Episode 185



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[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]

Bea: I let him down at the hearing today. I have to take care of him now.
Miriam: What am I supposed to tell Michael when he arrives?

Ben: Bea!
Bea: You’re drunk! I’ll take you home.

(Ben and Bea make out in the shower)  (Holy hotness,batman!!)


[Bergmann Villa – in the shower]

Ben: Maybe we should get rid of the wet clothes.
Bea: Yes, that's a good idea.


Miriam: Hey, what are you still doing here?
Luzi: I just needed some quiet time for myself.
Miriam: I see, of course  loud music and a coke work miracles in that respect.
Luzi: It’s just a little bit too much right now..
Miriam: Well, it’s also an exciting time for you. The record deal... the beginning of a huge career…jitters?
Luzi: I’m just afraid to have made the wrong decision.
Miriam: It’s always difficult at first. The first step is the hardest  one. And trust me, no matter how old you are, that won’t change. It was the same for me. When I started working at RaumZeit I was also asking myself "Gosh, what are you doing here?’"But as time goes by you’ll get used to it and then you’ll suddenly realize ‘Wow, you really can do this!’ Seriously, Luzi, you’ll manage! Frank believes in you and your talent! And Bea, well Mrs Vogel, she’s raving about you! (O_o,don't go giving me ideas,Miriam!) She says that STAG,these days,is only  half as good without you.
Luzi: Well, that’s the problem! What if I’m also just half as good without STAG? I felt so much more confident with the others. And everything was so easy and so natural. And I knew what I could do.
Miriam: I can only imagine how hard it must be to be all by yourself  in the spotlight.


Bea: I took one of your shirts. Come on, undress yourself! (Yay!Sorry, forgot I was gay there for a minute, but I'd go straight for Ben and Bea anytime!Especially Bea..uh..never mind....)
Ben: You want me to get undressed?
Bea: No, I just don't  want you to get everything wet. You’re ruining the floor
Ben: Well, that’s up to you.
(Ben gets caught up in his shirt)
Ben: I think I could use some help.
(Bea is so kind as to help him.)
Bea: You’ll manage the rest on your own. I’ll make ourselves something warm to drink.


Luzi: STAG and Mrs Vogel, they mean so much to me!(You're not supposed to be giving me ideas either,Luzi,I was wigged out enough when you were singing "If a song could get me you" to her, last year!!) If it wasn’t for Mrs Vogel I would have never realized how much singing means to me. If it would't have been  for her I would never have  had the courage to do this! And if it hadn't been for her I also would never  have had this record deal. And I’m supposed to give up on all of  this now?  
Miriam: Why give up on it? You keep going to school, so you can also keep performing with your friends.
Luzi: No, I can’t. This contract is an "exclusive" contract… I’m not allowed to perform with anyone else anymore.
Miriam: Ok, if I got this right,  this applies to you not being allowed to work for another label at the same time. I don’t think it has anything to do with the school’s singing club.
Luzi: I don’t know.
Miriam: Well, as long as you don’t record songs together and earn money with them, it’s no problem, I think. Luzi, if this is what worries you, then just come over tomorrow and talk to Frank! If STAG is so important to you, then I don’t think Frank wants you to drop out of it.


Emma: Okay, closing time. (Jenny strokes Emma’s hand, but Emma pulls it back) Um, I'm just going to get my jacket.
Stefan: I think it'd be better for us to take a cab.
Helena: If you want me to come home with you that is.
Stefan: Oh, I'm insisting.(To Jenny) Tschüssi!
Jenny: Tschüss.
Emma: Thanks, for coming by to pick me up.
Jenny: Sure thing. Especially after what happened yesterday, hm?
(Jenny strokes Emma's cheek, but Emma pulls back.)
Jenny: Hey Ronnie, isn't so stupid to touch you again.
Emma: Okay, can we go now?
Jenny: Yes, of course. Do you want to go to Chulos? A bit of dancing? Maybe that will do you good after the "stress."
Emma: I don't know. I'm not in the mood for a crowd. I'd rather go home.
Jenny: Hm-hm. No problem.
Emma: But I'd like for you to stay with me for a while.
Jenny: Yeah? Nothing better than that. 


Helena: I just feel sorry for her.
Stefan: Oh, in that case, I hope to never arouse your compassion.
Helena: Why? Are you afraid of my tight reign? (Yes I mean no! I mean YES!)
Stefan: (says something in the off, Helena laughs)
Helena: But careful. You don’t want to get too much compassion.
Stefan: Forget about compassion.

Helena: You haven't exactly given me cause for compassion yet..

[The Beschenkos’ apartment]

Frau Beschenko: Luzi? Where have you been? I have been worried.
Luzi: I’m sorry. I was at Chulos
Frau Beschenko: I can understand that you wanted to party but you have school tomorrow.
Luzi: I know. I’m going to bed right now.
Frau Beschenko: Did you have fun?
Luzi: Yes. It was great.
Frau Beschenko: Not even graduated from school yet, and already a recording contract… And what did your friends say?
Luzi: They think it’s awesome. Of course.
Luzi: I’ll just go to the bathroom and then right to bed.
Frau Beschenko: Luzi? I’m very proud of you.

[Bergmann-Villa, kitchen]

Helena: What was that?
Stefan: That must have been the kettle. Ben turned it on.
Helena: Or is it  you who makes everything hot in here? (Uh, Helena,have you  looked into a mirror lately? Oh,I forgot..no reflection..)

[Ben’s room]

Bea: Ben, your father has… Ben?

(He's out cold..Dude, what epically bad timing!)


Bea: Good morning. Didn’t sleep well?
Helena: I slept outstandingly good, thank you.
Bea: Then the night was rather short, hm?
Helena: As the principal it can occur that one has to work until very late at night, sometimes.
Bea: Ah yes, work. Sometimes it just doesn’t leave enough time for pleasure, does it?
(Did I mention, that I just love the two of them in a room together?Or on the stairs for that matter?Ah,sigh...why,SAT1,WHY?)


[Bergmann Villa]

Stefan: Ben, I hope you are awake. C’mon, get up!The verdict will be announced in an hour.
Ben: Alright, give me 10 minutes.
Stefan: You haven't forgotten about it,have you?
Ben: Only for a few sweet hours.
Stefan: You know how important your appearance today will be. Everything depends on the report and the impression you will be making in court.
Ben: I’ll manage in time!
Stefan: I’ve made coffee. It’s in the kitchen.

[Raumzeit Records]
Luzi: Hey!
Miriam: Hi!
Luzi: I came  to see Frank.
Miriam: Yes, I’ve already told him that you would be stopping by today.
Luzi: Okay…
Miriam: He wanted to discuss something else with you anyway. I am to send you in right away.
Luzi: Shouldn’t I wait until they have finished talking?
Miriam: No, just go on in. See you.
Frank: Ach.
Luzi: Hey. Frau Vogel said it was OK for me to just…
Frank: Yes, sure. Come on in. Good that you are here. We were just talking about you. This is Lou Antony, and this is Luzi.
Lou: Nice to meet you.
Luzi: You too. You make music videos, don’t you? The clip for “Manche Tage” was awesome.
Lou: Hey, she has done her homework.
Frank: Yes. Well, we were just talking about you, Lou will film your first clip.
Luzi: Wow, that’s … amazing.
Frank: Yes. He's got some great ideas, quite pure and rough… full colors… you,in the frame,all by yourself… but it’s better if he himself explains it to you.
Lou: Let’s just get together as soon as possible.
Luzi: Sure.
Lou: You’ll call?
Frank: Def. My assistant will make an appointment with you.
Lou: Take care.
Frank: Cool guy, isn’t he?
Luzi: I…I…I’m going to shoot my first music video?
Frank: Well yes. When your record comes out, we will need something to promote it with. Miriam said you wanted to discuss something with me? Is it about the contract?
Luzi: Yes. It’s probably just a minor thing…
Frank: Hm, shoot!

[Pestalozzi stairway]

Emma is sitting on the stairs and pretends to read. Jenny sees her and comes over.

Jenny: Hello.
Emma: Hi.
Jenny: Do you have a free period as well?
Emma: No, just recess. I have chemistry next.
Jenny: Ah, okay. Well ,we do have  a few minutes together.
Jenny kisses Emma but Emma turns her head away after a moment
Jenny: Emma. What’s wrong?
Emma: Nothing, why?
Jenny: Because I'm getting the feeling that you are trying to avoid me.
Emma: No, that’s not true. Do you want to go have coffee together?
Jenny: Alright.
Jenny moves in for another kiss but Emma jerks back
Emma: My treat… if I can find my 10€...

[RaumZeit Records]

Luzi: It’s about this clause right here. If I get it right, it obliges me to exclusively work for RaumZeit Records.
Frank: Yes. So?
Luzi: I’m…I’m not sure if I'm really understanding it correctly.
Frank: It’s a standard clause. It’s included in every record deal that  I’m signing my artists to.
Luzi: So it means that I’m only allowed to perform for your label, and your label only?
Frank: Exactly…Luzi, I’m really investing a lot into you. And I'm doing  this because I believe in you.
Luzi: Thank you.
Frank: And with this clause I’m just making sure that you won’t go to another producer and earn your money with him.
Luzi: Well, I’m not going to do that anyway.
Frank: Well, then everything’s fine.
Luzi: So it doesn’t have anything to do with STAG? Because we don’t earn any money with our gigs.
Frank: No, no. It applies to ALL gigs. You won’t perform with STAG anymore.

[At the court]

Stefan: Ben?
Ben: Hm?
Stefan: Everything will be fine.
Ben: We will see.
Stefan: I’m sure that the school wrote a good evaluation. Now it’s just up to your appearance.
Ben: What if it’s all for nothing? Two people died because of me. And one is in a wheelchair.
Stefan: We’ll talk about this after the trial, ok? Come on, your attorney is here.


Jenny: Emma, what’s wrong?
Emma: Nothing.
Teacher: Hello. Please go to page 180. We have a lot of work ahead of ourselves today. The French Revolution . Who knows when it began?...Yes?
Student: 1789.
Teacher: Thank you. Ater the lesson I’ll collect last week's homework…Yes?
Student 2: Uhm, I forgot my homework.
Teacher: First you're late and then you  forgot your homework. That’s just typical. (He keeps talking about the French Revolution)
(Jenny writes Emma a note (on her Spanish papers;-):
"From now on I’ll only kiss you at home, ok?"

Emma smiles at her

[Teachers’ Room]

Helena: Mrs Vogel. You’ve got a good relationship with Ben Bergmann, right? Have you already heard anything about him?
Bea: No, why?
Helena: Well, the verdict will be announced today.
Bea: Maybe you should ask his father. You’ve got a good relationship with HIM, as well.
Helena: Yes, of course. It could have been possible that Michael mentioned something.
Bea: Why should he have?
Helena: He’s surely interested in what will happen to Ben Bergmann.
Bea: No more than the two of us, no?
Helena: But I do think so. After all, his evaluation will have an impact on the trial.
Bea: Which evaluation?
Helena: He didn’t tell you? He obviously likes keeping things to himself.
Bea: Why don’t you just tell me what is going on?
Helena: The prosecution called yesterday and asked for a social assessment of Ben Bergmann. Michael was nice enough to take care of it. But no worries, I’m sure Michael did his best to keep Ben from receiving a severe judgement. The two of you really should talk more.

[RaumZeit Records]

Luzi: But I can’t sacrifice the choir and my friends for my career!
Frank: But Luzi, what do you expect from me?
Luzi: Can’t we change that? I mean, just for STAG.
Frank: Well, first you didn’t want to change your style, then you complained about Dora’s song and then you made me look like a fool because you got your friends onto the stage at your first gig. What's next??
Luzi: I know that wasn’t ok. But STAG, is really, really important to me.
Frank: You read the contract, you got it checked and signed it. And that’s why nothing in this contract will change now! Luzi, it’s not a Punch-and-Judy-Show here! That’s the uncompromising music business! And it’s hard enough to get established in it and I’m really ready…REALLY ready to go this way with you. But I'm expecting a little more cooperation from you!
Luzi: YOU want me to give up everything that means something to me!
Frank: I think that MUSIC and YOUR CAREER mean something to you! That’s a huge opportunity. And yes, sometimes one has to make sacrifices. That’s part of it. SO: make a decision!
(Luzi rips the contract into pieces)
Luzi: I’ve made a decision. I won’t let STAG and my friends down for you!
Frank: You know what this means!?
Luzi: Yes! The end of a pretty short career.
Frank: Exactly. And while you just tore it apart, you committed a breach of contract! In this case a contractual penalty of 10.000€ is due, hm? Congratulations!