Episode 181



[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


[Michael and Helena]

Michael:Yeah, i´ve already told you that Bea and I will travel to Venice. You are surprised, aren´t you? Because last evening didn´t go that well. But I´ve talked to Bea and she did understand that it was a clanger and doesn´t mean anything. She has forgiven me.


[Michael und Bea]

Michael: Are you excited about Venice?

Bea:This will be good for us.

Michael: I think so, too.


[Ben demolishesthe classroom, Michael and Beakiss]





[Chulos – Backstage]


Emma: That was so amazing.

Jenny: Luzi has sung so excelent.

Emma: Totally.

Jenny: Andyou danced so beautifully.


[Jennywants to kiss Emma, sees the dealing Sophie]


Emma: Is something wrong?
Jenny: Hey, do not turn around. Something's going on with Sophie. Tell me ...Tell me, is she dealing for him?
Emma:It wouldnot surprise me after the thingat the camp.
Jenny:What thingin the camp?
Emma:Ronnie broughtgrass and Sophie wanted to smoke it and became ill.
Jenny: What a stupidbum.





Bea:That was a great show.

Luzi:And I havenot actednervous?
Bea:No, you looked like a pro.You wererelaxed, youwere authentic. You werejust you.
Luzi: Thanks for your help.
Bea:What help?I've juststood here andlistened.
Michael: Looks like i´ve missed something.
Bea:What are you doing here?
Michael:I missed you andthought I'll take you up spontaneously.
Luzi: I, uh, am over there.



Frank:Do you not want to talk brieflywith yourproducers aboutyour appearance?
Luzi:Yes, sure.
Frank:Right. Come along. Okay, What. Was. That?

Luzi: What? I…
FrankLuzi, wehave discussedexactly howthis appearance should look like. Imean, let's start with youroutfit. Whereis yourstage outfit?
Luzi: In my own clothes I fell…
Frank: I'm not finished. Why do you come up with the idea thatsome people herejust jumpon stage? Weare notin anykaraoke contest.
Luzi:These are myfriends.
Frank:Wrong. These people here are yourfriends, thesongwriter, musicproducer, theBooker. Itis these peoplewhom I can explain now,why todaywas nota solo artist on stage.
Luzi, that does not happen again. If weshould worktogether inthe future, thenyou hold upyour privacy to the agreement. Okay? Is that clear?
Luzi: Yes.
Frank: Right.
Luzi:No, nothing is good. Man, I do not act like you want me to and i don´t want to. You either take me as I am or we better forget the whole thing.



[Beas Bedroom]


Michael:Ah, i am so tired.

Bea:Me too..

Michael:I'm looking forward to Venice. You too?
Bea:Pretty much but do youthink wecould postponethe trip?
Michael:We are flying in two days.
Bea:There is Ben's hearing.



[Ben sits in the classroom]
Bea: That with usthat'd neverbe anything.We´ve got over this already..
Ben:That was not my question. Do you love me or do you don´t loveme?
Bea: I like you very much. ButI do not love you.

Bea: I know the flight isbooked ...
Michael:And the hotel isalso booked.
Bea: I'm sorry. I want to go to Venice with you. Really.But I have to be present atthe hearing.
Michael:Why? Because you want tobe with Ben. Great!
Bea:I reallydo not want toargue.
Michael: I don´t want to argue too. I'm rebooking tomorrow.
Bea: Thanks!
Michael:Good night.
Bea: Good night.






Sophie:Hey. Two Vodka-O please.
Jenny:And? Howis it going withRonnie?
Sophie:Good, why?
Jenny:Well, because he uses you.Can´t you seethat?
Sophie:He doesn´t uses me.And whatis that to youat all?
Jenny:Because Iwant to help you.
Sophie: I need no help.
Jenny:Yes, you do. Typeslike Ronnie arereally dangerous.
Ronnie: Well, you seem to know aboutyou, yes. Smalllesbian. Funny word, huh?. Lesbian.But she is right, I'm dangerous. Especiallyat full moon, where I get furand eat smallchildren. Keep the change.



[Ben is in bed, thealarm goes off.]
Ben: Shit.

[Home of Beschenkos]


Karin: That looks reallygreat.
Luzi: Thank you. New hairdo, new luck.
Karin: Now tell me already. How was your gig?
Luzi: Ehm, Ithought it was great.Mrs. Vogel liked it too. AndI thinkthe audience wasalso verysatisfied. Only Frank did not liked it.
Karin:And why?
Luzi: He wanted me to performalone butI, uh, brought Emma, Jenny and Bodo onto the stage.

Karin:Don´t take it personal. Itwas not your last appearance.
Luzi:Perhaps it was. Itold him that I will not do it that way. With the contractand the label ...yes.
Karin: You reallycanceled?
Luzi: He wants meto bend me completely. I mean, what would you havedone?
Karin: Yes, thosedecisions are difficult. Abit like the time after your birth. Actually Iwanted to become a doctor but withthe study, didn´t worked anymore. The plan wasthat your father firststudied furtherand I work , so we could survive somehowand ...
Lucifer: I was born. AndDad was gone.
Karin:Luzi, you are the greatest giftI've ever received. That my future went differentlythan Ihad imagined, that's okay. You have theopportunity todecide. And I want you to knowjust one thing: I always stand by you..
Luzi: Really?
Karin: Really. No matter whatyou want to achieve, you'll make it even without a FrankPeters.


[University hall]

Michael:Hi Bea,as you've probably already noticed I left a bit earlier. Iwanted to doa few thingsbefore thelesson begins.We'll see you later, okay? Ciao.

Michael:What are you doing?
Ben: Cleanup.
Michael:Was that you? Man,what's going on with you?
Ben:If you´dcome 10minutes later, you wouldn´t evennoticed it.
Michael: 10 minuteswould nothave been sufficientfor this.
Ben:What do you wantto do now? Reportme?


[In front of the Pestalozzi]

Helena: Mrs. Vogel. You do not look good today. Didn´tyou sleep well.
Bea:No. Not really.
Helena: I also wanted to askjust how you feel.
Bea: I thought youknow? Ifit interests you, Michael and I, we are notseparated.
Helena: And? Are yousatisfied withthe decision?
Bea:Of course. Otherwise I might have decided different.

Helena: Amazing. When Michael has been unfaithful to me, I wasn´t that cool
Bea: People are different.
Helen:That's right. And our situation at that time was alsovery different. Iwas betrayedby the man I love. Andnot by the man I am with, only to forget another one.
Bea: Helena, whatdo you want?
Helen: You could only forgiveMichael becauseyou are in the same position, with Ben Bergmann.No really goodprerequisites for a relationship ifyou ask me.
Bea: No ones asking you

[Phone rings]
Bea:Excuse me.



Jenny:Ey, someone hasshit into his brain.
Emma:Let him, it only makes trouble..
Jenny:Don´t worry, I know what I'm doing.
Ronnie:What´s coming next? The "you're a bad guy" monologue?
Jenny:Yes. Exactly.If I ever see you rope in Sophie for your deals, then we both will get a problem.

Ronnie: * whistles*
Jenny:You don´t have to takeit too seriously if you do not want.
Ronnie: You know what? From above, you look quite cuteactually.
Jenny:Don´t bother!

Emma: I told you I wouldn´t work.

Jenny: It already did.Look.
Emma: Did you steal it from him?
Jenny:Nope. Replaced.
Emma:Replaced. Against what?
Jenny:Oregano. Comeon…




Emma:I would reallylike to see Ronnie'sface when hesmokes the oregano.
Jenny:Maybe it bangs, too, of course that would suck.
Luzi: Hey.
Karin: Hello.
Luzi:Hey, what are you doing here? I thought you haveto work at Bergmanns.
Karin: Mrs.Schmidt Heisigsaid I should clean the toilet walls every two weeks.And Ido now. And it's not even boring. At First I read everything before I wash it away. All this Nonsense is already quite nice.

[VoiceOver: ActuallyI wanted to become a doctorbut with the study, didn´t worked anymore]

Luzi: Mom? I'll help you.
Karin:No, Luzi, I don´t want that.This is my job.And as I said, it is not as boring as you think it is. Here forexample: Math isan Asshole. Or: what Hansel will not learn, Gretchen will teach him. (Funny Version of: You can´t teach an old dog new tricks)

Great literature.
Karin: You have your dreams, Luzi. And you have the opportunity to make them real. Sodo it. Otherwise you'll regret this.

Luzi: Okay. Ilove you.
Karin: I love you too.



[Ben and Michael clean up classroom]


Ben: Thanks!

Michael:I’m certainly not doing this for you!

Ben:Okay... thanks anyways.

Michael: I don’t get you... Why do you fuck things up over and over again?

Ben:I understand by now...

Michael:You’ve destroyed half of the damn classroom!

Ben:Yeah, and now I’ve cleaned it up again!

Michael: I mean... hello? Get a grip on your rage!

Ben: That was a pretty ugly chair anyways...

Michael:But it’s not only about this chair! It’s not only about this chaos you’ve created here! It’s about your behavior at this school!

Ben:Really? I have the feeling that it’s about something completely different the whole time...

Michael:Like what?


Michael: Mr Bergmann, I’d dissuade you from provoking me. Don’t overstep the mark. You’re still a student at this school, but after all these slips it wouldn’t be anything but annoying desk work to have you suspended.

Ben:Well, then just do it. I wouldn’t be Bea’s student any longer... and she wouldn’t have to cling to this fake relationship with you just to keep me at distance.

Helena:What’s happened here?

Michael:I’ve got it under control...

Helena:In my office, both of you!


[Emma and Jenny at lockers]


Jenny: Hey!

Ronnie:Where’s my dope?

Jenny: Your what?

Ronnie:I warn you, little bitch!

Jenny: Woooo, I liked “lesbian” better!

Ronnie:Tell me where my fucking dope is now, or you’re dead!

Jenny: I have no clue what dope is, I don’t know anything about drugs! Oops shit, I blew it... I do know what dope is.


Jenny:I flushed it down the toilet.

Ronnie: I’ll kill you!

Jenny: Why so upset? You’ve got something much better... Oregano is not only a spice, but also medicinal herbs, did you know that?! I think it belongs to the “mint family”, did you know that?

Teacher:Hey! What’s going on here?

Jenny:Umm nothing. We just got into a little fight about math. ... Math, bullshit. I should have said “biology”, would’ve been more fun, right? Because of oregano...

Ronnie:Better watch out that your grin doesn’t get stuck in your throat, hm?

Emma: That wasn’t such a good idea...

Jenny:Don’t worry because of this idiot. His ‘thing’ is this small, this small. (???)



[Luzi at Raumzeit Records]


Luzi:I wanted to apologize.

Frank:I’m listening...

Luzi:Well the thing about yesterday, I should have talked about it with you... that I took the others on stage with me.

Frank:And even so, I wouldn’t have allowed it! Luzi,the deal was to promote you as a solo artist. This is what I also had agreed on with the representatives of the music industry.

Luzi: Yes, I know. And regarding my interpretation, I should have talked about that with you! You’re the one who wrote that song...

Frank:But Luzi, the questions is pretty simple – do you want to make music professionally, yes or no?


Frank:Then you have to stick to the agreements!

Luzi:I know.

Frank:Yeah... and how do we go on now?

Luzi: Just start all over again??

Frank: “Just start all over again?” How do you imagine that?

Luzi:I promise to put more trust in you from now on, you’re the producer and you know what’s best for my career.

Frank: That doesn’t sound bad, for a start. May I ask where this change of mind is coming from?

Luzi:From my mother. She pointed out to me that you have to grab each chance, because you might not get so many...

Frank: Your mother seems to be a smart woman.

Luzi:This means we’re... back in business?



[school, principal’s office]


Helena: Ben, do you have anything else to say?

Ben:No, I have nothing to say. Except that the classroom looks exactly like it did before.

Michael:Which may also be due to the fact that I have helped you...

Ben:Yeah and I thanked you for it. Besides, it certainly wasn’t as bad as you are making it right now.

Michael:See, this is your basic behaviour! You do whatever you feel like regardless of the consequences, and then you expect others to take the responsibility for it. It doesn’t work like that!

Ben:That’s bullshit!

Helena: Ben, please.

Ben:Sorry, but this is not true. I adhere to what I have done – and I have no problem facing the consequences.

Helena:Damaging school property is a serious issue. I cannot accept rampaging at my school. You know that I have to draw the consequences, and you are also aware that a dismissal from school is a realistic option.

Ben: Yeah okay.

Helena: Not being able to properly evaluate the situation, I’d like to hear your opinion on this.

Michael:Well, I think we are not doing Mr Bergmann any favor if we let him get away with his inacceptable behavior over and over again. I plead for expulsion from school.