Episode 139

translated by hephylax

edited by sones


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


We go back and forth from Hamburg and Emma, to Jenny with Ben in Berlin...


Emma's letter: Dear Jenny,


I've never felt as much for anyone as I do for you.


Jenny: You want to go somewhere else?


Emma's letter: The kiss with you was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. But then I managed to hurt you nevertheless because I was too much of a coward to be true to my feelings in front of Timo. I feel ashamed because of that. And still, I don't know if I’m going to have the courage to do it next time. I wish you could help me...to become a little braver.






[Pestalozzi, parking lot]



The STAG are getting out of the bus.



Michael: Hahaha. It’s pretty unbelievable that this tired group was rocking an entire concert hall.


Emma: I only want to go to bed!


Sophie: Me too.


Bea: Sorry to disappoint you, but that's not possible.


Sophie: You don't want to have a rehearsal now, do you?


Bea: Just because you had a gig yesterday doesn't mean that you don't have classes today.


Lara: That's a joke, right!?!


Michael: No, that isn't a joke.


Bea: Come on, you only have five classes. And it's going to be a light rehearsal, I promise.


Emma: And what are we supposed to do until the start of first period?


Timo: Well, I'm hungry. Who wants to go and have breakfast?


Luzi: I just want to go home.


Timo: Now come on, to celebrate the awesome victory.


Luzi: Just because we sang together doesn't mean that we're like this again.


And she turns to go. 


Emma: Well, I'm all for the breakfast idea.


Timo: Forget it.


He leaves as well. 


Sophie: Then...until later.


Sophie and Lara walk off.


Emma: to Bea. That was an incredible performance. Thanks.


She leaves.


Michael: Well, at least they harmonize well together on stage.


Bea: That they do.


Michael: Breakfast?


Bea: Breakfast.



[Bergmann villa, Ben's room]



Jenny is slowly regaining consciousness and finds herself in bed with Ben.


Jenny: Ugh….Fuck!


Jenny silently grabs her things and is about to escape when…


Ben: Hey. You're up already?


Jenny: Hey.


Ben: Were you about to sneak out?


Jenny: Ähm...something like that….heh…


Ben: Uh, I could use some coffee. How about you?


Jenny: Äh, no. I have to take a shower.


Annnnnd she runs out…. And Ben goes back to sleep.



[Vogel house]


Piet comes back from jogging. Shortly after that Lara comes home.


Piet: Hey, how was Hamburg?


Lara: Great.


Piet: Something happen?


Lara: No, we were great.


Piet: Then why are you pulling such a face?


Lara: Because I now have to go to school even though I was up on stage all night and then slept in some decrepit coach.


Piet: Well, compulsory school attendance is no walk in the park.


Lara: Neither is sports it seems.


Piet: Why?


Lara: Because you look completely exhausted.


Piet: Successful. Look. He steps onto a scale. Looklooklooklook!


Lara: You still weigh as much as before, aren't you?


Piet: I lost three kilos…and then I gained them again. In muscle mass!


Lara: Well, maybe it's the jogging suit. I'll go shower.


Piet: to himself. Maybe it appears a little bulky.



[Pestalozzi, foyer]



Michael: Now don't worry, Luzi will get over it.


Bea: Yes, but Luzi founded the AG. If she isn't participating any longer, everything will fall apart.


Michael: I'm sure she won't.


Bea: You heard her just now.


Michael: Well, as I understood it, she wanted to make Timo understand that he won't get her back that easily; that he has to show some effort.


Bea: I think things between those two are a little more complicated. Such a betrayal of trust can destroy a whole lot.


Michael: Yes, but there's a difference between not saying something and consciously lying. There are some things you just can't tell, you should know that better than anyone.


Bea: Yes. But you were the one who told me that it wouldn't work without honesty.


The look on Michael’s face says “I changed my mind.”


Michael: Yes, but we're all just human.


Bea: Honest humans. And you were totally right to demand from me to always be honest. You were always honest with me, after all. Come on.



[Vogel home]


Piet and Lara are sitting at the table having breakfast.


Lara: Say, why are you doing this to yourself, anyway?


Piet: Now think about it. You were the one who gave me the idea.


Lara: Because of Mama?


Piet: No. I'm doing this for myself. I just have to challenge myself for once too.


Lara: That's what I thought too before I went with the STAG to Hamburg.


Piet: Why are you saying it like that? I thought you were successful.


Lara: But somehow...I think this isn't really my thing. I always had intense stage fright.


Piet: Pfff...then don't do it.


Lara: Look who's talking.


Piet: Why?


Lara: Well, do you like jogging and dieting?


Piet: nodding his head. No.


Lara: Then why are you doing it?


Piet: You know, when I jog I'm fitter. And if I'm fitter I have a better presence. Hmm.


Meanwhile Lara is leafing through a magazine.


Lara: I think you would have an even better presence if you did something that's fun for you.


Piet: And what would that be? Eating?


Lara: Dancing.


She throws the open magazine over to him. He looks at it.


Piet: Dancing? Rumba at noon. And at Saal 1, at that. No way.


Lara: I have to go. I for one find you a lot more attractive when you're dancing than when you're sitting in the kitchen sweaty and with a carrot in your mouth. And I'm sure Mama does too.


Piet looks scared, but picks up the magazine for further study.



[Pestalozzi, outside/at the lockers]


Ben and Jenny are walking into the school.


Ben: What's wrong? Do you believe that if we show up here together, everyone will see that we had sex?


Jenny: Ey, why don’t you say it even louder?


Ben: Why? It was a nice night, wasn't it?


Jenny: Yes, it was okay…!


Jenny sees Emma and smiles at her awkwardly.


Jenny: But let's not make more of it than it was!


Ben: I wasn't planning to. Will I see you later?



[Pestalozzi, teachers' lounge]


Bea: It was incredible. They were singing and dancing as if they were already professionals themselves.


Frau Jäger: I'm not surprised at all. What you managed to achieve with your AG is really remarkable. Your performances have become more and more professional. It gets under my skin every time. The bell rings. Arrgh, and that gets on my nerves every time.


Frau Jäger leaves and Michael stalks over.


Bea: Yes?


Michael: I have to tell you something.


Bea: I'm afraid I have to get to class.


Michael: Not now.


Bea: When?


Michael: Later. It's somewhat important.


Bea: Aha.


Michael: Yes, I've wanted to tell you for some time but there was never the right time.


Bea: Sounds mysterious.


Michael: Well...How about it? Tonight, eight o’clock. At Saal 1?


Bea: Okay. I'm looking forward to it.


Michael: Uh…yeah….



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Bea: So, people, were you able to recover a little bit?


Luzi: When? During biology?


Timo: Well, I fell asleep for a moment but that didn't really help any.


Lara: Bea?


Bea: Yes?


Lara: Ähm...I really liked it in Hamburg with you guys.


Bea: I'm glad.


Lara: But I don’t think this is really my thing.


Bea: What exactly?


Lara: Well, singing.


Bea: But you're good.


Emma: I think so too.


Lara: Yes, maybe, but...the stage fright is simply too much for me. I can't do this. And I think it's not my thing.


Sophie: So what does that mean?


Lara: I wanted to ask...if it's okay if I don't participate any longer.


Bea: It's too bad but I can't force you, of course. The STAG isn’t a mandatory class. It's all about having joy of music.


Timo: It was great that you were with us in Hamburg.


Sophie: But you'll still come to our gigs, won't you?


Lara: Of course. I am and always will be your biggest fan. Bye.


She leaves.


Emma: Really too bad.


Bea: What about you guys?



[Saal 1]


Couples are dancing to Michael Jackson's Liberian Girl when Piet comes in. There's even one of the teachers sitting at the bar. Piet takes one look around and is about to leave again when he gets held back by a woman who had been sitting by the bar and had noticed his entrance. It's Dora Swan. (I've forgotten what her normal name is.)


Dora: You don't want to just leave again, do you?


Piet: What?


Dora: You can't do that to me. One can hardly stand it among all these sworn couples, otherwise.


Piet: Well, I don't know. I don't think this is really for me.


Dora: I was just thinking the same thing. But then you showed up. Okay, suggestion. We'll brave one dance and if that doesn't work, we'll leave. Hm?


And they start dancing.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]



Luzi is singing Drops of Jupiter, but not with her usual gusto – and we see that the others aren’t looking very peppy either.  


Luzi gestures to Sophie to take over. Sophie gestures to Emma.


Emma: Do it.


Sophie: Oh no.


So Emma turns to Timo.


Emma: You do it.


Timo continues the song. But just for a few lines.


So Emma pitches in. (Yay!)


And then Sophie takes over and finishes the song.


They all clap.


Bea: Thanks. See you tomorrow.


Timo: Can we talk? Luzi, you can't keep avoiding me all the time.


Luzi: Oh? I can't?


Timo: Are you really trying to say that the only thing we still have in common is the AG? Luzi, this with us is so much more. It's...love.


Luzi: Come with me. Not here.


They leave and Sophie is left behind…. Alone…


[At the lockers]



Luzi: Next time could you maybe wait until we are alone before starting with these kinds of topics?


Timo: You haven't given me the chance to talk to you alone for days.


Luzi: Yes. And you know why.


Timo: Yes, I know. But...I love you and I don't want that to just be over. I just can't believe that you don't feel anything for me anymore.


Luzi: Of course I still feel something...but still, I don't want to do this anymore.


Timo: But why?


Luzi: Because I think you still have feelings for Sophie.


Timo: No! I don't.


Luzi: Every time she shows up you lie to me. Why?


Timo: Jeez, because I'm an idiot, alright? And a chickenshit….but Sophie doesn't mean anything to me anymore. This thing with us, that's the real deal!


Luzi: But you can't just go from one relationship to the next one. That never works.


Timo: Luzi, just give us a chance.


Luzi: I...I can't. I just don't believe in it anymore. I'm sorry.


She pulls off her necklace and gives it to Timo.



[Pestalozzi, kiosk]


Emma is waiting in line. Jenny walks up and joins the line behind her.


Jenny: Hi!


Emma: Hey!


Jenny: How are you?


Emma: I’m good.


Jenny: How did it go in Hamburg?


Emma: Also well. Ah, it was totally great. We got to perform in the musical.


Jenny: Really? Congrats!


Emma: Didn't you...get any mail?


Jenny: Me? No! Why?


Emma: Well...I thought....well, sometimes you just happen to get mail. So...what happened around here?


Jenny: Ah, nothing. Then, seeing said nothing walk by…. Oh, I have to talk to Ben for a second...regarding some homework…..


And she grabs Ben and drags him into the



[Pestalozzi, Girls Bathroom]



Jenny: I just want to make one thing clear. Yesterday...was a one time thing.


Ben: Geez, chill. Just because we hopped in the sack together once doesn't mean I'm staking a claim. Even though it was pretty hot, wasn't it?


Jenny: Heyyy. It was distraction sex, alright? Nothing more. You were down, I was down...that's it!


Ben: No problem. If you'd prefer that we forget about it…?


Jenny: Thanks.


Ben: Can we now treat each other normally again?


Jenny: I'd love to.


Ben: Cool. May I go?


Jenny: Yes!


They leave……. And who but Caro should have been in the right place at the right time for some juicy gossip? (Next time, Jenny, take a page from Emma “Watson” Müller and check the stalls first.)



[Saal 1]


Piet and Dora are still dancing. They appear to be having fun. (Not that I care. There are postcards arriving in our near future after all.)


When the dance ends another woman comes up to Piet.


Woman: May I have this dance?


Piet looks over at Dora.


Dora: Reluctantly….but unfortunately I can't keep you all to myself this whole time.


Piet begins dancing with the new woman while Dora watches from the bar.



[Heisig apartment]


Bea: They were so good they blew away all the other competitors. And Lara was good! It's a pity she doesn't want to keep participating.


Miriam: She doesn't?


Bea: Stage and singing isn't her thing, apparently.


Miriam: Then she takes more after her father.


Bea: I'm so tired.


Miriam: Why don't you lie down?


Bea: I can't. I have a dinner date with Michael at Saal1. He...wants to tell me something.


Miriam: And what?


Bea: He said that it's important and that now would be the right time. No idea.


Miriam: That exactly what Piet said to me when he proposed.


Bea: You mean...Michael plans...


Miriam: No. Nonsense. But it does sound a little strange, don't you think?


Bea: Oh nonsense. We haven't been together that long.


Miriam: Okay, but you went through a lot more than other couples. He got you out of prison, he almost got shot because of you...so...


Bea: But that's no reason to get married!

Miriam: Haha….If you could see your face right now…haha!


Bea: Give me a break.


Miriam: I wasn't really serious about marrying. Michael isn't Piet, after all.


Bea: That's true.






Piet: I'm sorry but I promised the next dance to someone else. Thank you.


He walks over to Dora.


Dora: So, do I have something like first partner rights?


Piet: Well, you did discover me after all.


Dora: The way you're dancing you aren't a newcomer.


Piet: I really only had one dancing class and that was for my wedding waltz back in the day.


Dora: Oh…. you're married.


Piet: Yes...but we're separated.


Dora: Oh, I'm sorry for you. But not for me. You're an incredible dancer…. So, will you be back next week?


Piet: Sure, why not?


The dancing ends and they move to the bar to talk.


Dora: Well...well, you might think I'm rushing things but...but I resolved to be more active.


Piet: Oh yes, me too.


Dora: Would you maybe give me your phone number?


Piet: to the barman. Excuse me, would you happen to have a pen for me? Thanks.


Dora holds out her arm.


Dora: This way I won't lose it.


Piet: But copy it down before taking a shower, alright?






Sebastian: You should have told her a long time ago.


Michael: Your advice isn't really helpful, to be honest.


Sebastian: Well, why haven't you already told her?


Michael: Because...because I'm scared of losing her.


Why not tell her while she was in prison? She couldn't have run away then.



[Vogel home]



Bea: If Michael wanted to marry he surely would have said something.


Miriam: Yeees. Tonight.


Bea: Miriam, now stop that.


Miriam: What if he wants the exact opposite?


Bea: What's the opposite?


Miriam: To break up with you.


Bea: Why would he want to break up with me now? Things are going so well between us.


Miriam: Yes, I'm sorry...that I even started with such nonsense. Michael is completely crazy about you.


Bea: Yes. We're honest with each other. I told him about the thing with Ben and...we'll see. Now stop with this.


Miriam: Yes. You're right. But if he does propose, you'll call me first thi...


Bea: Ow!


Rather than think about that horrifying prospect, Bea chooses self-mutilation to distract herself with something less painful. She cuts her finger while chopping a cucumber. (I'm sure there's something Freudian to be said about that.)


Miriam: Band-aids are in the bathroom.


Bea runs off.






Sebastian: I don’t believe Bea will be thrilled but...she loves you. And what's so bad about still being married...if you're separated.


Michael: What's so bad about that?


Sebastian: Well, Miriam is still married and I don't care. But if she hadn't told me, that I would have cared about.


Michael: Yes, and that's why I decided to tell her tonight.


(What a guy!)


Sebastian: So everything's okay then.


(Love you, Basti.)



[Heisig apartment]


Bea: panicked. Miriam!


Miriam: Now what?!


Bea comes back in holding something between thumb and forefinger.


Bea: That's...


Miriam: Well, look at that.


Bea: Michael wants to marry me.


(I love their horrified expressions.)