Episode 169

Before on 'Hand aufs Herz'

[In the woods]


Ben:I don't believe that anyone will return today anymore.

Bea:They’ll come tomorrow morning.

Ben: Where is your sleeping bag anyways?

Bea: We only have one sleeping bag.

Ben: If we Won’t keep each other warm, you’ll freeze to death.

(they share a sleeping bag..noses almost touching)





Part 1


[In the woods]

Bea:That’s not a good idea.

Ben: Isn't it?

Bea:I’m with Michael. And you’re with Luzi.

Ben:I…I’m not with Luzi.

Bea:Ben… This thing with the two of us... We’ve settled this.

Ben: It just felt good to forget about everything for a little while...


Bea: Ben, what’s wrong?


Ben:I’ll go and get some wood....





[Michael’s apartment]

Helena: I’m sorry for showing up unannounced. I was in the area.


Michael: What do you want?


Helena: I want to apologize. I was rude to you. I’m sorry.


Michael: Rude! You provoked me.


Helena: Yes, I know. I shouldn’t have done that. Especially not as your superior. We were at school, after all.


Michael: I see. And outside the school, other manners apply, or what?


Helena: In my opinion, yes. If you want to act out your private anger in school, as the principal, of course I won't be able to allow that. But if you want to yell at me right here and now, that’d something completely different.


Michael: But I’m not going yell at you now.


Helena:I just wanted to tell you that I would understand if you wanted to talk to me. We know each other pretty well, after all. So?


Michael: So?


Helena: Do you accept my apology?


Michael: I already did.


Helena: Good. We can talk about everything else tomorrow.


Michael: Wait a second! Everything else, what does that mean?


Helena: As I said, it can wait until tomorrow. Right now I don’t want to disturb you any further. You should enjoy your free evening in peace.


Michael: Just a second. What do you think about… discussing everything else over dinner at Saal 1. I’m hungry.


Helena:Then we have something in common.



[In the camp]


Mrs. Krawcyk:I can’t sit around here and do nothing any longer. I’ll go look for Ben and Bea. I just don’t have a good feeling about leaving the two of them alone for so long. Bea surely expects us to come looking for them. I would too, if I were sitting in the woods at night with a hurt ankle.


Coach John:I’m coming with you


Mrs Krawcyk: That’s nice of you. But what about the students?


Coach John:Well, as far as I can see, they are safe. After the distance we’ve traveled today, I’d say everybody is thinking of only one thing: quickly going to sleep. Besides, one goal of this camp is learning to trust. So, how much do you trust them?


Mrs Krawcyk: Alright… Emma, please make sure that everybody abides by the rules.


Emma: But I…


Mrs Krawcyk:I know that I can rely on you. (To everyone:) You all heard it. If there are any problems, Emma will be the person in charge until we are back.


Ronnie:No worries, Mrs. Krawcyk. I will look after the girls, eh.


(Ronnie grips Caro’s shoulder and pinches her cheek.)


Caro: Cut it out!


Mrs Krawcyk:We’ll be back as soon as possible.



[At Raumzeit-Records]


Frank:(on the phone)If it’s a problem, Carlos? Are you kidding me? Carlos, the gig starts in 24 hours!...Ok…But why did you hit upon the idea of renovating your club at the last minute? Oh, please Carlos! I don’t need you to call me in a few days! Then it’s too late! You know what? Just forget it, ok?!

Miriam: That didn’t sound good.


Frank:Let’s rather say it’s a catastrophe! What are you doing here? You start tomorrow, no?


Miriam:Yes, right! That’s why I thought a key would be quite useful.


Frank:Yes, that’s a problem I can solve.


Miriam:And the other problem?


Frank:Ah, the club, our new act is supposed to perform in, has been closed on short notice for alterations. So that’s it with the location forour gig of course. Miriam, it’d be better if you come back tomorrow. I mean, what do you want here? You aren’t familiar with this stuff here yet.


Miriam:Yes, alright. Thanks!


Frank:See you tomorrow!


Miriam:See you tomorrow! Uhm, which kind of band is it exactly? Or rather, which kind of club do you need?


Frank:Well, to make it short: It has to be a cool place. You know, a really rad place, which hasn’t been hit by the mainstream yet though. The goal is that the young artists will perform there in the future. That’s why it also shouldn’t be a flash in the pan from the backyard of course.


Miriam:Do you know the Chulos?


Frank:Chulos? Chulos…Chulos…


Miriam:It’s right here around the corner. It could fit.


Frank:Right, I always drive past it by car.


Miriam:If you want, we could drop in and have a look at it right now.


Frank:Yes, ok! Why not?



[In the woods]

(Ben comes back with a pile of wood and finds Bea sleeping in his sleeping back. He makes sure to keep the fire burning.)


[At Saal 1]


Michael:So. What did you want to talk to me about? What is that?


Helena:The court has arranged a hearing for our divorce. In 3 weeks.


Michael:So fast?


Helena: You can’t fool me. I know how much you want it to be confirmed in black and white finally.


Michael:Well, in the end it’s the formal proof of our marriage having failed.


Helena:Yes, but we’ve known it already.


Michael:When I married you, I thought it would last forever.


Helena:That’s why most people marry.


Michael:It’s typical that you would see it so detached.


Helena:Michael, when you are seriously thinking it leaves me cold, then you are wrong! But it doesn’t change the fact that you are with Bea now.


Michael:Great. So you you’ve come to terms with this thought now. However, I’m still wondering why you sent her to the camp.


Helena:It seems like I have to apologize to you the second time tonight. You know, the fact we split up is one thing. But to accept that the place by your side is taken again…it took me some time. But now I’m over it. And there is also this hearing now.




(They toast with champagne)



[At the camp]


Ronnie:Hey, at any funeral you could find a better mood than here. But it doesn’t have to stay like that!


(Rookie pulls a spliff out of the pocket of his jacket)


Sophie:Ts, boah, how did you get THIS in here?


Ronnie:That was a walk in the park, baby! That John is just half as cool as he pretends to be.


Emma:This is not happening!


Ronnie:Of course!


Emma:Now, stub out the joint immediately!


Ronnie:Calm down! This stuff isn’t as bad as all that! Everything’s fine.


Sohpie:Will you let me try it, too?


Emma:Sophie, don’t start now, too!


(Sophie takes a drag)


Sohpie:Come on, relax!


Emma:You heard what Ms. Krawcyk said!


Sophie:So what? Do you see her somewhere?


Caro:Leave her alone! It’s HER last brain cells, she is smoking away anyway.


Sohpie(coughing): Ey, this stuff totally gives a kick. It’s, I feel kind of strange.


(Sophie pukes on Caro)


Caro:Oh, you stupid bitch! Ah!


Emma:Is everything ok? Hey!


Sophie(dazed):Are you crazy?


Ronnie:Don’t make a big deal out of it! She’s just a little stoned.

Part 2


[At Chulos]

(Frida Gold is performing her song `Wovon sollen wir träumen?' - 'What should we dream about?')


Frank:I didn’t know that there were other artists performing here already.


Miriam:Oh yes, well, but not on a regular basis.


Frank:Hm, can you tell me something about the PA, the mixing desk, the inputs?


Miriam:Ahm, nope, I can’t, but… Sebastian.


Frank: Sebastian?


Miriam: Yes, the boss of this club,… and my boyfriend.


Frank:Ahh, now I understand why you advocated this location in the first place. Clever!



[In the woods]

(Bea awakes with a start)


Bea:Ben? Ben?


Ben: You are going to hate me now.


Bea: What? Why?


Ben:That’s why I couldn’t tell you.


Bea:What is it?


Ben: It’s my fault that Ms Lohmann and Mr Götting are dead… and Timo can’t walk anymore.


Bea: But it was an accident.


Ben:Which I caused. I was one of the people speeding towards the bus.



[At Chulos]


Miriam:I am going to introduce you, okay?




Sebastian:Hi. Who’s the guy?


Miriam:Oh. Frank, may I introduce. Sebastian, the boss and my boyfriend. Sebastian, this is Frank Peters, my new boss.


Frank:Hi, pleased to meet you.


Sebastian:This is Frank Peters.





[In the woods]


Ben:I only thought of my car at that moment. I wanted it back so badly, so I drove in that stupid race. Ronnie wasn’t allowed to pass by no matter what. Even when I saw the bus I didn’t get it. I thought Ronnie is on the wrong side of the road, that he is supposed to brake. Eventually I realized that I had to let him pass me. Much too late. When we saw that the bus had stopped we really thought that everything’s ok. After I had learned that you were on board I went completely mad. I, I wanted to see you… Tell you everything. But when I got to the hospital I understood that everything was even worse than what I had expected.




(Frida Gold sings `'Zeig mir wie du tanzt' - 'Show me how you dance')


Frank:Well, at least with regards to the music we are already on the same wavelength.


Miriiam:Do you know them?


Frank:Frida Gold. Of course. I haven’t been in this business since only yesterday. But apart from Frida Gold, what’s your opinion on my offer?


Sebastian:If I understood you correctly, it is about bands that nobody knows yet, performing in my club.


Frank:Let’s rather say, because of the gigs, the Chulos will become the insider tip of the young music scene.


Sebastian:That sounds pretty confident. Are you approaching everything with that kind of determination.

Frank: Let’s say, I’d be a bad producer if I hadn’t confidence in my art.


Miriam:Okay. How about first doing a kind of practice run together?


Frank:Yes but if I get involved with the Chulo, then…then I want to be able to rely on it. I’m just gonna go and say hello to the band.


Miriam: [sarcastic] Man, you seem to like Frank just as much as Bea does. What is your problem?


Sebastian:Frank… You two already act very familiar with each other.


Miriam: Oh god. He’s very nice. Besides, we are all on a first-name basis [“duzen”, meaning using the informal 'Du' instead of the 'Sie'] at the label.


Sebastian:[sarcastic]Sounds great!


[Saal 1]

Michael:And after that bungee-jump we’ve said that we would always do that when we fought.


Helena: We thought that after the free fall we would always remember how much we mean to each other.


Michael: Yes, we just never did it.


Helena: Probably, we simply realised that it was a childish idea. And we aren’t the first to fail at a marriage. And to look on the bright side, we’ve had a wonderful time.


Michael:Yes, the first years weren’t bad.


Waiter:Excuse me, I’ll have to ask for you to pay. We’re closing.




Helena: You can keep the change.


Helena:Do you want me to drive you home?


Michael: Can you still drive?


Helena:Well, contrary to you, I have only drunk one glass.


Michael:Well, lucky me, I’d say.




Michael:I’m just going to get our coats.

Part 3


[In the woods]

Ben: Please say something.


Bea: I don’t know what. … What you’ve done, that was terrible. You know that yourself.


Ben: I wish I could. What should I do now?


Bea: I don’t know, Ben.




Miriam: I thought you would be happy if I brought Frank by.


Sebastian: It was very nice of you to think of me but…


Miriam: What?


Sebastian: I don’t like him.


Miriam: And why not?


Sebastian: Because he’s constantly acting like the all-important producer and talking about how great he is.


Miriam: You know something? That sounds really professional.


Frank (talking to the band): Great. Take care. Bye.


Frank  Hey Sebastian, I’ve just talked a little with Frida Gold. They really like the club. You have good business sense. So, what do you say to our deal? (Silence) Good. Well, you can give me a call. Nice meeting you.


Sebastian: Well, to be honest, I don’t need much time to think about it.


Frank: Then we have a deal?


Sebastian: Yes.


(They shake hands)


Frank: Good.



[Michael’s apartment?]


Helena: Yeah…now it’s time to say good-bye. Thanks. It really was a surprisingly wonderful evening.


Michael: Yes, I thought so too.


Helena: Michael. There is one thing I wanted to say. I really liked being your wife.


Michael: Helena. I liked being your husband.



[In the woods]


Ben: What was that?


Bea: What?


Ms. Krawcyk: Bea, finally!


Bea: Gabriele.


Ms. Krawcyk:Am I glad to see you. How are you?


Bea: I’m good.


Coach John: How’s the foot?


Bea: Could be worse. Ow.


Coach John:You can’t possibly walk like that.


Bea:I didn’t think anyone would still come tonight.


[Michael’s apartment]

Helena:Is it okay if we…?


(Michael silences her by putting his fingers and then his mouth upon her lips.)