Episode 180



Bea: I don’t want to be alone right now.

Bea:That can never happen again. But I don’t want to throw everything away.

Ben: You are giving him another chance???

Bea:Thanks for being there yesterday. As a friend. But only I alone can decide if Michael deserves another chance or not.

Ben: If you were in love with him, it would have hurt you that he slept with his ex-wife.

Ben: Look into my eyes and tell me that you don’t love me. Just tell me. Tell me!




Bea:Ben, this thing with us, that is never going to work. We’re through with it.

Ben:That hasn't been my question. Do you love me or do you not love me?

Bea: I like you. Very much. But I don’t love you. I’m sorry.


(She's totally lying !!)


[At RaumZeit Records]


Frank: OK, I’ll be honest. I had to listen to it two or three times before I recognized the strength of the song.

            But, you know, it's similar to this song by Lena from the [European] Song Contest.

            In the beginning everybody thought “What’s that?” as well. But then, all of a sudden, BOOM! everyone as singing it on

            the streets.

            And even if you are maybe thinking right now “I haven’t recognized the strength yet”, on stage, at the latest, you will 

            notice that it is your song.

Luzi:I really don’t think that this is my song

Frank:OK Luzi, let’s be frank. I’ve been in this business for years and during this time I have worked with many artists and

           a lot of them have sold lots of records.

Luzi: I have seen the Golden Records outside.

Frank: Right.

            This thing, here. You get it with the right artist. You need a feeling for the moment, for the pulse of the target group.

            But if the audience out there is up for a new talent, I’ll give them a new talent.

            And tonight that’s you, Luzi.

Luzi:But I’m not even sure if that is my music style

Sonja:I’m going for coffee.

Frank: Ugh. Ok, Luzi. What is your style?




Passerby:Hey, watch it, you idiot!

Ben:Piss off, bugger!



[At RaumZeit Records]


Luzi:Yeah, it’s OK. But my point is… I want to win people over with my music and by being myself.

         And I don’t feel like getting twisted and changed until I don’t recognize myself anymore is working out.

Frank:Fine. If you don’t want any of this, what are you doing here? Do you want to become a singer?


Frank:Do you want me to be your producer?


Frank:Good. Then sit down. And listen to me carefully.




Sonja: Can I help you in any way?

Miriam: No. I just thought it’s rather funny, isn’t it?

Sonja: And what is so funny?

Miriam: Well, because we just saw each other yesterday,at the dance.

Sonja: Yes, right.

Miriam: But you aren’t mad, or anything…

Sonja: Why should I be mad?

Miriam: Well, because of Piet. I mean, not because of Piet but because I danced with Piet.

Sonja: The partners were drawn, it wasn’t as if it was Piet’s decision.

Miriam: Yes. That’s true.


Frank:And bam!, the XXX was sold out with 4000 people. Two months later, 17.000, Megaworld.

            I mean, they started in some shitty small pub in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

            And do you know why Moods on the Moon are so successful today?

Luzi:Because they are such good musicians?

Frank:That too. But mainly because they understand how the music business works. I mean, look at the guys.

            They look fantastic. They are successful.

            They were three people in the beginning, so I added two more because I just know how such a band works in order to be

            successful… in order to sell records




Sonja: The little one over there, has she been in contact with Frank for long?

Miriam: Who? Oh, Luzi.

Sonja: Yes, Luzi.

Miriam: Not for long. I think Frank has done a first recording with her. But I’m new here myself.

Sonja: I see.




Frank:So, Luzi. Can you make this song your own?

Luzi:Yeah. Yes. I believe so.

Frank:Good. If you trust me and we work together, you’ll be playing in sold-out halls. Sounds good?

Luzi:Yes, sounds great.



[Pestalozzi, Principal’s office]


Helena:Yes? Frau Jäger.

Frau Jäger:Hello Frau Schmidt-Heisig. I wanted to ask you a favour. A friend of mine is sick.

                     She has to stay in bed and can’t take care of grocery shopping.

Helena:And now you wanted to ask if you could leave work earlier so that you could help her.

Frau Jäger:Would that be possible?

Helena:Of course.

Frau Jäger:Great.


Michael:Oh, sorry, I can come back later.

Helena:No no, it’s alright.

Frau Jäger:Thank you so so much, it’s very kind.


Helena:Michael, how are you?

Michael:I’m very well, thanks. How are you?

Helena:I’m fine, as well.

Michael:Good. I don’t want to keep you long, I just wanted to give you this.

Helena:What is it? An application for leave?

Michael:Yes, I have checked the substitution schedule and realized that Huber and Baumann could fill in for us.

Helena:For … us?

Michael:Yes, I’ve told you that Bea and I are going to Venice. You’re surprised, aren’t you?

                Because last evening wasn’t very pleasant.

                But I have spoken with Bea and she understands that the lapse with you didn’t mean anything.

                She has forgiven me.

Helena:That is… wonderful. I’m happy for you.

Michael:Yes, I’m happy too. We are happy. And that means that the application is granted, right?

                There are no reasons against it really. Thank you. Helena.

Michael leaves

Helena:Frau Jäger, please get me the substitution schedules.

              What were you thinking, letting the entire teaching staff make changes in them!

Frau Jäger:But we always do that.

Helena:You might have always done that so far but that’s going to change right now.

              Changes have to be signed off by me, is that clear?

Frau Jäger:OK. I will draft a memo first thing tomorrow morning

Helena:Please do it now.

Frau Jäger:But I wanted to visit my friend.

Helena:You really should have thought about that earlier. Now please…



[Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


Bodo: What kind of elevator music is that?

Luzi: Äh, nothing.

Bodo: Show me.

Emma: Is that the song that you have recorded with Frank in the studio?

Luzi: No, we haven’t recorded anything, yet. This is the instrumental version, well, the first draft.

Bodo: So, let’s hear it.

Luzi: I ..I’m not ready.

Jenny: They wrote it especially for you?

Luzi: Well, yes.

Emma: Well, then we want to hear it.

Bea: Hey guys! Can we start?

Bodo: Luzi has brought her very first own song. Frank wrote it just for her!

Luzi: Well, it was really Dora Swan.

Emma: Dora Swan wrote this song for you? THE Dora Swan?

Luzi: Yes, THE Dora Swan, but it’s just a rough draft.

Bea: You don’t like the song very much.

Luzi: I don’t know. And I don’t want to gripe about it and I’m totally glad that Frank is doing something with me at all. But…I don’t


Bea: Why don’t you just sing it for us, hm? Bodo, will you accompany her?



[At RaumZeit Records]


Sonja:I need the current version of the contract for the little one.


Sonja:And the GEMA forms.

Miriam:Yes. I’ll do it in a moment.


Miriam:Yes, alright, now.


Miriam:What are you doing here?

Piet:Well, I wanted to talk to you about yesterday

Miriam:Oh, there it is. I’ve been looking all over for it.

Sonja:Piet? What are you doing here?

Miriam:Yes, Sonja is working for Frank as a composer. Funny, isn’t it?

Piet:Why didn’t you tell me?

Sonja:I don’t like to make a big deal out of it. What are you doing here? I thought the two of you weren’t so close.

Miriam:Yes, Piet is here because he wanted to talk to me about Lara. And of course I can help her with her math homework. It’s

              no problem at all.

Piet:Ah, cool.

Sonja’s cell phone rings


Sonja:Tom? Hi! Yes. Exactly. Yes. Tonight?





Bea:Well, that was quite OK.

Luzi:Quite OK? That sucked!

Bea:Well, it didn’t suck really.

Luzi:It did. I’m going to make a complete fool of myself if I'l sing it tonight like this.

Bodo:What’s this singing tonight stuff?

Emma:Where are you singing this tonight?

Jenny:Don’t say you already have your first gig?

Luzi:Well, actually it’s just a very small event at Chulos.

Bodo:At Chulos? Cool!

Luzi:There will be some music stooges. Frank wants to introduce the club as the new in location. And me, as the new “music


Jenny:Yeeeaaah. Is it public?

Luzi:No idea.

Bea:We’ll be coming, of course.
Bodo:Of course, we’re coming. We are your new entourage. You better get used to it!

Bea:Luzi, you have to try somehow to give the song your own personal touch. To make it your song.

Luzi:Yes, Frank said the same thing but…I always lose it in the middle part somehow.

Bea:Let me see .




Flashback Bea: I don’t want to be alone right now. I like you. Very much. But I don’t love you.

Ben:Hey. I’ll have a double vodka.

Sebastian: Don’t you think it’s a little early for a vodka?

Ben:A double vodka. And no, I don’t think it’s too early. So…

Sebastian: It doesn’t work like this here. Either you talk to me normally or you can get lost right this minute. And there’s no way

                    you’ll get a vodka at this time of day.

Ben:Cheers! Can I have a whiskey instead?

Sebastian: Take a guess.

Frank: Yes, so this is the Chulos. Small club, young music scene, look around. Of course there will be a small welcome drink. Äh,


Ben:What’s that going to be?

Sebastian: That is going to be an event from RaumZeit. They want to hold regular concerts here. Peters is showing his business

                    partners the location. Luzi is going to perform tonight. Didn’t she tell you?

Ben:No, she didn’t.

Sebastian: I always thought the two of you would make a great couple. She’s nice. And your age.

Ben:Keep the change.

Caro:I’d like 15 Proseccos


Sonja: Well, I’m curious. Luzi didn’t really seem easy.

Frank: And that is exactly her strength

Sonja: Aren’t that more the artists who are always trouble?

Frank: Dora, she doesn’t have any airs and graces. She’s serious. Sometimes too serious. That’s why you have to convince her. But if she believes in it, she’ll give 100%.

Sonja: And you convinced her?

Frank: Dora, you know me.

Sonja: Yes, sometimes too well, I fear. That’s why I let myself be persuaded by you over and over.

Frank: Yes, but you have never regretted it yet. And that’s why tonight will be a great evening for the two of us.  

Frank: Ah, Marsha. Well if that isn’t my favourite booker. And what do you say?

Marsha: Well, the location isn’t bad.

Frank: And I’m curious what you will think of Luzi. You know, your opinion is very important to me.

Marsha: What’s her name again? Ba-zen-ki

Frank: Beschenko

Marsha: Beschenko

Frank: She will get a stage name, of course.

Marsha: She’ll need it. What kind of genre is it?

Frank: I’d say, it’s a mix of Katy Perry meets Avril Lavigne.

Marsha: Have to see her, then I can give you an opinion

Frank: You’ll be thrilled. It’s really the time for a new solo artist.

Marsha: When will she be coming on?

Frank: Any minute.



[Michael’s apartment]



Michael: What?

Bea:The wine.

Michael: Uhm, yes, it’s really good. It’s a Merlot. The application for leave has been granted.

Bea:So you said, yes.

Michael: Are you looking forward to Venice?

Bea:It’ll be good for us.

Michael: I think so too.


Bea:Really good.

Michael: Yeah. You’ve said earlier, you wanted to go to Chulos?

Bea:Yes, Luzi has a gig in front of some people from the music industry. She is pretty nervous and needs moral support.

Michael: Of course.

Michael:Should I come with you?

Bea:You don’t have to.

Michael: I don’t…


Bea:I’ll be going now so I won’t be late.

Michael: Yes. Have fun.

Bea:I’ll call you.

Michael: See you later.




Frank: Did you practise?

Luzi: Yes, with the STAG.

Frank: And did you crack the song?

Luzi: Think so.

Frank: OK, Luzi, then remember… if you can wow the people here tonight it will be the start of your career. OK? Go backstage

            now and I will announce you.



[Chuloes - Stage]


Frank:Hello.Good afternoon.
              Yes, I am pleased that so many of you are here. I don´t want to talk too much.

                   I want to introduce a great artist to all of you!

                   From whom we'll hopefully hear more! Here's Luzi!



[Chulos - Backstage]


Bea:Luzi. Hey. Stage fright?

Luzi: I can´t go out there. I won´t go out there and sing this ridiculous song.

            You heard it yourself. And look what I look like!

Bea: That´s not you. Do you have your own clothes here?

Luzi:Yes, why?

Bea:Because you can´t go on stage naked.

Luzi:I... I won´t go on stage.

Bea:Yes, you will.

            And you know why???

           Because you are Luzi Beschenko.



[Chuloes - Stage]


Luzi:Hello. Before I start to sing, I am sorry but I'll have to do something different.

Frank:What is this? Where is her outfit?

Caro:I have no idea.

Luzi: Before I start to sing, I would like to thank someone. Frank Peters.

            Frank told me to be authentic.

            And well, I am now.

            My name is Luzi Beschenko and I would like to ask three people on stage: Bodo, Emma and Jenny.

            You know the song, you rehearsed it with me today.