Episode 137

Translated by Maike

Edited by Sones


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Luzi: Gee, I already accepted your apology!


Bea: You did?


Luzi: Yes. But I still won't rejoin STAG.


Bea: Why not?


Luzi: Because other stuff happened, too. With Timo and Sophie and... They totally fucked it up.


Bea: But the two of them want to go to Hamburg with you.


Luzi: Yeah, because they want success!


Emma: Do you think she'll actually come?


Timo: Of course she'll come.


Sophie: Or maybe she's still mad at us...


Timo: She'll come!



[Opening theme]



[In front of the school, outside the bus]


Timo and Emma are waiting at the back of the bus for Luzi... Timo is VERY nervous...


Bea: Guys, we really have to go now!


Timo: One minute, okay?


Bea: We don't want to be late again.


Michael: (closing the back doors of the bus) Let's go!


Emma: Timo... She won't come...


Timo: One minute!


Giving up, Emma leaves to get on the bus.....


[Beschenko Apartment]



Karin and Ben are having breakfast at the table...


Karin: Luzi, it's time, you're late!


Ben: If I were her, I'd hole up, too. Karin looks a little confused. Umm... the STAG is going to Hamburg today... for Sister Act...


Karin: The auditions... That always was so important to her! And now?


She stands up and goes to check on Luzi.         


Ben: I'm sure she knows what she's doing!



[Inside of the bus]


Michael is just coming in, behind him Emma and then a very reluctant Timo. The doors close and Timo sulks until he spots Luzi running towards them.


Timo: Stop! There she is!


Bea: Stop the bus!



[Beschenko Apartment]



Karin: coming back with a piece of paper. Luzi is already on her way to Hamburg.


Ben: reading the letter. With the AG...


Karin: And Timo!


Ben: Perfect!


Karin: Luzi is not one to hole up.



[Inside of the bus]



Luzi gets in and Bea smiles at her.


Bea: Nice to see you changed your mind after all.


Luzi nods.


Sophie: Hello...


Luzi ignores her, as well as Timo and sits as far away from everyone else as possible


Bea: So off to Hamburg! We'll show them!


She smiles at Michael and grabs his hand.



[Beschenko Apartment]


Ben is reading the letter that Luzi left....  


Karin: And if they win, they can practice with the stars, right?


Ben: And perform.....In front of a big audience!


Karin: I'll call Luzi later to ask how it went.


Poor Mamma Beschenko!! She’s SO proud of and excited for Luzi.... she should be able to see her in the play!






WOOT for K’s Choice playing in the background! HaHe Soundtrack Department strikes gold again!


The bus apparently couldn't drop our beloved STAG off at their destination, so they're walking around Hamburg with their luggage.


Lara: So this is the Reeperbahn!?!


Emma: Over there! This is the Spielbudenplatz!


I bet Emma read a tour book or something....


Luzi: Man, this is the German Broadway! They're in front of the “Operettenhaus – Opera House” Too bad Hotte isn’t with us...


Bea: But you are! Now go on in!


They go in ....still with their luggage... and are greeted by a woman wearing a headset.


Woman: Hi! You're STAG from Köln?


Bea: Yeah.


Handshakes all around.

Woman: Hello!


Michael: Hi.


Woman: Great, we were expecting you. Umm... Best if you'd place your bags over there, and then I'd say... Let's go!


She walks away.


Michael: Off you go!


Bea: See you later! Go on! The kids leave. So, apparently, we're off duty for now!


Michael: We basically have some alone time now...


Bea: What could we do with that?


Michael: We could check out the hotel where we'll stay tonight...


Bea: You are aware that I booked two single rooms, right?


Michael: That's a joke!


Bea: No, it is no joke! We can't - in front of the students – we're basically on a business trip!


Michael: The student's don't have to know if I'm going to come cuddling with you at night... Bea. We're in Hamburg! On the sinful mile!


NAUGHTY Michael obviously had verrrrryyyyyyyyy specific plans for this trip.


Bea: No, mister colleague.... I am absolutely a fan of decency and respectability!


Michael: Uh huhhhhh.....!


Bea: Hehehe....


They laugh at each other while from behind appears...


Tetje: Bebetje!?!


Bea: squealsTetje! Ahhhhhahahaha!!!


They hug and he picks her up and swings her around.


Tetje: Now that's a surprise!


Bea: You look great!


Tetje: So do you! Gee, great!


He's all touchy-feely and Michael is obviously jealous.


Bea: I thought we might see each other here!


Tetje: Awesome! My Bebetje in Hamburg!


Bea is obviously VERY happy to see an old friend, while Michael is obviously very NOT happy about it...




[Somewhere in the halls of the Operettenhaus – Opera House]



The STAG have found the stage, and they are seriously impressed.



Emma: Shit!


Timo: Woah!   Somehow I imagined that it would be smaller...


Lara: 1400 seats!


Sophie: Hey, today we'll only perform in front of the jury, and that is only 10 people.


Lara: Yeah, but if we win this competition then -


Emma: Then we'll be part of the big show tomorrow and uh.....


Sophie: But first we'll have to win. And then we'll see.


Timo: to Luzi Cool that you're with us.


Luzi: For STAG and the music.


Timo: Sure. We're here to sing.


Luzi: Exactly.


From the side comes “someone” dragging props and bumps into Lara


Lara: Hey!


Bodo: I'm sor- “Love at first sight” is what his face says. Hi!


He reaches out his hand. Lara just leaves.


[Elsewhere in the Operettenhaus – Opera House]


Bea and Tetje are walking up the stairs...Michael coming up a few steps behind them.


Tetje: Awesome cast, great show and the role is as if it were written for me. Charming, clever and attractive


Bea: Of course.


Tetje: And you really became a teacher?


Bea: Yeah. I teach Maths and Music, with...


Michael points at himself.


Tetje: I always thought you belonged on stage. You certainly have the charisma, even though you're such an imp! Hehehe....well, the physical part only of course.


Michael has walked by the table, flashing a dirty look at Bea... who FINALLY remembers him.


Bea: Yeah, of course....and only from your perspective! That's Michael, by the way..... this is my friend and colleague - Tetje.


Michael: Nice to meet you.


Bea: We lived in a flat together in München.


Tetje: And we had lots of fun! They hug. I really missed you! And tonight we'll paint the town red, like old times. I know a great Spanish restaurant, you'll love it. I'll get a table right now.


Michael: Great idea.


His face does NOT agree with the words coming out of his mouth.




[At school]


Ben is walking up the stairs when he sees a note signed by Bea and Michael.... he starts to it off the bulletin board.


We switch back and forth between Ben on the stairs and a flashback of his love declaration for Bea in the classroom a few eps ago.


Ben: holding Bea's hands. I love you. I've always loved you and I always will. If you can forgive me then...


Ben on the stairs, obviously very upset.


Bea: It’s never worked. We should at least try to find a proper ending.


Ben pulls the note (which reads:   We’ll load and board the bus at 9 tomorrow morning! Bea Vogel & Michael Heisig.) down, crumples and tosses it on the floor in a fit of anger/jealousy.



[In the teacher's lounge]



Alexandra: And what kind of competition is that?


Julian: As I understood it, they want to win a performance in some musical.


Alexandra: Ahhh....for rubbish like that there's money... accommodations, gas, two teachers who are absent....


Julian: Herr Heisig wants it like that.


Alexandra: For Bea.


Julian: Let's not begrudge him his fun. You know what he can expect when he comes back.


Alexandra: His wife.


Julian: He'll be so happy for her.


Alexandra: Did you call her again?


Julian: She'll be here tomorrow. We should toast to that. Tonight, Saal Eins?


Alexandra: We should wait until she's officially the new headmaster.


Julian: Alexandra! There's nothing that can go wrong at this point!


Alexandra: I hope so. But you never know when it's you.


She leaves.  



[In some bathroom in the Operettenhaus – Opera House]


Michael: upon seeing a woman in front of the mirror when entering. Oh! That was the wrong door!


He immediately turns around to leave.


Zodwa: Stopping him. Uh, no, I’m the one that’s wrong! My zipper's stuck! Michael slowly walks back in. I just took the first door. Embarrassing.


They laugh.


Michael: I don't have a problem with that. Looking down at her dress. If I can help you in any way...


Zodwa: That'd be nice.


Michael: Okay. Now this is a...


They laugh, he pulls the zipper up, and she fixes her dress.


Zodwa: Thank you...


Michael: Michael!


They shake hands.


Zodwa: Thank you, Michael. It was nice meeting you.


Michael: My pleasure.


She smiles at him once more while leaving.



[Saal Eins]


Julian comes in, talking on the phone


Julian: Oh, come on, Alexandra... give yourself a head start! Anticipation is the greatest joy.   He notices another pretty blonde. As you wish. I'll celebrate by myself then... that we're teaching that guy a lesson. See you later. He hangs up and walks up to the woman he's been staring at. She's stirring her coffee. Um, excuse me. Do we know each other?


Helena: Is that your way of chatting a woman up?


Julian: I really just thought that we might have met somewhere.


Helena: I don't think so, but at least we have met now. On this day of anticipation.


Julian: What do you want to drink?


Helena: Well, I still have my coffee....but I wouldn't say no to something more exciting.


Julian: My pleasure. To the bartender. A bottle of champagne, please!


He joins her at the bar.



[In the hallways of the Operettenhaus]



Tetje and Bea are walking somewhere. While they are talking, Michael returns from the bathroom.



Tetje: But don't think I'll favour your group! I am a professional, and I won't waste my time with a lack of talent.


Bea: I didn't expect anything else.


When Michael reaches them, Tetje spots Zodwa behind him.


Tetje: Ah, Hi!


Zodwa: Hey!


Tetje: Let me introduce you to Zodwa. She's our lead and she's in the jury, too, of course.


Bea: Okay! Hallo.


They shake hands.


Tetje: Bea, this is Zodwa, Zodwa, this is Bea, an old friend from Münchener times. And this is, uh...


He gestures at Michael.


Zodwa: Michael.


Michael: Officially now, huh?!


They shake hands again and laugh.


Zodwa: Yeah.


Tetje: You know each other?


Michael: Yeah.


Bea: Very well. See you later, then.


Michael: Yeah, later...


Now the jealous one, Bea takes Michael's hand and tugs him away.



[On stage]



Another group is performing and the STAG are watching from the side. In the audience is the jury with Tetje and Zodwa in the middle.


(Didn't Sophie say, there were to be 10 of them? I can only see four...)


Timo: Let's see what they can do.


The group starts dancing and the STAG goes from enjoying themselves to looking VERY nervous in a matter of seconds.


Tetje and Zodwa: thrilled. Wow! Amazing!


Timo: Shit! Are those professionals!?!


Emma: In any case, they're really good!


Sophie: Damn good!


Lara: Maybe we should rehearse more after all?


Bodo: appearing beside Lara. They're dazzlers....


Lara: Sure.


Bodo: They stand no chance against you. To the others. Well, all of you. To Lara. With you.


Sophie: Who's that?


Lara: No clue...


Bodo: Bodo, I'm part of the technicians.


Lara: And how does one shut you off?


Bodo: I didn't mean to be annoying, I just wanted to... well... a little... Will you tell me your name?


Lara helplessly stares at Sophie, clearly not wanting to talk to Bodo.


Sophie: Well, I think we have to go now, are you coming, Lara?


She grabs Laura’s hand and they walk off.


Bodo: dreamy. Lara.



[Saal Eins]



Helena and Julian clink glasses.


Helena: To the anticipation.


Julian: To the anticipation.


Helena: And will you tell me what kind of guy it is that you want to teach a lesson?


Julian: Better not. That man can really ruin any kind of fun!


Helena: That bad?


Julian: Ugh...unbearable!


Helena: What did he do to you?


Julian: I really don't want to bore you.


Helena: I wouldn't ask then.


Julian: Oh well. I am headmaster at a - … I was headmaster at a medium-sized comprehensive school that I wanted to remodel to a grammar school that was a little more ambitious. And then he came and kicked me from that position in a really uncharming way.


Helena: Oh. That hurts. Especially a man as charming as you. And does that mean that you'll get your position back now?


Julian: Sadly, that's not possible because there are mainly amateurs at the School Board. But there are other ways to rule the school and teach him a lesson at the same time.


Helena: Is that so? And how could that work?


Julian: By finding a woman who's suitable for the job. The woman who's still his wife... That nobody knows about....and I'll work from the background and pull the strings.


Helena: That has to be a very weak woman that lets herself be controlled that easily.


Julian: I talked to her on the telephone a few times, she seems pretty tough... as do most business women, but usually that's just a front.


Helena: Is that so?


Julian: In my experience, yes. But I do find a certain vulnerability kind of attractive.


Helena: It would be too bad if women were like men.


Julian: Indeed.


Helena: To us....and to my anticipation to a very special moment tonight.


Julian: To us...and to that moment. Whatever it is that you're planning with me.


I’m afraid you’ve met your match, Julian!




[In the dressing rooms]



The group before them is now finished.


Dancer: Have fun. It's your turn now!


Emma: starting to freak out. In the truest sense of the word!


Bea: Emma!


Emma: Compared to them we look like... like a school choir!


Lara: But... that's what you are! I... I mean, that's what we are! We are a school choir!


Emma: And we didn't practice properly! And then all that stuff with – with... The strike and you and Hotte is gone!


She's close to tears.


Bea: Emma! She goes to comfort her. Of course we had bad times. A lot, actually. Almost always... What do you have to lose? Nothing! But you can go out there and show them who you are! STAG! I think, that's enough already! You are here.... together! So go out there and enjoy the moment! Okay, go on!


Timo: Let's go, guys.


They huddle together, then go on stage and perform Sympathy for the Devil. Bodo watches from one of the 1400 seats... like a lovesick puppy. The look Tetje and Zodwa exchange could mean anything.


Tetje: Thanks.


Zodwa: Thank you very much.


Everyone walks off the stage, wondering how they did....looking back at the judges one last time.


[Saal Eins]



Julian: Don't you want to drink up?


She does.


Helena: And now?


Julian: Now you should get your jacket.


He motions for the man holding her jacket to come over.


Helena: You're good at controlling women. What's next?


Julian: to the guy handing him Helena's jacket. Thanks. To Helena. Well, I suggest we call a cab. He helps her put the jacket on. My flat is just around the corner.


Helena: Your flat?


Julian: Uh...don't you think that we should move our meeting to someplace a little more comfortable?


Helena: Oh.


Julian: Does that surprise you?


Helena: It does. And I don't think we should do that.


Julian: No?


Helena: Of course not. As future colleagues.


Julian: Excuse me, as what?


Helena: Future colleagues. Oh, sorry, I didn't even introduce myself. Heisig's the name. Helena Schmidt-Heisig.


Julian is dumbfounded.



[On stage]



The groups are all on stage to hear the decision


Bea: Come on!


Lara: I totally messed up with that spotlights thing!


Bea: Nonsense! You were great!


Luzi: Well, there were some mistakes.


Zodwa: My dears, we don't want to keep you in suspense any longer.


We see each member of the STAG wringing their hands... neverous as heck!


Tetje: The vote was unanimous.


Annnnnnd we fade to black!!!