Episode 132

translated by hephylax

edited by sones



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Various places inside of the Police station


Michael: Herr Mirbach can vouch for Frau Vogel’s innocence. He saw everything and agreed to give a statement.


Inspector Hinze: You still have to sign your statement.


Piet: So how did it go?


Miriam: What did Jens say?


Inspector Hinze: Well, he saw Frau Vogel burying Franziska Lohmann's body in that pit.


Michael: rushes in and grabs the pen from Jens. Bea didn’t have anything to do with the murder of Franziska Lohmann, but nevertheless she's sitting in a cell because of it, and will continue to for perhaps the next 20 years! If you ever truly loved Bea, you better tell the truth right now!




[Prison, Bea's cell]


Lawyer: Frau Vogel, did you understand what I just told you?


Bea: You have to call Michael again.


Lawyer: I'm just getting his voicemail, but...


Bea: I believe something has happened to him.


Lawyer: Frau Vogel, let's stay on topic right now, please. Because the evidence against you is really overwhelming. We really tried to find definitive proof of your innocence...but since your affair with your student came to light your credibility is in question. I believe we only have a chance of getting a lesser punishment if you plead guilty.


Bea: Guilty!?!



[Police station, interrogation room]


Inspector Hinze, Michael, Piet and Miriam vs. Jens Mirbach.


Michael: Bea is innocent, and you can prove it. Only you!


Piet: Man, she is my sister!


Michael: Jens, I've gotten to know you, and I know how you tick. You can't sign this.



[Prison, Bea's cell]


Bea: But, how can I confess to a murder I didn't commit?


Lawyer: A confession is your only chance to get a sentence of less than 20 years.



[Police station, interrogation room]


Inspector Hinze: Okay, Herr Heisig, you had your chance. Herr Mirbach, you have your statement in front of you. You just have to sign it.


Jens looks around the room, confronted by the faces of those who love Bea, he picks up the statement and hesitates.


[Prison, Bea's cell]


The door opens and Hinze appears.


Inspector Hinze: Herr Fuhrmann? Do you have a minute?


Lawyer: Yes, of course.


They leave the cell.



[Bergmann villa]


We hear a doorbell ring and see Stefan hanging up the entrance intercom, followed by a door closing and someone coming up the stairs.


Stefan: What do you want?!


Caro: I have to talk to you.


Stefan: If you want to talk me into developing a guilty conscience – later. I have an appointment and am running late.


Caro: I don't have anyone else anymore.


Stefan: I'm dying of compassion.


Caro: You broadcasted to the entire school that I aborted the child.


Stefan: There were lots of other things I could have broadcasted. For example that you did it with the father as well as the son...


Caro: You’ve destroyed everything for me. Nobody wants to have anything to do with me anymore.


Stefan: I lost my son because of you! It wouldn't have had to get this far if you had just considered the consequences of your actions, but you just couldn't get enough!


Caro: I can understand that you're angry. I lost Ben, too, but you didn't want to help me from the start. I mean, I just couldn't take that! I was so mad at you! And then I just took it too far. I know that now. I'm sorry. I don't know where I'm supposed to go now.


Stefan: Go home!


Caro: I can't show up there looking like this! My mother will want to know what's wrong.


Stefan: Okay. Then come in.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Emma und Jenny are alone in the auditorium. Emma has tears in her eyes.


Jenny: That magic trick was such an awesome exit. It fit Hotte perfectly. Maybe it's better this way...


Emma: You mean…. that he doesn’t give us a proper good-bye?


Jenny gives a half-shrug that could mean yes.


That's when Hotte shows up on the edge of the stage.


Emma: Hotte!


Jenny: Hey, where did you suddenly come from?


Hotte: Trade secret.


Emma: Okay. I take everything back. You're already the best illusionist.


Hotte: And you're the worst friend! Did you really think I would just leave without saying good-bye to you? My flight isn’t until the day after tomorrow.


Emma: Then we'll have a lot of time.


Hotte: Well, I still have to pack a few things.


Meanwhile Jenny walks over to the piano.


Jenny: How about it? Join me?


And Emma, Jenny and Hotte sing Be Mine.



[Bergmann villa]


Caro comes back into the living room in a short, black robe. (Which begs the question, why didn't we ever see Jenny in it? I really doubt that it's Ben's robe.)


Caro: Thanks for letting me take a shower. I'm already feeling much better.


Stefan: Would you like some tea?


Caro: Thanks. - I've really felt very at home here these last few weeks.


Stefan: You don't say. To humiliate you in school was in bad taste. I apologize for that. I just blew a fuse. That's not normally my style, and neither of us were really blameless in this situation.


Caro: We have both lost Ben. That has knit us together somehow, don't you think?


Stefan: Yeah…


Caro: The relationship between Ben and you, it wouldn't have worked in the long run anyway. He is different. He doesn't appreciate your skills, your career, your values...


Stefan: Contrary to you? Would you like some sugar?


Caro: Yes, please. I know what it means to have so much responsibility...and that you only wanted what was best for Ben. If I could live here, there would be so much I could learn from you.


Stefan: Because you want to end up where I am now one day. (Caro puts her hand on his.) You know, Caro, you're very ambitious. But how stupid do you think I am?


He removes his hands from hers, and Caro suddenly gets a clue.



[Prison, Bea's cell]


Bea is ... unsettled (or something).



[Police station, waiting area]


Michael: God, where is he?


Miriam: He just wanted to talk to Bea's lawyer for a moment.


Piet: Why don't they just let Bea go?


Miriam: God, Michael, you have to see a doctor.


Michael: No, I'm staying until...


Piet: Yes, you're staying until Bea is free. I'm sick of hearing it. When Bea gets out of there and sees you looking like this she's going to give me hell because I didn't take care of you. Thanks so much.


Michael: So, you would leave now if this was about your girlfriend?


Piet: Tsk.


Michael: See.


Inspector Hinze walks in with Frau Klein.


Inspector Hinze: Well...we picked up Frau Klein. At her daughter's bedside.


Miriam: I'm sorry but we don't really care about Frau Klein at the moment. Could you please tell us when Bea will be released?


Inspector Hinze: You'll excuse me if I don't really care about your schedule. I don't know neither Jens Mirbach's final version nor do I have a confession from Frau Klein. As long as that's the case nobody is going anywhere...except maybe you to the hospital.


And he disappears into a room.


Michael: Funny. Frau Klein will never confess.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Emma and Jenny are alone in the auditorium. Again.


Emma: The last time I thought about my wedding I was still playing with dolls. And back then I wanted...Hotte to marry me…because he was the only boy who didn't pick on me.


Jenny: Well, then I'm glad that he'll be jetting off to Las Vegas.


Emma: Yes…he’s really leaving.


Emma moves around and leans on the piano, looking very sad. Jenny notices this and grabs her hand to offer support.   After a few seconds Emma sits down next to Jenny on the piano bench.


Emma: We’re all alone here.


Jenny nods just a little…. And they kiss.


Only to be interrupted (OF COURSE) by Timo who comes rushing in.


Timo: Emma! Say has Hotte shown up again in the mean...time...


Emma panics, pushes Jenny away from her while jumping off the bench.


Emma: (to Jenny) Are you crazy?! How dare you?!


Emma looks back and forth from Timo to Emma…. Timo isn’t really sure what he’s just seen….Jenny is shocked…..in full panic mode, Emma rushes out of the auditorium leaving a rather devastated Jenny behind.


[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Jenny: Emma!


Jenny is running to catch up with Emma. Emma stops walking.


Emma: I'm sorry.


Jenny: You're sorry? Ugh! You make me look like a desperate lesbian in front of Timo and all you can think of to say is “you're sorry”?


Emma: I can't handle this. I already belong to the mega-losers club, and now if everyone notices that I've also got a crush on you then...


Jenny: Say, can you just stop thinking about the others for once? Who gives a shit?!


Emma: It's not that easy for me.


Jenny: I can see that.


Emma: What do you mean?


Jenny: *sigh* I wanted to give you time because I know exactly what it’s like. You first have to come to terms with it yourself. But...after that number just now…. I'm not sure if there’s a point to all of this anymore.


Emma: What do you mean by that?


Jenny: It means that you have to make a decision. If you want to be with me, we'll go through this together. I won't let you down, I promise you! I'm not asking you to out yourself in public, or anything like that but...but something like this...this is out of the question!  


And this time it’s Jenny that storms off.



[Police station, interrogation room]


We see in interrogations of Jens and Frau Klein going on, but in-between there are flashbacks set at a dance at the Pestalozzi – years prior, and all of our main players are there….


Inspector Hinze: Well, then start talking, Herr Mirbach. I'm looking forward to what you are going to tell me this time.


Mirbach: Everything I'm going to tell you will corroborate Bea's and Frau Klein's statements.


Inspector Hinze: Well then...


Mirbach: Officially I was with Bea, but the affair with Franziska had already been going on for a while. In the beginning it was just a game for both of us. Franziska was exciting, I never knew what to expect from her the next day. I was head over heels in love with her, and she knew that. I thought that she felt the same way. .. but Franziska only loved the adventure…and the money. Back then I was too blinded to see it, and I wasn't the only one Franziska was having an affair with.


Frau Klein: Thanks - I found out that my husband was having an affair…..on the day Franziska Lohmann died. Until then my life had been perfect. I had a husband, a beautiful house...an enchanting little daughter. Everything you could ever wish for.


Mirbach: Franziska and I had decided to run away together. To Australia. I thought, of course, that Franziska loved me. But I think that she mainly wanted to put one over on Bea.




Franziska: Jens is incredibly good in bed. We had such an awesome night.




Mirbach: So I wanted to tell Bea face to face. But...I was scared. Anyway, Franziska dropped the bombshell about our affair on Bea. It was complete chaos.




Bea: You're lying!


Franziska: Why would I? Just ask Jens.


(And what's with the Jemma Giftzwerg & Coming Out Anthem playing in the background? Are they trying to tell us something?)


Mirbach: What's going on here?


Bea: Tell me it isn't true.


Franziska: Tell her. It's high time to come clean.


Mirbach: Bea, I'm sorry. (Bea runs off.) Why did you do this?


Franziska: Because we're leaving together tonight, and now I'll go get our vacation fund.




Mirbach: I learnt later that Franziska had made a date for that time at the construction pit...with her other affair...

Frau Klein: Meanwhile my husband got a message. I knew immediately that something wasn't right. My husband supervised the construction work at the Pestalozzi School. That's where he met Franziska.




Herr Klein: I have to go to the construction site real quick, okay?


Frau Klein: Now?





Frau Klein: But at night? To the construction site? I knew immediately that something wasn't right and that my husband was meeting his mistress. So I followed him. I recognized the girl from school, Franziska.




Franziska: I need money. Right now.




Frau Klein: But then...




Franziska: I'm with Jens now.




Frau Klein: I'll never forget the look on my husband's face.




Franziska: We're leaving tonight.


Herr Klein: Franziska...




Frau Klein: I don’t think anyone had ever humiliated him like that.




Herr Klein: Say, have you gone completely insane, or something?


Franziska: 100.000. Or your sweet little wife will know everything.




Frau Klein: My husband got very angry. I knew that our family meant everything to him, despite the affair. He would never have allowed Franziska to tell me everything, but how was he supposed to explain to me where all that money went? And then it happened. It happened so fast. I don't think he really realized what he was doing.






Herr Klein: Wait! Wait, damnit!


He takes a conveniently forgotten shovel and bashes Franziska's head in.


Frau Klein: What did...what have you done?!




Back in present day, we see Frau Klein give just a teeny nod – as if to say ‘oh well, that was that…’ Crrraaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


[Bergmann villa]


Caro: I don't see what your problem is, all of a sudden.


Stefan: Then let me sum up the whole thing for you, shall I? You went after my son to get your hands on my money. To get you pregnant was really the stupidest thing that could have happened to me.


Caro: You liked it, didn't you? I thought we were a good team.


Stefan laughs.


Stefan: The two of us? A good team? Caro, you're a money-grubbing bitch who caught me in a moment of weakness. But I sure as hell won't make such a mistake again.


Caro slaps him.


Caro: You are such an ass!


Stefan: Now we're finally getting down to it. Feeling at home in my house, my ass. You got used to the luxury and don't want to give it up again. And now that you’ve succeeded in driving Ben away, you want to move in here?!


Caro: I drove Ben away!?! He already hated you before I ever got together with him….. because you messed his mother up. Didn't she even kill herself because of you? Go ahead, hit me. Then I'll report you for assault, and I'll tell everything!


Stefan: Be my guest. Out!


Caro: Like this? My clothes are still in the wash.


Stefan just looks at her. The next thing we see is Caro stepping out of the house, crying and still in her black robe. She screams and collapses against the door, looking very lost.



[Police station]


Frau Klein: Do you have a family? The Inspector looks down for a second, as if to say yes. Then you know that you would do anything for your family, right? You try to protect them from everything.




Herr Klein: Monika.




Frau Klein: I didn't run away on that night. I didn't leave my husband...like others might have done. I could see in his eyes how sorry he was about everything. And I believed him.




Herr Klein: I'm so sorry. I love you. I didn't want to lose you. I'll make everything up to you. I promise. But now you have to help me.




Frau Klein: My husband's plan might have worked, but just as he had almost finished burying the body...




Mirbach: What are you doing?




Mirbach: They offered me money - to keep silent and go away. I was in complete shock. I didn't know that Franziska had been having another affair. In that moment, I was just simply mad at her. So I said yes. You know the rest.


Frau Klein: My husband regularly transferred money to Jens Mirbach. In exchange, Herr Mirbach wrote postcards in Franziska's name to her family. Everyone thought Franziska and Jens had run away together. Until her body was found. I believed I was doing everything to save my family. The truth is...that we were never happy again. (Boohoo!) This crime…stood between us...until my husband died.


Inspector Hinze: Frau Klein...you'll understand if my feelings of compassion are rather limited.


Frau Klein: What happens to me now?


Michael is still waiting.


Bea is in her cell. The door opens...


Michael, Miriam und Piet are still waiting. Hinze and Bea walk in. Bea rushes into Michael's arms. Bea and Miriam are crying. Everyone is happy.


The End