Episode 172

Before on Hand aufs Herz


Ben:Yes. I went to the police earlier. Don’t worry, I didn’t mention you.

Sophie:And what about Ronnie?

Ben:Well, what do you think? This bastar.d totally wore me down. I couldn’t have stood it any longer.

Sophie:Sure. I can understand. And it would be better for him if he reported himself, too, right?

Ben:Yes, of course. But you heard him. He won’t do it.


Ronnie:Hey, again: Sophie and I don’t have anything to do with this race!

Police officer: What do you say about this?

Sophie:(hesitating)That’s right. I was with Ronnie on the night of the accident.





[At RaumZeit Records] 

Ronnie: Yes, we were together. The entire evening, at my home.

Ben: That takes the biscuit! A moment ago you wanted him to confess!

Ronnie: Hey, tell me, don’t you get it? There is nothing to confess! Unless groping on the sofa is illegal!

Ben: What show are you two putting on? You both know that you’re talking bullshit.

Ronnie: Hey man, that’s the truth!

Police officer: Ah yes, then you come with me to the police station and put it on record.

Sophie: But we have told you everything already.

Ben: But not the truth!

Ronnie: Gosh! Shut your trap!

Frank: Excuse me, Mr…?

Police officer:….Mr. Sorge

Frank: Mr. Sorge I guarantee that my brother and his girlfriend will come later to the police station and then they can put their statement on record. But we should wait until they all have cooled down. Please.
Police officer: Well, then we’ll meet you tomorrow at the latest at the police station.

Frank: Okay, then let’s get to the point! What’s happening here?


[Saal 1] 

Helena: May I join you?

Stefan: For sure! I wouldn’t have thought that you’d seek my company after your camp has shown itself to be a complete disinvestment!

Helena: Which seems to satisfy you extremely!

Stefan: You don’t like if you’re proved right?

Helena: Sure!

Stefan: You see, me too!

Helena: OK then, you’re right!

Stefan: Helena? This much frank self criticism I didn’t expect from you!

Helena: You see, you know only so little of me!

Stefan: Martini dry? … (to the waiter)Two! At least this much I know you!

Helena: Actually I was going to invite you for a drink! As redemption for my obstinacy!

Stefan: How could I resist?

Helena: In earnest, with the camp I obviously got carried away. But you have challenged me. But I shouldn’t have involved your son in it.

Stefan: Don’t worry! Ben has withstood the trip just fine!

Helena: Really?

Stefan: Yes, at the moment he has some rough times, but he grows with his tasks.



[At RaumZeit Records]

Ronnie:(looks at Sophie) It happened this way, hasn’t it?
Ben:(is outraged) Ts, I don’t have to listen to this!

(Ben wants to leave RaumZeit Records)
Frank: Ben, first you tell me, which kind of race this was?
Ben: Ask your brother! He was present, too.
Ronnie: I don’t know what you want from me. Since you know that we are related to each other you are really going crazy. He has some kind of clan thing going on..
Ben: (annoyed) I want to leave now.
Frank:(forcefully) What kind of race was it?
Ben: It was the second race. It was about my mustang –I wanted it back. That’s why we made a deal for a re-match. We stole a Porsche and get going.
Ronnie:(cuts into Ben´s confession) Sure, it´s getting better and better. Beat it, he?
Ben:(continues obliviously) We were driving on the federal highway. Suddenly there was that bus coming our way. The bus tried to stop, but got out of control and then stopped. We drove off with the cars. Shortly after that Götting crashed into the bus. We both are to blame that Alexandra Lohmann and Julian Götting are dead. Timo is sitting in a wheel chair. (angry) But you don’t give a damn!
Ronnie: Ben is a psycho. He is on a sick trip!
Frank:(says to Ben) You know, that these are very serious accusations!
Ben: No, no accusations! The truth! But no one here seems to be interested in it!
(Ben wants to go, then stops for a moment telling Sophie) And you, don’t you ever ask me for a favor again!



[Michael’s flat]

(Bea and Michael watching tv. Bea offers Michael some chips, which he denies)

Michael: Thank you!

Bea: Everything OK? The film is stupid!

How are you feeling, anyway?

Michael: Because of the accident, you mean? Hm, everything’s OK, very well.

Bea: Good. Then I’ll stop worrying now.

(It’s ringing at the door)

Michael: Wait, I’ll go.

Michael:(surprised) Mr. Bergmann!
Ben: I want to talk to Bea!

Bea: Ben, what are you doing here?
Ben I´ve been to the police.
I… oh fuck – I need someone to talk to.
I am sorry! I’m leaving.
Michael: Äh...one second, it seems to be urgent. I am supposed to get in touch with my brother anyway – so, why not meeting him in person. (to Bea)We will see each other later.



[At RaumZeit Records]


Sophie: Maybe I shouldn’t have said this.

Ronnie: Nonsense. You did exactly the right thing. You were cool. Stay this way, I like it.

Frank: What exactly didn’t you understand about “Send your girlfriend home. We got to talk!”?

Ronnie: The end of it. We did already talk! No idea why Ben screws things up. Maybe he is jealous because Little Red Riding Hood chose me!

Sophie: I must go now. Will we see each other tomorrow?

Ronnie: For sure. We have a date at the police station.

Frank: Marie, I’m sorry. It’s nothing personal.

Sophie: Sophie.

(Sophie is leaving)

Frank: You don’t want to talk? OK, actually you just have to listen! Because I don’t believe in this ‘I’m not guilty’-performance! Fast cars, illegal races, …that sounds exactly like my little brother Ronnie Peters. I mean you lost your driving license because of the constant speeding not without a reason!

Ronnie: Yes, damn. But I had nothing to do with this horror story from this jerk! How often do I have to say it!

Frank: OK, Ronnie, listen! If I find out that you lied to me, it’s over. Then you get kicked out!



[At Chulos]


Sebastian: (to his employee) And don’t forget to lock up the cash box!

Michael: Are you ready?

Sebastian: Yes! Even if this was quite unexpected. I thought you wanted to spend a cosy evening with Bea.

Michael: Something got in the way.

Sebastian: You already said that on the phone. More details please!

Michael: Bergmann showed up. The little Bergmann. Seemed quite raddled, needed someone to talk to…hm.

Sebastian: Ben? Raddled? Talking? To Bea? And you were like, ‘Sure, I don’t want to bother, have fun!’

Michael: God, he is her student and she is his counselor.

Sebastian: Interesting change of mind! Is there also a reason for this?

Michael: I talked to her about it. We are fine with this topic.

Sebastian: Hello? Have you already forgotten? This guy is like a red flag for you!

Michael: He is her student! Is it possible that you are projecting something onto me?

Sebastian: Don’t try to change the subject now!

Michael: You are jealous! You are jealous of the new boss of your girlfriend! And now you’re trying to project that onto me!

Sebastian: No, I’m not! But…do we want to talk about our girlfriends now or do we want to have a nice evening together?

Michael: We want to go eat now. I’m hungry. Come!

Sebastian: Yes, me too.



[Michael’s flat]


Ben: He brazenly lied to the cop!

Bea: He knows that it was wrong.

Ben: There I’ve some doubts with Ronnie!

Bea: HE has to deal with it. Everyday when he looks in the mirror. It was his decision. But you told the truth. It was the only right thing to do. What did the police officers say?

Ben: The driver’s license was confiscated of course. And they’ll push charges because of hit and run, negligent homicide and assault. It all adds up. Probably, I’m lucky that I'm not in prison yet.

Bea: But the fact that you reported yourself will be an advantage for you in court. Besides, it’s not all your fault!

Ben: So what? If Ronnie keeps staying out of this, I’ll be the only one to be out on a limb!

Bea: You’ve already managed the most difficult part.

Ben: You think? Since Timo has been paralyzed, I haven’t visited him at all. Bea, we were kind of friends! I have to tell him that him being a…cripple is my fault! But I have no idea, how.



[At Saal 1]

Sebastian:(to Michael)…is worth one´s weight in gold and this Frank Peters is okay. (Now, both of them are seeing Helena and Stefan talking to each other)Lo and behold!
Michael:(extra louder, in order that Helena is able to hear him)Yes, he (Frank Peters) is okay, if he wouldn’t be so damn smart and good-looking, mmh?!
Sebastian: Yes, I’d definitely prefer that.
Michael: What kind of DJ-plan is it in detail, that Mr. Peters is thinking of? (looking jealous to Helena)
Sebastian: Not only DJ´s – also Bands – known, unknown..Everyone who is under contract with RaumZeit.

Michael is observing the scene with Helena and Stefan,yet.

Stefan: But I am demanding to pay for the meal. You have paid enough for the camp.
Helena: That is exactly the reason why I want to pay the bill and I insist on you stopping to harp on about this.



[Michael’s flat]


Ben: I’m really glad that you’re still talking to me! I was terrified that you might loathe me now. THAT would

have been the worst punishment!

(both keep silent)

Ben: Uh, yes, it’s quite late. A little sleep will surely do me good.

Bea: Ben! I’ll always be there for you.

Ben: Um, you won’t have to show me to the door. Thank you!



[At Saal1]


Helena: Cowed employees who let sign off each step from you. That ought to please a power seeker as you are!

Stefan: No. I like more competent people!

Helena: I know what you mean!

Stefan: How is your ex-husband?

Helena:  I think he’s fine. Why?

Stefan: He keeps his eyes glued to you.

Helena: Really? Probably he’s just looking for the waitress.

Sebastian: First I was cautious because of that exclusive clause. But it’s valid for both sides and is fixed in the contract. If looked at it from that way …Tell me, are you listening to me at all?

Michael: Yes, exclusive cause… somehow…

Sebastian: Yes, which I obviously didn’t enjoy with you today!

Michael: What’s the matter? Of course I listen to you.

Sebastian: You look at Helena all the time.

Michael: What is she doing with him of all people?

Sebastian: Haha, I have an idea…Apparently your new tolerance is not including the complete Bergmann clan.

Michael: Yeah, what shall I think of Bergmann senior. I can’t abear him at all - an absolute power seeker.

Sebastian: As Helena is. I think they both match perfectly. Now don’t worry about your ex-wife! Instead of it, be glad to be rid of her. Otherwise I think that you still have your eye on her!

Michael: Pah, that’s silly! There’s no danger! Cheers!



[In the hospital]

Ben: Hey!
Timo: Hey!
Ben: How are you?
Timo: Oh well, what should I say?!
Ben: Forget it, this was really bad!
Timo: But it’s really nice having you here – honestly! I’ve heard that you are quite busy at the moment and hey, I am not into hospitals, either. And that probably won't change in future either. Well, what I'm trying to say is, I'm not mad with you for not coming by sooner.
Ben: Timo, I have to tell you something. I fucked up!
Timo:  If it’s about Luzi – it doesn’t matter.
Ben: It’s not about Luzi. I should have told you this much sooner than now.



[At school]


Michael: Sebastian has got a deal with Miriam’s new boss. It was actually just about this the whole time.

Bea: Wow, this Frank Peters seems to have what it takes! First Luzi, then Miriam…and now your brother, too!

Michael: And what about you? How did it go with Ben? He seemed to have a serious problem.

Bea: Yes, he did. But you have to promise me not to talk about it.

Michael: What am I supposed to not talk about?



[At hospital]


Ben: I caused the accident. I was taking part in this race. Suddenly that bus appeared. It spun out of control. But nothing happened.



[At school]


Michael: It was Ben? It…it was BEN? That can’t be possible!



[At hospital]


Ben:Ronnie insisted and convinced me. Then we pissed off. The fact that the bus crashed, and that you were in the bus at all…I just figured it out at school the day after. I’m sorry.



[At school]


Bea: He reported himself. He knows what he did.

Michael:(ironic) How comforting! Then he also surely knows that he killed 2 people! And that Timo is confined to a wheelchair from now on.

Bea:Yes! And he’ll have to deal with it his entire life.

Michael: (ironic)God, poor him! Bea, it’s really enough now! When are you finally going to stop finding excuses for everything Ben Bergmann is doing?



[At hospital]


Ben: You all could have been dead.

Timo: (ironic) Well, then I was quite lucky.

Ben: I didn’t mean it that way.

Timo: Yes, I know. Probably I’m supposed to freak out and come at you like crazy now, but it could be difficult…Since I’ve been lying here, I’ve thinking about crap like: ‘What if the accident hadn’t happened?’, ‘What if I was still with Luzi?’, ‘What if I hadn’t gotten up?’…A few days ago I would have been glad about being able to blame someone. But in the end, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change anything.



[At school - Restrooms]


Ronnie: Hey, Sweetie. Did you sleep well?

(Sophie shakes her head)

Ronnie: Neither did I. I thought about you the whole time. You were just cool yesterday! And I want to thank you for it.

(He presents a necklace to Sophie, reading 'Sophie, and puts it on her.)

When we stick together, nobody will be able to harm us. Will we go to the police together after the 3rdperiod?

Sophie: Of course!

Ronnie: We’ll say, that we were watching a movie. You can even choose which one. That’s’ it.



Michael: Thank you. (to Bea)I’m sorry that I snapped at you like that earlier. It was not about Ben, I love you!

Bea: I can understand.

Michael: Anyway, thank you that you told me about it at all. And for your trust….You have to go.


(When Bea leaves, Michael sees Helena and Stefan arrive in front of school in Stefan's car) 


Helena: Thank you very much, that you had some time on thisshort term. Until the breakdown service had been here…

Stefan: I’m always happy when you call me. Even if you just need a ride.



Ronnie:(yelling) Happy??

Ben: With what?

Ronnie: With getting everybody into trouble! Or are you one of those who think the world gets better when we all love each other and just tell the truth?

Ben: Shut up, Ronnie! When you can’t deal with the police knowing the truth now, then it’s your problem!

Ronnie: Well roared, lion! But do you know what I don’t understand? Who are you doing all this for? For Timo? For Lohmann? Or for Götting?

Ben: I know I can’t change anything anymore.

Ronnie: Exactly! This f**king confession is just helpful to you! You disguise yourself as the Messiah, but the truth is that you’re a selfish a**hole who was just too weak to bear it!

Ben: You know what? You can’t provoke me anymore!



Michael: Hi! I’ve got the substitute schedule for Mrs Rasper here which has to be signed by you. So, did you enjoy your evening yesterday? Or shall I rather say: last night? How long has it been going on between you and this Stefan Bergmann already? You haven’t told me yet.

Helena: Does it bother you?

Michael: Well let’s say, I think it’s a bit cheap. Two men within 24 hours.

Helena: Do you want to know who of the two of you was better?

Michael: No, I don’t.

Helena: You! There are just more feelings involved.

Michael: You’re so disgusting!

Helena: And you’re jealous.

Michael: No, I’m not jealous.

Helena: Michael, don’t fool yourself! You still care about me more than you like to admit. You’re still having feelings for me.