And then she offered me money to support her false statement. A lot of money.


Michael: Oh please, how could you even hesitate for a second to help Bea?


Jens:I was going to go to the police. Or do you believe that Mrs Klein locked me up here without a reason?...You need to go to the hospital now. The bandage will only work for an hour at a max.


Michael:NO! I’ll tell you something. I can testify that Mrs Klein locked you up here and we both saw that she shot at me. When we go to the police you will get a reduced punishment. If only you willl finally tell the truth.



[Saal 1]


(Miriam is serving some guests.)


Miriam:Some lamb and a Wiener Schnitzel for you.


(The guests shake their heads.)


Miriam: Right, you were the vegetarians. I’m sorry.


(She goes on to another table.)


Miriam:Here you go, your lamb…and your Wiener Schnitzel. Enjoy your meal!


Miriam: (to Piet who is sitting at the bar) So?




Miriam:Damn, if it keeps going on like this I’m going to serve a Vegetarian some sausage on egg salad.


Piet:Same here. I mean not that I would serve a Vegetarian some sausage but…you know what I mean!


Miriam:Why hasn’t Michael called? I mean, being on to something and then suddenly disappearing? It’s…Oh god…What if…what if something happened to him?


(Her phone rings.)


Miriam:Hello, Michael? …Yes. No, tell me…Hm…


Piet:What is it?


Miriam: (still on the phone) Oh god.


Piet:Has he found Jens?


Miriam:What? No but…doesn’t he want…No ok. Alright. It’s better that way…Yes, alright. Yes. See you. (to Piet) Jens was locked up. Michael found him and…


Piet:What? Locked up?


Miriam:In the basement of Mrs Klein. She isn’t there anymore. Now they are on the way to the police.


Piet:Who? Mrs Klein?


Miriam:Jens and Michael. Jens is going to testify. He can prove Bea’s innocence.


Piet:What? Great! Finally!


Miriam:I have to call Sebastian.


Piet:…sure. But after that we’re going to go to the police station and get Bea out of there, ok?





[Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


Hotte is preparing for his farewell show while reminiscing about some of the moments with STAG.



[Police station]


Michael: Mr Hinze!


Hinze: (seeing Jens) Oh, that’s interesting. Jens Mierbach.


Jens:I seem to be well-known.


Hinze:Well, it’s not unusual for fugitive witnesses. We just stopped searching for you.


Michael:He couldn’t call you…because he was locked up in Mrs Klein’s basement.


Hinze:Are you also going to tell me that Mrs Klein shot at you?


Michael:Exactly. He (Jens) saw it and patched me up.


Hinze:Patched you up? I would say that you should go to the hospital right away.


Michael:Later. Mr Mierbach can attest to Ms Vogel’s innocence. He saw everything and is ready to testify.


Hinze:Aha. Can you explain to me why you have waited for 10 years to give this testimony?


(Jens keeps quiet.)


Michael:He had his reasons!


Hinze: (to Michael) You know what? I have the feeling that Mr Mierbach can speak for himself. I would say you wait with your statement until you’re back from the hospital.


Michael:No. I’m going to wait until Ms Vogel is out of here.


Hinze:Well, alright if you haven’t bled out by then. (to Jens) Come on.


Michael: (to Jens) Please, do the right thing!


(Jens follows Hinze into the interrogation room.)



[Pestalozzi, restroom]


Caro tries to call Sophie but only gets her voicemail.


Sophie’s voicemail: Hello, this is Sophie. Message after the Beep. Beep.


After hanging up Caro seems to have a plan and starts smudging her make-up.



[Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


Emma, Jenny, Luzi, Timo and Ben are waiting for Hotte’s show to begin.


Emma: (to Jenny) Thank you again for coming!


Timo:Alright, uhm, where is Hotte?


(“Let me entertain you” starts to play.)


Jenny: Hey, that’s you, right?


Emma:This is where Hotte missed his entry.


Ben:Like now.


(The lights are suddenly dimmed.)


Ben:Ok, I’ll take everything back. What is going to happen now? Is Hotte going to strip?


Timo:Well, hopefully not!


Luzi:Well, it wouldn’t be the worst view….I think.


(Hotte appears on stage.)


Timo:Barry Hotte(r).


Hotte:I’m glad that you all came.


Luzi:Hotte, what…


(Hotte motions her to keep quiet.)


Hotte:I wanted to thank you for the most amazing time of my life.


Ben:What kind of a farewell is this? He isn’t going to jump off the roof, right?


Emma:Of course not! Now shut up and watch.


Hotte:The time with you in STAG showed me that we always should follow our dreams. And since my dreams no longer have anything to do with what is going on here…uh….well, I’m off then!


(He throws his cloak over himself and with some smoke and lightnings he is gone…)


Emma:It worked!


Timo:Dude, how did he do that?



[Police station, hallway]


While waiting Michael gets his wound stitched up.


Miriam: Mrs Klein shot at you?


Michael:Yes. Well, it wasn’t me for sure.


Miriam:But you could have been killed!


Michael:I’m still here. Now it’s about getting Bea out of here.


Piet:Well now they’re interrogating Jens, they will automatically put out a Bolo for Mrs Klein and find her. But seriously now: Even though you played the hero for my sister and I will be grateful for it until the end of my life…if you don’t go to the hospital immediately, then I’m going to stitch it up myself, and you don’t want that!


Michael:I’ll wait until Bea is released.


Miriam:But it can still take forever. They are going to check Jens’ testimony, then everything will be forwarded to the district attorney.


Michael:They must have finished with that stuff already.



[Police station, interrogation room]


Hinze:These are some very heavy accusations. You are aware of their consequences, aren’t you? Alright. You still have to sign your testimony. Go through it again. I’ll let you alone for a moment.


(As the officer leaves the interrogation room Michael, Miriam and Piet jump up.)


Michael:When is Ms Vogel going to be released? Have you put out a Bolo on Mrs Klein?


Piet:What is it now?


Miriam:What did Jens say?


Hinze:Mr Mierbach just confirmed the statement of Sophie Klein.






Hinze:Yes, he saw Ms Vogel bury the body of Ms Lohmann in the pit. He also insisted that he never told you otherwise. According to him, you are making up the story…to prevent Ms Vogel from being convicted. He also said he didn’t see Ms Klein shoot at you.


(Michael storms into the interrogation room where Jens is about to sign the documents and takes away the pen.)


Michael:Why are you doing this? Why? I know why you’re doing this. Because you are scared and I understand that. You’ve kept the secret to yourself for years. And now you’re feeling guilty, too. But now you mustn’t be selfish! Think about Bea! Bea doesn’t have anything to do with Franciska Lohmann’s death and yet she is sitting in a cell and probably will be for the next 20 years!! ...If you don’t stop being such a damn coward now! If you really loved Bea, then you’d better tell the truth now!