Episode 187





Michael: Bea!

Bento Michael :Thanks for the report.

Bea and Michael leave together. Ben pulls out the note Bea left him on his bed.It reads: Everything is going to be alright. xxx Bea





[At Pestalozzi]


Helena:Do you have a moment? I don’t like to bother you but it’s important.

Bea:Of course it is.

Helena: It‘s about the adaptations of the curricula. It will just take a moment.

Michael:Yes, if it has to be…

Helena:It has.

Michael:(to Bea)See you later.


Michael:I have to be in class, in a moment.

Helena: It won’t take long. It has to do with the day after tomorrow.

Michael:You come up to me with curricula to talk to me about our divorce?

Helena:I’m sorry. I wasn’t sure if I could mention this in front of your girlfriend.

Michael:Of course you can. But to be honest, I don’t know what there is to still talk about it.

Helena: If you need some more time…

Michael:Believe me, if there is one thing I want to do, then it is to sign my name the day after tomorrow.

Helena:I just wanted to prevent you regretting it afterwards.

Michael:You finally have to understand that my life has changed. That I’m with Bea, that I’m happy with her.

Helena: That’s only what you think, Michael.

Michael:I also don’t understand what you still want here. This job is completely under your capabilities. You belong in the ministry. That is what you have worked towards for years. There is nothing left for you at this school worth fighting for. Our marriage is history.


[Appartement of Piet and Lara]


Piet:Are you expecting somebody?

Lara: Not that I‘m aware of.

Piet: (opening the door) Hey, Sonja.

Sonja: You don’t want me to come in?

Piet:Äh, yes…yes, come on in. I didn’t expect you. Did we have a date?

Sonja: No.

Lara: Hi, Sonja.

Sonja: Hello. I wanted to drop something off for Lara.

Lara: That’s from Tim Bendzko! With autograph and dedication.

Piet: Who is Tim Bendzko?

Lara: Tim Bendzko, the singer?

Piet: Ah, of course!

Sonja: You’re going to be backstage at the next gig.

Lara: Oh that would be so cool!

Sonja: You don’t mind, do you?

Piet: No, not at all. I’m only a little surprised that the both of you know each other so well.

Lara: Why? I’ve told you that I've met Sonja the other day.

Sonja: I just wanted to do something to make your daughter happy.

Lara: Hey, and that’s so awesome. The poster will get a special place.

Piet: Well, thank you very much. She seems to be happy as a lark. Very kind of you.

Sonja: So and that is your house. May I have a look around?

Piet: Of course you may. But it’s a bit untidy. There is utter chaos.

Sonja: Untidy? You wouldn’t believe some of the digs I have seen. Well. Do you have coffee?


[Helena’s office]

Helena: (on the phone)It’s me, Helena. We haven’t seen each other in much too long. How is work going at the ministry?...That sounds good. Tell me, what do you think about meeting spontaneously tonight?...Of course, just the two of us…I’ve got a little request…No, let’s say it’s about a personal favor…Hm, that sounds nice…So we’ll meet there at 8pm.


[Piet’s apartment]


Piet:Here you go. Ah, unfortunately I haven’t found any cookies.

Sonja:Quite cozy here.

Piet:Yes, we actually feel pretty comfortable here. I wanted to change some things but I haven’t had the time to do it. Miriam used to do that.

Sonja:Well, a little detail here and there wouldn’t be wrong.

(Piet’s phone rings)

Piet: Sorry, I really have to answer this call. It’s very important.

Piet:(on the phone) Hello?...Rolf! Yes. Well, then just take a look into the duty roster. Yes, ok, cool. I’ll do it…Yes. It’s no problem. Yes, bye.

Piet:It was the company.

Sonja:Yes, yes, I know that. The job always calls just when you are about to relax, right?

Piet:Yes, well, my job is about fresh meat, too. Well, meat for kebabs, I mean.

Sonja:Hm, but it’s better to work in the afternoon than in the morning, isn’t it?

Piet:Well, I’m always working in shifts.



Sonja:I couldn’t do that. The musicians don’t have a regular daily routine.

Piet:Yes, you would always have to go by other people’s schedules, wouldn’t you?

Sonja:Hmh, yes right.

Piet:Well, I’m really glad to know when it’s closing time for me.

Sonja:(smiles)The most important thing is that we’ll find some time together?


Sonja:Yes, I’ll have to leave now. But…

Piet:Ah, ok.

Sonja:But maybe we could make up for it tonight? I mean, I could come over, hm?

Piet:Tonight, yes. Tonight…hm, I don’t even have time tonight. Tonight, there is this parent-teacher-conference at Lara’s school. I have to go.

Sonja:Hmh, yes.

Piet:Well, I could call you tomorrow?!

Sonja:Do that!

Piet: Ok. Bye.

(Sonja leaves and Lara appears)


Piet:Lara! Well, I…I just wanted to spend more time with you today.



[Michael’s apartment]


Michael:Helena used curricula as an excuse to remind me of our appointment for the divorce. As if I would need to be reminded! Very good. I’ll be so glad when all of this is over. I hope that she will also have understood it by then.

Bea:And will leave us alone? Not as long as she sees us together at school everyday.

Michael:She actually doesn’t even belong to this school. She has always wanted to work in the ministry.

Bea:“Helena and ministry”(of Magic?) sounds good. But not the ministry that is in Cologne. Education? Schleswig-Holstein (the most northern federal state of Germany)?

Michael:Or something else? In Bavaria (the most southern state)?

Bea:The most important thing is that it’s far, far away.


Bea:Oh, your vegetables are going to get burnt.

Michael:I, uhm, I have borrowed 3 movies. I didn’t know what you would like to watch.

Bea:Actually I wasn’t going to stay that long.

Michael:I thought you would maybe stay over night.

Bea:Not today.

Michael:Then let’s watch a movie together at least. Maybe during dinner?

Bea:Ok, I’ll stay for a movie.

Michael:Ok, good. I didn’t know what you'd feel like watching. I’ve brought some action, a love story, a documentary…

Bea:(takes a DVD and reads the plot)A couple strands on a deserted island and realizes only after 2 weeks that they are just 1km away from a luxurious hotel. This is going to change their life.

Michael:Yes, I could also imagine that. Together with you, somewhere on a deserted island…

Bea:We will be alone soon…in Venice.

Michael:No matter where we are, the most important thing is that we will be far away from Helena.




Helena: Julius!

Julius:Hello, Helena!

Helena:It’s great that you've found some time so fast.

Julius:You haven’t changed at all.

Helena:(laughs)You charmer. 5 years, come on! How is it going in the Ministry of Education?

Julius:The educational reform is due. There is a lot of stuff to be considered and planned.

Helena:It means you would need some support?

Julius:Well, determined and confident personalities are always welcome!

Helena:I’m glad to hear that!

Julius:If you want I’ll get you a job.

Helena:But, of course it shouldn’t be just a random job. I mean, the Pestalozzi is a great school. So one doesn’t just leave it for a boring desk job.

Julius:I understand. I’ll see what I can do.

Helena:It definitely should be something with some power to make decisions. Maybe, something in the field of music?

Julius:Hm, I didn’t know that you have discovered your creative vein.

Helena:Well, we all have our little secrets.


[The Vogel apartment]


Piet:You slept here? I thought you were at Michael’s full time.

Bea:It’s nice to be sleeping by myself sometimes.

Piet:I wish I could say the same

Bea:But you've met someone, haven't you?

Piet:Yes, Sonja.

Bea:Sonja. So, how is it going?

Piet:Yeees. She has been here already.


Piet:No. It doesn’t work that fast.

Bea:Now, don’t be so coy. Way back when with Miri, you didn’t exactly restrain yourself, either.

Piet:Very funny. No, with Sonja, I want to take a little more time with everything.

Bea:You are insecure.

Piet:No. I just want to make sure that I won’t make a mistake.

Bea:You are free, she is free…where is the problem?

Piet:Hm, I think we just don’t have a lot in common except the dancing.

Bea:That doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Piet:Sonja might be a little out of my league.

Bea:Says who?

Piet:Well, says me. Look, she is…she is successful, she’s funny, she’s pretty… I mean, I too am ultra funny and beautiful but career-wise I’m not exactly a shooting star.

Bea:On the other hand, you are perceptive, you know what you want, you know your place in life. Maybe that is exactly what Sonja needs.

Piet:But even so, she also attends these parties and knows all of these celebrities… I mean, that’s not my scene at all…

Bea:C’mon Piet, have a little faith in yourself. If she didn’t like you she wouldn’t have come here, would she?

Piet:You think?

Bea:Of course. Don’t over-think things. Just do it.


[In front of the Pestalozzi]

Helena:Good morning.


Helena:It was good that we got to talk to each other again yesterday.

Michael:Oh yeah?

Helena:Yes. I have thought about everything you said... Her mobile ringsOne moment. Schmidt-Heisig, good morning. Julius. Good of you to call back so quickly. I do hope you have good news for me? That sounds wonderful. Yes, see you later.

Helenaas she is walking away:Have a nice day, Michael.


[The Vogel apartment]

Piet:Hey. Say, you like Sonja, don’t you?

Lara:Yes, she’s cool. Papa, I really have to go now.

Piet:Yes, I know. I just wanted to ask you something.

Lara:What? Papa!?

Piet:Yes. Well…I would like to meet Sonja.


Piet:Well, I would like to meet her and … more.

Lara:Yes, so?

Piet:I wanted to ask if that would be alright with you.

Lara:You want to go on a date and are asking me if that’s alright?


Lara:Oh, you are so cute! Usually, the daughters ask the fathers if they can go out with a guy.

Piet:Alright, that’s something we could discuss as well sometime.

Lara:No worries. And don’t worry about Sonja.

Piet:Okay. I just want you to know that you are the most important thing to me.


[At Pestalozzi]

Frau Jäger:Ah, Frau Vogel. There is someone from the Ministry of Education who urgently wants to talk to you.

Bea:I don’t know anybody at the ministry.

Frau Jäger:But he knows you. He knew everything about you and your club. The performances, the successes… Come on! You mustn’t keep someone like that waiting.

Herr Kröhnert:Frau Vogel?

Frau Jäger:I’ll leave you two alone.

Herr Kröhnert:I’m pleased to meet you. Dr. Julius Kröhnert.

Bea:Good day, Dr. Kröhnert. What can I do for you?

Herr Kröhnert:Oh, right to the point. A good character trait. So, I’ll get right to it. I’m in charge of the Department of Culture in the Ministry of Education. As you know, at the moment we are implementing a massive reform of the school system. And for the curriculum for the subject ‘music’ we need teachers of your caliber.

Bea:Excuse me?

Herr Kröhnert:I would like to recruit you for my department.

Bea:Äh, but don’t you have to publicly advertise for these vacancies?

Herr Kröhnert:Usually, yes. The position has been left vacant on very short notice and needs to be filled as quickly as possible.

Bea:And why did you think of me, of all people? I mean, you don’t even know me.

Herr Kröhnert:But I know your work. Your dedication has gone far beyond this school. I’m looking for someone with your energy and your ideas. A colleague with your dedication could really make a difference with us.

Bea:That is an incredible offer.

Herr Kröhnert:And it isn’t foreseeable if and when a similar offer would be made again. So, think about it. And don’t think about it too long. You are my first choice.


[At Pestalozzi, in the hallway]

Ben:Hey. You alright…

Bea:Äh, yes.


Bea:I just got a job offer.

Ben:But you already have a job.

Bea:In the Ministry of Education.

Ben:Wow. And then you’d be what? State secretary?

Bea:In any case, not a teacher anymore.

Ben:Not a teacher anymore. Interesting. Does the ministry dictate to its employees who they are allowed to be with?

Bea:That is not the topic right now.


Bea:The offer was a complete surprise. I don’t know if I should accept it or not.

Ben:Well, then have fun thinking about it. And let me know how you decide.


[At Piet's place]

He puts Miriam's stuff into a box (finally!)

Pieton the phone: Hi Sonja, it's me,Piet. Well, I said, that I was going to call, didn't I? Well, I wanted to ask if you wanted to come by tonight? Yes, ok!


[At Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]

Michael:A lot of colleagues wait their whole life for such a chance. It's a great offer.

Bea:What do you think? Should I take it?

Michael:If you want to take it, then yes.

Bea:I’m just wondering how this Dr. Kröhnert has heard of me.

Michael:You… you don’t have to accept it, of course.

Bea:But this kind of job offer…it is a great chance. You just said yourself such an offer might never come again.

Michael:Surely you aren’t obligated to give up everything here?

Michael:Listen, let’s just do this rationally. We’ll make a list, hm? What kind of pros do we have, what kind of cons?

Michael:Career jump – pro.

Bea:More money.


Bea:No contact with the students anymore.


They laugh


Michael:No STAG anymore.

Bea:No teacher at the Pestalozzi anymore.

Michael:Pro or con?

Bea:Do you mean for me or for us?

Michael:You tell me.

Bea:If I am a teacher here or not, doesn’t matter one bit.

Michael:You sure?

Michael:Bea, you have to be sure about what you want.

Michael leaves the teachers’ lounge. Bea goes after him.

Bea:Michael, wait!


Bea:Because I want to decide this together with you. It concerns both of us.

Michael:Do you want to hear my honest opinion?

Bea nods.

Michael:I think it would be great if people like you worked in the ministry. You would make the right decisions, stand up for your principles, do a great job…


Michael:But, I want you to be here…because I know you belong with the Pestalozzi, because you love working with the students and because I want to see you here every day. That’s why.

Bea:I feel the same way.

Michael:I just don’t want you to make a hasty decision just because I’m a little out of it right now, that’s all.

Bea:Maybe I should digest the offer some more.

Michael:That would probably be the best thing.


[Outside the school]

Ben secures his bike.

Bento fellow student:Take care.

Helena:I can see you have already come to terms with a life without a car.

Ben:Yes, looks like it.

Helena:I would like to talk with you. About Frau Vogel. And about you.

Ben:Fifty more coaching hours after the trial?

Helena:Better. I assume you already know that Frau Vogel has gotten a very tempting job offer?

Ben:I don’t see how that is my business.

Helena:Very much so. Because if Frau Vogel accepts this job she would no longer be your teacher. Helena:And we both know what that would mean to you.

Ben:Honestly, I’m asking myself what it means for you.

Helena:That my school will be spared a scandal. A teacher who has an affair with a student won’t make it far. And if you are truly interested in a future together with Frau Vogel, you should do everything you can to make her accept the job at the ministry.