Episode 171

[Before on Hand aufs Herz]


Helena: You’d better let Michael spoil you. He was against you having to take all this strains right from

the beginning anyway. He pointed this out constantly last night.

Bea: Last night?

Helena: You haven’t talked to each other yet? We had dinner.

Bea: Hey!

Michael: Hey!

Bea: You’re in quite a hurry.

Michael: How is your foot?

Bea: My foot is fine.

Michael: That’s good. Um, have you talked to Helena about the camp?

Bea: Hm. She also told me that the two of you had dinner last night. Can you tell me what’s going on here?




Michael: I wanted to talk to you about it but… I had the feeling that you might misunderstand the situation.


Bea: You can go to dinner with her but does she have to be the one to tell me?


Michael: I wanted to explain it to you in peace.


Bea: You know, you put up such a fuss because as a chaperone on a school excursion I was going to run into Ben Bergmann. And in the meantime you go to dinner with your ex-wife? What was that, some kind of revenge?


Michael: Bea, Helena brought me the divorce papers yesterday, and that’s why we went to dinner.


Bea: You could have just told me that.


Michael: Yes, I could have but you were busy with Ben Bergmann’s problems. … I should have told you anyway, I know. I’m sorry, that was a mistake. I’m sorry.



[In front of the school]


Ronnie:(yelling) What an idiot! (Kicks a school bag)

Student: Hey!


Ronnie: Do you have a problem??


Sophie: Ben was probably just bluffing!


Ronnie: Sweetie, were you present just now, or was it just your pretty body? Of course he will go! It was only a question of time. He has been bothering me with that for weeks now!


Sophie: And would it be that bad? I mean, you f**ked up, but it was just an accident!


Ronnie: Us? Is it all my fault now? Ben wanted his car back! I did him a f**king favour! If it had been for me, we wouldn’t have had to do that race!


Sophie: But you started with those races!


Ronnie: Listen, Little Red Riding Hood! When you want to whine around, then go to Ben! But stop bothering me with that! Got it?



[At RaumZeit Records]


Miriam: Tell me, do you get so much mail everyday? And what is it?

Frank: Ah, it’s invitations, requests for events, demos, lyrics for random songs…


Miriam: Ok, good. Then I just need to know what to do with it.


Frank: Yes, how about opening them?


Miriam: Yes, mhh, good! I’ll manage that. And what else is there on the schedule?


Frank: That’s definitely the right attitude: Always thinking about the next step already! Well, the main thing here is

about making appointments with the artists for some test recordings. Ah, and what’s really important is that you have to make an appointment with a new artist: Luzi Beschenko.


Miriam: Luzi?


Frank: Do you know her?


Miriam: Yes!


Frank: That’s fantastic! Hm, what else do we have?... Ah, the, the, the distributor from Italy will call today or tomorrow.


Miriam: Ok, then I’ll go through all lists of addresses to know who will call and why.


Frank: Exactly. And then you also should take a look at some contract documents.


Miriam: Contracts? They are also part of my tasks?


Frank: Well, definitely standard contracts. The rest gets forwarded to the legal department of course. But it would be

useful if you'd take a look at them.


Miriam: Hm.


Frank: Labour laws, copy right…


(Frank's mobile phone rings)


Miriam: Your mobile phone!


Frank: Ah, yes, right. Right, that’s your mobile phone from now on.


Miriam: Ah ok. Ähm.


Frank: Pick up!


Miriam: Yes. RaumZeit Records, Miriam Vogel speaking. What can I do for you?...Yes. Of course.



[In school]


Sophie: Maybe it wouldn’t be stupid to go to the police now.


Ronnie: What, not stupid? It would be better if they nail us than not nail us?


Sophie: I just mean that you two should stop with the lying.


Ronnie: Now enlighten me. What do I gain if the whole thing comes out today? I mean, like, emotionally?


Sophie: I happen to know that stuff like this can get quite out of hand. My mother was completely destroyed by it.


Ronnie: Shit happens, I’d say.


Sophie: Hey, two people have died, Ronnie. That’s not something you can just forget about.


Ronnie: If they nail me and I get expelled from school, they will not be alive again.


Sophie: I don’t know why you are still so reluctant. It’s over anyway. If Ben does go to the police then…


Ronnie:…then it’s his word against mine. There is no single eyewitness. Except of you, of course. But you don’t plan to make a statement, do you?


Sophie: No, of course not.

Ronnie : You better not. You’re involved in this, too. As an accessory you’d get, at least, expelled. Maybe we get lucky and Bergmann chickens out.



[Helena’s office]


Michael knocking on the door of Helena’s office


Helena: Yes? Michael! Good that you’re here! I still need a substitute teacher for 4thperiod in class 7b, tomorrow.


Michael: Yes, that's possible. Listen…


Helena: So, can I fill in your name?


Michael: We need to talk


Helena: About last night?


Michael: Yes. It shouldn’t have happened.


Helena: I’m listening.


Michael: I don’t want you to get the impression that there is a future for us.


Helena:(smiling) Michael, we just talked a little about old times. It’s very normal that one becomes a bit sentimental.


Michael: We definitely got TOO sentimental!


Helena: Sex with the ex. It happens. Apart from that, I know what you feel for your Bea Vogel. So, don’t worry. I won’t

overrate our night.


Michael: It’s good that you think so.


Helena: I’m just afraid, your Bea wouldn’t be that cool with it. So you’d better keep it to yourself! Such a faux pas is

nothing you should burden the love of your life with.



[In school]

Bea: Homework is called homework because you should do it at home. Is that the accident?


Ben: After school, I’m going to the police.


Bea: Is Ronnie going with you?


Ben: No.


Bea: I… I’ll be finished at half past one.


Ben: Thanks. But I don’t want you to come with me. I have to take responsibility for what I have done. I don’t want to hide myself behind someone. This step I have to take alone.



[At RaumZeit Records]


Miriam: Yes, of course. Sure. I understand. We would just have to call you back. Just a second, please. (whispering)Frank, what do I do with this?


Frank:(whispering)Demo? Listen to it!


Miriam:Yes, okay. We’ll call you back. Yes, thank you. Good-bye.


[At RaumZeit Records]


Miriam: (on the phone)Yes, ok, then we leave it at that. Thank you! Goodbye! (to Ronnie)Excuse me! Ähm, hello?! Frank isn’t available at the moment.


Ronnie: Well, for me he is.


Frank:(talking to a client)Good, and when you have any questions then just call me. Ciao!


Miriam: Fine, then we can ask him in person right away.


Ronnie: She’s annoying.


Miriam: Ähm, yes, this young man is in an especially good mood today.


Frank: Yes, I think, I just should introduce you to one another. This is Ronnie, my little brother. This is Miriam, my new assistant.


Miriam: Hello, Ronnie.


Frank: Yes.


(The phone is ringing)


Miriam: RaumZeit Records, Miriam Vogel speaking, hello.



[In school]

Emma: I’ve got a strange feeling about simply continuing


Jenny: Without Timo  ST AG just isn't the same anymore.


Caro: Us discontinuing STAG won't make him walk again.


Emma: Boah, you are soo…


Luzi: Heartless?!


Jenny: What about putting this to a vote?


Caro: Wait, how long are we supposed to be taking a break? Until Timo can walk again? Then we can forget about ST AG right away.


Emma: A few weeks ago you gave a shit about it!


Caro: Well, back then I didn’t know that singing does me good.


Luzi: You mean, how useful connections to record labels can be!


Caro: It worked perfectly well for you,now, didn’t it? So keep quiet!


Luzi: So what? At least I’m familiar with music!


Caro: And I can learn stuff! That’s the purpose of  ST AG, isn’t it?


Bodo: That’s right. We should think about what the ST AG is good for.


Caro: See!


Bea: What are you doing here? I thought we were going to practice.


Jenny: We are discussing about leaving STAG or not…because of Timo.


Bea: And to what decision have you come?


Caro: Yes! Everybody: No! (at the same time)


Bea: Ok. You know, in the last weeks I haven’t been sure about continuing either.


Emma: You wanted to cancel it?


Bea: No. I thought, maybe it was just too much for everybody.


Luzi: But the ST AG is the only good thing we still have going for us!


Bodo: My words exactly!


Bea: Yes! That’s what I thought, too.


Caro: There you go.


Bea: Whenever Timo will be ready to come back to the Pestalozzi, he will need you! His club! The ST AG! You need to be strong and catch him, hm?


Bodo: Well, let’s go! What are we waiting for?



[At school]


Stefan: Ben, what’s going on? Why did you want me to come?


Ben: I went to the police.


Stefan: You made a statement? Without a lawyer? Why didn’t you let me know before?


Ben: I just told them about what had happened. It wouldn’t have been different with a laywer either.


Stefan:(making a phone call) Yes, Bergman speaking, Mr Tanner, please. No, it’s urgent. Yes I’ll wait.


Stefan:(to Ben) Did you tell them everything? (Ben nods) And what about Ronnie?


Ben: He was too much of a coward.


Stefan:(on the phone) Hello, Mr Tanner. Yes, we already talked about the accident on the B506. Yes, exactly. But the situation has changed. My son made a statement to the police. A second, please, Mr Tanner. (to Ben) Ben, I’m proud of you!





ST AG is performing “Think” by Aretha Franklin


[At RaumZeit Records]


Frank: Come on, Ronnie! What’s up?

Ronnie: Nothing! Mind you own f**king business!


Frank: Ey, may I remind you that this is MY office, ok? So when you look for some trouble, then you can leave.


Ronnie: Calm down! It’s just not my day. That’s it.


Frank: You’ve f**ked up again, right?


Ronnie: No. I haven’t.


Frank: Ronnie, may I remind you that you can forget about your graduation when you mess up again. Okay?


Ronnie: I didn’t do anything, ok?


Frank: Well, then it’s ok.


Ronnie: Yes, it couldn’t be better. I need a pizza. That’s it.



[At school]


Stefan: Tanner said that there will definitely be a charge because of dangerous disruption of traffic. If it will be also because of negligent homicide…He’ll examine the case and get in touch with us. See you later.


Sophie: Ben! Did you really report yourself?


Ben: Yes. I went to the police earlier. Don’t worry, I didn’t mention you.


Sophie: And what about Ronnie?


Ben: Well, what do you think? Do you think, I told them I had a race against myself? Sophie, it wasn’t possible otherwise.This bastard totally wore me down. I couldn’t stand it any longer.


Sophie: Sure. I can understand and I think it’s really good.


Ben: Really?


Sophie: Yes! I’m just worrying about Ronnie. And it would be better for him if he reported himself, too, right?


Ben: Yes, of course. But you heard him. He won’t do it.



[RaumZeit Records]


Miriam: Hello, Luzi! It’s Miriam Vogel speaking. I’m calling you on behalf of Frank Peters. We would like to make an appointment with you for…


Ronnie:(interrupting Miriam) One salami and one gorgonzola pizza


Miriam: Ähm…for a song test recording.


Ronnie: And a big Coke!


Miriam: Ähm, yes! You can call me at…ähm…yes, you’re probably seeing the number on your display at the moment. So, we are looking forward to your…(Frank approaching Miriam) Gosh, Ronnie, not now! Sorry, Luzi! Just call me. Thank you! Ciao!


Frank: Ähm…


Miriam: Oh! Äh…


Frank: Listen, I’ll take care of the pizza. And I’m sorry about Ronny. He’s a little difficult sometimes.


Miriam:(ironic) Yeah, you think?


Frank: Yes. And apart from that, is everything going well?


Miriam: Well? Yes, well. Mhm. Well, no. Honestly, I’ve no idea how my predecessor managed all that before.


Frank: Yes, she was also quite struggling with it in the beginning.


Miriam: That means, I can’t throw in the towel yet?


Frank: I can answer this question with “no”.


Miriam: Ok. Good, then I’ll go and send the post. After that I’ll take care of this catering stuff.


Frank: Have…have you made an appointment with Luzi Beschenko?


Miriam: I haven’t gotten one yet.


Frank: Stay in touch with it! This is…important.


Miriam: Ok.



[Michael’s flat]


Michael: Come on, let me do it.


Bea:Since when have you started insisting to do the laundry?


Michael: Since you are having an injured foot and you’re supposed to rest.


Bea: If I had known that earlier. I…


Michael:(simultaneously) Bea.


Bea: You go first.


Michael: The fact that I haven’t told you about the evening with Helena…


Bea :I overreacted. I know that there’s nothing going on between the two of you anymore. And the divorce is surely a difficult issue. By the way, when will it happen?


Michael: In 3 weeks.


Bea: But then…Helena will be history.


Michael: She is already history now. I swear.



[RaumZeit Records]


Frank: You really could be friendlier towards Miriam next time.


Ronnie: She ‘s your assistant!


Frank: Exactly, Ronnie! She’s my assistant!


(Some police officers enter the label)


Frank: What do they want here?


Frank:(to the police officers)Hello.


Police officer: Hello!


Frank: My name is Peters. What can I do for you?


Police officer: We are looking for a certain Ronald Peters.


Ronnie: Present.


Frank: What is it about?


Police officer: We got a statement that he took part in an illegal car race.


Frank:(to Ronnie) Ronnie!?


Ronnie: Ey, I’ve no idea what they are talking about.


Frank:(to the police officers) Fine, I think, we’d better discuss this in my office. Please.



Ben:(ironic) Great move.

Sophie: Hey! You promised to me!

Ben: I asked Ronnie, if he wants to go to the police with me. He said no. So why would he listen to me now?

Sophie: When he knows that you admitted it, then he’ll also have to confess, no?


Ben: Do you really think he’ll have the guts to do so?


Sophie: You took you some time, too, until you were ready to do that, didn’t you?



Ronnie: Of course, I did NOT scorch around like a lunatic! I was at home!

Police officer:(to Frank) Can you confirm this?


Frank: I was on a business trip and not in Cologne at this time.


Police officers: Are there other witnesses?


(Sophie and Ben enter the office)


Frank: Excuse me!


Ronnie: Hey, babe! (to police officer)She can confirm it. She was at my place in the night of the accident. (whispering to Sophie) Don’t let me down, Sweetie.


Ben: Ronnie, what’s the point of this bullshit?


Ronnie: I really don’t know what you are talking about!


Ben: How much of a coward are you, that you drag Sophie into this? WE were having this race. WE have to take responsibility for it!


Police officer:(to Sophie) And you are?


Sophie: I’m Sophie Klein.


Ronnie: Hey, again: Sophie and I don’t have anything to do with this race!


Police officer: What do you say about this?


Sophie:(hesitating)That’s right. I was with Ronnie on the night of the accident.