Episode 147

Translated by ami

Edited by Sones and Globemallow



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Michael: The year of separation is almost over now, and I think it's about time for us to finally get a divorce.


Helena: That's a bit sudden.


Michael: Please, don't make this hard on us.


Helena: If you say so.


Götting: Are we going to see a happy ending, or a tragedy?


Helena: I don't believe that this is the end.






Götting:  Then you've got your work cut out for you, because Vogel has made your husband quite whipped. (The verbatim German saying is”turned his head” but I couldn't resist the opportunity for punning.Sue me.)


Helena: Michael has always been quick to act like that.  In that regard, he's all man. (Ah,the pun that keeps on giving..)


Götting: And he's not even the first guy at the school who's fallen victim..


Helena: What are you trying to say? Have you and Bea Vogel...?


Götting: (chuckles) God forbid, my women need to be over 1,70 meters and blonde.(So glad Götting has standards..)


Helena: And with which colleague has Frau Vogel hooked up with before?


Götting: None. I'm talking about a student.


Helena: A student?


Götting: Yes, though sadly we were never able to prove the affair.


Helena: What's his name?


Götting: Ben Bergmann.


Helena: Ben Bergman, but that's..


Götting: The son of Stefan Bergmann.



[The Bergmann Villa]


Bergmann: Frau Beschenko! Still busy?


Karin: Good day, Herr Bergmann.


Bergmann: Oh, if looks could kill. Ok, I'm sorry about the joking. I'm ready, shoot.


Karin: What?


Bergmann: Frau Beschenko, I know this look, you want to tell me something, something that I'm not going to like one bit, and since this time, I haven't explicitly asked you to tell, you're keeping it to yourself……. But now, I'm asking you to……So..


Karin: So…..I think…..I was hoping that after our talk you would take better care of Ben, I really had the impression that you wanted to.


Bergmann:  But I did apologize!  But Ben won't be talked to....and you were right about that, he probably needs more time….or what am I supposed to do? Maybe you have another piece of advice for me?


Helena: Oh, sorry, the door was open.


Bergmann: Welcome to the house of open doors, then.  Would you like to put your things down first?


Helena: I'd love to.


Bergmann: What brings me the honor?  Would you like to continue our very productive talk from the other day?


Helena: I hope for it to be a lot more productive.



[School Locker Stairwell]


Jenny: (JENNY!!!!! on the phone with her parentals who are still alive) Well, it's alright... Nope, let's talk about it when we see each other, ok, mama?  Cologne isn't half as cool as London. Yeah, I've missed you pretty badly, too…..but we'll see each other tomorrow.  Sure.  Ok, bye.


Emma: (EMMA!) Jenny…


Jenny: Emma.



Jenny walks out the door, and quickly closes it in Emma’s face, making it clear that she does NOT want to talk to her.


Flashback to Emma kissing Jenny on the piano bench.


Timo: Emma!


Emma pushes Jenny away.


Emma: Are you nuts? What were you thinking?


/End Flashback


Luzi:  So?


Emma: So.


Luzi:  Well. Did you talk already? I mean you and Jenny?


Emma: No, but now it's clear….She wants to leave Cologne and return to London.


Luzi: What? (Us: WHAT?) Quatsch (nonsense), that can't be….and anyway, how do you know if you haven't even talked?  Did she text you?


Emma: No, I just overheard her talking to her parents on the phone. She said that Cologne sucks and London's is a lot cooler.  She's totally happy about seeing her parents again.


Luzi: And you think that she's going to leave for….ever?


Emma: No idea….All I know is that she wants to leave because of me.


Luzi: Ach, Quatsch (nonsense). Jenny wouldn’t hightail it off to London just like that.  Especially not before she's talked to you.


Emma: But of course she would!  She doesn't want to have anything to do with me anymore.

And talking is crap, too. She didn't even accept my apology.  What kind of BS idea was that to kiss you anyway?


Luzi: Yeah, that's what I was wondering, too. (Aww, unlesbionic besties, with zero sexual tension. They still exist! And on a soap opera no less!)


Emma: She's leaving tomorrow, and I don't want her to leave!


Luzi: Then do something about it!


Emma: But how do I make her see that she should...must stay?



[Bergmann Villa]


Helena: Well, especially now at the beginning, I am striving to gain a complete as possible overview over my students, over their achievements and their problems.

Bergmann: I believe my son’s problems are well within the usual teenager limits.


Helena: So, a relationship with a teacher is a regular teenage problem for you? (After watching enough teen shows, it totally is..)


Bergmann: If you're alluding to Ben's swooning over Frau Vogel..


Helena: I'm alluding to an affair between the two… there was one?


Bergmann: Not that I know of.


Helena: Are you really sure about this?


Bergmann: What makes you think so?


Helena: Let me put it this way:  There are indistinct clues..


Bergmann: Of course, that would make sense, I was never able to imagine Ben as a stalker.. (And I am sitting in a Café and just snorted my Latte Macchiato back up through my nose, thanks, Mr. Bergmann. I'm glad it wasn't iced...)  Maybe he was only covering for Frau Vogel back then…..


Helena: Maybe. Or, probably.


Bergmann: When Frau Vogel was in jail, he wanted to go to Australia to find witnesses….Yeah, it would make sense.  That's why he couldn’t handle school. (Yeah, that or because he's a stalkerish dumbnut)


Helena: As far as I know, the affair is long over and Frau Vogel in a stable relationship. Let's just hope remains that way.


Bergmann: Yes.



[At the Beschenkos]


Ben: Hey!


Karin: Hi Ben, have a seat. Do you want to join us for dinner?


Ben: Only if you've got some of those tasty Varanicha left.


Karin: Marini. If you want marmalade for dinner, fine.


Ben: Uh, you know what I mean, those Ukrainian monster tortellini. (Yeah, he's a smart one, that one.)


Karin: (Chuckles) Marenki.


Ben: That's what I was saying! Whoooo! They are so hot!


Karin: I'm glad. Go ahead, Luzi is eating elsewhere today.


Ben: It's her own fault. Ach, before I start eating everything up again, I transferred some money the other day. Don't worry, it’s only half the rent!  Luzi told me what you're paying because I'm slowly beginning to feel like a parasite.


Karin: You're not, really.(You're just a teenage boy with a huge appetite, and I'm a cleaning lady with very little income..)


Ben: Yeah, but I'm kind of living here anyways, and the apartment isn't really huge, so..it had to be.


Karin: In the Ukraine, we aren't just the masters of the best monster Tortellini, but we also know what it's like to have guests.


Ben: No arguments.


Karin: Thanks, it's not like I couldn't use it.



[Bea’s Apartment]


Bea: Do you even know just how much I've missed you?



[Bea’s Apartment/Pestalozzi Entrance/Bergmann Villa]

(Oh wow, I think I erased that scene from memory. Anyway…) Emma is singing Drops of Jupiter beautifully, with scenes of Jenny being sad and eventually hugging a pillow…


[At the Beschenkos]


Ben: Good morning.


Karin: Morning


Ben: Oh shit, can't I be on time for once?


Karin: Doesn't seem like it.


Ben: Bank account?


Karin: Hmm.


Ben: That bad?


Karin: I ought to buy a lottery ticket.


Ben: Should I transfer more?


Karin: What are you talking about?


Ben: My part of the rent, shall I increase it?


Karin: I told you, you don't have to do that.


Ben: And I said I must, so shall I? (Ben, just do it? Hello?)


Karin: Ben, to be honest, nothing has arrived.


Ben: That can't be. I transferred the money online a few days ago. It should be there by now, you're also at the Harani, right?


Karin: Yeah, it's weird.


Ben: Who knows where the idiots have transferred the money to now, I'll clear it up.


Karin: But you don't have to do that now, you're already running late!


Ben: Exactly, it doesn't matter now, anyway!  I want to know where the money went off to.


(On the phone)

Hi Frau Schulz, it's Ben Bergmann, something must've gone wrong with one of my transactions, could you please check? ... Excuse me? Are you sure? Thank you.


(To Karin)

 My father had my account frozen.


[School hallway]

At the infamous hallway of the Pestalozzi school for Wizardry and budding Lesbianism…


Emma: (EMMA!) Have you seen Jenny?


Luzi: No, weird.


Emma: No, it's not weird, she's gone, I told you! She's even turned off her phone, I've tried to call her so many times and..


Luzi: Don't start overreacting!   Come on, Jenny won’t just take off without saying goodbye!

We're going to find her, okay?


Emma: (desperate) But where, tell me where!


Luzi: (the calming voice of reason) I don't know that either right now, but I'm sure that she's still in the country.  Maybe she's just skipping school and has her cell phone turned off for because of that.


Emma: Oh, do you have a tissue? I think I'm getting a nosebleed.


Luzi: Shit.


Lohmann: And what's this? Hanging out in the hallway? Class has long been started!


Luzi: We know.


Lohmann: That's even worse! Who do you have class with? Frau Vogel? She wasn't exactly the most punctual in her days either (and that's Latte number two going backwards through my nose: I'm going to smell coffee all day. Also, this is possibly the best hallway convo ever.)


Luzi: Emma is getting a nose-bleed, do you happen to have a tissue?


Emma: Believe me, she's on her way to London, and it's all my fault. It's my fault that she can't stand Cologne anymore, I ruined everything!



[Bergmann Villa]


Ben: You can't do this.


Bergmann: The tie isn't that daring.


Ben: Stop it. You know exactly what I am talking about. You can't just freeze my account!


Bergmann: As you see, I can very well. Sometimes it does come in rather handy when you're in a position of power at a bank.


Ben: You are such a disgusting..


Bergmann: Hold on. I made a mistake and apologized for it, and yet, you still don't want to have anything to do with me anymore. Ok, so I will just have to accept that.


Ben: Yes, you probably do.


Bergmann: But then, don't be inconsequential for once. You moved in with my maid, cause everything here was pissing you off so much. But once I shut off your money well, you come running.  Are you aware just how pathetic that is?  You want your own life? Go ahead, live it, but not with my money!

And if you're missing our full refrigerator, you're welcome to move back in any time.


Ben: That's blackmail.


Bergmann: No, Ben, that's life. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bank to preside over.


Ben: That's all you know how to do.


The phone rings in this very tense situation, Bergmann senior picks it up.


Bergmann: Bergmann!



[Pestalozzi, Hallway/Bergmann Villa]


Emma: Is Jenny there? She's got her cell shut off and I really need to talk to her!


Bergmann: Who is this?


Emma: Uhm, Emma…Emma Müller….I go to school with her.


Bergmann: Jenny isn't here, she's on her way to the train station.


Emma(clicks the phone shut without further ado or goodbye):She's on her way to the train station. She's really leaving!


Luzi: Then what are you still doing here? Go! You need to get to the train station!!!


Emma: You're right! Thank you!


Luzi: Yes. Now go on!



[Helena’s Office]


Ben: Hey, you wanted to talk to me?


Helena: (in ironic appreciation) You really hurried!


Ben: Kind of.


Helena: I'm glad that you're actually in the building for once. That's not exactly a given for you.

Herr Bergmann, I am worried about you, since should you get lost and find your way into a class once in a while, you're not exactly impressing your teachers with your unquenchable enthusiasm.

I am aware that you're not living at home at the moment because of problems with your father.


Bea: (bursting in) Frau Schmidt-Heisig..Frau Jäger told me you meant to talk to me? I can come back later!


Helena: No, no, please come in. Have a seat, I'd like you to be present during our talk with Herr Bergmann.  As you probably know, Herr Bergmann might not be able to take his final exams (abitur).


Bea: Yes, of course, because of the many absences.


Helena: Exactly that is the problem. That’s why we're here.  Herr Bergmann, it is clear to all of us, that you're keeping behind your capabilities because of personal problems. But don't worry, we'll get this taken care of.  (To Bea) That is why I would like to appoint you as the new counselor and hereby decree, that you will be meeting twice weekly for a personal talk.



[Hallway outside Helena’s Office]


Bea: That's not funny.


Ben: Why I'm going to bring cookies, or a good red wine and we'll have ourselves a nice evening?


Bea: Ben!


Ben: Then go back inside and cancel the whole thing.


Bea: I meant to, but I somehow have the feeling that she's onto us.(Could not resist the pun, sorry.) Don't you?


Ben: A bit.


Bea: Do you even realize what's at stake here? If people find out that we..


Ben: Well, that we what? The we loved each other?(Spare me!) Before you served me with a thousand hits to my neck. (Nope, he's not sparing us nor Bea..)


Bea: We ought to remain professional.


Ben: Meaning exactly?


Bea: That we're going to do this!


Ben: You're not being serious.


Bea: But she's right! The way you're dealing with school right now….it can't go on like this.


Ben: Sure.


Bea: Ok, I'm cancelling it.


Ben: Now, wait!  We're going to do this, and I'm going to try really hard to keep my cool.  No wine, no cookies … Student, teacher, and so on, huh?



[At the Ostbahnhof,uh Cologne train station]


Emma: Have you seen a young woman, long brown hair, she wants to go to London.


Train conductor: No I haven't, sorry.(He's totally lying, or are there only middle aged blondes going to London?)


Emma: Jenny! Jenny! Oh, sorry, I mistook you for someone.


Stranger: (Wearing a purple jacket, who decidedly is NOT Jenny) No prob.


Emma: Sorry, do you know where the trains to London go?


Stranger: No, are there trains to London here?


Emma: Yes! And Jenny is in one of them! (This is still cracking my shit up..)



[Outside on Books]


Timo: Wow, even when you make such a face, you still look like one of those guys from a music video.


Ben: Thanks, Timo, I can fool myself.


Timo: Yeah, dude, sorry, a weak attempt to get you to join back up with our gang.


Ben: If you really want to do me a favor...It'd be cool if you could loan me some money.


Timo: Sure, how much do you need? Is five bucks enough?


Ben: I was more thinking about 5000.


Timo: Euros? The son of the old industrialist is asking? Did your father disown you?


Ben: Kind of…He won't be giving me anything anymore, as long as I'm, staying with the Beschenkos.


Timo: Wow.


Ben: But still, I'm not going to move back into the villa. Crap, I want to pay Luzi's mom half of the rent, but it just doesn't work like that.(Uh, Dude, wild idea: Get a job instead of trying to sponge ridiculous amounts of money from your teenage friends? It's not like you're super busy with school anyway. I heard Saal 1 had an opening...hey, and you could share plaid shirts with Emma!)


Timo: It really doesn't work like that. You're really asking me if I can loan you money so you can sleep in the room of the woman I'd like to be with? Absurd.


Ben: First of all, Luzi is totally safe with me.


Timo: With me as well, sadly.


Ben: And secondly, the thing with the Beschenkos isn't meant to be a long term solution. I want to look for my own place, but I need money and all pretty quickly.



[Pestalozzi, Helena’s Office ]


Helena: Yes, please?


Götting: Excuse me, but I've just noticed that you've blocked Frau Vogel for counseling sessions with Ben Bergmann, where I actually scheduled her in for 7b Mathematics.


Helena: I am sorry.


Götting: May I at least in this case, get to know your reasons?


Helena: You know the answer.


Götting: The two of them are supposed to get closer again.


Helena: You have misunderstood me. I will not enlighten you as to my reasons.


Götting: If only I had thought of such a plan!  Not bad, it could work.


Helena: This is why I am the principal of this school: Because my plans work.



[Cologne Train Station]

At the train station, leaving from 9 ¾, right now, the cutest love confession ever...


Emma: Jenny! Hi!


Jenny: What are you doing here?


Emma: Please don't run away, you need to listen to me!  I am sorry.  And by that I don't just mean the kiss with Luzi, but for everything… That I pushed you away in front of Timo, that I could never make up my mind, that I...


Jenny: Emma!


Emma: No!  Wait!  That I thought that you were fooling me, that I never trusted you,


Jenny: Hey..


Emma: No, I need to finally tell you now, because it’s taken way too long!  I have fallen really terribly, horribly in love with you, and I would like to be with you.  Please stay.  Don't go to London!


Jenny: What?


Emma: Stay here!


Jenny: But why would I go to London!?!  That's where my parents just arrived from!  They have been standing behind you the whole time, by the way.  Mom, Dad … this is Emma!