Episode 143

translated by hephylax

edited by sones


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Bea: Are you related in some way?
Michael: That's my wife.

Helena: I only know that he lies to a woman like you and...he cheated on me. Again and again.

Michael: Why are you here?

Helena: As I said...you destroyed my life, and now I'm here to take it back. Piece by piece. No matter the cost.






Sophie is lying on a stretcher while being tended to by a couple of paramedics.

Caro: What's wrong with her?

Paramedic: Your friend has alcohol poisoning. We have to get her to the hospital as soon as possible.

Caro: But that's not life-threatening, is it?

Paramedic: (to her colleague) I need glucose and sodium chloride.

They leave with Sophie and Caro.

Sebastian: (to the bartender) I don't believe this. Say, are you a complete idiot?! You can't just get the girl sloshed like that. Something like that just cannot happen.


[Vogel home, Bea's room]


Bea is brooding. The phone rings. It's Michael. She ignores him.


[Heisig apartment]


Michael is sitting at the table with his phone when Sebastian comes in.

Sebastian: I'm gone one time...just once…..and the kids end up in the ER. Argh!

He notices that Michael is once again in self-pity mode and not interested in any problems other than his own.

Sebastian: Let me guess. Helena? Miriam told me.

Michael: Then I'm sure Miriam also told you that Bea isn't talking to me anymore.

Sebastian: Yes.

Michael: Don't say it. Don't say it. I know it would have been smarter to tell Bea the truth but it's too late for that now.

Sebastian: Talk to Bea.

Michael: I'm trying. But she's not talking to me. (boohoo!)

Sebastian: Well, then keep trying. She'll start listening eventually and then...then all you can do is hope.




Sophie is slowly waking up in a hospital bed. Caro is sleeping in a chair nearby.

Sophie: Shit.

Caro: Hey. How are you feeling?

Sophie: Don't ask. I think my head is about to explode. I think I'm dying.

Caro: Nonsense. The doctor said you're out of the woods.

Sophie: Why are you here?

Caro: The ambulance still had a free seat. I didn't have anything better to do.

Sophie: Thanks.

Caro: Actually, I wanted to be the first to rip you a new one after this fucked up stunt.

Sophie: The way my head feels that would be a salvation. Oh god, I can't remember anything.

Caro: It's better that way.

Sophie: Still, thanks.

Caro: It's okay. I...I have to go. School has already started, but you won't be alone. You'll still have your hangover (German "Kater" also means “tomcat”).


[Bergmann villa]


Karin: Careful!

Stefan: I hate to interrupt your spring cleaning but you do remember our appointment?

Karin: We have an appointment?

Stefan: Yes, at the Pestalozzi School. You belong to the parents’ association, too, don't you?

Karin: Oh right. The conference. The new principal will introduce herself today, won't she?

Stefan: So you'll come?

Karin: I wouldn't miss it.

Stefan: Then I'll drive you.   Well, if you want.

Karin: Yes, that would be nice

Stefan: Since we're going to the same place for once...

Karin: By the way, I talked to Ben...about your situation.

Stefan: Let me guess...his compassion for me was rather limited.

Karin: True, but I put in a good word for you.

Stefan: Thanks. But do you believe that will change anything?

Karin: I wouldn't have done it, otherwise.

Stefan: You've been taking care of him since he left here. You let him live with you...I have no idea how to make it up to you.

Karin: I’ve already explained it to you. Where I come from that's natural.

Stefan: I know. That's what makes you so unique.

Karin: What do you mean?

Stefan: Well, there is no other wo-woman like you. That's what I mean with unique. Well, I have to go. We'll meet at half past at the car.


[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Michael: Bea! Bea, wait a mom...

She doesn't.

Helena: Are you fighting?

Michael: Do me a favor and just leave me alone.

Helena: I was just trying to be friendly.

Michael: That's a new one. Spare me the act, please.

Helena: Fine. Then I'll just wish you a good day. We'll see each other later at the conference.

Michael: I can hardly wait.


[Pestalozzi, class room]


Student: Äh, alors...

Caro comes in.

Alexandra: So you're finally showing up.

Caro: Sorry.

Alexandra: We'll continue with exercise 4.

Timo: Say, you and Sophie really let it rip at the Chulos yesterday, didn't you?

Caro: If you really want to know, I spent the entire night with her at the hospital.

Timo: What?! Why?

Caro: The real question should be why weren't you there for her? Or you're wonderful STAG? She's got alcohol poisoning.


[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Michael: And so I'd like to thank the parents’ association for their short, but very pleasant, cooperation. Thanks. As my final act I now hand over the administration of the school to our new principal...Frau Helena Schmidt.

Helena: Schmidt-Heisig, if you please.

Michael: Of course.

Helena: Dear parents, I don't intend to bore you with stories about my career as a pedagogue. I'm interested in your concerns. I'm going to lend my support to you, to the students. I want everyone to get the chance to grow and find their strengths.

Götting: Then let's just focus on our biggest problem child right away - the volleyball field! It's still a construction site and it can't stay like that.

Karin: But after Franziska Lohmann was found under that field, you can't just build a new one there.

Götting: Thank you, Frau Beschenko. You took the words right out of my mouth, and you'll surely agree with me that we'll have to build a completely new field. Even though...that will be rather costly.

Stefan: Well, I think the Harani Bank, as the volleyball team's sponsor, will be glad to help with the financial burden. The girls have to practice after all.

Götting: Well, great. That, along with the school monies, should secure the funding.

Helena: Okay. If everyone agrees...

Karin: No. We don't. What about the other projects at the school?

Götting: Frau Beschenko, you wanted a new volleyball field.

Karin: Yes, but not at the expense of the other AGs. Projects like Frau Vogel's STAG are also dependent on funding.

Helena: Please explain to me about the STAG, will you?


[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Emma and Luzi are sitting around.

Luzi: Pfff. It's just the two of us today?

Emma: Well, Sophie won't come. She's in the hospital. And Timo...

Luzi: …won't come either? Great.

Emma: Well, then we seem to be alone.

Luzi: I don't feel like it, today, anyway.

Emma: Then let's split.

Luzi: Okay.

They are on their way out when Bea shows up.

Bea: Hey. Where are you going?

Luzi: Äh, we are only two people today.

Emma: And really not in a good mood.

Luzi: Yes, and so it wouldn't be any use anyway.

Bea: Listen, my day hasn't gone so well either, but still I'm here. So, there’s three of us!

Emma: Sorry, but I’m not getting anything done today.

Bea: Alright, then I'll start.

Bea starts playing and then Emma and Luzi start singing Stone Cold Sober.


[Pestalozzi, teachers' lounge]


Karin: You're only interested in supporting groups that you think are prestigious.

Götting: And what's wrong with that?

Karin: I'll tell you. Volleyball isn't the only area that deserves promotion.

Götting: But the volleyball team is still the figurehead of our school. That's the way sponsoring works. It about success.

Karin: And the musical audition in Hamburg? The STAG were hugely successful there.

Götting: Yes, but unfortunately nobody cares.

Helena: Dear colleague. I completely agree with Frau Beschenko. All interests and talents should be promoted at this school.

Götting: A...and what does that mean?

Helena: The money gets split evenly.

Götting: Th-that's not possible.

Helena: Only I alone decide what is or isn't possible.

Götting: A-a-and the volleyball field?

Helena: It will just have to end up being a little more modest. Or the sponsor could increase his donation a little.

Götting: I'm sure Herr Bergmann will want to have a say in this matter, as I don't think he will want to carry the entire funding alone.

Helena: I'm sure Herr Bergmann will be very understanding. It's about the wellbeing of all the students after all.

Stefan: We'll see but...yes, I think...in principle...I agree with you.

Helena: Great. Then it's settled.




Knock knock.

Timo: Hey.

Sophie: Timo. What are you doing here?

Timo: Tsk…. What are you doing here? - Okay, sorry, that one was stupid. So how are you doing?

Sophie: Okay.

Timo: I'm sorry, I didn't really catch on yesterday. If I had known you would get wasted like that, I would have stayed of course. I thought you and Caro were partying.

Sophie: No, that was only Caro's party.

Timo: Yeah, she was really out there.

Sophie: Tell me about it: Caro at its best.

Timo: Ähm, yes...but...tell me, how are you really?

Sophie: You mean since my mother is in prison? Hey, I've got the entire house to myself. It's pretty cool if you think about it.

Timo: Sophie...don't pretend.

Sophie: It sucks, alright? I mean, I'm always wondering when, or if, she will ever get out of there and...I'm all alone and always asking myself when all this crap started.

Timo: What? When what started?

Sophie: Well, when everything started to become crappy and complicated and hopeless. I mean, we were together and had the STAG and ...then I learn that my father... I shouldn't have started investigating.

Timo: I don't believe that. I'm sure it would have come to light anyway.

Sophie: But I should have trusted you.

Timo: Yes, maybe.

Sophie: Do you think we would have broken up either way? But now you're here and I'm happy about that...really happy.

Timo: Yes, right, I actually wanted to cheer you up. Can I get you anything? Juice or water? Or a snack from the kiosk. I'll get you a snack, no problem.

Sophie: No, don't bother. I can’t keep anything down at the moment anyway.

Timo: Okay. (He starts to sit down on her bed) Oh, sorry, do you want me to...

Sophie: No no. Stay here. This is rather nice.


[Pestalozzi, teachers' lounge]


Helena: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Götting: (to Helena) I thought we were on the same side. And what do you do?

Helena: I make my own decisions as the principal of this school. Do you have a problem with that? (to the parents) Have a nice day. Good-bye.

Stefan: Ms. Principal.

Helena: Herr Bergmann.

Stefan: I have to compliment you. I don't believe I have ever been short-changed in such a charming way.

Helena: Now don't exaggerate.

Stefan: May I invite you to lunch? Then we can talk about our cooperation in peace.

Helena: Thanks, but I thought we had already agreed.

Stefan: You should probably know that the Harani Bank is more than just a sponsor for the Pestalozzi School. It's almost a kind of partnership.

Helena: Hm, and that's why I have to go to lunch with you?

Stefan: Who said anything about ‘having’ to? It would simply give me great pleasure.

Helena: But don't get your hopes up too soon. I might short-change you again.

Helena leaves.

Karin: I'm pleasantly surprised. I've got a good feeling about the new principal.

Stefan: Yes, me too.




Timo: It was completely awesome. I mean, even though we were all at odds with each other, in Hamburg we were... united.

Sophie: I almost died of stage fright.

Timo: Me too. Promise me you'll stop with all this, alright?

Sophie: Performing with the STAG?

Timo: No, getting plastered like that...and crashing like that.

Sophie: Don't worry. I won't do that again. A detox is rather disgusting.

Timo: So that means I don't have to worry? I can trust you?

Sophie: No, you don't have to.

Timo: I care about you, you know that.

Sophie: I do now.

Timo: No matter what happened between us or what will happen... I want you to tell me when you're feeling bad.

Sophie: I'm feeling bad right now.

Timo: That's not funny. But you know what I mean, don't you?

Sophie: Yes. I'll probably stop drinking and partying for the time being, for a rather long time, actually.

Timo: That's good.

Sophie: Thanks for being here, I...I was really pretty lonely.

Timo: Hey...

He hugs her.




Miriam: Have you talked to Michael? You can't continue avoiding him forever.

Bea: Why not?!

Miriam: Don't you at least want to hear his side of the story?

Bea: For what? He has been lying to me this whole time.

Miriam: Sweetie, I can understand that you're angry with him, but Michael isn't a bad guy and ... most of all, he has done a lot for you. (Gratitude is the new love, people.)

Bea: Yes, I know that. But...since this Helena showed up, I...I don't know anything anymore. (That's understandable. Here you are in your thirties and suddenly you have all these feelings inside you for a woman...) And as long as I can't see things more clearly...I can't talk to him.

Miriam: But that's exactly what might help...if you talked to him.

Bea: I don't trust him anymore. Anything he said would sound false. He cheated on his wife. (The most beautiful, charming, wonderful person...er, what were we talking about?)

Miriam: Well, maybe he had his reasons for that. (Miriam, really? Where's your solidarity, sista?)

Bea: Yes, maybe. I don't want to know them.

Miriam: Okay. Fine. Your decision, but there are always three points of view in these situations. Hers, his...and the truth.

Bea: You met the woman. Why would he do something like that, I... I don't get it. (Ah, new love...)


[Saal 1]


Helena: I'm glad that you supported my decision even though you weren't really happy about it.

Stefan: I admit I was a little surprised. What is this really about? Surely not third-rate AGs or keeping the parents’ association off your back.

Helena: You have one more try.

Stefan: A little power demonstration.

Helena: You got it.

Stefan: And what do you plan to do now?

Helena: I have work to do.

Stefan: I meant in your position as principal, of course.

Helena: I believe I'm acting the same way you do when you consolidate a new business. I'm speculating on accomplishing successes just like you.

Stefan: That has also always been Götting's plan. Unfortunately, it was never successful.

Helena: And his hopes to win me over for his purposes will also be dashed, I'm afraid. I have plans of my own.

Stefan: It's incredible how fast you saw through him.

Helena: Men are easy to see through.

Stefan: Oh yes?

Helena: Believe me. I know exactly what you want from me.

Stefan: Hm.




Bea: She's so different from Frau Krawczyk...but in a way they want the same thing. We need someone like that at the Pestalozzi.

Miriam: Well...time will tell. She has only been here for a day.

Bea: I saw her taking Götting down a peg earlier. In front of the parents’ association! She wants to support STAG, she wants to give every student a chance. That's...that's so completely different from Götting.

Miriam: Yes, that all sounds really great...

Bea: But?

Miriam: That's no reason to side with her against Michael.

Bea: I'm not doing that.

Miriam: But that's the feeling I get. You’re lumping everything together at the moment. Bea, even though it's difficult for you...you have to see your relationship with Michael as separate from her.

Bea: How? The two of them are married. And she's obviously still hurting from the separation.


[Saal 1]


Stefan: Do you still have appointments today?

Helena: We already went through this. I'm not coming home with you.

Stefan: I forgot. You see through us men.

Helena: In this case there's nothing to see through.

Stefan: Maybe I would just like to get to know you a little bit better.

Helena: We'll have more than enough time for that.

Stefan: I'm not a friend of playing games.

Helena: Oh really? That's not the impression I got.

Stefan: I always get what I want, and when I want it.

Helena: Not this time, I'm afraid.

Stefan: Hm, how unfortunate.

Helena: You can get a little taste of things to come.

And she pulls him to her and kisses him.

That's when Karin comes in.


[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Michael: Bea, wait a minute. Wait…wait! I can understand that you feel betrayed but... there are some things you need to know.

Bea: All of a sudden.

Michael: I wanted to tell you about Helena...

Bea: But you didn't.

Michael: Let me at least explain it to you...

Bea: What exactly?! That you've been married all this time? I don't know what to think anymore…. And I can't talk to you because...because it just hurts.

Michael: I can understand that.

Bea: Then you surely also understand that I need some time.

Michael: Yes.

Bea: Good. Then...just leave me alone for a while.

Michael: Okay.

She turns to leave.

Michael: But Bea (Anyone remember the time when a while was more than one second?) I... I want you to know that I love you.