Episode 161



Part 1


[Raumschiff Records Party]


Frank:“Ben? You're Ben,right?”

Ben:“Yes,but..excuse me..do we know each other?

Frank:“I'm Frank Peters.”

“Your uncle...Oh ,look, there's my little brother, I'll introduce you,too!”

Ben: “Habit forming uncleness, or what?”

Ronnie:“Sorry, Frank, for being late!”

Frank:“Ronnie, this is Ben, your nephew!”

“Ben, this is Ronnie, my little brother. Uncle number two.”


('Hand aufs Herz' Intro)


[Raumschiff Records Party]


Ben: ”You're not serious! You!?”

Ronnie: ”You can't pick relations..”

“Here I am, your good uncle Ronnie!”

Sophie : “How extreme is this?”

Luzi: “ I can't believe this!”

Frank:” You know each other?”

Ronnie: ”Of course!”

“Ben and I go to school together!”


Ben:” I need to get out of here.” (exits)

Frank:”Luzi,wait! I need to introduce you to some people!”

“Guys, come on over!Come here!”

“ This is Luzi, my newest discovery.These are Kevin, Ryan, Eugen andTrevor  from “The Black Pony!”


[On the parking lot]


Ben: “Ah,f***!”

Bea: “Ben, what's up with you?

Ben: “Nothing, I just met my two uncles, Frank and Ronnie Peters!”

Bea: “I didn't know that you're related either.”

Ben:”Ronnie,that little rat..”


[Raumschiff Records Party]


Luzi: ”Wow, 'Boys are crazy' was my absolutely favorite song!”

“And you worked with them?”

Frank: ”Yes, back in LA. I think you'd like it too, over there..”

Luzi: “I've really enjoyed meeting you.”

'Black Pony': “Ok, Ciao! Bye!”


Frank: ”Luzi,look, I know a pretty decent songwritress.”

Luzi: “Does she live in LA,too?”

Frank: ”Sometimes, but right now she's in Cologne.”

“You know,we're looking for the right singer for her newest song,

Luzi: ”Really?”

Frank: “Yes, and your voice could be perfect!”

Luzi: ”Does this mean?”

Frank: ”If you'd find the time in the next couple of days to come in for some demo recordings, that would be great!”

Luzi: ”Really? Recordings with me?”

Frank: ”Yes,absolutely, but don't stand me up!”


[On the parking lot]


Ben:”How can one have such a terrible family?”

Bea.” But that's not your fault!And this Frank guy seems pretty ok!”

Ben:” I thought that I'd at least have inherited some good stuff from my mother..but this idiot..of all people!”

“Must be the call of the blood..”

Bea:”What is it between Ronnie and you?”

“Whatever it is, you can tell me.”

Ben:”No,I cant' cause I'm just as bad as the rest of them."

Bea: “But that's nonsense!”

Ben: ”All of them liars, assholes....it's probably the genes.”

Bea:”Ok Ben, again...what 's up with you?”

Ben:“You know what? You can be glad that you're rid of me!”

(gets in car, drives off..)


[Raumschiff Records Party]


Luzi: “Oh, I have to tell Ben! May I?”

Frank:”yes,of course!”

(Bea enters)

Luzi: “Have you seen Ben?”


Luzi:”Great! I've been looking for him everywhere.”

Bea:Luzi, he's gone already.”


[Hospital - Timo's room]


Timo: ”My spine is great, maybe a little rusty,but only because I've been laying around so much!”

Doctor:”Timo, we should take the safe route. It's better to be a couple of days in the hospital than risking permanent damage."

“We're doing an MRI tomorrow,and if that turns out ok, you can leave.”

Timo: ”Really? Does that mean I can go to my teacher's funeral?”

Doctor: ”If the results allow it, yes!”

Timo: ” Ok, so, tomorrow then?”

Doctor:”Yes, but until then: absolute bed rest!”


[Raumschiff Records Party]


Emma: ”Incredible. Frank Peters published all of these.”

Jenny: ”Just one single of these would make me happy already.”

Caro: ”Guess what I've got here?”

Jenny: ”Your new platinum record!”

Caro: ”Ha ha! At least I have the phone number of a real star, while you're ...”

Frank:”Benno, would you mind to start cleaning up?”

Benno: ”Sure.”

Jenny (to Frank):”Excuse me the hot guy back there, what does he do exactly?”

Frank: ”He's the do-it-all, I mean an intern. Why? Do you want his number?”

Emma: ”No not necessary, Caro got it already.”

Caro: ”He told me, that he's playing in a band!”

Jenny: ”You know, maybe he'll really be a star one day, and then you'll have been his first groupie!”

Bodo: “You won't believe what I've got!”

Jenny: “What?”

Emma: “A real star's phone number?”

Bodo: Of course I've got his number!”

“But I've got something even better!”

Jenny: What?”

Bodo:I've got an autographed Black Pony band card! Lara's favorite band!”

Caro: And who have you got it from?”

Bodo: “Eugen, the guy I've been talking to all evening!”

Caro: And he's dealing in autographs?Just how lame is that?”

Bodo: Nonsense, he's the band's guitarist!

Caro: You're not serious!

Bodo:Of course!”


Frank: Thanks for coming, and we'll talk about the movie later.”

             “Well, bro, you seem heavily entertained.”

Ronnie: “Gives, there's nothing going down,here.”

Frank: “Didn't look like this earlier..just the opposite,actually.”

             “I have the feeling, that a lot was going down between you and Ben.”

Ronnie: “No idea what was up with him, you gotta ask Ben. We're buddies actually.”

Frank: “Ronnie, don't bullshit me, Ben was less than thrilled at having you for an uncle.”

Ronnie: “Maybe he'd rather have had an aunt. He's more of a softie,anyways.”

Frank: “Can't you just tell me what happened?”

Ronnie: “We had some stir up at school. About his car.”

Frank: “What did you do now?”

Ronnie: “Why always me?Maybe it was Ben who did something?

Frank: “Did he do this?”(gestures to bruise on Ronnie's face)

“ Yeah,but Buddies..alright..”


[Hospital - Timo's room]


(Timo gazes at a picture of Luzi and him)

Timo: ”God, if only I could turn back time, we'd still be together.”

“This other idiot would have no chance..”


[Luzi's room]


(Luzi is thinking about sending a text message to Ben)


Txt message: "You were gone so fast before. Is everything okay?"


[Ben's room]


(Ben wanders around his house and gets a text from Bea)


Txt message: "You are better than you think. If you want to talk call me. Bea"


[Hospital - Michael's room]


Bea: “Hey!” 

Michael: “Hey!”

Bea: “I meant to do this!” 

Michael: “Actually it's nice to be doing something normal again, for a change.” 

       “You were here every single day, but when you weren't I missed you.” 

Bea: “I missed you,too.” 

Michael: “How was the party?” 

Bea: “Interesting."

Michael: "Is everything alright?"

Bea: You're coming home, finally. Of course everything is alright!




Part 2


[Bergman Villa]


Ben: Morning.

Mr. Bergmann: Good Morning. Did you oversleep? We need to leave!

Ben: Does the name Frank Peters ring a bell?

Mr. Bergmann: Yes, he's your mother's brother.What about him?

Ben: I met him yesterday,I was at a label party.he's a music poducer.

Mr. Bergmann: I know, Frank never talked about anything else. By now,he's gotten pretty successful,I ddin't know that he's back in Cologne.

Ben: Why aren't we in contact with him?

Mr. Bergmann: We never really got along. Even before your mother's death, we never saw each other.

Ben: I see. Do you remember his little brother?

Mr. Bergmann: Hardly. He was one of those kids that fell behind.He's two years older than you are.I hardly remember his name.Ro..Roland ,I think.

Ben: Ronald. However,these days,he calls himself Ronnie.

Mr. Bergmann: The Ronnie from your school?

Ben: The one I raced.

(Mr. Bergmann paces for a moment)

Mr. Bergmann: Does Frank know about the accident?

Ben: I don't think so, he was pretty relaxed,pretty nice actually.

Mr. Bergmann: Why should Ronnie tell him anything?He has every reason to keep his mouth shut.

Ben: And he doesn't feel guilty exactly.

Mr. Bergmann: Anyways, you should keep clear of the guy.

Ben: But he's my uncle!

Mr. Bergmann: Even if! One can't choose one's relations...Now, come on, we need to get going, otherwise, we'll be late for the funeral.

Ben: I don't know,I think I'm not going.

Mr. Bergmann:They're your teachers!

Ben: Exactly! Those that I murdered.


[In front of the church]


Ms.Krawczyk: ”Thank you for coming and paying your respects to the the two.”

Ms.Jäger: ”I still can' believe it!What a tragedy!”

Ms.Krawczyk: ”I've had my difficulties with both of them.But one wouldn't wish this on anybody.”

Ms.Jäger: ”Anyways, I'm glad that they're letting you hold the funeral speech


Jenny: You can do this!

Emma: I'm constantly reminded of the accident...

Luzi: All of us are.

Jenny: You're allowed to be sad. 

Luzi: Even Schmidt-Heisig acts as though she has known both of them forever. I can't believe,that the two of them are still married.


Helena: Michael! Does Dr.Strausberg know that you're here?

Michael: Yes, he dismissed me officially.

Helena: Why didn't anyone tell me?I would have come and picked you up!

Bea: Thank you, that is very kind, but Bea already took care of that.


Helena: Bea, that wouldn't have been necessary.

Bea: It was my pleasure.

Helena: We're talking later.


(The mourners enter the church)


Bea: Don't you wanna come in,too?

Luzi: I'm waiting for Ben.


Luzi: Hi Mr.Bergmann.Where's Ben?

Mr. Bergmann: At home.He still wanted to think over whether he was going to come or not, but I don't think he will.


[Inside the Church]


Ms. Krawczyk:

Dear Students, dear Colleagues, dear family members,

we're here today to say our goodbyes to two people we were all very connected with.

Me,as a teacher, I shared a profession and an everyday routine, with them.

One that keeps confronting us with new tasks, challenges and decisions.


Alexandra Lohmann, has,with great enthusiasm, transformed our volleyball team into our school's pride, for that she has fought like a lioness.

During her life,she suffered severely from the pain of her sister's mysterious disappearance.

It is the more tragic, that now, after this curse has finally been lifted, she was unable to begin her life anew.


Mr. Götting had great plans for our school. He, too, was a human being who, with great, unbendable will and conviction, felt a strong connection to his goals.

Both of them tried, with firm conviction, to impart their knowledge and their experience to their students, for a future that both of them are not going to be a part of.

The death of Alexandra Lohmann and Julian Götting is a great loss.

It may be a reminder to us to appreciate life in each and every one of its moments, and to seize the unknown amount of time left to us.

It also is a demand for more care and thoughtfulness.

A tiny moment may ease the world as we know it, off its axis.”


[Hospital – Timo's room]

Timo: So how long does it take til the results are in?

Nurse: The doctor will talk to you soon.

Timo: Can't I at least get up?This laying around is driving me nuts!!

Nurse: No.

(doctor enters)

Timo: And? Can I leave now, finally?

Doctor: Mr. Özgül. Your impatience is completely uncalled for right now.

Timo: You have no idea! I really need to..

Doctor: It won't be taking long anymore... the results should be in any moment now..


(Timo calls Luzi.)


Luzi's answering machine: Hi,here's Luzi.I 'm not available right now, but try me at home.




Part 3


[Inside the church]


Ms Krawaczyk: I hope, that these two people who were torn way too early and tragically from life now have found their peace. We shall never forget them.


(Emma gets up and sings. The other girls slowly join in.)



Ave Maria, gratia plena.
Maria, gratia plena
Maria, gratia plena
Ave, ave dominus,
dominus tecum.
Benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus
et benedictus fructus ventris
ventris tui, Jesus.
Ave Maria.


[Outside of the church]


Bea: Emma,this was very touching,

Emma: I don't know it just came over me.

Ms. Krawaczyk: Thank you, Emma, that was wonderful.

Emma: At least something I could do.

Jenny: It was great.

Bea: Excuse me.... Mr. Bergmann, Hello,how are you?

Bergmann: Good, if you can say such a thing on a day like this?

Bea: Are you waiting for Ben?

Bergamnn: He seems to be wanting to stay behind in the chapel for a bit.

Bea: You don't happen to know what's oppressing him?

Bergmann: Well, Miss Vogel, understandably he's very torn up by this whole business.

Bea: I had the feeling, that he wants to talk, but doesn't dare to.And it's got something to do with this Ronnie..

Bergmann: I'm sure it's nothing.Just leave him alone. Excuse me.


[Inside the church]


(Ben stayed behind inside the church and mourns Ms. Lohmann&Mrs. Götting. Luzi waits for him. When she sees him break down she walks up to him and hugs him. Wanting to make him feel better she starts kissing his cheek, then his lips.)


(Bea enters and sees them kissing.)

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