Episode 167 - English

(Sorry for the delay, we tried something new, and are struggling a bit with logistics,still.Today's, Wednesday's ep may be rocky again, timewise..however, we'll be up to par and quicker than ever by Friday! Hugs from Berlin!)

Before, on 'Hand aufs Herz'


Helena:It can't go on with Ben and Ronald like the way it is now. This personal coaching is our only chance .

Stefan:. Your students are apparently very important to you. Or might this be more than just an educational measure?


Ms. Jäger:What will they be doing out there in the wilderness?

Helena:They'll be confronted with nature which will force them to work together as a team. And that in turn will lead them to conquer challenges in life with a more positive outlook.

Ms. Jäger:Maybe that will really help the lovely Ben. Recently he doesn't seem to feeling very well.

Helena:I'm sure Ben Bergmann will draw a benefit from that. After all Ms. Vogel will accompany them.

Ms. Jäger:Ms. Vogel?

Helena:Of course, after all she has a really great influence on Ben Bergmann.


(James Blunt sings "Stay the Night" and we hum along)


Miriam:Your assisstant? I don't know. I'm working at Saal 1, that's not a bad job.

Caro:Absolutely! And I think she's perfect for the job there, just as I am perfect for the job here!

Frank:You know, I just simply need someone with some experience in life, and I just have a good feeling about you in that regard.

Miriam:I barely know that the Biebs isn't one of Jacko's sons..

Frank:Well, that's a start!

Caro:And what about me?I didn't hold down the fort for nothing!


(Jenny and Emma sing the gay international anthem with Bodo the loveable cheerleader for secret lesbian relationships.)


Bodo: Emma, that grooved so much. That was unbelievable.

Emma: Is something the matter with Ben again?

Bea: No, Ben is almost fine. Please come down.

Jenny:If Ronnie pulls off something like that again..

Emma: ..then you better won't pick a fight with him, that guy is crazy

Jenny: So? I can be crazy, too. Or angry in this case.

Bodo: Why are you making such a face? Were we that bad?

Bea: No. You did well.

Bodo: See, that was groovy. It will be really cool when we are complete again.

Jenny: When are we complete again?

Bea: That's what I want to talk to you about . It's... Timo. He has broken a vertebra.

Emma: But he had surgery!

Bea: Yes, they operated on him. But you can't repair a broken vertebra. Timo will never be able to walk again.

Jenny:I don't get it...they said in the hospital, that he's going to be alright..

Bea:I didn't have an opportunity to go and see him yet, but I'll do that as soon as possible..and you guys..you better go home.


Luzi:You've gotten the news?

Bea:I'm so sorry..

Bea: Have you been to see him already?

Emma:What are we going to do now?


(at Raumzeit Records)

Miriam: I'm taking out some hors d'ouevres, and I come back home with a new job?

Miriam: I've never experienced anything like that before!

Frank: But that's great. I'll show you around my studio first, ok?

Miriam: Yes, of course, my pleasure. I should just call “Saal 1” briefly. They are waiting for me.

Frank: Of course, no problem.

Miriam: Thank you.

Caro: Do you have a moment for me now?

Frank: Caro, you did well, but...

Caro: But why does she get the job?

Frank: I need someone like Miriam!

Caro: Overripe and boring?

Frank: Competent, likeable and life experienced.

Caro: Just because she is twice as old as I am? Just give me a chance!

Frank: Okay, look.let me make you an offer. What about an Internship!

Caro: An Internship?

Frank: Hm!

Caro: Something where you make coffee and copies and get no money?

Frank: Exactly..that way you can finish school in peace.

Caro: Finish school in peace. Shit!



[Helena’s Office]

Helena: So you have changed your mind.

Caro: Your words have impressed me. You are a successful woman, and so I should take your advice to heart

Helena:I didn’t even have the feeling that you were listening to me at all.

Caro:Yes, I was.

Helena:It seems to me that something ruined your big plans and now you are trying to save what can still be saved.

Caro:But you said yourself that I always had the best grades. So, am I allowed to come back?

Helena:Ms Eichkamp, this school is not a street car which you can board and exit at your leisure.

Caro:What else can I say? I want to do my Abi, I always had the best grades and with all the freaks running around here you can be glad to get a student like me.

Helena:Careful. Not in this tone. Or else you can forget about your graduation right now.

Caro:Does that mean I can rip up my resignation and we’ll forget the whole thing?

Helena pushes a camp brochure in front of Caro

Helena:On one condition…

Caro:You’re not serious…

Helena:You are lacking discipline and team spirit.

Caro:But I won’t crawl through the mud because of that. Not me.

Helena:You are of full age. You don’t have to do anything. But without this team-coaching I will not accept you back. Your decision.


[Raumzeit Records]

Frank shows Miriam around

Frank:That’s the mixing room. Three number one hits were created there last year, we were in the single charts for weeks and had two records in the top ten.


Frank:You know, the music industry has lost billions in the last years because of the internet, but I have always said that this is a huge chance. And here is where the recordings take place. The conference table where the meetings are held, and back there is where the contracts are signed. Yes, some great careers began right there. But I have to be honest and say that music is not a consistent market, you know. What is “in” today, can already be crap tomorrow. Funk, Soul, Rap, Hip-hop. Every song has some hit potential. You only have to throw the right switch and that is exactly our job. Oh, sorry, I didn’t let you get a word in because I’ve been babbling the whole time. Do you have any questions?

Mariam:Only one, really. Are you sure I am the right one for the job? I’ve been a housewife for 16 years and took care of my daughter. Saal 1 is my first job and… really, your offer… I’m very honored..

Frank:You took care of children and a household. That’s no different from what you will do here. Why do you think Andrew was so impressed with you? Because he is a big child that makes good music.


Frank:No but.

Miriam:No but?

Frank:No but. You lack a little experience but all you need to know I can teach you in no time at all.

They go into the “contract signing area”

Frank:The important thing is that you don’t get impressed by the whole glamour. And that’s a good thing. OK, I think financially, this could also be interesting.

Frank hands Miriam a contract.

Miriamreads contract and looks shocked: Er, I found you very convincing even before this.

Frank:So we have a deal? Miriam nods. Good. Then, one last thing.


Franksmiling:We should be on a first-name basis (duzen, meaning using the informal Du instead of the Sie)


(In front of the school)

Bodo:Someone should sue the hospital. Why didn´t they put him in chains or at least lock him in his room? Then he could still walk

Emma:It is not their fault! WE should have stopped him! WE are his friends! WE weren´t there!

Jenny:It’s nobody’s fault.

Emma starts weeping

Jenny: Luzi…Are you coming?

Luzi: Where?

Bodo: To the hospital… to see Timo


Emma: Not right now. I have to go to Mrs. Heisig's, I have no clue why…

Emma goes away

Bodo:Luzi.. Coming?


In school

Michael: An out of the ordinary teachers' meeting? Do you have any idea what it's about?

Gabriele: It's probably about Timo Özgül. There have to be measures taken, so that he can finish school here.

Helena: Good day. I've only just been here at the Pestalozzi for a few weeks but thanks to your generous support I was able to gain a good overall impression over the conditions here. Unfortunately that has proven to be quite shocking. The students show extremely conspicuous behavior. They are aggressive, unruly and they do not have any moral scruples. That applies, in such severity, to some students,only, of course.

Bea: And now you will use disciplinary measures to dispose the school of these students?

Helena: On the contrary. They will take part in a very renowned team-coaching. They will under professional guidance lay off their old patterns and develop discipline, team spirit and responsibility in a natural environment . That will be a completely new experience for them..

Gabriele: And the Office of Education approved this?

Helena: In this case, there are the same rules as on any class trip.

Michael: Then,theoretically, there have to be two teachers accompanying the students..

Gabriele: I thought about you Ms.Krawczyk. You still are shown some sort of respect by most of the students. And I thought

(Bea Vogel laughs behind the leaflet)… of you Ms. Vogel!

Bea is totally surprised


(Alone in the Headmistress' Office:)

Bea Vogel:Why me?

Mrs. Heisig:Because your are the guidance counselor and because of your especially good relationship with Mr. Bergmann

Bea Vogel:Both of us know that this isn´t the reason.

Mrs.Heisig: Now I´m curious..

Bea Vogel:You couldn´t split up Michael and I. And now you use another technique. That´s shabby.

If you think you'll be with him again like this , you misjudged Michael:

Mrs.Heisig:Mrs Vogel, I´m not a person who leans on her faith...

Bea Vogel:You can´t force me..

Mrs. Heisig:That´s right. Is your last word spoken?

Bea nods

Alright, I will have to accept that then.

That way, we'll be having one less problem.

Bea:What do you mean?

Mrs. Heisig:I thought I made that clear before, a student like Ben Bergmann isn't suitable for this school without pedagogical measures anymore.

Bea:You want to kick him out, if I won't come along?You can't do that

Mrs. Heisig:I have to. An expulsion has long been overdue. It's your decision...how does the saying go? His destiny lies within your hands.


(at Chulo's)



(both laugh)

Sebastian:Are you that happy to see me?Or is there something else?

Miriam:Is it that obvious?

(both laugh again)


Miriam:It's so great, that I hardly dare talk about it!

Sebastian:That's not female logic again,now,is it?

Miriam:No, it's like it goes with wishes, if you tell someone, they won't come true.

Sebastian:And you wished for something?

Miriam:No!I mean..I wouldn't even have dared dream of something like this!

Ok,you're right, and actually, nothing can happen anymore...

Are you familiar with Frank Peters?

Sebastian:The music producer? I don't know him personally..

Miriam:I do. And...his new assisstant is standing right in front of you.


(In front of the school)

Michael:Teamcoaching! What bullshit! As though you could make the students take on responsibility by sending them to “Survivor”! I mean, they're probably even into it! It's probably more interesting than school anyways!

Bea:Is everything alright?

Michael:Why do you have to go to this camp by all means?

Bea:I didn't ask for this assignment.

Michael:Then cancel it.It's totally insane that you're running through the woods with the students all by yourself!

Bea:I tried, but your not quite “ex” wife wouldn't have any of it.

Michael:She will hardly be able to force you!

Bea:Can we discuss this later? I just want to go home.


(at Chulo's)

Miriam: You aren't happy for me. Alright...your problem.

Sebastian: Don't be angry now. Just because I'm not dancing with enthusiasm, doesn't mean that I'm not happy for you.

Miriam: You said absolutely nothing.

Sebastian: I'm surprised.

Miriam: Why? Because someone thinks that I can do more than tap beer and tidy plates away?

Sebastian: I thought you liked your job at „Saal 1“?

Miriam: I do!

Sebastian: Then just keep it. That way you'll at least know what you have.

Miriam: You're not being serious, are you?

Sebastian: You know how these types are. This moment, they're your best friend and the next day, they don't even know you anymore.

Miriam: What? No. Frank Peters isn't anything like these greasy types. I've gotten to know him and he's a serious guy.

Sebastian: You got to know him that well in two hours? What were the two of you doing?

Miriam: Ah... nooo..Come on, Sebastian, you don't really believe that he's trying to bed me!

Sebastian:I...I don't want for you to go through a bad experience..

Miriam:Alright..it's well meant, but I'm a grown person, and I'll manage to deal...either way.

Sebastian:Come on..let's not fight because of this..


(in the classroom)

Ronnie:You reeeaally look like shit.

Ben:And you are nothing but shit.

Ronnie:Is that a way to be talking to your uncle?

Ben:Fuck you, Uncle Ronnie.

Caro(to Sophie):It is beyond me what you see in this sorry excuse for a guy.

Sophie:I have fun with him, alright?

Caro:Oh,really?So much fun that you have to go to the bootcamp for the socially inept?

Sophie:You're here as well, aren't you? In your case, I'd lay a little lower..

(Emma enters)

Caro:What does the “Gretchen” want here? You got the wrong door. The “Good Samaritans'” meeting is upstairs.

Ben: YOU want to go the woods with us?

Emma:No idea.

Schmidt-Heisig:Pedagogical Team Coaching, please take a seat.

This is all you will need, and I expect you to be punctual. Are there any questions?

(on board: sturdy shoes, warm clothes, water bottle,backbag,sleeping bag, time of deaprture 5am, no wonder Emma wants to go!)

Emma: I think there must be a misunderstanding, why should I have to come along? I wouldn't know what I did wrong..

Caro:There will have been something! Honestly,I've always had the feeling, that this whole “totally harmless thing” has always been an act..the things one hears..

Schmidt-Heisig:Ms.Müller has done absolutely nothing wrong.I would only like to take her along as a good example of camaraderie and team spirit.

Ben:Wow, Emma can be really happy about this then!


Schmidt.Heisig:The next three days will offer you the chance to learn about a few things. Use it.

I'm sure the events in nature's free range, will draw you closer together..you might even become best friends!


(Bea´s apartment )


Michael:Would you like a beer too ?

Bea:Well, no thanks I still have to pack my stuff.

Michael:Wait !

Bea: What?

Michael:Don´t go. I have a bad feeling about this.

Bea:Helena wants it this way.

Michael:I don´t get it. What is going to happen if you don´t show up? She won´t fire you.

Bea: No, not me.

Micheal:What is that supposed to mean ?

Bea:I don´t want to run through the woods for days, either. Without me, there will be no camp.

Michael:So what ?

Bea:Just let me get it over with , and everything will be just like it was before. okay ?

Michael:No, it is not okay !

Bea:I don´t want a fight.

Michael: Bea,just say it.

Bea: Without the camp, Ben will be expelled from school.

Michael: BEN !

Bea:Yes. Helena made it pretty clear. Do you understand me now?

Michael:It was only about Ben, the whole time.




( Timo´s hospital room.Bodo and Jenny have brought Timo some flowers. I hope Jenny gets Emma some flowers when she returns from camp)



Bodo: Hey!

Jenny:We thought a little bit of spring, couldn´t hurt. Well, here you go.

Bodo:I was more for this ! (hands Timo some comic books...these guys are like the best friends ever!) And when you´re done, I have more of them.

Timo: Thanks, dude. Where are the others ? Is Emma coming as well?Hey, no more presents !

Jenny.: Is there a vase around here ?

Bodo:They made Emma go to a team coaching, but this is from her. (hands Timo a picture of all of them at the Carnival party)

Timo: And what about Luzi ? Doesn´t she have any time either ?

Jenny: Yes, she wanted to come too, but then something came up..

Bodo: She will surely come later.



( Luzi´s room )


Luzi reminiscing:I didn´t want for this to happen...

Timo off screen:I don´t give a s…t about what you wanted. Because of you and Ben I will have to sit in a wheelchair the rest of my life. So get lost, you ruined my life.



(Bea´s apartment)


Michael:That is what I absolutely do not understand, why do you give in to blackmail?

Bea:I can´t let Ben get expelled from school, only because your not quite ex wife may or may not be jealous.

Michael:And now you are turning this around, as if Helena has been talking Ben into getting into a fight every other day!

Bea:No, she´s has not, but she is using him for her benefit.

Michael:You always find an excuse.. And now it´s Helena´s fault. Listen, I don´t want to discuss this. I want you to stay here. Please do me this favor.

Bea:I'm supposed to allow it to happen, that Ben will be expelled from school, just to do you a favour. Is that what you really want?

Michael:I don´t want for Ben to be a topic anymore.

Bea:Then don´t let him be a topic, stop talking about him and for God's sake, let me go to that camp! After that everything will be alright.

Michael:Maybe for you guys...

Bea:Are you seriously thinking, that I don´t have anything else to do there than to get involved with Ben again? Are you really trusting me that little?

Michael: Ben still means something to you, and that has never stopped!