Episode 175

[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Ben: I'll only want you to be happy. That's why I'll leave you alone in the future.


Helena: You didn' tell her about us.

Michael: It's none of your business.

Helena: Just like when you cheated on me, back in the day.

Michael: Are you trying to threaten me?

Helena: No, but the two of us slept together when Bea was away.

Michael: It was just this one night, and it was just sex..it has got nothing to do with Bea, and that is why she mustn't know!


(Ben is overhearing the conversation)




[Pestalozzi – parking lot]


Helena: You're sleeping with me and you're saying that it's got nothing to do with Bea? That should give you something to think about.

Michael: I beg you, I thought we were of one mind, that she shouldn't be told!

Helena: No worries, I'm not planning on telling her. I just thought that you meant to be behaving more fairly in your relationship with her than you did in ours. But don't worry, I'm accepting your decision.

Michael: You do?

Helena: Yes, it was just this one night. As for me, this whole thing is done with, I'm not going to start over. Good Luck with Bea!



[Pestalozzi - Kiosk]


Ben(to himself talking about Michael): This asshole!I can't believe it!


Bea: Michael!This is for you!

Michael: Thanks a lot!

Bea: Are you alright?

Michael: Yes, I only forgot a few files..I'm getting forgetful..

Bea: As long as you don't forget about Venice..

Michael: Where to again and with whom anyway?

Bea: You better be careful,or I'll see to it that you'll never forget me again!

Michael: How do you mean to go about that?

(They kiss)

Michael: Yes..yes,there was something..Ah, you're that wonderful young woman I mean to go to Venice with next weekend! It's you!And if you'll kiss me again, I'll remember all the rest, too!

Bea: Don't overdo it

Michael: Com on.


[Pestalozzi – On the street]


(Luzi notices her bike is damaged)

Luzi: Shit!

(and goes to the street to grab a cab)

Caro: Sorry, that's my cab.

Luzi: Alright, but could you maybe borrow it? I'm kind of in a hurry...

Caro: Yeah, me too.

Luzi: Or where do you want to go? Maybe we could share one?

Caro: You know, maybe you should start organizing your life better. I can help you with that!

Rule number one: If you need to go somewhere..fast..get your own cab..



Frank: Luzi?

Luzi: Oh hello!

Frank: Hey! I was in the area on business, and I thought I'd come by and pick you up cause we have an appointment next. Yeah, that way we can talk about some things..I've thought a bit about the next few weeks..

Luzi: Will we do recordings?

Frank: Yes,that as well, but I think you're ready for your first performance!

Luzi: Really?

Frank: Yes, there are quite a few people who are rather curious about you, and that's why I organized a gig at the Chulos for you, the day after tomorrow.

Luzi: The day after tomorrow?At the Chulos?

Frank: You go there sometimes?

Luzi: Sometimes? That's basically my seond home!

Frank: It's no big deal, and you'll be into the song in no time.

Luzi: Ok?

Frank: Alright! My car is parked over there. Let's go.


[Pestalozzi – Lockers under the stairs]


(Jemma kiss! You're still with us? A door slams shut and they draw apart)


Jenny: False alarm ...What is it?

Emma: I'm sick so of this.
Jenny: Of me?
Emma: No! Of hiding. Everytime we..we kiss, my heart beats like crazy..and if it stops by ever sound I hear only because I start panicking since someone could see us..that's just not normal!

Jenny: Maybe not healthy..but it is normal. (husky) And I like when your heart pounds of excitement...
Emma: This thing with you..something like that has never happened to me before....it's really great..I'm in love with you! And I don't want to hide it anymore! I want everyone to see it!
Jenny(husky):Then come here.


(They kiss again )



[Pestalozzi – class room]


Bea: Alright,let's start! We're doing probability calculations today, using an experiment involving dice. The probability of getting one particular number in a throw of the dice is by 1 to 6..the probability of getting the same number twice in a row is 1:36.


(Ben is having a flashback:)

Michael: It was only this one night, and it was just sex..it has got nothing to do with Bea, and that is why she mustn't know!


Ben: Do you think she is happy?

Emma: Who? The Vogel? No idea. Probably. She's with Heisig. They seem to be pretty smitten.

Ben: Yes, it seems that way.

Emma: Why does that interest you anyways?


Bea: Can someone tell me how high the probability is to get another number in a second throw?


Emma: To get back to your original question, I think the chances are 50:50.

Ben: I think the chances are a lot lower.



[Raumzeit Record]


Frank: So, I think we should talk about the on stage performance again. Maybe you'll come up with an idea for something.


Caro: Mr.Peters, thank you for calling me! (to Luzi) Oh,so you made it after all!

Luzi: Yes, Mr.Peters gave me a ride.

 Frank: I picked her up,she's my new star and you know how talented she is.

Caro: Well, then congratulations.

Luzi: Thanks, and what are you doing here?

Caro: Great that I'm able to do this internship here. It's a good idea to finish school and enter the biz full time a later. You won't regret it!

Frank: I hope so.

Caro: I sing, too, by the way.

Frank: Really?

Caro: If you want to, we could do some demo recordings, too.

Frank: Caro, I'm seeing you more on the production side of things.

Caro: Yes, me,too! I have great instinct for talents, and if someone knows what makes up a star..it's me!

Frank: Great, just what I was looking for!

Caro: Great! Where shall I start!

Frank: What about right here? We need a stage outfit for Luzi for her gig at Chulos. That's where you come in.

Luzi: In which way does she come in exactly?

Frank: I thought that you could pick the outfit out together, you're school buddies after all, right?

Luzi: Uh, I thought I could go on stage like this?

Frank: Caro will help you find something that willl be a little more...ok?You can do it! I'll be taking care of the contracts in the meantime.

Caro: What about a giant garbage bag?

Luzi: Oh, shut up, intern!



[Pestalozzi – class room]


Bea: Alright we'll see each other tomorrow. Let's open the windows all the way and air the room a bit. --- Mr.Bergmann, do you have a moment?

Ben: Sure.

Bea: This morning..what you said. I wanted to thank you.

Ben: It's ok.

Bea: It was the right decision.

Ben: I only...I only want you to be happy.

Bea: I know, and I know how hard it was for you, I really appreciate it.

Ben: I really want you to be happy that's why..if there's something..

Bea: Everything is alright! We need to worry about you and your trial now. Hey, we can do this.

Ben: I have to go.



[Raumzeit Records]


Caro: We don't have to turn you into Lady Gaga .I was thinking more of Katy Perry?

Luzi: I'm neither Lady Gaga, nor Katy Perry.

Caro: Well, you can definitely say that!

Luzi: I don't understand what this is supposed to be about!

Caro: This is about a performance..in front of people.

Luzi: So?

Caro: Do you think, that Madonna would be where she is now, if she would have gone on stage like this? If you go like this, people will think you're there to put down some cables.

Luzi: Ok, first of all, it's about the music..and second of all: I am the way I am!

Caro: And that's pretty sad. You heard what Frank said. No idea why,but he wants to turn you into a star!

Luzi: Nice, but I don't want to change myself, especially not because people expect some grand outfit of me.

Caro: You don't get it, do you? It's about image, a work of art, that we will now create! See it as a chance. Finally we'll be able to show what you are really made of.

Luzi: So, tell me what you see in me.

Caro: Well, anything sexy, we should forget about right away, no corsets, nothing belly revealing.

Luzi: Thank you.

Caro: What about the naive school girl look, like Britney? No,that's too sexy, as well...what about the fifties? Rockabilly,petticoat?

Luzi: Not in this lifetime.

Caro: Glamour! A high up do, lots of make up, gold, glitter..look,something like this.


(They skim through magazines on the search of the perfect look for Luzi)


[Pestalozzi – school ground]


Jenny: Do you want to sit down?

Emma: Wait.

(Emma hesitates and then takes Jenny's hand)

Jenny(smiles): Ok.

(Some guy runs into Jenny)

Jenny: Can't you watch where you're going?

Student: Cutie, calm down, or did I disturb you, fumbling around?

Jenny: Jealous?

Student: Of you singing homos? No way.

Jenny: Ok, not the right place to be coming out.



[Raumzeit Records]


Caro: Yes, that with the sequins, I can visualize..a classic do to go with that..and Liz make up..

Frank: Yes, I like that, what do you think?

Luzi: All of them are blondes!

Caro: That can be changed!

Frank: No, I like dark..dark make up, too..smokey eyes.

Caro: And the clothes?

Frank: I like glam rock..what you're wearing.

Caro: Well, that's..glam rock.

Frank: Why don't you try it?

Luzi: Try what?

Caro: You mean..I should give her my clothes?

Frank: Yes, so that we can get a picture..you can trade clothes up in the office..or do you have a problem with that?

Caro: Oh no, of course not. In those clothes even you will look good!



[Pestalozzi – common room]


Jenny:Hey… can you give me a ride home? I just have to finish copying this homework for tomorrow. Does your brilliant mood have anything to do with your self-denunciation? I think it was the right thing to voluntarily turn yourself in. You couldn’t have guessed all these things that happened when you took part in this race… Ben, you’ve made a mistake, yes, but it would’ve been an even bigger one if you hadn’t admitted it.

Ben: I’m not so sure about that anymore… I mean what does it change? Timo is in a wheelchair and Götting and Lohmann are dead anyways.

Jenny: Well it’s not about changing anything. It’s about being honest, confessing.

Ben: But what if the truth makes things even worse?

Jenny: I don’t get that… how should that work?

Ben: Let’s assume you knew something and you knew that if another person heard about that, everything would change for this person. Listen… one person would be cheated on and this person doesn’t deserve being cheated on, and you could solve the entire thing – which would be fair… but you would hurt this person even more and they probably wouldn’t even believe you because they would think that there’d be some sort of personal plan behind that or something… Anyways… Ah no idea!

Jenny: Okay I think I’d rather not drive home with you.

Ben: You can have my car.

Jenny: Thanks! What about you?

Ben: I’ll go jogging…

Jenny: Ben, do you want me to take this stuff with me?

Ben: Oh… yeah would be cool.

Jenny: Hey, if you want to open someone’s eyes then you should be aware of why you want to do this… for yourself or for the other person? If you’re only going to harm the other one then you shouldn’t do it.



[Pestalozzi schoolground]


Bea: I researched a few things during my free period: the weekend, that we're in Venice, they'll be showing La Traviata!

Michael: You're not seriously planing on dragging me to the opera!

Bea: La Traviata! Premiered 1883 in Venice! In the very same Opera house! We have to go there!

Michael: Alright, if you say so, I hope they've exchanged the protagonists in the meantime.

(They kiss, Michael spots Ben)

Bea: Everything alright?

Michael: What kind of look is he giving us?

Bea: His trial is coming up soon.

Michael: It wasn't that kind of look.

Bea: What kind of look was it,then?

Michael: I don't know..but don't care..I'm more interested in some more details about “La Traviata”.

Bea: I've got the album at home.

Michael: Then, I'd say we'll combine that with some “Arrabiata” and round off the evening..

Bea: I'm afraid,I'll have to decline..I have exams to correct by tomorrow..

Michael: You're not turning me down, are you?

Bea: Ok, Pasta, and Arrabiata, but you can't stay!

Michael: One takes what one can get..


Jenny: Hey! What’s wrong?

Emma: Nothing…

Jenny: Well, definitely nothing good!

Emma: These stupid guys were totally annoying… Why this fucking remark?

Jenny: Just let them talk…

Emma: It’s not about that… I should have told them off, I should have said something like ‘Yes, I am in love with Jenny and we’re together, do you have a problem with that?!’ – What?

Jenny: I’m just picturing it…

Emma: You don’t think I’m capable of that…

Jenny: Of course you are! I think you’re capable of doing anything, I am totally into you! And I really don’t care a bit if someone knows about us…

Emma: But...

Jenny: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! The right moment will come and then it will happen completely natural…

Emma: But if everyone knew that we’re together… then … then the guys from class 12b wouldn’t stare at you like that during volleyball classes!!

Jenny: Does that bother you?

Emma: Yeah! I want them to know that you are with me!

Jenny: All I want is to be with you!

Emma: And you are…



[Raumzeit Records]


(Luzi tried Caro's dress on)


Caro: Wow, not bad.

Luzi: That's just not me..

Caro: But it could be you! If you'd only take more care of your looks..

Luzi: These things are at least one size too large..

Caro: Are you saying I'm fat?

Luzi: No..just..bigger somehow.

Caro: What can I help it, if you have a stick figure? Thought about padding things out?

Luzi: So I'll look like a porn star in your clothes?

Caro: Glam rock..no porno.

Luzi: You know what this is? This is totally retarded and definitely too dumb for me..I'll go and talk to Frank.


Luzi: Frank?

Frank: Wow, this is …

Luzi: Totally retarded! I came here to sing and not to be dressed up like a Barbie doll!

Caro: Barbie would look fab in my clothes!

Luzi: Anyways, I won't be put on stage like a glitterstar.

Frank: It was a try, if you don't like it..that's no problem.

Luzi: Then I can go and change.

Frank: No, you can't. We have to keep looking.

Luzi: Why can't I just wear something that I feel comfortable in?

Frank: Well, you shall..but it has to be a stage outfit!

Luzi: Wasn't this supposed to be about my voice?

Frank: Yes, but it's also about presenting you as an artist. Luzi, the people that are seeing you on stage are supposed to remember you..and for that, we simply have to amplify your style..do you understand?

Luzi: Like a magnifying glass?

Frank: Exactly.

Luzi: But I can stay true to my style?

Frank: You can, but it has to be more intense.

Luzi: Ok, but may I do this with someone other than Caro?

Frank: Caro is exactly the right person for this job. You'll manage.





(Ben jogging having flashbacks)

Ben: I want for you to be happy, I saw you with Michael this morning..I saw how you were glowing..that's why I'll leave you alone from now on.


Michael: It was only this one night, and it was only sex...it's got nothing to do with Bea.


Ben: If there's anything..

Bea: Everything is alright!


Jenny: If you want to open someone's eyes, then you should know why you want to do it. Do you want to do it for yourself,or somebody else..if you're only harming someone else..then you rather shouldn't do it.





[In front of Bea's house]


Michael: And now you're just kicking me out like this?

Bea: One plate of pasta, and the first act of La Traviata..that was the deal.

Michael: Bea Vogel, you're merciless..

Bea: No,under pressure..I still have to correct those exams today.

Michael: I know.

Bea: Get home safely.

Michael: See you later!


Michael: Ah, Mr.Bergmann

Ben: Good day

Michael: If you want to go and see Ms.Vogel, I think the timing isn't really that good right now.

Ben: I didn't.

Michael: But?

Ben: I wanted to see you.

Michael: Really? What can I do for you?

Ben: You could stop lying to Bea.

Michael: Excuse me?

Ben: I'd say don't cheat on her, but I'd be a little late for that.

Michael: Mr.Bergmann, I believe that my private life is none of your business.

Ben: Wrong..I talked to Bea this morning, I saw how happy she was walking to school with you. And I told her that I was happy for her.

Michael: You know, then everything is perfectly alright.

Ben: Wrong again. In the meantime, I have learned that you have slept with your ex.

I don't know why you did that..and honestly, I don't give a rat's ass.. Bea trusts you. She deserves the truth.

Michael: And now you are going to tell her, or what?

Ben: No, you will.