Episode 145

translated by hephylax

edited by sones


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Alexandra: I'm talking about Jens Mirbach. How can it be that someone who is involved in a murder is set free? Just because of some statute of limitation. That's a joke.

This man covered for the murderer of my sister for 10 years.


Detective Hinze: Yes, but he didn't kill her. The same is true for Frau Klein.


Alexandra: What does that mean?


Detective Hinze: Frau Klein has been released as well.


Alexandra: I won't let them get off unpunished. They will pay for it. I will avenge you.





[Vogel home, Bea’s room]


The door bell rings. It's Michael.


Bea: What do you want?


Michael: To talk to you. I know that we wanted to stay out of each other’s way for a while but…


Bea: I told you that I needed time to think everything over.


Michael: Give me ten minutes to explain a few things to you.


Bea: You’re married and didn’t tell me. What is there left to explain?


Michael: Bea, give me ten minutes.





Helena: Sebastian!


Sebastian: Helena.


Helena: Looks like you’re really happy to see me.


Sebastian: Michael isn’t here.


Helena: Thanks, I’m doing very well without him. A Manhattan, please.


Sebastian: You won’t even get a water from me.



[Vogel home, Bea’s room]


Michael: I know that you’re hurt but…let me at least tell you my story.


Bea: Okay.





Helena: Are you afraid I might seduce you?


Sebastian: You won’t succeed any better than in the past.


Helena: Sebastian, I was in the middle of exceptional circumstances back then. I’m sorry that you’re still preoccupied with it. For me that was a long time ago.


Sebastian: You wanted to take revenge on Michael back then, and you still do now.


Helena: That’s nonsense.


Sebastian: Oh really? And it’s just a coincidence that you ended up at the same school where Michael is teaching?


Helena: The job was advertised and I applied. That’s normal.


Sebastian: Not for a woman like you. You always wanted a career in the ministry. You would never switch to a comprehensive school.


Helena: Will I get something to drink now?



[Vogel home, Bea’s room]


Michael: Of course I didn’t forget about being married but I…would like to forget about it.


Bea: But didn’t you love Helena?


Michael: I did. But that’s been over for a long time. I met her at university. A woman who knew what she wanted. I found that incredibly attractive.


Bea: Then you married her.


Michael: First we flew to New York. In Central Park...I saw an artist who was selling rings…so I proposed to her. (Ah, it was the artist’s fault.)


Bea: She said yes.


Michael: Yes. We had such a wonderful time. At least, for as long as we were at university. Then I really got to know her. A woman driven by power struggles and her career. Always under constant stress. That was her world, but that wasn’t my world. She was always at some seminar or congress. And when she was home, we fought.


Bea: About what?


Michael: It doesn’t matter. (Great explanation. Let me remind you that you want Bea to understand and forgive.)


Bea: Then what?


Michael: Then I wanted to break up with her, but she wouldn’t allow that.


Bea: Why not?


Michael: Because she isn't one to admit defeat.


Bea: Okay…continue.


Michael: Then…it wasn’t long before I cheated on her.


Bea: Wow, that was honest.


Michael: When is the time to be honest if not now? May I? (He gestures to the empty seat next to Bea.)


Bea: I already knew.


Michael: Did she tell you? (Bea nods.) Everything?


Bea: Do you mean by everything...how often you cheated on her?


Michael: Once. I cheated on her one time.



[Bergmann villa]


Emma: Okay, then have fun.


Luzi: God, Emma, at least congratulate her on her birthday.


Emma: I want to go home. I don't feel like partying.


Jenny walks over smiling.


Jenny: Hi Emma. It's cool that you came.


Luzi: I think so too! See you later.


And Luzi walks off.


Jenny: I was actually starting to think that you would never talk to me again.


Emma: Luzi told me that the STAG rehearsal would be held here.


Jenny: Excuse me?


Emma: Yes, they were trying to get some more people together...to surprise you.


Jenny: So, that means otherwise you wouldn't even be here?


Emma: Definitely not.


Jenny: Emma. Emma, you know that I never played games with you, not for a second. I always stood by you. And you...you push me away just like that, just because Timo caught us making out.


Emma: While I was writing you a long apology, you went looking for someone else and got it on with him.


Jenny: God, it wasn't about getting it on.


Emma: What then?


Jenny: Emma, I don't give a damn about Ben. I want to be with you.


Emma: You know something? I would really like to believe you...but I don't think you have any idea how much you’ve hurt me.


Jenny: I told you, it didn't mean anything to me.


Emma: But it did to me.


Jenny: You know, if you don't want to get it...then just don't get it.


And Jenny turns away and walks over to Ben.


Emma: What am I supposed to get?! It's you who doesn't understand a thing!


Emma downs her drink in one gulp.



[Vogel home, Bea’s room]


Michael: I never blamed her for this whole dilemma. In the end, it doesn't matter anyway, but...


Bea: But?


Michael: But it irritated me that this affair didn't hurt her heart...but her vanity.


Bea: What makes you think that?


Michael: She always kept her cool in my presence. Never cried. She only cried when her girlfriends were with her. That was...that was her way of taking vengeance on me .


Bea: That isn't healthy.


Michael: No, our relationship hadn't been healthy for some time at that point, but it took a while until she accepted that.


Bea: And agreed to the divorce.


Michael: Yes. But until then we were at war.


Bea: War?


Michael: War. To any outsider she was the angel...and I was the bad guy. Even to my closest friends. You can't imagine how much she enjoyed that.


Bea: Weren't you able to straighten things out, somehow?


Michael: No. No, I couldn't, because the woman I cheated on her with was her best friend.



[Bergmann villa]


Lara is dancing in front of Emma who isn't in the mood to react to this blatant flirtation. So Lara goes looking for someone else and Luzi walks up to Emma.


Luzi: Emma, is everything alright?


Emma: More or less.


Luzi: But you're still here.


Emma: You shouldn't have brought me here under false pretenses.


Luzi: Now come on, it's not that bad. Did you talk to Jenny? Have you made up again? Hm?


Emma sees Jenny looking in her direction, they stare at each other for a bit ... and then Emma sort of kisses Luzi. Jenny is not amused.



[Vogel home, Bea’s room]


Bea: That means Helena not only lost her husband...but also her best friend?


Michael: My god, Bea, I felt really crappy. I was...lonely...and she was there for me.


Bea: And then you just happened to end up in bed.


Michael: No. First, we were talking. About Helena, about the marriage...at least what was left of it. My god, I was finally able to get all of my frustration off of my chest. That felt good. And then it just happened.


Bea: Just like that?


Michael: Just like that. I know that it was a mistake, but I learned from it.


Bea: That's what you think.


Michael: Bea, you know that I'm no womanizer.


Bea: Michael, I don't know anything anymore. I misjudged you completely! You were a sort of role model for me when it came to honesty. I told you everything. About Ben and ...and then I suddenly learn that you’ve lied to me this whole time. That you are married; that you cheated on your wife...with her best friend. I know how that feels. I have been cheated on, too.


Michael: Bea, please.


Bea: You said I didn't have to forgive you...but only had to listen to your story. You've told it now.


Michael: So now what?


Bea: No idea. I don't know how to continue on from here... with us...I don't know.



[Bergmann villa]



Luzi: What the fuck?


Emma: I'm sorry.


Luzi: I...god, I don't get it.


And Luzi leaves while Jenny rushes over.


Jenny: Was this great performance your birthday present for me or something?


Emma: No!


Jenny: Well, if you really wanted to teach me a lesson by hurting me...you succeeded.


Emma: Jenny...I...I...


Jenny storms away.


Ben: What's up with Jenny?


Timo: No idea, dude, I’ll go see what’s up.


Luzi: Hey, I think, she prefers...to be alone right now.



[Heisig apartment]


Michael comes in and throws his keys, bag and jacket around in his anger that his "doesn't matter" explanation didn't result in the immediate reconciliation and make-up sex with Bea. (While he does understand why she might be a touch peeved, Bea's unreasonable behavior is getting ridiculous.)


Michael: (to himself) Perfect. (Or was that 'about himself'?)


The doorbell rings.


Michael: Ah. It's you.


Meaning Helena.


Helena: Michael, I'm sorry.


Michael: About what?


Helena: That you're in trouble with Bea.


Michael: Why are you sorry? That's exactly what you wanted.


Helena: No. Okay, I admit, in the beginning that was my goal but...


Michael: I'm not up for your little games.

Helena: Please...just give me five minutes.


Michael: What may I offer you? Tea? Coffee?


Helena: I don't care.


Michael: Helena, you always care.


Helena: Then I'll have Earl Grey with milk and brown sugar if you have it. Michael, I know that you're angry with me. It was stupid of me to come to Cologne.


Michael: Yes, extraordinarily stupid.


Helena: Our separation and how it all went down, that simply hurt me very much. And you know why.


Michael: Oh come on. Our relationship had been down the drain before the mishap with Carla ever happened.


Helena: Nevertheless, this mishap hurt me very much. And yes, I came to Cologne to get even with you, here at the Pestalozzi Comprehensive School. Which is rather crazy, of course.


Michael: Why are you telling me this?


Helena: Because I want you to know that from now on I'm only wishing you the best. You don't believe me?


Michael: You declared war on me two days ago. How can I still believe you now?


Helena: I was upset and confused.


Michael: You are never confused.


Helena: Alright, I know you think I'm calculating and only thinking of myself. But you're wrong. What can I do so you'll believe me?


Michael: Well, you could do something for a change...instead of only just talking. But that's what we all know you do best.


Helena: Michael, I'm here. What more can I do than coming to you and being honest? Should I leave town, give up my job as principal? What?


Michael: You would never do that.


Helena: I would. If you want me to I'll do it. I don't want to have to fight these battles with you either. I've changed. And I'm going to prove that to you. Thanks for the tea.


She leaves.


Michael: Welcome.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


A student is showing off a gun to his friends.


Damian: Cool thing, isn't it?


Student 2: Wow.


Damian: I bet if you went into a bank with this they would pee their pants.


Student 2: You really want to...


Damian: Am I stupid or what?


One of the other students tries to touch the gun. Damian holds it up and away from him.


Damian: Hands off, asshole.


So, it's in perfect position for Alexandra to grab hold of it when she comes by.


Alexandra: I hope you weren't talking to me.


Damian: Fuck.


Alexandra: That's right. A gun in school? That will have serious consequences for you.


Damian: It isn't even real.


Alexandra: But it's still getting confiscated. You'll hear from me.



[Pestalozzi, teachers' lounge]


Helena is talking to a teacher.


Helena: ... that you can do it without a problem.


Michael comes in.


Michael: Morning.


Teacher: Morning.


Helena: Oh and one other thing. This is still subject to change. It is possible that there will be further personnel changes in the next few days. That's all. You can go.


Michael: Personnel changes? What does that mean?


Helena: I told you. I don't want to continue those fights with you. I enjoy the work here, more than I thought. But maybe it's time I go back to the ministry.


Michael: You're not serious.


Helena: Michael...when I came to your place yesterday, I had been hoping that we could find a way to interact normally with each other. Become friends. But...you have obviously already put me into a box which I won't be able to get out of anymore, and so I'd rather forgo the consequences. I can't live and work like that.


Michael: I can't do it either.


Helena: Alright. Then everything's settled.


She turns to leave.


Michael: Hold on. You don't have to leave as far as I'm concerned.


Helena: Thanks. Does that mean you believe that I've changed?


Michael: That is something I'm still trying to get into my head but...now's the time for Shakespeare. Hi Bea.


Bea walks in and ignores him. (Good times. Meanwhile, Helena looks at Bea. She's rather smitten, I'd say.)



[Pestalozzi, teachers' hallway]


Götting: Alexandra.


Alexandra: What can I do for you?


Götting: How are you?


Alexandra: How am I supposed to be? My sister's murder has been solved and nobody got punished.


Götting: I'm really sorry.


Alexandra: I know. But life has to go on.


Götting: Alexandra, I...


Alexandra: Don't worry about it...You're right. Look.


She shows him the gun.


Götting: Where did you get that?


Alexandra: Damian.


Götting: Him again. How did he get his hands on this kind of weapon?


Alexandra: It's not real.


Götting: Looks rather real, though. And do you know what he planned to do with it?


Alexandra: To show-off; play the big gangsta...


Götting: Or to frighten the others. Could work. If someone would shove something like this in my face... It would probably be best if you hand it over to the police immediately.


Alexandra: I thought I would talk to his parents first.


Götting: Alright. Do that. See you later.



[Pestalozzi, teachers' lounge]


Helena and Bea are checking each other out when the other isn't looking.


Helena: Excuse me, could I have a moment of your time?


Bea: Yes, what's up?


Helena: I know it's none of my business but...I happened to observe you and Michael earlier and I noticed that the mood between you two was a little...icy. I just hope that it's not my fault because I talked so openly about our past.


Bea: You? No. Not directly. Why didn't you tell me the whole story at our last meeting?


Helena: Why should I? The story has been over for some time and... now the only thing that counts is how things will go on with the two of you.


Bea: If they go on...


Helena isn't able to suppress a delighted smile that Bea might soon be available again.



[Pestalozzi, foyer]


Luzi comes in. Emma, who has been waiting for her, calls out to her.


Emma: Luzi. I'm sorry about yesterday.


Luzi: About what exactly? That you abused me or that trying to make Jenny jealous didn't work?


Emma: How did you...?


Luzi: God Emma! Do you think I'm stupid? Your fight, this whole back and forth...Geez, that's why I invited you to the party in the first place. But don't panic, I can handle it. But it seems you can't. Do you know how cheap that stunt was? That was completely beneath you.


Emma: I know. I've been doing a lot of things that are beneath me, lately.


Luzi: Why? Being in love is something totally wonderful, isn't it? And it doesn't matter if it's a man...or a woman. Though I do imagine it's easier with women.


Emma: Not at all. But could you lower your voice a little?


Luzi: I don't want to meddle but...you're in love and head over heels at that...


Emma: And still she's walking all over me...and hops in the sack with Ben.


Luzi: Okay, maybe you're just stupidly hurting each other. Well, I've got biology now but we'll continue our talk later, alright?



[Pestalozzi, teachers' hallway]


Alexandra: Frau Jäger? Where is this woman now?


Götting: Alexandra. Would you like to have dinner together later?


Alexandra: I'll see if that can be arranged.


Götting: I would really like that. I know that I might have been a little gruff yesterday but...that doesn't mean that I don't want you to be well.


Alexandra: I'm feeling fine. Aside from my headache. I'm sure that Jens and Frau Klein will get their rightful punishment.


Götting: Me too. Oh, by the way, have you handed over the gun yet?


Alexandra: Yes. I gave it to Damian's parents.


Götting: And what did they say?


Alexandra: What do you think? They were shocked. Sure, he's having problems, all children do during puberty...where could he have gotten it...we can hardly believe that he owns something like this...these kinds of typical answers, you know.


Götting: The people closest to them often only notice it when it's too late. Like the parents of the guys who committed those massacres. What was your impression of them? Well, I mean, do you think they will take disciplinary action or are they more anti-authoritarian kind of people?


Alexandra: No, I think they'll manage. They promised me that they would handle it.


Götting: Yesterday really upset you. I'm really sorry.


Alexandra: You don't have to be. Really. I'll be fine.


Götting: Okay. And concerning Damian...I'll have a go at the boy later.


Alexandra: That's not necessary. I already read him the riot act. He won't soon forget it.


Götting leaves and Alexandra pulls the fake gun out of her bag (to show us that she still has it).



[Pestalozzi, principal's office]


Michael: I thought the substitution schedules were finished.


Helena: The schedules are fine.


Michael: Then what do you want from me?


Helena: I wasn't completely honest with you earlier.


Michael: In what way?


Helena: I told you I've changed. And that's true. (I'm into women now.) I've realized that I made mistakes in our marriage, too. Big mistakes.


Michael: Yes, indeed.


Helena: Although I do accept that, one thing hasn't changed. I still love you Michael. I can't just give up on our marriage. Can't we give us another try?