Episode 170

Before on Hand aufs Herz


Ben: It’s my fault that Mr. Götting and Miss Lohmann died. And that Timo cannot walk anymore.

Bea: But that was an accident.

Ben: Which I caused. I was one of the people speeding towards the bus.

Michael:we’ve said that we would always do that when we fought.

Helena:we’ve had a wonderful time

Michael:Yes, the first years weren’t bad.

Helena:I really liked being your wife.

Michael:I liked being your husband.





[Michael’s flat]


Helena: Good morning, Michael


Michael: Good morning.


Helena:I’ve taken a new towel and a new toothbrush. I hope it is ok.


Michael:New toothbrush…Yes, for sure. They’re for guests. Ah, I mean…


Helena: It’s ok.


Michael:Shall I make you a coffee?


Helena: Just let it be. Not that I’d like to renounce a breakfast in bed with you. But before school I want to go home and change clothes. Just stay in bed, I'll find the way out. Apropos, it's good that your director doesn’t know how fit you are in spite of your sick note.





[Arriving at school from the camp]


Gabriele:You wait here, while I’ll go and get my car and then I’ll drive you home.


Bea: Thank you. Ben!


Caro: Just to make one thing clear: you’re going to pay for the clothes that you puked on!


Ronnie:Could you stop bitching already? Just put them into the washing machine, geez!


Caro : If you think I’d wear that again then you’re mistaken!


Emma: Maybe you two could agree on dry-cleaning?


Ronnie: What business is it of yours?


Emma:It was your smelly dope that made Sophie throw up in the first place. But we can also deal with this another way...


Ronnie:You really should think twice about ratting me out..!


Sophie: Emma’s right. Dry-cleaning is the least we can do. Just give me the bill and I'll cover it, okay?


John:Don’t forget your valuables. Mobile phones …


Ronnie: Can you hide that away for me? At last the snitch unsheathes.


Sophie:And what if they search me, as well?


Ronnie: Hey sugar cake, no one would think of that. It’s only for today. I am going to come up with something very special. As a ‘thank you’. Hm?





[Michael’s flat]

Michael:Idiot! Idiot!(Opens the door)




Bea: Could you please help me with this? I can hardly walk.


Michael: Yes, of course. I just didn’t expect it to be you. I thought you wouldn’t return until tomorrow. What’s with your foot?


Bea: I sprained it. It’s a long story. Ouch.


Michael: And that is why you decided to come home early...


Bea: Amongst other things, yes. Sophie got an upset stomach… Oh well.




Bea: Thanks. Your soon-to-be ex-wife won’t be too thrilled that we had to call off the camp. But… you surely are not sad about it.


Michael:No, I am glad you’re back.



[At school]


Bodo:Hey, Luzi! In my free period later I’ll go to the hospital. Do you want to join me?


Luzi:To visit Timo?


Bodo: Who else? He’ll surely be glad about some distraction.




Timo:If I hadn’t left the hospital to look for you, then I I still would be able to feel my legs now! F**k off! I’ll never want to see you again!




Bodo: Does gravity still work? Some people are said to have already fallen off the planet while dreaming. Free period?…Hospital?...Cheering up Timo?


Luzi:Sorry, I’ve already planned something else.


Bodo:What is that important?


Ms Jäger:Well, I don’t know the manners of Hamburg, Mr Wilhelmsen, but here in Cologne, the ringing bell means the lesson starts.


Bodo: Thanks for the hint!


Luzi:She’s right, we’ll be late for maths.



[Michael’s flat]




Michael:Yes. Would you like some scrambled eggs?


Bea: Uh, yes! I’m totally starving!


Michael: Here you go.


Bea:You really know how to spoil a woman!


Michael: Um…Bea, I have to…


Bea: I have…(simultaneously)…You go first.


Michael: No, I can wait. You go first.


Bea:It’s…uh…it’s about Ben.


Michael:I’ve already told you earlier, I’m sorry for us having argued about it.




Michael: Wait, I’ve never seen myself that jealous! And…


Bea: You weren’t completely wrong.


Michael: With what? What do you mean?


Bea: Well, there was something going on between Ben and me once indeed. Just because it’s history now, I can’t expect you to stop caring about it. And well I wasn’t thrilled either when Helena showed up here.


Michael: Bea…


Bea:No, I really have to get rid of this now. I’ll leave out the preliminary events leading up to this, but…after I had sprained my ankle, it somehow happened that I was alone with Ben almost the whole night. We…we were sitting by a campfire, we were talking and then at some point…we got closer. But nothing happened! The fact that we argued…I would never take advantage of it! You have to believe me. The relationship with you…hey, I really do mean it seriously.


Michael: Yes, me too.



[At the hospital]

Bodo: Hey buddy, I’m back!


Timo:Hey, Bodo.


Bodo:How’s everything going? Your temperature? I mean. If yesterday’s nurse is coming back with the thermometer a hot flash

can’t be excluded, or am I wrong?


Timo:If you stop by at a quarter to nine tomorrow I can ask her if she could take your temperature, too.


Bodo:Sounds great! But I really shouldn’t miss math, Mrs Vogel is at the boot camp as a chaperone and her substitute really rushes through the subject matter.


Timo:Ah yeah, that’s right, if Mrs Vogel isn’t there, ST.AG is getting canceled.


Bodo:Hey buddy, believe me, they’d rather be here than on this detention field trip.


Timo: What, the whole ST.AG is there?


Bodo: No, it’s only Emma who's from STAG. Jenny, and Luzi, and I are still here.


Timo:Ah yes, well, whatever. Say, would you like some sweets? My family was here earlier and they have brought about 50 000 calories with them. Go ahead. And no worries, tomorrow there’ll be a  fresh supply.


Bodo:Mmm. That’s so yummy. If I tell Luzi about that she’ll definitely come along tomorrow. She had to run some errands today, I don’t know.


Timo: Could we talk about something else, maybe? Is that possible? I don’t care about what, just something else?


Bodo: Ok, as you wish. Tell me, did I already mention that math is absolute horror? You’re good at it, aren’t you?



[Michael’s flat]


Bea: Ben has some issues. I’ve to be there for him.


Michael:But what happened?...It’s ok, you... you don’t have to tell me.


Bea:I’m glad you trust me.


Michael:And I’m glad that you’re plain with me. I mean, it’s surely not easy for you. Now that you have seen how jealous I can be.


Bea:That’s why I wanted to put things straight that you don’t have any reason to be.


Michael:No, no, I really thought things between the two of you would start again. And when you were gone…


Bea:You probably went up the wall, right? (Bea smiles)


Michael:Bea, I…


Bea: I missed you, too! A lot!...Damn, I’ve to go school. The principal will probably want to know why we cancelled the trip.


Michael:Wait, Mrs Krawcyk can do that, no?


Bea:I don’t want to let her down in this situation.


Michael:But you have to go to the doctor with this foot.


Bea: What? Why? It’s just a sprain. It’ll heal up itself.


Michael: It also can be a torn ligament. It has to be taken an X-Ray of in any case! At least for the insurance, hm?



[At the hospital]

Bodo:So far, I dig it! The right terms were set equal with function. But then it beats me! How the hell shall I get x with this pq-formula? You didn’t hear a word, did you?


Timo: Hm? Yes. Sorry, how impolite of me. Look Bodo, I don’t want to hear all those things. I’m not interested in this shit anymore. Got it? What is it good for? Man, I will spend my life facing up with wheel chairs and spaz ramps! But what does it bother you! As long as I explain those f***ing math functions to you! You don’t give a damn shit what’s not functioning with me!


Bodo: Good


Timo: What ‘good’`?


Bodo: There, you said it! I must go back to school! By the way, I mean it for real that it’s not all the same for me how you feel!


Timo:Bodo! You’ve forgotten your damn math things!



[Michael’s flat]


Bea: Ok fine, then I’ll stop by the doctor’s office on my way to school. I hope, I won’t have to wait too long there.


Michael:I’ll call and tell them it’s urgent.


Bea:Good. Then I’ll get changed.


Michael: Ok.



[Helena’s office]


Helena: Which incidents? Why did nobody think it would be relevant to inform me? Maybe the camp could have been continued with other teachers.


Mrs Jäger:Yes, it seems that things went wrong, but I don’t know more about it either.


Helena:Then tell Ms Vogel and Mrs Krawcyk that I’d like to talk to them immediately! They are back, aren’t they? So what are you waiting for?


MrsJäger: I just thought there is something else, (Helena’s phone ringing)…but you should pick up first.


Helena: No, I don’t want that. Please.


(Mrs Jäger leaves the office)


Mrs Jäger: Is there someone panicking?



[Michael’s flat]


Michael (on the phone): Come on, Helena, pick up!


The person you have called is temporary not available. Please try later again.




Bea:So, could you call the doctor’s office?


Michael: Yes, they are already waiting for you.


Bea: Good, then I’ll leave now.


Michael: Shall I drive you?


Bea: Uh, no, I’ll manage it myself.





[At hospital]


(Timo is having a look at Bodo’s maths book.)


Timo:God, did you take the short bus to school, or what?



[At school]

(Ben is standing at his locker and hears Bea coming.)

Bea:Yes, I am here already. See you in a bit.


Bea: Ben, Ben! Wait just a minute!


Ben:You’re still talking to me?


Bea: It was a shock for me.


Ben:I can understand that you don’t sympathize with me.


Bea: It’s not like that, Ben.


Ben: It must have been sheer horror for you to listen to all of that stuff.


Bea: Yes, but I am glad that you told me. What happened is horrible. It’s terrible that you are the one guilty of causing the accident, but it's not going to help anyone if you keep tearing yourself up over this.


Ben:Ever since we have spoken to each other I have the feeling… I don’t know how to say it.. it's as though I can finally breathe again. I was terrified of what would happen if I told you.  I’ll go to the police, later today. 


[Helena’s office]


Helena:To sum it up: Two students managed to make you and the coach change the route.


Mrs Krawcyk: We reacted appropriate to the situation.


Helena: Ah yes. And then you decided to make Ms Vogel take responsibility for the rest of the students and cross this tree trunk on her own.


Mrs Krawcyk:And give them a chance to excel themselves that way.


Helena: Unfortunately, this process of excelling themselves was abruptly stopped by Mrs Vogel’s accident. She sprained her ankle and so she wasn’t able anymore to lead the group.


Mrs Krawcyk:As far as I know, Ms Vogel couldn’t walk anymore.


Helena: That could be an explanation why she didn’t feel like taking part in this conversation.


(Bea comes into the office)


Helena: Ms Vogel! It’s great, you still managed it. I can’t wait to get to know YOUR reasons why you let Emma Müller and Ronald Peters continue without any chaperone.


Bea:I thought it would be appropriate to inform the coach. Further more, the camp was well signposted. And as far as I know, they also found it without any problems.


MrsKrawcyk: Ronald and Emma even arrived at the camp before us.


Helena: Luckily.


Helena: (To Mrs Krawcyk)We already discussed the following incidents which were counted into your responsibility or would have counted into it. So you can leave now.



[At hospital]


Timo: Come in.

(Bodo enters the room)


Timo: Hey! Listen, about earlier…


Bodo: Ah, it’s ok.


Timo: No, no listen. It was quite uncool. I wanted to…


Bodo:Did you recalculate all that? (meaning the maths functions) That’s so embarrassing!


Timo: Yes! I can understand that! It’s something everybody who has failed at the PISA test could manage! But, look, up to here, everything is still ok. But can you tell me what this funny little sign is supposed to mean?


Bodo:A bracket? Um..a root.


Timo:Exactly! And now it’s really getting prehistoric. 6th grade, maximum! What is done with all the stuff under it? Similar with the bracket…Right! First calculating, and then subtracting it from the rest AFTER! Hm?


Bodo: Sounds pretty logic when you say it.


Timo:Listen, I’ll explain you the next subject matter you will talk about, as well. If it’s just about the same like this.


Bodo: I…I don’t want to bother you.


Timo: Ah, I’m able to take you for a few other minutes. And Birte will come in  in15 minutes anyway…Well the thermometer! And this time she will come with a blood pressure cuff! You can’t miss that! And if you want to be alone with her, then just give me a sign. Then I’ll lapse into a coma.



[Helena’s office]


Helena(To Bea): And now it’s about the night you had to spend alone with Ben Bergmann, owing to circumstances. In the woods…Far and wide alone, not a soul to be seen…darkness…coldness. It was surely very uncomfortable.


Bea:We had a campfire.


Helena:Ah really? Then it got quite cosy, didn’t it?


Bea:There were no other incidents.


Helena: Are you sure about that?


Bea:Absolutely! As I said, Ben Bergmann behaved very well.


Helena:I’m glad to hear that he was of great help to you. As I see, you didn’t call in sick. But if you still have some pains, you should rest.


Bea:That’s very nice, but I’m able teach. And when you don’t need me anymore now, my students do.


Helena:Of course. You can go. But today you definitely have a day off. I’ve already scheduled a substitute teacher anyway.


Bea:Ah right! Actually I was supposed to be in the woods at this moment to excel myself!


Helena: You’d better let Michael spoil you. He was against you having to take all this strains right from the beginning anyway. He pointed this out constantly last night.


Bea: Last night?


Helena:You haven’t talked to each other yet? We had dinner.



[At school]


Ben: Ronnie, wait!


Ronnie: Hey, shorty. What can I do for you?


Ben:We have destroyed the lives of 3 people with this damn race!


Ronnie:Tell me something new.


Ben: I’m about to do that. I’ll go to police today and press charges against myself.


Sophie: Ey, Ben! Don’t be stupid!


Ben: I’ve already been bloody stupid! Now I’ll take responsibility for it.


Sophie:But you are aware that the worst case could be you having to go to jail, right?


Ronnie:Relax, Sweetie! It’s just a bluff anyway.


Ben:You think? You’d better get used to the fact that your name will also be mentioned in my statement!


Sophie:Destroy your life like you want, but leave us alone, ok?


Ben:(to Sophie) It doesn’t apply to you. You weren’t driving! (to Ronnie) But YOU! So you’d do yourself a favor if you report yourself!


Ronnie:Ts, yeah, sure…Come on, Sweetie. I won’t have to listen to this bullshit any longer.


Ben:It was obvious that you’d wimp out of this!




Michael: Hey!


Bea:You’re really in a hurry.


Michael: How is your foot?


Bea: My foot is fine.


Michael: That’s good. Um, have you talked to Helena about the camp?


Bea: Hm. She also told me that the two of you had dinner last night. Can you tell me what’s going on here?