Episode 136

translated by hephylax

edited by sones


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


[Pestalozzi – Various Places] 


Dr. Wendtland: Why don't we just forget the whole thing...and look ahead.


Michael: And what exactly are we seeing there?


Dr. Wendtland: You, as principal of the Pestalozzi Comprehensive School.


Götting: I've been doing research all night. I even called the head of Heisig's department to try and find anything on him, but there’s nothing.


Alexandra: Nothing? Everyone has their weak spot.


Götting: on the phone No, no. You don't have to do anything but lean back and wait. Good-bye.


Alexandra: Who was that?


Götting: His weak spot.


Alexandra: The dear Mrs. Heisig.


Götting: The dear Mrs. Heisig.




[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Dr. Wendtland: The resignation of Principal Götting came very sudden for all of us.


Bea: Oh yes.


Dr. Wendtland: But as the representative of the school authority I can assure you that we are looking intensively for a suitable successor. So until we have found a suitable successor, Colleague Heisig will take over running the school as Acting Principal. Applause Herr Heisig...


Michael stands to make a speech.


Michael: Well... my dear colleagues, as you have heard, I am now, temporarily, your new principal. Which means you'll be rid of me again soon, but also means that there will be a few changes. Under my administration every student will have the right to a comprehensive education. Applause. And there are also two personnel matters to bring up. As you've probably already noticed, Frau Vogel is again part of the teaching staff. Welcome back. And I'm very happy to say that Frau Krawczyk is doing a lot better. Which means she will be back to teaching next week. Here’s to a successful cooperation. Thank you.


Götting: Ah, not so fast, not so fast. As the outgoing principal I have a last request to make to our colleagues. It won't be an easy task for him, so please support Mr. Heisig as best you can. Thank you.

Everyone is rather puzzled by this outpouring of support.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Emma, Sophie and Timo perform Big Girls Don't Cry.


Timo is circling around giving Sophie dirty looks the whole time…. Finally she can’t take it anymore….


Sophie: I'm sorry that I'm not able to give 150% right now.


Timo: I didn't ask you to.


Sophie: Then why do you keep looking at me so disapprovingly?


Timo: I didn't.


Emma: Now stop it! We aren’t enough people for this song, even if we gave 150%.


Timo: We aren't enough for any song. We can really forget about Sister Act. Hey, what about Jenny?


Sophie: Right. She defeated Luzi in that radio contest, didn't she?


Timo: Exactly. Or...do you still have a problem with Jenny?


Emma: W-why? We're having zero problems with each other and...


Timo: Fine. Then get her to join the AG.


Emma: Me??


Timo: Of course.


Deer in headlights look coming from Emma….



[Pestalozzi, teachers' lounge]


Götting: May I congratulate you, Mr. Principal?


Michael: Of course, you may. And what do you really want?


Götting: Even tthough it may surprise you, I'm offering you my complete support.


Michael: Oh really. You are?


Götting: Yes, and with pleasure. Maybe you can learn from my mistakes.


Michael: I'm going to have to try, it seems.


Götting: Yes, you should. After all I stepped down so you could make the best of it. Oh, come on. Let's bury the hatchet. Here’s to a successful cooperation.


Michael: Well, that’s fine by me.


They shake hands.


Götting: I'm glad. Have a nice day, the two of you. to Bea And welcome back to the teaching staff.


Bea: Maybe he took something.


Michael: Or he's up to something.



[Pestalozzi, foyer]


Emma is stalking a giraffe in the Serengeti who is talking to some fellow students.


Emma: giving herself a pep-talk Okay! You're completely calm. Nothing can happen to you. You walk up to her and speak the magic words: Jenny, I have to talk to you. Exactly!


Just as Emma has managed to talk herself into it, Jenny turns in her direction and Emma jumps behind a wall to hide. Jenny saw the maneuver but she turns back to the people she was talking to. Emma comes out of hiding and walks up behind Jenny.


Emma: Jenny, I have to talk to you. Jenny, I have to talk to you... (As Emma gets near her, Jenny walks off to the vending machines.) Damn it!


Jenny looks back and Emma quickly turns around pretending she hasn't been stalking her. Jenny continues to the vending machine and Emma carefully closes in again. When Jenny turns around again after getting something out of the vending machine, Emma jumps behind a pillar to hide. While Emma carefully peeks around the pillar trying to get a glimpse of Jenny, Jenny walks up from the other side.


Jenny: So what’s this?


Emma: What…?


Jenny: Do you think I didn't notice how you have been fluttering around me? Emma, if there's something you want to say... then just tell me. Okay? So?



[Pestalozzi, teachers' corridor]


Bea: I'm sure Dr. Wendtland was glad to give the job to you.


Michael: He was extremely glad.


Bea: Does he have anyone in mind for the new principal?


Michael: He doesn't.


Bea: And he didn't mention anything?


Michael: Now just wait a bit to see how I'm going to fare.


Bea: Hey, I'm very sure you'll do a wonderful job. But...


Michael: But?


Bea: But I know that you hate paperwork. And if you are honest, you'd rather be in class...with your students.


Michael: And have more time for you later, you mean?


Bea: Well...I could visit you in your office from time to time.


Michael: From time to time? Anytime.


Bea: I'd love to have our old principal back.


Michael: Well, I don't think that's going to happen in the foreseeable future.


Bea: Well then someone with the same qualities: an established, impressive female pedagogue.


Michael: Hm, I don't know.


Götting and Alexandra walk past them.


Alexandra: Did you hear that?


Götting: One should be careful with those kind of wishes. They could come true faster than you’d like.


Alexandra: So when will the impressive female pedagogue arrive, anyway?


Götting: You mean, Mr. Heisig's impressive wife…..???!!!



[Pestalozzi, foyer]


Jenny: Jeez, Emma. Now just tell me what's going on.


Emma: Well...I...I wanted to ask you...if you're free this weekend. And if maybe you'd like to go to Hamburg.


Jenny starts smiling.


Jenny: What!?! I can't believe this but...Geez, I've been hoping this whole time that you’d manage to get your act together...but this now is really... Are you serious!?!


Emma: Well...


Jenny: Hey, don't chicken out now!


Emma: Jenny.


Jenny: What? I'm so happy!


Emma: But we wouldn't go alone. And...


Jenny: Uh, ok…. What!?!


Emma: Actually...it's about the audition for this musical workshop...Sister Act. We would go with the entire STAG and we still need some more people and so I thought I'd ask you.


Jenny: Ah...you thought...you'd ask me...


Emma: I'm sorry.


Jenny: You're sorry... That I'm stupid enough to think that you've got some guts!


Emma: I didn't mean to hurt you.


Jenny: You, me!?! You know what, Emma? You're hurting yourself. Because you don't get that you won't die if you're true to your feelings!


She storms off.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Bea is walking down the hallway when she hears someone belting out "Can't fight the moonlight" in one of the rooms.


Bea: Wow. Not bad.



[Bergmann villa, Ben's room]


Stefan is looking around Ben's room. He finds a family photo of Ben, him and his wife on his desk.


Stefan: Don't think that I'm going to blame myself. I didn't throw you out. If you want to move out of here...then take your fucking clothes with you!


He pulls Ben's clothes from the coat hangers and starts cramming them into a bag. After he finally gets a few in the bag, he storms out of the room with the bag.



[Pestalozzi, locker room]


Bea: Hello?


Lara: Bea.


Bea: Lara. Was that you?


Lara: What?


Bea: Were you just singing?


Lara: Yes, why?


Bea: That was really good.


Lara: If you say so.


Bea: Why don’t you ever sing at home?


Lara: Why should I?


Bea: Because you have talent.


Lara: That's what Frau Lohmann said just now, too.


Bea: Oh, so you're back on the team?


Lara: Yes. And what are you doing here?


Bea: I'm kind of a talent scout.


Lara: Okaaay.


Bea: And I've just discovered a natural talent.



[Beschenko home]


Ding dong.


Karin: Herr Bergmann.


Stefan: I won't bother you for long. I just wanted to bring Ben some of his clothes.


Karin: I can get him.


Stefan: Thanks, but that's not necessary.


Karin: You really should talk to him. That's why you came, isn't it?


Stefan: No, I came because of his stuff. The rest he can get himself.


Karin: Do you really think you'll be able to solve your problems with him like this?


Stefan: If I need advice, Frau Beschenko, I'll ask my therapist...I mean...not you.


Karin: Apparently you don't want to win Ben back.


Stefan: That’s right. Ben's room will be cleared out completely. I could really use a bigger office at home.


Karin: And you really want me to tell him that? You can't just throw Ben out just like that.


Stefan: Me?! He left! Two days. After that the rest of his stuff will go into the trash.


Ben: You're even too much of a coward to say this to my face.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Emma is lying motionless on her back on the stage staring at the ceiling.


Sophie: She's just lying there.


Timo: And for how long?


Sophie: No idea. When I came in, she was already...like this.


Timo: What happened? Was there a problem with Jenny?


Sophie: What happened between Emma and Jenny, anyway?


Emma: I don't want to talk about it.


Sophie: Does that mean Jenny doesn't want to come with us?


Emma: What does it matter now?


Bea comes in with Lara in tow.


Bea: Hey guys, I've got some news. The STAG has a new member.


Lara: Hi.


Timo+Sophie: Hi.


Emma: Hi!


Bea: Lara is coming with us to Hamburg.


Lara: But I'm going to keep playing volleyball. That was the deal.


Bea: Why don’t you just attend a rehearsal? Then you'll see how much fun it is. This is the sheet music. You can read music, can’t you?


Lara: Yes, of course. Say, where is Luzi?


Bea: Luzi isn't taking part anymore.


Lara: But I thought Luzi IS the STAG.


Bea: We'll just have to do without her. How about you join in with the first verse after the refrain? Okay.



[Beschenko home]


Ben: I'm so glad that I left.


Stefan: Yes, you might be able to stand it here for a few days. And then? Then maybe you'll finally realize what you had.


Ben: At least I'm welcome here.


Stefan: That's what you think. You're settling in here like a parasite.


Karin: Hold on...


Stefan: But even you will understand one day that nothing is for free. He holds out a 500 EUR bill to Karin. For you.


Karin: What's that for?


Stefan: For your additional expenses.


Karin: Where I'm from you don't take money for your hospitality.


Stefan: Now don't be silly.


Karin: Ben is my guest, and now I'm asking you to leave.


Stefan leaves and Ben and Karin shut the door together.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


STAG rehearses Sympathy for the devil


Bea: Äh, yes, that was already pretty good...äh, there's something I have to do right now.


She leaves and everyone is all ‘what!??!’



[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


Bea: Luzi, I have to talk to you.


Luzi: Well, that sounds dramatic.


Bea: Please. Real quick. I can imagine that it was a shock...when you heard about...me and Ben.


Luzi: Geez, Ben is a student. And you...you are our teacher. I mean if you at least...but like that...you aren't a role model like this...if you're pretending the whole time and lying.


Bea: Man, you can't always control your feelings with your head, even if you would like to be able to!


Luzi: I just thought that you had principles that you adhered to.


Bea: I do...but...


Luzi: Sometimes you have to lie?


Bea: Luzi, I chose my job as a teacher and you guys…. I've disappointed you. I'm sorry.



[Beschenko home, kitchen]



Ben: I'm sorry about earlier. My father is an ass.


Karin: It's not your fault. Let's forget about it.


Ben: Well, he was right about one thing. I'm living off you.


Karin: We'll manage.


Ben: But that's not fair. You have to work at my father's every day and I...I'm living here for free and letting you support me. At least let me contribute to the housekeeping money.


Karin: No. Do you want to be like your father?


Ben: What else can I do?


Karin: Feel like a guest and stay as long as you want.


Ben: Yes but...


Karin: I don't want to hear anymore about this. Understood?


Ben: Okay. Then at least let me help with chores. You'll be surprised at my many skills. He takes a potato and a potato peeler and tries to somehow make them work together. Unsuccessfully

There's a trick, right?


Karin: Peel.


She chuckles and demonstrates.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Bea: Fine. I’ve made a mistake. I’ve disappointed you, but that's no reason to throw it all away! Especially now that you have the opportunity to perform in Sister Act!


Luzi: Geez, I've long since accepted your apology.


Bea: Oh yeah!?!


Luzi: Yes. But I still won't rejoin STAG.


Bea: Why not?


Luzi: Because other things happened with Timo and Sophie and...argh, they just completely fucked it up.


Bea: But the two of them want to go with you to Hamburg.


Luzi: Yes, because they want to have success. But still they continue to play their stupid games.


Bea: Luzi, how long have you been dreaming about performing together with the big stars in such a musical? Are you just going to let this huge chance pass you by?


Luzi: Well, my loss. But I won’t have anything to do with the STAG anymore.


Bea: Luzi, nobody fought as much for the group as you! We need you...and not just because of your talent and your voice. You are the heart of the AG!


Luzi: I have to go.


She begins to leave but stops as Bea yells after her.


Bea: Don't miss out on Hamburg. If anyone belongs on the big stage it's you.



[Bergmann villa]


Jenny and Stefan are eating dinner.


Stefan: Tell me, how was your day?


Jenny: Excellent.


Stefan: Were there problems at school?


Jenny: I really don't want to talk about it.


Stefan: This might be able to cheer you up. I'll be on a business trip for the next couple of days. Well isn't it great? You'll have the entire house to yourself and will have the run of the place.


Jenny: Unfortunately I don't feel like partying.


Stefan: Then invite a few girlfriends and have a nice girls' night. Watching videos and... You don't feel like seeing your friends. Don't feel like seeing anyone. I can understand that.


Jenny: You know who is really missing here? Ben.


Stefan: Ugh..


Jenny: I really hope he changes his mind and comes back.


Stefan: Probably not.


Jenny: Can't you talk to him again?


Stefan: I already tried.


Jenny: And? What’s the problem?


And Jenny slays her sushi roll.



[Beschenko home, Luzi's room]


Luzi is looking at the Sister Act Musical website on her computer. Then she gets up and starts packing a bag.



[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


The STAG is getting ready to leave.


Michael: I ähm...would like to accompany you to Hamburg.


Bea: You? Don't tell me you're our second chaperon?


Michael: Yes. As the interim principal I recruited myself just for this once. Is that okay?


(Only one day in office and already abusing his position for personal gain. It’s high time Helena shows up. She does the same thing but at least she’s funny, sarcastic and gorgeous while doing it. And, of course, has much better chemistry with Ms. Bea “Sorry I’m late” Vogel.)


Timo: Now the only one still missing is Luzi.


Emma: Do you think she will actually show up?


Timo: Of course she'll show up.


Sophie: But maybe she is still mad at us.


Timo: She'll show up.


Bea: People, we have to go.


Timo: Can't we wait for a moment? I'm sure Luzi will still come. Please Frau Vogel.



[Beschenko home, Luzi’s room]


Luzi finishes packing her bag. The sits down on the bed.


Luzi: Okay.


She hesitates, then lets herself fall back on the bed.


Luzi: Fuck.



[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


Emma: Why don't you call her?


Timo: I already tried at least a hundred times. She doesn't answer.


Emma: Well then...then she isn't coming. Sorry.


Timo: But I also mailed and texted her and left messages on her voicemail. It isn’t possible to apologize any more than that.


Bea: People, I'm sorry. We have to leave.


Timo: We can't just leave without her.


Bea: What if she doesn't want to come with us?


Timo: And what if she does? Give her five minutes. This is about Luzi, after all.


Bea: Alright. Five minutes.


Timo: Luzi, come on now.



[Beschenko home, Luzi’s room]


Luzi listens to her voicemail.


Timo: (on voicemail): Hey...this will sound completely trite but...we really miss you in the AG. And if you're still angry...okay, I can understand that but...you mustn't quit because of that. If you want, Sophie and I will quit...the important thing is that you'll go to Hamburg because...that's your dream. And you really earned it. Without you we never would have started singing. That’s all thanks to you.




to singing Chasing Cars and kissing




Timo: (on voicemail) Oh man… it would be so cool if we could be on stage together again!! So...I hope you'll listen to this and we'll do this thing together!


Luzi ends the message and lies crying on the bed.