Episode 160

translated by hephylax

edited by Globe and Dani_otd


(Faithful readers,

with this episode we have closed the final translation gap as our first full episode translation in the summer of 2011 was episode 161. All 234 episodes are now available in English. It's been a wild and often exhausting ride but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thanks for patiently hanging in there.

So once again, all that's left for me to say is

STAY JEMMA, folks! :-)




Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Timo: Yes, we're doing alright again. The accident was tough, but it also made you realize what is really important to you... and especially who.

Michael: Then you just have to find out if she feels the same.


Timo: Luzi, we belong together.

Luzi: No. I...Yes, as friends. Timo, you're my best friend but... as a couple... we just don't work.

Timo: Is there someone else?




[Hospital, Timo's room]


Timo: There is someone else.

Luzi: I don't know how this could have happened.

Timo: I can tell you how something like this happens. If you hang around together all day and even live together, things like this can happen. It's Ben, isn't it?

Luzi: Ah, nonsense. Ben is just... a good friend.

Timo: Who is it then?

Luzi: You don't know him. I only really got to know him recently myself. I have to go.

He grabs her arm.

Timo: Hold on! I mean, so much has happened, and then this whole thing with Sophie...

Luzi: Okay... I'll be going now, okay? I'm sorry.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Ronnie is desecrating the Jemma Coming Out Monument by sitting on it, cigarette in his mouth, while Sophie is standing beside him.

Teacher: Hey. Lose the cigarette.

Ronnie: Hey, come here. (He pulls Sophie onto his lap.) Isn't this much more comfortable? Hey, there's gonna be an awesome party tonight. If you want you can come with me.

Sophie: Yeah, sure. But now I have to go to math.

She stands up but Ronnie pulls her back down again.

Ronnie: Hey, wait a moment. Who needs math?

Ben walks over.

Ben: Didn't you listen? She said that she wants to go.

Ronnie: Jealous?

Sophie: (to Ben) I can take care of myself.

She kisses Ronnie.

Sophie: Later.

Ronnie: Later. (to Ben) Say, I didn't know that you were also into Sophie. Isn't she much too young for you? Ha?

Ben: Ha. What the fuck did you think you were doing just now?

Ronnie: What are you talking about?

Ben: You think drinking bouts are the right thing to do for Sophie right now? You know very well that she almost drank herself into a coma just recently.

Ronnie: Didn't she just say that she's doing fine without your help?

Ben: But she obviously hasn't realized yet what an asshole you are.

Ronnie: Ouch. That really hurt.

Ben: If you fuck up, you'll be in deep shit with me.

Ronnie: Well, up until now I've had your active support while fucking up, haven't I?

Ben: I'm serious.

Ronnie: Ooo... now I'm scared. I better go and learn something before you start hurting me.



[Maria Mena - "Internal Dialogue"]


[Hospital, Timo's room]


Timo in bed flashing back to him and Luzi kissing.


[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Luzi flashing back to her and Ben kissing.



Timo: Is there someone else?




[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Ronnie is leaning against the wall and chatting with some other students. Bea rounds a corner where Ben is standing. Ben is staring down the hall at Ronnie. (Ben is probably supposed to look angry or something, but he just looks as if it's about 24 hours past his bedtime.)

Bea: Ben, don't you think you both got enough bruises? Why did you attack him? Not just because of Caro...

Ben: He deserved it.

Bea: Nobody deserves to get beaten up like that. Ben, come on. You can tell me. (She grabs his shoulder.) There's a solution for everything.

Ben: A solution for everything...

Bea: I'm sorry, that was the wrong thing to say.

Ben: Wherever Ronnie shows up, there will be trouble. Just look at that guy. You'll soon realize that there's something wrong with him.



[Hospital, Timo's room]


Timo is flashing back to the explosion. Michael comes in and notices his tears.

Michael: Was the declaration of love unsuccessful?

Timo: My declaration of love was great. But apparently Luzi has just fallen in love with someone else.

Michael: Oh. I'm sorry.

Timo: Me too. I thought things between Luzi and me were something really special... something really big.

Michael: But it's good that you've told her. Now, at least you know where you stand.

Timo: Great. But I won't give up. I mean, look at me. How do I look?

Michael: Better than yesterday.

Timo: Man, I'm looking like crap! How could Luzi ever fall in love with someone who's hanging around in bed all day, in a checkered gown, stuffing himself with chocolate bars?!

Michael: Timo...

Timo: I just have to make more of an effort. And I only will be able to do that after being allowed to get out of this fucking bed.

(And I have to confess, I like Michael in this scene. He doesn't get on my nerves, he rolls his eyes at Timo just like me and I even find him rather handsome for once. Not a bad way to say good-bye to him... for good.)



[Pestalozzi, at the school lockers]  


Ben: So how was the visit to the record label? Have you already signed a contract?

Luzi: Uh, it was great... big and stuff.

Ben: Big and stuff... Uh huh. And what else?

Luzi: And what else? Nothing else.

Her phone rings.

Luzi: Luzi Beschenko? Hello?

Frank: Hello, this is Frank of Raumzeit Records. You know, we're having a small launch party tonight. Would you like to come over?

Luzi: Tonight? That would be really great. Of course, I'll come.

Frank: Great. It starts at seven.

Luzi: Thanks. See you tonight.

Ben: Who was that?

Luzi: Frank Peters, the boss of Raumzeit Records. He invited me to the launch party of his Cologne label.

Ben: Yeah, cool!

Luzi: Uh, uh...

Ben: Everything alright?

Luzi: Yes.



[Pestalozzi, principal's office]


Knock knock. And Bea walks in immediately.

Helena: Frau Vogel. How nice of you to knock this time. I don't recall us having an appointment...

Bea: We don't. It's about a student.

Helena: Ben Bergmann?

Bea: Ronald Peters. I've studied his file: two weeks suspension for breaking into the chem lab; expelled from school for reckless endangerment of schoolmates; suspected of dealing with amphetamines... It looks like the brawl is the least of his problems.

Helena: I know his file.

Bea: So? What are you going to do?

Helena: Nothing.

Bea: Nothing?

Helena: What can I do? I can't just expel a student from school just because he got into trouble in the past.

Bea: But I really do think we should have a closer look at Ronald Peters.

Helena: I'll take care of it.

Bea: Great. Thanks.



[Pestalozzi, on the stairs to the lockers]


Ronnie takes a wad of cash from a fellow student, counts it and then hands him something. Helena observes from the steps above.

Ronnie: Here, have fun.

Helena: Would you please explain to me what you just did?

Ronnie: Hello, Frau Schmidt-Heisig. Um, what do you mean?

He lets a small bag with pills drop over the banister to the floor below behind his back. Ben sees it and grabs it from the floor. 

Helena: What did the student pay for just now?

Ronnie: Pay? Nothing. I lent him some money the other day, and he just gave it back. You're welcome to frisk me. I've got nothing to hide.

Helena: I hope for your sake that you're telling the truth.

Helena walks away and Ronnie looks after her. Then he hears the plink plink of Ben throwing pills one by one into the water bucket of the conveniently placed cleaning cart. Ben pours the rest of the pills into his palm, presents them to Ronnie and when Ronnie makes a grab for them, Ben throws the lot into the water too.

Ben: Oops!

Then Ben makes the I'm watching you gesture at Ronnie and walks away.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Bea: First to the right... and then to the left.

Bea is showing the gang some dance moves when Luzi rushes in.

Luzi: Hey, isn't that awesome?! STAG at the launch party of Raumzeit Records!

Bea: Uh...

Luzi: Tonight... Raumzeit Records... the launch party...

Bea: Nice of you to join us but... you seem to know more than we do.

Caro: What she said.

Luzi: Didn't Peters call all of you too? Oh, I don't want to go there by myself. Jeez, it sucks that only I got invited.

Caro: Absolutely. I mean, the STAG stands for a lot more. We are a group after all, which means team spirit and community. Well, or you don't agree?

Bea: No. STAG is about the group. But Frank Peters seems to be only interested in money. And that's why he's just looking for a singer at the moment.

Luzi: Who cares what he's interested in. There's no way I'm going there by myself.

Jenny: Of course you'll go. We'll just accompany you.

Emma: We can't just let her go there by herself.

Caro: Exactly. I mean, one for all and all for one.

Caro throws her arm around Emma's shoulder and pulls her to her. Emma pulls away.

Bea: You know something? That's not a bad idea. We'll attend. So hurry home and dress up in your party clothes.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Luzi accidentally bumps into Ben.

Ben: Hey.

Luzi: God, I'm so nervous about this party at the label. I'm sorry.

Ben: You're the last person to have a reason to be nervous.

Luzi: But it's such a different world and I have no idea what to wear and how to talk. I'm so scared that I'll completely embarrass myself... Fräulein Beschenko, and what is it that you have done already? Well, I've warbled my favorite songs in the school auditorium. God, it's such a mega opportunity.

Ben: Sure. And you'll knock the socks off this producer.

Luzi: You think?

Ben: You already did. That's why he invited you. And if you don't know what to say anymore, you'll just sing something to those pompous asses.

Luzi: Sing? I'm not going.

Ben: Of course you're going. I, for one, wouldn't waste such an opportunity.

Luzi: You wouldn't?

Ben: No, I wouldn't.

Luzi: Would you come with me? Please.

Ben: Yes. If you want.

Luzi: Oh cool. Thanks.

She hugs him.



[Raumzeit Records]


[The Black Pony - Scars and Bruises]


The Black Pony arrive in a limo to dozens, hundreds, probably thousands of fans screaming and waving their autograph cards around. Lots and lots of singing as The Black Pony perform at the label. (And no translating. Life is good.)


[Beschenko home]


Luzi is modeling several outfits for her mom.


[Hospital, Timo's room]


Timo suffers some more, alone in his hospital bed.



[Raumzeit Records]



The song ends, everyone cheers and claps, and then Frank starts handing out complimentary drinks.

Frank: Drink up boys.Champagne...

The gang walks into the studio. Caro grabs Jenny's arm in glee.

Jenny: (to Caro) Hey, what's up? Have you seen Ice-T? (And who the hell in HaHe's primarily German high school target group would still remember Ice-T? Unless they're watching Law & Order: SVU. Secretly slobbering over Detective Olivia Benson, Frau Hartmann?)

Caro: Better.

Frank: Frau Vogel. This is a surprise.

Bea: A good or bad one?

Frank: Well... I'm not quite sure yet.

Bea: That's how it is with us. If you invite one you'll get stuck with the lot.

Frank: That's what I call a fait accompli.

Bea: Or team spirit. When Luzi realized that you invited only her, she didn't want to come. So the others simply came with her.

Frank: Then I should be grateful to your students. Cheers.

Bea: That's right. We belong together.

Frank: Frau Vogel, um, honestly, I get you. But you know, my job is to look for new talent.

Bea: And Luzi is such a talent.

Frank: It looks that way and that's why I'm going to make her an offer. Whether she'll accept it or not should be her decision. Hm? Don't you think?


Caro and Bodo are strolling through the crowd.

Caro: Could you please get that lunatic expression off your face. People are going to think I'm your parole officer. After all, I'm not here for the fun of it.

Bodo: For what then?

Caro: Say, have you never heard of lateral entry? (He shakes his head) If you know the right people you can make it to the top overnight. That's how it works in the music business.

Bodo: I understand.

They both look around for a likely target. Bodo indicates a young man sitting at the bar.We know that he's the guitarist of The Black Pony because we saw them play earlier.

Bodo: How about him?

Caro: Um, I said the right people and not some temp intern... for example, that one over there.

She nods in the direction of a guy standing in the crowd. Bodo looks at the guy.

Caro: Say, can you be any more obvious?

Bodo: You mean the poor man's Johnny Ramone there?

Caro: Who?

Bodo: Johnny Ramone.

Caro: I don't know him.

She starts to walk away.

Bodo: (calls after her) But Johnny Ramone is the best guitar player of all times!

Which the young man at the bar overhears.

Guitarist: Nonsense. Jimi Hendrix, man.

Bodo: I'm sorry but then you surely don't have the Ramones' Loco Live record at home.

Guitarist: Of course. I mean, he isn't bad but... Jimi Hendrix is THE God.

They amicably agree to disagree and clink their drinks.


Ben and Luzi arrive.

Luzi: Does it look okay?

Ben: Bah, it looks horrible. Two minutes ago it still looked really good but now... no. Sorry.

They grin at each other.

Frank: Hey, Luzi! Nice to see you.

Luzi: Hello.

Frank: So? Already looking forward to meeting all these people today? Hey Greta? Greta, come here a minute. You have to meet Luzi. Greta Luzi. Luzi Greta.

Greta: C'mon Luzi. I'll show you around.

They walk off and Ben wanders into Frank's field of vision.

Frank: Ben? You are Ben, aren't you?

Ben: Yes, but... Where...?

Frank: Unbelievable. You... you look like your mother.

Ben: I'm sorry but do we know each other?

Frank: It's no wonder you don't recognize me. We haven't seen each other in forever. I'm Frank, your uncle.

Ben is a little gob smacked.


Somewhere else Bodo is still talking with his new friend. And Caro has latched onto her "famous person".

Caro: It's probably pretty cool to work in such a label, isn't it?

They are walking past where Bodo and his friend are sitting.

Caro: (to her famous person) Say, has anyone ever told you that you look a little like Jimmy Ramone?

Benno: Johnny.

Caro: Yeah, that's what I meant.


Meanwhile, at the family reunion...

Ben: It's a shame that we didn't get to meet years ago.

Frank: Well, your father and I had our differences.

Ben: I get you.

Frank: Well, but tell me. How are you?

Ben: I'm fine. Have you always lived in Cologne?

Frank: I was in Berlin for the last couple of years and have only been back here for a short time. That's what this party is all about. Oh look, there's my little brother. Let me introduce you to him, as well.

Ben: Uncles usually come in packs, do they?

Frank: Yeah.

Up comes Ronnie with Sophie, and he and Frank hug.

Ronnie: Sorry, Frank. I was running a little late.

Frank: Ronnie, this is Ben, your nephew. Ben, this is Ronnie, my little brother and uncle number two, as it were.