Episode 186



[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Frank: You won’t perform with STAG anymore.

Luzi: YOU want me to give up on everything that means something to me!?

(Luzi rips the contract to pieces)

Luzi: I’ve made a decision. I won’t let STAG and my friends down for you!

Frank: But you know what it means!?

Luzi: Yes! The end of a pretty short career.

Frank: Exactly. And as you just tore it apart, you committed a breach of contract! And it’s also written that in this case a contractual penalty of 10.000€ is due, hm? Congratulations!





[At Pestalozzi]


Bea: Shit, shit, shit!.

Mrs Krawzyk: What’s wrong with you?!

Bea: Everything’s fine.

Mrs Krawzyk: Bea! What’s the matter?

Bea: Everything’s OK

Mrs Krawzyk: OK, but it looks different.

Bea: It’s not a good day!

Mrs Krawzyk: Today the sentence on Ben Bergmann will be passed.

Bea: Sigh

Mrs Krawzyk: I thought so. Bea, you can be sure, Ben will get off lightly. His father has money and influence.

Bea: I should have accompanied him to the trial. I know how it works at court. One glance at Ben’s school file and nobody believes that he is regretting it. And then this expert opinion.

Mrs Krawzyk: That presumably Mrs. Schmidt-Heisig has written.

Bea: No! Michael wrote it.

Mrs Krawzyk: Oh! I understand.




[At Raumzeit Records]


Luzi: What’s that supposed to mean, 10.000€?

Frank: That is the sum of the contractual penalty. It’s written in the contract. I thought you let it check?

Luzi: I did that!

Frank: Then you should also know that you have to pay damages to ‘Raumzeit Records’. As you don’t fulfill your contract. And that’s (holding the pieces of the contract) what I call a non-fulfilled contract.

Luzi: But I don’t have the money!

Frank: Luzi, that’s real life. You can’t blow a gig just for getting your friends on the stage. And you can’t rip up a contract just because you didn’t read it correctly.

Luzi: I thought it is a fair contract.

Frank: This is a fair contract! Other artists in this business would give their last shirt for it!

Luzi: Seems I’m not like the others.

Frank: If a label represents an artist, then exclusively. That means rehearsals with the STAG yes – gigs no! We invest in you and for that we decide on which stage you appear.

Luzi: And what’s the good for rehearsing when I’m not allowed to come on stage?

Frank: That’s the business!

Luzi: Sure – business. You’re just one of these money-grubbing label bosses. You don’t care about me or the other artists! You’re just looking at your profit!

Frank: Well, if my artists behave a little bit more professional, I can accommodate them.

(Luzi leaves the studio)

Miriam: What’s going on here?

Frank: Non-professional behavior!

Miriam: Luzi wait!

Luzi: Why? Everything’s over!

Miriam: Didn’t you say that’s important to have someone here to speak boldly? Well, what has happened?

Luzi: I was right! I ‘m not allowed to perform with the STAG!

Miriam: What? Frank wasn’t open to your arguments?

Luzi: If I knew that before I would never have signed that contract!

Miriam: That’s why you ripped the contract?

Luzi: And I have to pay 10.000€ damages. Shit where shall I get that much money?

Miriam: Luzi, Frank is absolutely delighted with you. He won’t let you walk away just like that.

Luzi: This idea with the solo career was so stupid.

Miriam: Hey, don’t say that!

Luzi: Yes, I do!

Miriam: Luzi, I’m sure there will be a solution to all this.

Luzi: I don’t think so!



[At Pestalozzi]


Bea: Here you are! I’m trying to call you all the time.

Michael: Hi, how was your evening with Miriam?



(Flashback to Bea and Ben in the shower)


Bea: Good. Uhm, we were at Chulos.

Michael: Nice.

Bea: I didn’t know that you’re the one to write the evaluation about Ben.

Michael: That’s why you were looking for me?

Bea: This assessment is extremely important. I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell me about it.

Michael: That’s probably because I didn’t know about it until yesterday afternoon either.

Bea: Hmh. So?

Michael: So what?

Bea: What did you write?

Michael: I wrote Ben’s social evaluation. How his behavior and development are to be evaluated…those things that make up such an assessment.

Bea: That he demolish classrooms? That he riots at school?

Michael: What?

Bea: Come on, Michael! You and Helena. And then of all people it’s YOU who writes the assessment about Ben?! Ben is a red rag for you!

Michael: When you know exactly what’s written in there then you don’t have to ask me anymore.

Bea: This evaluation is just extremely important for Ben.

Michael: I’m aware of this! But here you go. (He hands Bea the assessment) Make up your OWN opinion!



[At court]


Lawyer: It’s important for you to make clear that you weren’t aware of how risky that maneuver was.

Ben: Yes, ok, then I’ll say it exactly like this.

Lawyer: No matter what you’ll say, always remember that today it’s especially about which impression the court gets of you. Above all, the assessment of the school will be decisive for how severe your penalty will turn out.

Ben: Yes, and what if it turns out bad?

Stefan: It will turn out well! I made sure that it will.

Lawyer: Just be honest. That’s the best. You’re sincerely regretting the accident.

Ben: Yes!

Lawyer: And the court will give you credit for it.



[RaumZeit Records]


Frank: (to an employee) This has to be worked out immediately. Good, thank you.


Frank: (to Miriam) So? Has she calmed down?

Miriam: Somewhat.

Frank: Yes, she still has a lot to learn when she wants to survive in this business.

Miriam: Frank, Luzi hast fought for something that is important to her. Not everybody has this courage.

Frank: Of course I know that she is something special. That’s why I’ve always been very considerate of her until now.

Miriam: Well, yes she’s stubborn.

Frank: Yes, but it doesn’t mean she can do what she wants.

Miriam: Luzi has founded the STAG. They are all her best friends. And honestly, I don’t understand why you want to keep them from singing with each other.

Frank: I don’t! If she likes she can sing with them all day! She just can’t have gigs with them!

Miriam: But THAT’S what the kids want!

Frank: Oh come on, Miriam! I won’t let my artist act up with me! An exclusivity contract is an exclusivity contract.

Miriam: Yes.

Frank: Yes.

Miriam: I know. But you also should look at it from another point of view. If it wasn’t for STAG Luzi would have never discovered her love for music. And you are benefitting from this! Somehow you could…

Frank: …be grateful. Miriam, I need to have her exclusively to be able to promote her. And either she gets it or she doesn’t. Then she can drop it. Period, ok?



[Counselor’s office]


(Bea is reading Michael’s assessment about Ben.)


“Occasionally Ben Bergmann gets in trouble with rules due to his impulsive personality but he is always ready to face the consequences for it.”


Bea: That figures.


“One of his outstanding character traits are his social skills. He is willing to take a stand for his classmates at all times. He even does this when disadvantages for himself are the result. His actions follow moral principles which are characterized by a special integrity. The interaction with his classmates is positive without exception. He has a strong sense of justice. Combined with this, honesty is the first priority for him. Concluding, on part of the school, there’s to say that Ben Bergmann is a person who admits his mistakes and who is willing to learn from them and to take responsibility for them.”


Bea: I’m so stupid.



[At school]


Stefan: Thank you. (to Ben) Well, it went pretty well. A few hours of community service, the banning form driving…It could have been worse.

Ben: I was sure that I would get at least a suspended sentence.

Stefan: You weren’t the one who was causing the accident directly. This is how the court sees it.

Ben: I see it differently.

Stefan: Ben, of course the race was a mistake. But Mr Götting caused the accident. You regret it and reported yourself. The court considered this as positive. The assessment did the rest.

Ben: But it’s a joke that I’ve to work in a random institution for just 200 hours.

Stefan: Well, you will see! 200 hours are a lot more than you think!

(The bell rings)

Stefan: Maybe you’ll think before you act in the future, hm?

Ben: I’ve to go to the lesson.

Stefan: Good. See you later.



[At RaumZeit Records]


Dora: Hey, Frank!

Frank: Hey!

Dora: So, how is it going?

Frank: Well, let’s say there are good news and bad news.

Dora: Yes?

Frank: The good news is that the song is ready. And it’s fantastic. The bad news is that unfortunately we can’t release it because Luzi rescinded the contract on short term.

Dora: What? Why?

Frank: Yes, she wasn’t really aware of what “exclusivity contract” means. When she was told that she isn’t allowed to perform with STAG anymore she kind of freaked out.

Dora: Well, to be honest, I’m not surprised. This girl seemed to be too headstrong right form the beginning.

Frank: Yes, that’s possible. Do you still want to listen to it?

(They play Luzi’s song)

Frank: So, what do you think?

Dora: She’s got it.

Frank: Yes, I know.

Dora: Do you really want to pass on this hit because of a school choir?



[At school]


Ben: Excuse me. Hello!

Mrs Jäger: Mr Bergmann! How are you?

Ben: They let me go.

Mrs Jäger: I’m happy for you! I mean, you made a mistake but…you didn’t want something like this to happen. Uhm, you wanted to ask me something.

Ben: Yes, could you please tell me where I can find Mrs Vogel?

Mrs Jäger: Wait a second. Uhm, she’s having a lesson with class 11b. Do you want me to tell her something?

Ben: Ah no, thanks!


(Ben writes Bea a text message)

“Would like to see you. I got away. Ben”


(The Bell rings)


Mrs Krawcyk: Our dear principal assigned you to write the assessment about Ben Bergmann?

Michael: Has Bea talked to you?

Mrs Krawcyk: Apart from that I’m interested in what you wrote. As far as I know you have spoken out against him recently.

Michael: Well, after all this guy has managed to destroy a whole classroom. But me having problems with Mr Bergmann and his behavior at this school doesn’t mean that I’ll spoil his future for him.

Mrs Krawcyk: It’s good that you think so.

Michael: Yes, it wasn’t easy. This damn assessment has taken me the whole night.

Mrs Krawcyk: I can imagine it too well.

Michael: And actually it wasn’t more than another clever move of my ex-wife to cause arguments between me and Bea.

Mrs Krawcyk: So it’s even more notable that you stayed objective and didn’t put obstacles in Ben’s way.

Michael: Well, I wouldn’t have done myself a favor with it either.

Mrs Krawcyk: Have you already talked to Bea? She was very worried earlier.

Michael: Not really.

Mrs Krawcyk: When you want I can do the schoolground duty on my own.

Michael: Mrs Krawcyk, I would love to take this offer. Do you know where Bea is?

Mrs Krawcyk: I think in the classroom.

Michael: Thank you.





Luzi: Hey, “Sweet Dreams”, we haven't sung that in forever and I'd really be up for it now, hm?

Frank: Hello.

Caro: Frank, what are you doing here?
Frank: Well, I wanted to take a look into what you are singing here.

Luzi: Why?

Frank: Is there a problem? Are these rehearsals closed to the public?

Bodo: Depends on the public.

Caro: You're very welcome.

Jenny: Well, if you want to forbid Lucy to rehearse with us then that is a problem.

Frank: Ah, no that's not my intention.

Luzi: And, I don't have 10.000€ laying around either.

Frank: I only want to hear you singing, if that is okay.

Caro: Of course that's okay.

Frank: For you, too?

Luzi: Alright, let's continue.


(STAG sings Sweet Dreams)


(Frank is clapping after they’ve finished.)


Caro: Did you like it?

Frank: Yes! That was…uh…that was very good.

Caro: When you want we also can do some test recordings at the label.

Jenny: Can you come with me, please?

Caro: I’m in a conversation at the moment!

Emma: He is not here for you!

Caro: You’re about to ruin my career!

Jenny: Keep dreaming!


(Everybody leaves except for Luzi and Frank)


Frank: That was really good.

Luzi: Do you understand now why I just can’t give up on all of this?

Frank: Let’s say, I’m understanding it better. But you know that your behavior earlier was quite unprofessional, right? Luzi, you just should try to control your feelings and emotions a bit better in the future. When something bothers you, you can talk about it to me in a calm way.

Luzi: In the future?

Frank: Yes.

Luzi: You mean for my general life.

Frank: Hm, not only. I, uhm, I would like to sign another contract with you.

Luzi: What about the old one?

Frank: It’s becomes invalid due to the new one. And we’ll include a clause for the singing club.

Luzi: A clause for the singing club?

Frank: Yes, it’s a kind of special treatment that says that you are allowed to sing and rehearse with the STAG.

Luzi: Are you serious?

Frank: Yes. There are some limitations of course. The gigs (with STAG) mustn’t be commercial and aren’t allowed to clash with your engagement to me of course.

Luzi: Sure, no problem!!

Frank: And you will have to stand to our agreements.

Luzi: Of course! Uhm, what about the penalty of 10.000€?

Frank: Let’s say, I’ll get those if you tear the contract into pieces again.

Luzi: Ok.



[At Pestalozzi]

Michael: Bea!

Ben to Michael : Thanks for the report.

Bea and Michael leave together. Ben pulls out the note Bea left him on his bed. It reads: Everything is going to be alright. xxx Bea