Episode 133

Translated by Maike and Sones

Edited by Sones


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Frau Klein is giving her statement, and in a flashback we see Herr and Frau Klein burring Franziska’s body...and then Jens walking upon the murder scene.....


Frau Klein: My husband regularly transferred money to Jens Mierbach. Everyone believed Franziska and Jens left together.


Bea is escorted by Inspector Hinze out into the hall where Michael, Miriam and Piet are waiting.... Bea and Michael hug....


[Opening theme]


Bea is hugging Michael and as they break apart she grabs onto his arm....when he flenches she notices the gunshot wound.


Bea: My God, what happened?


Miriam:Frau Klein shot him.


Bea: Frau Klein!?!


Miriam:He was trying to free Jens from her basement.


Bea: What basement?


Piet:And he got Jens to confess.


Bea: Then... Jens killed Franziska?


Michael:No..... Herr Klein killed Franziska.


Inspector Hinze and Jens Mierbach come out of a room, passing them.


Bea:Inspector Hinze? Could I talk to Herr Mierbach in private for five minutes?


Jens looks scared and ashamed all at the same time.


[Götting’s Office]


Alexandra is just coming in, Götting is on the phone.


Götting:Yeah. The… The students went on strike because they thought this arrangement was going to be forever, but I had just introduced this as a test. - Of course, Herr Wendtland. Then I will patiently wait for the results of your investigation. Goodbye. He hangs up. That was... the end of our elite program.


Alexandra: I'm sorry.


Götting: sarcastically.   Pft...You seem to be really distressed by this.


Alexandra: Julian, at the moment only one thing is important to me: That the murderer of my sister gets what she deserves! That's why I need the day off tomorrow. I am the joint plaintiff.


Götting: I wish you all the luck.


Alexandra: Thanks, but I don't even need that. All of the evidence points towards Bea’s guilt. She doesn't stand a chance.


[In an interrogation room]


Bea: Would you just please finally talk to me?!


Jens:What am I supposed to say?


Bea: Why did you cover up a murder? For money? You knew I loved you. It took me years to get over you! I...I wasn't able to be in a loving relationship...at least not any that would have had a chance...


Jens:I am sorry.


Bea: You knew everybody would think that I'd be guilty! Why didn't you say anything?!


Jens:You always had an alibi!


Bea: For the police, yeah! Do you know how that feels!?! When everybody tells you to your face you're a murderer!?!


Jens:I didn't want you to be a suspect again!


Bea: Then why didn't you come straight to the police when you got here? Because of the money.... Jens suddenly realizes that she knows everything. Yeah, you blackmailed Sophie. That was the deal she was talking about the whole time! You exploited a student who just wanted to protect her family!


Jens:I just didn't know what to do! I'm completely broke!


[Beschenko Apartment]


Ben, Karin and Luzi are sitting at the dinner table eating in a very awkward silence.


Karin:Ben, your father called again today....and when I cleaned the house for him today, he asked me about you the whole time. He’s worried.


Ben: He'll survive.... but if it’s becoming a problem for you that I’m living here temporarily, then...


Karin:No. It is not a problem. Even though I think that you could rectify a lot of misunderstandings by talking about them....


Ben: My father knocked up my girlfriend and then gave her money for the abortion. What's there to misunderstand other than that my father is an asshole?


Karin:I'm not talking about your father. Ben looks at Luzi. Uh, I'll go prepare dessert.


As soon as Karin gets up, Ben springs up from his chair...


Luzi:Ben, wait a minute!


Ben: Listen. I am really grateful that your Mother is letting me crash here, but because of you Götting will be able to continue with his two-class-system. If you hadn't gotten everybody to give up on the strike -


Luzi:Hey! Would you shut up and sit down?! He sits. So, when we went on strike I was completely convinced in our cause, and I believed that we all wanted the same thing – without any secrets...


Ben: Yeah, and...?!


(He motions for her to go on)


Luzi:And then Timo took Sophie in – secretly.... and he lied to my face the whole time. And then I came home and had to listen to you telling my mother about some affair with Frau Vogel... I suddenly felt like everybody was just thinking about themselves and … Well... then I just thought about myself, too, for once!


Ben: In what way? What did you get from getting everybody to give up on the strike?


Luzi:Well... Götting wanted to arrange a scholarship at the musical academy in Liverpool for me.


Ben: What!?!


Luzi looks ashamed and Ben is shocked...


[At the Vogel residence]


Laura is on the floor making a ‘welcome home’ poster for Bea when everyone busts through the door...


Piet:And Michael was like “No, no way! I'm staying here until she gets out of prison!”


Miriam:Yeah, your Michael is a hero!


Michael: Well...


Lara:Welcome back!


Michael starts to read the poster that Lara couldn’t finish...


Michael:… In fre-!


Lara: You're early! Gosh, I'm so happy you're back! They are going to completely freak out at school! They really missed you.... especially with the strike and everything, did Mum tell you?!


Bea: What strike?


Michael:I'll tell you later...


Bea:Speaking of.... we'll be leaving!


Piet:No, wait! It is! Time! For! Champagne! The cork pops off. For you! Bea gets a glass, then Michael. And of course also to your hero! And now Laura. A little sip for the young lady. They all toast. Cheers!


Michael:We really need our rest now.


Miriam:Bea! Please tell me what Jens said first!


Bea and Miriam sit on the couch, while Michael pouts a little.



[Beschenko Apartment]



Luzi:That school has always been my dream! Founded by Paul McCartney... with teachers from all over the world! I just never talked about it because it always seemed so unrealistic...


Ben: But with Götting's offer...


Luzi:… it was suddenly possible...


Ben: Was?


Luzi:I turned the offer down after all. A little too late, but better late than never.


Ben: And? Do you regret it?


Luzi:No. Of course not.


She doesn’t seem convinced.


Ben: I should have realized something was going on.... Otherwise one ‘Luzi Beschenko’ would have never broken the strike. I should have asked.... but I was angry. At my father, Caro and...and you. But it's good that you told me... now.... I understand everything much better. And that you're angry at Bea, and me.... because of all that sneaking around. But Luzi, you must know that the both of us really -


Luzi:No. I don't want to hear that.


Ben: No, Bea really always -


Luzi:This really is none of my business.


Ben: Yes, it is. She is your teacher, too. But I love her and she lov-


Luzi:Um, Ben, she is our teacher, and yes that's exactly why –


Karin appears in the doorway, fully aware that her daughter is totally overwhelmed.





[Vogel House]


Bea is sitting on Michael’s lap, picking at his bandages.


Bea: When I think about the fact that.... Frau Klein really could have shot you -


Michael:Nonsense! I always wanted a grazing shot like this! One day I'll tell my kids about it!


Miriam chuckles.


Bea: Kids?


They all look up when music starts.


Piet:So, Lara, time for....


Lara:Dad, that already was embarrassing five years ago!


Piet:Man, what do you mean, embarrassing?! Come on!


Miriam:Ah, yeah, when Piet wanted to prove that he's a better singer and dancer than you.


Piet looks annoyed, so his sister comes to the rescue!


Bea: Well, he's got the genes.


Piet:Should be good enough for the dancing club!


Miriam: To Bea. Is there a free spot?


Bea looks apprehensive.


Piet:Let's go, okay...


Piet starts dancing.


Miriam:Lara, please help your father.


Lara joins in.


Lara:Don't you dare tell anybody about this!


Michael and Bea sneak off, getting a goodbye wink from Miriam.


Piet:Come on!


Miriam:No, no!


Miriam is pulled in and they all start dancing.




[Bea’s Room]



Michael:Do we have to worry that your brother will come dancing in here?


Bea: I wouldn't put that past him. Michael runs a finger down her body, moving to lock the door..... and then they begin ‘resting.’ Sorry. Is it even possible with that?


[“Not as we” by Alanis Morissette]



[Back in the Vogel Living Room]



Piet:I wonder where the two of them went.....hummmm....




Lara:Gee, Dad, even I know where they went!


Miriam:Nu-uh! Don't you dare knock!


Piet:So the party is over or what?!


Miriam:I guess so.


Lara:This song is for you.


[“What the world needs now is love” by Jackie DeShannon]


Miriam:That's our wedding-waltz. I really have to go, I - Piet, I - They dance for a bit. Ummm... Gee, I really have to go. Bye, sweetie.


Miriam gives Laura a quick kiss and runs out the door.


[Bea’s Room]


Bea: I'll never leave here again.


Michael:I'll never let you go, either.


Bea: You could have died.


Michael:You could be looking at 20 years in prison.


(15 at most, actually. Or life. Which would probably be 15 as well, seeing that Bea appears pretty prim and proper...)


Bea: I'll never forget that.

Michael: I know a way....that you could thank me...


Bea: The doctor told you to rest!


Michael:The doctor also prescribed me some painkillers, but I can't reach them right now...


Bea: You should have said so, I'll go get them for you!


Michael:No, no, no..... I, uh... I know a better painkiller...


Bea: You do? Where does it hurt?




He points and she kisses....


Bea:Oh...!   Kisses I love you.


Michael:I love you, too.


More ‘resting’...


[Götting's office]


Götting:Yes, come in. Herr Horstfeld.


Hotte:I … wanted to tell you that I'm leaving this school.


Götting:And why's that? Is that what comes after the strike, a wave of dropouts?


Hotte:That would be one good idea...but my leaving has nothing to do with the Pestalozzi. I'm moving to America, to attend a school for illusionists.


Götting:Magic? You?! I’ve never heard you speak of that before.


Hotte:To be honest, you're not exactly a teacher that one would talk about their future with.


Götting:In that case, I wish you the best of luck. I always knew this school had the potential to send great talents out into the world.


Hotte:This school really does have some talents, and if you really care about them, you should support them. Goodbye.



[In the teacher's lounge]


Götting:Good morning.


Everyone: Good morning.


Götting:Thank you for taking the time. Does anyone know where Herr Heisig is? Everyone mummers in the negative. I'll keep it short. Starting now, the separation of students into A and B classes is over. This educational concept was a test run from the start.


Ingrid:Test run!?! That’s not what it sounded like last week!


All of the teachers agree.


Götting:This is a teacher's conference... What are you doing here?


Ingrid:Coffee refills?!


Götting:Ahem...Our colleague Frau Lohmann is absent today, she is acting as a joint plaintiff in the trial against Frau Vogel. Seeing that I am, unfortunately and sadly, expecting a conviction, we now have to talk about who will take over Frau Vogel's students.


Bea: How about me?


Ingrid:Oh, Frau Vogel! Oh!!!


Bea: I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that I have been proven completely innocent. I'll resume my work as a teacher. And since I'm here again, I'll be taking over STAG right away.


Everyone but the shocked Götting is very happy.





Hotte is alone on the stage, having one last look around when the rest of the STAG arrive...


Timo:Hey, are we going to get another performance?! Hehe....


Hotte:When I come back from America...


Emma:You'll be rich and famous and won't remember us anymore!


Hotte: Exactly! He is smiling wickedly, and then suddenly sobers. I just gave notice that I am dropping out of school.... but I didn’t want to leave just like that...


Luzi: Ugh...how nice of you....


Hotte: Luzi! I’ll never get another chance like this again! How can I say no to such a big opportunity?


Luzi: And what about the competition for the guest appearance in Sister Act? That was a really big opportunity for all of us!


Hotte: Luzi....


Luzi: Yeah, like I said.... WAS a big opportunity.... She finally cracks a smile. Have fun in Vegas!


Timo: And... when you’re ready with your magic, conjure up a big fat bank account for me, ok? Then we’ll go gambling together over there!


They hug.


Hotte: Sure thing... hehe!


Emma: Good luck! Now you can finally make the woman of your dreams appear!


They hug.


Hotte: And saw her in half!


Emma: Hehehe....Be careful with that!


Hotte: You know me...


Emma: Hehehe....


Luzi: Have fun in Vegas...


They hug.


Hotte: Well then....


He walks off, tears in his eyes.... turns around, blows a kiss and gives a final bow before leaving his friends, who are also suffering from the moist eye syndrome, behind.


**Goodbye, Hotte! The entire Hand auf Herz fandom will greatly miss you!***




Piet has driven Lara to school and is dropping her off


Piet: And if you hurry now you might make it to second period.


Lara: What do I say if I get in trouble?


Piet: You never get in any trouble. They know what was going on with us yesterday.


Lara: Oh yes, I know what was going on with us yesterday....


Piet: What....!?


Lara: Come on! There was totally a spark between you and Mamma!


Piet: Lara, your Mother and I....we were together for a long time, and through you we will always remain connected in some way.... but... she has a new boyfriend now, and you shouldn’t get your hopes up.


Lara: Are you talking to yourself or to me now?


Lara gets out of the car and goes into the school, leaving a very puzzled Piet behind.


[Police Station]


Alexandra: That can’t be!


Inspector Hinze: Frau Lohmann, we have two witnesses who have confirmed that your sister is the victim of the late Herr Klein. Apparently the two of them had been having an affair, and your sister tried to blackmail Herr Klein, thus meeting with her misfortune. Frau Klein had been covering up the crime, and has now confessed. Bea Vogel.... has nothing to do with the death of your sister.


Alexandra: I do not believe it.


Inspector Hinze: I know that it’s hard to accept it, but you were wrong.


Alexandra: No!


Alexandra is totally speechless...


[ Auditorium]


Emma and Timo are sitting on the stage stairs, while Luzi is at the piano...


Emma: Hotte in Vegas! I....I just can’t believe it...


Timo: Di you know that he wanted to do magic?


Emma: In Elementrary School he talked of nothing else, but then.... I thought it’d forgotten about it...


Timo:Pft... Well, everyone has secrets...


Emma is staring at the floor, but hears something and looks off towards the doors...


Emma: No way!


Timo: Yes way...


Emma: Frau Vogel!

Timo: You’re back?


Bea: Yes, I’m back... and the STAG can go on.


Emma greets Bea with a joyful hug.


Emma: I knew it... you are innocent!


Bea: Yes, and uh... we have to get started....the audition for Sister Act is only three days away!


Timo: Yes... we can do it!


Bea: Hey Luzi... you alright?


Luzi: Innocent you say?


Bea: Yes....? I was completely exonerated.


Luzi: Maybe as far as the murder of Frau Lohmann’s sister goes... but as for the other thing....


Bea: The other thing...?


Luzi: My God, just keep on lying....you’re so good at it... !


Bea: I don’t know what you’re talking about....


Luzi: Yes, what am I talking about? Maybe you should just ask around. Maybe...maybe at the Bergmann’s, for example? You’re out? That’s great.... so am I!


Luzi grabs her stuff and leaves the auditorium, with Bea hot on her heels.


[In the Hall]


Bea catches up with Luzi right outside of the famous glass doors.... and I guess that they can’t be seen or heard by Timo or Emma.... I’m telling you.... those glass doors and walls are MAGIC!


Bea: Luzi! Now wait a minute...what have I done to you?!


Luzi: Nothing. You have done nothing to me. I just thought you were something you’re not.... Sorry, my mistake. I’ve always thought.... that you knew what’s good and what’s not, and what.... what’s right and what’s wrong, but in reality... in reality you’re just like all the others. You’re just a teacher who acts like she’s respectable when in front of us, but behind our backs is screwing one of her students!


BUSTED!!! Bea looks panicked, while Luzi just looks PISSED....and we fade to black....