Episode 134

Translated by Maike

Edited by Sones



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Luzi: Innocent, you say?


Bea: Yeah, I've been positively proven innocent.


Luzi: Maybe concerning the murder of Frau Lohmann's sister, but in regards to that other thing... You're out? That's nice. So am I.


Bea: Would you please wait? What have I done to you?


Luzi: You've done nothing to me. I was just wrong about you. I always thought that you'd know what's good and what isn't, and what's right and what's wrong, but really you’re just like everyone else. You are a teacher who acts all prim and proper, but in reality you're sleeping with your student.


[Opening theme]




Timo is sitting at the piano, Emma is freaking out.


Emma: I don't get it! We might have an opportunity to sing with the stars of Sister Act in Hamburg! That's a chance we may never get again..... and what happens?! Luzi just leaves – I mean... Do you understand that?


Timo: Maybe she's right. What does she have here? There's you, me and... the end.


Emma: Ugh, if Hotte weren’t leaving for Las Vegas....


Timo: But he is, and we don't know if Sophie will come back, either.


Emma: You could at least try to talk to Luzi.


Timo: (getting up) Man, Emma, face it, we're finished.


Emma: And what about Hamburg?


Timo: They're looking for a music group, not a duo! Sorry, but we're not even that... I'm sorry.


Timo leaves a devastated Emma.


[In the halls]


Bea storms round a corner, passing Ben – who doesn’t even see her.


Bea: Ben! (He stops and turns) Did you see Luzi?


Ben: Bea? Shocked You're out?


Bea: Yes. Despite your appearance at the station! Who else did you tell about us? Luzi knows, the police know!


Ben: Bea, please! I thought I'd help you if I could just explain what kind of person you are to the superintendent.


Bea: I guess you just swooned a little too much.


Ben: Yeah... I really meant well!


Bea: I know that. What about Luzi?


Ben: I didn't tell her anything. Bea, she accidentally heard it when I told her mother abou-


Bea: I need to find her. (She storms off, pissed that he’s told yet another person.)


[Saal Eins]


Miriam's working when Piet comes in.


Miriam: Piet? What are you doing here?


Piet: You forgot something yesterday.


He holds up her cellphone


Miriam: That so nice. Thanks. She starts polishing some – probably already clean – glasses

I could have retrieved myself though, or I could have called Lara then she would ha- Whatever. Coffee?


Piet: Sure, why not.


Miriam: May I? (She takes a cup from her co-worker) Thanks. It got pretty late last evening... Was Lara very tired this morning?


Piet: Doesn't matter. What’s important is that she had a nice evening. I mean, how often do you celebrate with your parents at that age?


Miriam: When she was five she wanted to become a dancer, do you remember?


Piet: But she doesn't want to be a dancer anymore.


Miriam: I guess she'll think of some other crazy thing.


Piet: She sure will. With that mother.


Miriam: With that father!


Piet: You know what? I uh... I feel like something crazy right now, too. (He takes off his jacket) I'll have breakfast here. Big Saal Eins special!


Miriam: Uh-hu. Don't you have to work?


Piet: I guess I'll be late.


Miriam: Okay. One big Saal Eins breakfast, coming right up!


Suddenly Sebastian comes in, all excited.


Sebastian: Miriam!

Sebastian, what are you doing here?


She’s little stressed, with a glance in Piet's direction. Sebastian kisses her hello


Sebastian: Do you have a few minutes? I found a bed, it's at a discount! We have to go for it now or it'll be too late!


Piet's listening in, not turning around to look though


Miriam: I can't just leave here now...


Sebastian: Not even for half an hour? I would like to show it to you before I buy it. It's not like there's a lot going on in here... To Miriam's colleague Could you take over for a while? She'll be right back.


He proceeds to drag her out of the door


Miriam: Hey...


Piet looks sad.


[In front of the secretariat]


Alexandra's apparently waiting for Ingrid, who's just coming back


Ingrid: Frau Lohmann! I thought this was your day off?!


Alexandra: It obviously isn't.


Ingrid: I already handed out the substitution schedule.


Alexandra: I'll teach as usual.


Ingrid: But everybody already knows what to do. Because you were supposed to testify at the trial against Bea.


Alexandra: Then cancel it! That's what you're here for after all.


She starts to leave, only to be stopped by Caro


Caro: Frau Lohmann!


Alexandra: What?


Caro: Today is training as usual...?


Alexandra: Of course.


Caro: I thought I could take part again.


Alexandra: And I thought you were off the team for good.


Caro: I was pregnant and had a few problems, but now I'm ready to be Captain again. We had a deal! I'll get rid of Lara and become Team Captain again!


Alexandra: That's an allegation you will not repeat again!


Caro: Please! I know how the team rolls. They can't go on without me for long!


Alexandra: Don't be so full of yourself! She turns to leave, yet calls back. And be punctual!


[Entrance, the stairs]


Lara comes down the steps, Ben is waiting at the bottom, stopping her


Ben: Lara?

Lara: Hi Ben. (to her teammates) Go ahead, I'll be right behind you.


Ben: And, training going well?


Lara: Yeah, since Caro isn't really there anymore...


Ben: I know what you mean. And other than that, everything alright? At home?


Lara: Non-stop party there. Since Bea got out and Heisig saved her...


Ben: Heisig? I thought the police just figured out that she's innocent.


Lara: Well, not just like that. If Heisig hadn't found that Jens Mierbach he would probably still be sitting in Sohpie’s Mum’s basement.


Ben: Sophie's mum?


Lara: You really don't know anything!


Ben: Well tell me then!


Lara: Sophie's dad killed Franziska Lohmann's sister because the two of them had an affair and she tried to blackmail him with that. I think she means Alexandra Lohmann's sister ;D


Ben: Bloody hell!


Lara: And Sophie's mum covered all of that the whole time and didn't want it to get out, so when Jens Mierbach came back from Australia she just locked him away because he knew all about it, and then she even tried to shoot him... But Michael jumped in the way.


Ben: Michael?


Lara: Yeah, Michael, Heisig, doesn't matter. Otherwise Bea would have definitely gotten imprisoned for life! It really wasn't looking good. Well, I've got to go now.


Ben: Alright.


Lara: Bye.


She leaves


Ben: Have fun...


[In front of the school]


Michael is just arriving while Bea's leaving.


Michael: Morning. Hey, we've just gotten you back and yet you're trying to flee.


Bea: On the contrary, my students are fleeing me. Did you see Luzi?


Michael: Luzi? No, why?


Bea: She somehow found out... That thing with Ben and... Now she's left the AG..


Michael: Yeah, well, but actually that whole thing is resolved now and it is your private matter.


Bea: Still. Without Luzi we can forget the whole AG... And Hamburg too.


Michael: Sweetie, it's time for you to see the positive things in life. Hm? You're beautiful. You have a job that you like. You are not in prison anymore. You -


Bea: My boyfriend's a hero?!


Michael: - have a boyfriend who's a hero and who worships you.


Bea: Thank you for believing in me....and saving me.


Michael: That's what hero's are for, aren't they?


They kiss.


[Locker rooms]


The girls are changing before volleyball practice.


Lara: I can understand that Sophie is totally upset. I mean.. Her father is a murderer, her mother's in prison, Timo has a crush on Luzi and her ex-best friend Caro....


....is just coming in....


Caro: You're talking about me? What about me? Caro and Ben? Caro and her abortion? Or just Caro the stupid cow?


Jenny: We know that.


Caro: I want to practice, I've missed it a few times. Hey, you're allowed to be happy!


Jenny: I don’t think anyone wants that, so get lost.


Caro: Why do you get to decide that?


Jenny: Because I'm who’s saying what everyone here is thinking.


Caro: Is that so?! Lara, what do you think? Does the team want me, or not?


Lara: I -


Jenny: Stop that shit! She grabs Caro's shoulder and makes her turn around to face her instead of terrorizing Lara.   Leave Lara alone!


Alexandra: coming inWhat's going on here!?!


Caro: I have no idea, she just suddenly flipped out and came at me!


Alexandra: I don't want to hear anymore of your bitching. You're a team, so act like one! At least while you're here. Caro, you'll be playing on your usual position. Go on!


Alexandra leaves, a smirking Caro following her out. Jenny's disbelieving. Caro smirks and goes after Alexandra. Lara rolls her eyes.




Ingrid and Bea are drinking coffee.


Ingrid: And what's going to happen to Sophie's mum now? How long will she be in prison?


Bea: No idea. I mean, she covered for her husband the whole time. She knew where Franziska's body was all along.


Ingrid: She probably even helped bury her.


Bea: You think?


Emma: Ah, here you are, I've been looking for you everywhere.


Bea: Emma, um, yeah. I'm sorry, I left in a hurry before.


Emma: And? Are we in for Hamburg or not?


Bea: If it were up to me, I'd love that but... I'm afraid that it won't work out.


Emma: (desperate) But we always have some problem, and yet we still don't give up. This is all I have now. Hotte is gone, I'm in a fight with a friend, schools sucks right now... We can't just break up now!


Bea: Sure, Emma, but...


Emma: But?


Ingrid: Well, I think Emma is right. No “but”.


Emma laughs, closely followed by the others.




[The Beschenko's dining room]


Karin and Luzi are eating when Ben storms in


Karin: Ben. You're right on time. Do you want -


Ben: Why did you tell Bea that you know?


Luzi: Okay, I guess I'm not hungry after all. (She gets up and tries to leave, but Ben stops her) Hey!


Ben: God, Luzi, I promised her nobody would ever know!


Luzi: I am so sorry that you are in fight with Frau – Sorry, with Bea now! But he who shags his teacher has to be ready for anything. She leaves and shouts over her shoulder Why is he still living here anyway?!


Ben goes after her, but Karin stops him.


Karin: Ben! She doesn't mean it like that.


Ben: Maybe I'll look for another place to stay.


They sit down.


Karin: She'll come around.


Ben: I had no idea she was so moral...


Karin: You have to understand that Frau Vogel is her shining role model, she really likes her.


Ben: And she's not the only one.


Karin: I thought the thing with you and Frau Vogel was just a short affair?!


Ben: It's not an affair. I love Bea.


Karin: Oh Ben. She's a teacher, and a considerably older.


Ben: Age doesn't matter. I've loved her from the beginning and I didn't even know she was my teacher then.


They both sigh.


[Saal Eins]


Michael is sitting at a table with Dr. Wendtland.


Dr. Wendtland: So that was a serious attempt to completely restructure the Pestalozzi school...


Michael: Yes. That student-strike wouldn't even have occurred without Götting's attempt to categorize the pupils based on their achievements. Even if Götting claims that was just a test run.


Dr. Wendtland: And without any consultation of the school authority whatsoever. What is this man thinking?


Michael: I'm uhh... astonished actually that you're still surprised by his schemes.


Dr. Wendtland: Yes, I know. It was a mistake to give him this headmaster position. But mistakes can be corrected. We'll stay in touch.


They get up and shake hands. Dr. Wendtland leaves.


Michael: Of course. (He moves to the bar to sit with Piet) Hey, I'm sorry, that was a business meeting.


Piet: No problem.


Michael: Where's Miriam, anyway?


Piet: Officially, she's working.


Michael: And unofficially?


Piet: Unofficially your brother just picked her up.


Michael: And now you're sitting here and staring at your breakfast...


Piet: Maybe she'll come back and be hungry...


[Locker rooms]


The girls come back in after training.


Caro: Good that nobody was watching, that was one loser show!


Jenny: I wonder whose fault that was, let me think for a second... Caro Eichkamp!


Caro: Ha! You ignored my game set-up completely!


Jenny: Maybe because nobody wanted to play with you.


Caro: Is that so?


Lara: Yes, it is so.


Caro: What's this? A munchkin revolt?


Lara: You put me in a locker. I really don't feel like playing on a team with you anymore.


Caro: Then don't. Nobody is irreplaceable.


Alexandra: She's suddenly standing in the doorway Dead right. According to what I've seen today, nobody here seems to have any ambition or interest whatsoever in playing on this team anymore. We have two options. Either I'll give you one more chance, or I'll replace the whole team.


Jenny: There's a third option.


Alexandra: So? And that would be?


Jenny: We stay and Caro leaves.


Caro: Funny, Jenny.


Jenny: Lara goes to stand behind Jenny, some others already are. Wasn't meant to be funny. We can't play together with Caro, it just doesn't work. You have to choose. Either us or Caro.


[Saal Eins]


Piet: You know, when Bea got arrested, we all just stuck together. It felt like a family, I completely forgot that we're separated.


Michael: You still love her.


Piet: Yeah, of course I do. If your brother hadn't come along...


Michael: Tsk … You'd have lived happily ever after. You don't really believe that yourself.


Piet: Yeah, maybe I missed the point where I still could have saved the marriage, but still...


Michael: Well, you usually only notice when it's too late and... then it's too late.


Piet: Michael. You haven't been married. *cough* *cough* What does he have that I lack, huh?


[The school parking lot]


Alexandra is about to get in her car when Caro comes along


Caro: So Jenny Hartmann is completely wack, hehe! She thinks she can just bully me off the team. Remember last season? Ten games, ten wins. And all of that because of me.


Alexandra: Yes. I remember.


Caro: Maybe you should mention that. Just so the others don't get any stupid ideas. Ha, “Caro or us”!


Alexandra: I didn't want to embarrass you, that's why I didn't say anything.


Caro: What's that supposed to mean?


Alexandra: Your time's up, Caro. The team decided against you... And so did I.


Caro: You can't do that! I'm the best player!


Alexandra: You were the best player. Last season. Now you're just a shadow of yourself. With the corner's of your mouth pointing downwards, just like your arms when it counts.


She gets in her car.


[The stairs]


Bea is talking to some student.


Bea: You really don't have to worry. There won't be anything in the exam that we didn't practice.


At the bottom of the stairs Ben meets Caro.


Caro: Hey.


Ben just stares at her and proceeds to climb the stairs, past Bea.


Bea: Uh, Ben?


Ben: (turning around to talk to her) Bea!


Bea: Uh, it's none of my business, but... what was that? Why do you act like you barely know Caro?


Ben: Wrong. I act like I know Caro very well – and don't want anything to do with her ever again.


Bea: She lost her baby. Your baby.


Ben: You've been in prison, Bea. But out here, life went on.


Bea: Meaning?


Ben: Meaning there'd be a lot to tell if you actually listened to me.


[Eels – The man who didn't know he'd lost his mind]


[Vogel House]


Piet comes home. He hangs up his jacket and checks himself out in the mirror. Lara appears at the doorway and watches him until he notices.


Piet: How long have you been standing there?


Lara: Long enough.


[In the halls]


Ben and Bea are walking together and talking.


Ben: First she gets an abortion and then it turns out that not me, but my father, impregnated her.


Bea: Ben, I'm so sorry.


Ben: No, I am sorry. Because I seriously said that you were to blame for her loosing the child.


Bea: I'd have wished for you to make it.


Ben: Don't say something like that. (They stop) None of that was real. I let myself be manipulated. It gnawed on my conscience that Caro was pregnant and I never really loved her, and instead of being honest I sent the woman I really love away.


Bea: Ben, please. (He drags her into an open classroom) What are you doing?


Ben: I love you. I always loved you and I always will. If you can forgive me, then...


(Flashback of their first night)


Ben: You still have feelings for me. I know that.


She just stares at him.


[In the Vogel kitchen]


Lara is making a list, Piet sitting opposite her.


Piet: And you really think this will lead somewhere?


Lara: Of course. You want to know why mum left you and what Sebastian has that you don't. And when I'm at a loss, I always make a list. What speaks for, what against? And that's what we'll do now. So, we'll have one column for Piet and one for Sebastian. She writes their names down. So, what are you really good at?


Piet: Driving.


Lara: Driving!? Seriously!? Man, any idiot can do that!


Piet: But I'm better at it!


Lara: I don't think mum will come back when she hears that you're a better driver than Sebastian.


Piet: I can repair cars, too.


Lara: Okay, column Piet: Automobile knowledge. She writes it down. What else?


Piet: I can cook.


Lara: Uh, Mum always did that.


Piet: But lately?


Lara: We always had pizza or sandwiches.


Piet: And can-ravioli!


Lara: Hey, I know something: You can dance, and pretty good, too!


Piet: Dancing... Does that even count?


(Oh Piet...)


Lara: Um, you wanted to write down driving. Of course it counts, gosh, every woman likes men who can dance!


Piet: And why did I never go dancing with mum?


Lara: That's the good thing about a list like this. When you're finished, you know what to do.


[Back in the classroom with Ben and Bea]


Bea: Ben... I like you. A lot.


Ben: stopping her Then don't say anything more.


Bea: Ben. You always tried to do everything right... But...


Ben: I screwed up.


Bea: No.


Ben: And Heisig rocked.


Bea: This is not about him.


Ben: No?


Bea: I had a lot of time to think in prison. This thing with us...


Ben: Is something special! Very special!


Bea: It has never worked! So we should at least try to find a proper ending. I wish for you to be happy again. I wish it for both of us.


She walks around him to leave


Ben: I love you.


Already standing in the door, Bea sees Michael in the hallway, pinning something to a board


Michael: There... Noticing her. Hey!


Bea: Hey.


They leave arm in arm while Ben stares after them with tears in his eyes.