Episode 159

translated by hephylax

edited by Globe


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Ben: So you slept with my girlfriend. So what?

Stefan: I'm not sure if there's anything worse a father can do to his son.

Ben: I did something worse.

Stefan: What did you do? What are you talking about?

Ben: I killed two people. I'm a murderer.




[Bergmann villa]


Stefan: What are you talking about?

Ben: It's my fault that Herr Götting and Frau Lohmann are dead.

Stefan: Why?

Ben: It was a car race - the second one. In the first one I lost my Mustang. The guy offered me a rematch and I was an idiot and said yes. I drove the second race in a stolen Porsche.

Stefan: Why - what guy?

Ben: Ronnie... he's new at school. We were driving down B506, Ronnie was alongside me and... suddenly, the bus appeared. 



Michael: Are they crazy?!

Bea: Brake!



Ben: I-I-I didn't know what to do. I stepped on the brakes and the wacko was able to cut in in front of me by a hair but...the bus went into a skid. We stopped - after the next bend. The bus was standing diagonally across the road and everything was alright, so we thought things were fine and we split. I didn't know that it was our people: the AG, Bea, Luzi. Götting crashed into the bus, but I didn't know that until school the next day. Timo and Heisig are in the hospital because of me. I'm responsible for the deaths of two people.

Stefan hugs Ben who is crying.



[Hospital, Timo's room]


The nurse is trying to get Timo to use a urinal.

Timo: Man, that just doesn't work, because I have no idea why I can't simply use the bathroom.

Nurse: But you don't have any choice.

Timo: It's just 4 meters.

Luzi comes in. Timo grabs the urinal and hides it besides his bed.

Timo: Alright, I'll try it later.

Luzi: Hey.

Timo: Heeey...

Luzi: Is there a problem?

Timo: I just don't understand why I'm not allowed to get up.

Luzi: Well, it's clear as a bell that you need some cheering up.

She hands him a small container.

Timo: Your mother cooked?!

Luzi: Say, any news on your spine? When will they do this...CT thingy?

Timo: You mean MRI. No idea. I think they don't even know that themselves. So what's new?

Luzi: The STAG got invited to visit a music label... Raumzeit Records.

Timo: Isn't that run by this... this Frank Peters? (She nods.) When?

Luzi: It looks like tomorrow morning. The new principal seems to have made the appointment. Frau Vogel wasn't very happy about it.

Timo: Well, I'm all for postponing it, too. Then I can go with you.

Luzi: You'll really be missed.

He starts shoveling food into his mouth.

Timo: Good. Say, is Ben still living with you? He really could come by sometime and help me pass the time.

Luzi: I think he has other troubles at the moment. He moved back to his father's house.

Timo: Okay. What happened?

Luzi: Nothing.

Timo: Well, the important thing is that you're here. (indicating the food) This is really good.



[Bergmann villa]


Stefan: Now listen carefully. It wasn't your fault. It was an unfortunate set of circumstances that youwere a part of, yes. But you aren't solely responsible for this accident. What's this wacko's name? Ronnie? He was overtaking you. He was the one who should have braked. And Götting, from what I've heard he was driving much too fast. So stop putting the entire blame on yourself.

Ben: I can't stand it anymore. When I was at the Beschenkos'... the police were questioning Luzi. I really wanted to scream It was me, but... I was scared.

Stefan: What did the police want to know?

Ben: No idea... whether Luzi or the others saw anything before the bus started to skid.

Stefan: And?

Ben: I don't know. I can't remember. I... I just wanted to get away.

Stefan: It's alright. Alright. When was the last time you slept? (Ben scoffs) Right. You have to calm down, switch your mind off. Things won't look as bleak afterwards. You go to sleep now. And I'm going to try and get an idea of the situation. We'll be able to handle this.

Ben: Thanks.



[Music: Staind - "Everything Changes"]


[Beschenko, Luzi's room]


Luzi is lying on her bed hugging Ben's forgotten jacket.


[Bergmann villa, Ben's room]


Ben is lying in the flowery Jemma sheets listening to music.


[Flashback to Ben and Luzi kissing.]



Ben: This has nothing to do with the kiss. It's all me. 




[Pestalozzi, teachers' lounge]


Helena: Classes will commence with the third period after the memorial service. And please take the time today to personally tell the students the time of the memorial service. In addition, Frau Jäger will put up a note on the bulletin board. Have a successful day of classes, everyone. (to Bea) And you and your group have a successful trip into the music business.

Helena leaves Bea and Frau Krawczyk sitting at the table.

Frau Krawczyk: Trip into the music business? 

Bea: Yes. An invitation by Raumzeit Records - a music label. We caught their attention with our performance in Sister Act. I would have chosen another day but... our new principal insisted.

Frau Krawczyk: Despite the tragic circumstances... but that's not all that's bothering you.

Bea: I know that the STAG is good but... I would prefer their talents to be promoted and not exploited.

Frau Krawczyk: That sounds like a prejudice.

Bea: Well, the music industry doesn't have a very good reputation in this respect.

Frau Krawczyk: If you keep an eye on your gang, I wouldn't worry too much.



[Pestalozzi, big staircase]


Luzi is staring at the memorial display for Götting and Lohmann on the stairs. Ben walks up, looks at the display, then at Luzi, and then tries to walk away unnoticed. Unsuccessfully.

Luzi: Ben. Hey.

Ben: Hey.

Luzi: What's up?

He shrugs.

Luzi: Everything okay at home? And with your father?

Ben: Sure.

Both their eyes go back to the memorial display.

Luzi: The memorial service will be held tomorrow morning.

Ben: Say, how is Timo?

Luzi: Fine. He still isn't allowed to leave the bed but... he's hanging in there. I'm sure he'd be happy if you came to visit him.

Ben: Sure. I will. I have to head to my English class.

And he flees.



[Bergmann villa]


Stefan is on the phone when Karin comes in.

Stefan: (on the phone) Olaf Hendke, of the consultation team. I don't care, a few decisions you will just have to make yourself. Yes, I expect so. I'll be back in my office by noon anyway. Exactly. Don't disappoint me. See you later. (to Karin) Good morning.

Karin: Good morning. Ben is back.

Stefan: Yes. Frau Beschenko? Yes, he's back and I know that I have mostly you to thank for that. Say, how is Luzi?

Karin: Luckily she doesn't have any serious injuries.

Stefan: But her friend is still in the hospital...

Karin: Timo. Yes. But it looks like he will be released soon.

Stefan: Have the police been able to find out yet how the accident happened?

Karin: There were two accidents. First the bus went into a skid and then Herr Götting drove into the accident site. Herr Heisig he drove the bus remembers two sports cars coming towards them, but no details. Well, and the rest didn't notice anything - until it happened.

Stefan: So there are no witnesses? Not any kind of usable evidence?

Karin: Unfortunately, no. They will probably go unpunished for their hit and run. I hope that these people know what they have done, and that they don't forget it for the rest of their lives. 



[Raumzeit Records, outside]


[Kate Perry - "California Gurls"]


While the STAG are making their way towards the entrance, a stretch limo drives up. Bea walks on unimpressed but the rest stop to gape at the four gangsta rapper guys exiting the limo. And then either Caro is pestering them or they like the fawning... who knows. Anyway, Bea notices her charges staring open-mouthed at the guys and comes back to pull them away.

Caro: Hi...

Bea: Hey...

Caro: Good act...

Rapper 1: S'up

Caro: Hey, hey...

Rapper 2: What's up?

Bea: Alright. May I please...? That's a no go.

Rapper 2: Get goin'

Bodo: Who is that?

Luzi: Idiot...

Bea, frustrated, mumbles

Caro: Say, that guy with the leather coat was 50 Cent, wasn't he?

Luzi: Sure... and I'm Amy Winehouse.

Caro: If I had known how cool the AG is, I would have participated right from the beginning.

Jenny: Ah, you know ...



[Raumzeit Records]


Bea: Hello.

Katja: Hello. Good day.

Bea: Bea Vogel.

Katja: Herr Peters will be with you shortly.

Bea: Thanks.

Caro: I could be comfortable here. I wonder what one has to do to become the boss of such a joint.

Frank comes over at that moment.

Frank: Well, the best thing is to work your way up from the very bottom. Hello. I'm Frank Peters, the boss of this joint.

Bea: Bea Vogel.

Frank: Nice to meet you..

Bea: This is the STAG... with some new faces.

Frank: I'm happy to see you. I already noticed you at this Sister Act thing. I thought it was great. Good, so let's do a little tour so you can get to know me and the label a little bit better, okay? Ah, Katja? Could you now send the guys into the recording studio? Studio 3.

Katja: Yes, of course.

Frank: Thanks.



[Bergmann villa]


Ben: You aren't at work yet?

Stefan: And you aren't in school?

Ben: Sorry.

Stefan: See you later.

Ben: I don't think I can do this.

Stefan: What?

Ben: Everything. Covering it up. Pretending that nothing has happened.

Stefan: Nobody expects that from you. You can talk to me about it - any time. I've asked around. There is no evidence of you or the Mustang, no useful witness statement, nothing. That's good news.

Ben: Tsk, good news?

Stefan: Ben, I want to help you. If you want to go to the police to turn yourself in, I will get you the best lawyer I can get - I promise you that. You decide what you want to do. But think twice, that's all I ask. And no matter what you decide, I will stand by you. You are my son. 



[Raumzeit Records]


Frank: Well, this is the reception. And those are the recording studios, the heart of the production, you could say. Would you like to try it?

Jenny: Sure

Frank: Yeah? Then I'll just go over to the mixer console. (to Bea) What will you do?

Bea: I'm coming with you.

Frank: Okay, good. (to Bea) Um, that's the dry room, but over there we also have a live room. Are we ready? Great. Fine, then let's roll. We're ready. Just start, just do something fun for you. (off Bea's look) Don't you like fun?

Bea: I do.

Frank: You do, huh?

Bea: Just sing Sweet Dreams, okay?

And magically, the music for Sweet Dreams starts playing at once.

Frank: Nice...

The STAG sing Sweet Dreams, and Jenny even throws some adoring looks Emma's way and vice versa.

Frank: Wow, they're ... they're really good.



[Hospital, Timo's room]


Knock knock.

Timo: Hey.

Michael: Hey. How are you?

Timo: Mm...

Timo makes an OK sign.

Michael: The doctor came to see me and said I could leave tomorrow.

Timo: Cool.

Michael: The way you look you won't be lying here for much longer either.

Timo: God, I hope so. Though... being in the hospital does have its advantages. You get a lot of visitors.

Michael: And let's not forget the lady visitors. Luzi?

Timo: Yes, we're doing okay again. The accident was tough, but it also makes you realize what is really important to you... and especially who.

Michael: That's good, isn't it? Then now you'll just have to find out if she feels the same.



[Raumzeit Records]


STAG are still singing Sweet Dreams.


Outside the studio, Frank and Bea are waiting for the STAG to finish.

Frank: Yeah, well, I'm glad that you came. Um, that, that girl with the incredible voice... uh, um, Lilli...

Bea: Luzi.

Frank: Right. She could really become someone.

Bea: Luzi already is someone. And not just a talented singer, but also a very good student... and most of all a very sensitive person.

Frank: Sen-sensitive? I don't know that word.

Bea: What do you want from the AG?

Frank: What do you think I am? The devil who wants to burn some innocent souls in purgatory? Hm?

The gang comes skipping out of the studio.

Emma: That was so cool.

Luzi: And we have a demo record.

Frank: Yes, I'm the devil. In any case, it was my pleasure.

Bea: Thank you.

Frank: Mm hm.

Caro: (to Katja) I've already noticed you earlier. You're rather pregnant, aren't you?

Katja: Yes... eight months.

Caro: Yeah, well, that's great. I mean that's fantastic! For you, I mean, of course.

Katja: Yeah, thanks.

Caro walks over to Frank.

Caro: So you'll be needing a new assistant soon. I'm perfect for the job.

Bea: Caro.

Frank: Alright, then why don't you fill out an application and send it to Human Resources...

Caro: I'm sure we could handle this with far less bureaucracy, couldn't we?

Bea: Caro!

Caro: Well, I mean, you really shouldn't miss out on your chance with me.

Bodo: Hear hear.

Caro: How about I just give you my number or my email address and then you can contact me if...

Meanwhile, Emma and Bea are dragging her outside by her arms.


[Outside Raumzeit Records]


Caro: No guts, no glory.

Jenny: That wasn't guts, that was just embarrassing.

Caro: At least Peters will remember me.

Emma: That's one way to do it.

The group moves on but not before Jenny maneuvers herself to walk next to Emma. So natural, so cute.

Bea is still waiting for Luzi to come out of the building.

Bea: There you are.

Luzi: Sorry. Herr Peters still wanted to talk to me.

Bea: What did he want?

Luzi: Nothing. He just said that I had a great voice.

Bea: That you do.

Luzi: I imagined the whole thing would be completely different: sleazier and nastier - more cliché... But he is... really nice.

Bea: Even if he is nice, he's still doing his job. (off Luzi's look) What I'm trying to say is... it's great that Frank Peters paid you a compliment. But as a producer he is always on the look-out for new voices he can market. I don't know, maybe it's one of my idiosyncrasies, but... I'm always careful with these kinds of people. Maybe he is rather nice though, hm?



[Hospital, Timo's room]


Luzi: God, it was so incredible. They were so cool, but not arrogant, and really nice; and then we were even allowed to record something and the sound was so unbeli... Jeez, I'm sorry. I'm gushing, and you have to ... lie here.  But I'm sure we'll go back one day. Peters said if we ever needed professional recordings we could come to him any time.

Timo: Great. Could you come here? I have to tell you something.

Luzi: What happened?

Timo: Nothing. I... I'm really happy that we get along again. That really means very much to me. And I believe that you care about me too. I mean, we were together once, after all. To be honest, the thought that I have already wasted so many chances drives me crazy. Luzi, I still love you. Please give me another chance to finally get it right.



[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


Two students are playing football. One of them runs backwards and right into Helena.

Helena: Hello?! If you can't pay attention, find another place for your sports activities.

Bea comes along and gives an adoring smile when she sees Helena in her strict principal mode. Helena, too, goes from angry to smiling as soon as she sees...

Helena: Frau Vogel! I see that you survived the visit to the music label. Then your worries didn't prove to be true?

Bea: On the contrary, and I wanted to thank you. The trip was exactly the right thing for the students. They could forget about the accident and everything connected to it. Really... A great idea.



[Hospital, Timo's room]


Luzi: You really mean a lot to me too. After all, we've already known each other for so long. But since the accident... that thought alone, that something might happen to you, really killed me. But... so much else has happened...

Timo: I know, but we can make a new start. Luzi, we belong together.

Luzi: No. I... Yes, as friends. Timo, you're my best friend, but - as a couple - we just don't work.

Timo: Is there someone else?

Luzi nods slightly.