Episode 192





Ben:I’ll spin a bottle. The one who the bottle will point to is the woman of my dreams.

Bea:Ben, I really have got other problems at the moment!

Ben:You’ll stay with Michael...even if you love me as much as I love you!

Bea:(to Michael)This, with us…it's not working anymore.




[Michael’s apartment]


Michael: First, come in now.

(Bea enters the apartment)

Michael:What happened?

Bea:Nothing happened. But it won’t work anymore. I really wished for us to manage this.


Bea:I thought that if we worked on it, we could make it work.


Bea:It’s over.


[At RaumZeit Records]


Ronnie:The night guard was on some kind of FBI trip. But fortunately we were able to make him understand that we didn’t need the GSG 9 (unit of the German police)after all.

Miriam:I’m more puzzled about people being forgotten and locked up.

Ronnie:Really good question!

(Phone rings)

Miriam:RaumZeit Records, Miriam Vogel speaking. What can I do for you? One moment, please! I’ll be right back! (to Ronnie)Say, this is not a holiday club, right? And that is also no “all you can eat” buffet for friends of employees.

Ronnie:Hey, I’m the junior boss here, ok? And my sweetie is allowed to sample.

Miriam:(to the phone again) Hello?...Frank! Hi!...I can neither find a Tom Sanio nor a Sanio Music Management in our address list.


Sophie:Have you called Frank, yet? Ben won’t keep his mouth shut forever! You have to tell him already!

Ronnie:Can someone turn you to mute mode somehow? I want to hear what that is about.

(Ronnie watches Miriam)


Miriam:(on the phone)Flying what?


Ronnie:Flying Octopus. These guys are the uber band! The absolutely hippest act on the whole island. No wonder my brother wants them.


Miriam:No. I’m sorry. Also not…Mrs (Dora) Swan? Uhm, yes she’s here, but I don’t want to interrupt her. Maybe I’ll try with the information service first...Yes, sure. When it’s that important then I’ll call you right back, ok? Ok. Till then, bye.


Miriam:Excuse me, Frank just called and he urgently needs a contact information from London. And he said you may be able to help me.

Dora: Hm, who is it about?

Miriam: Tom Sanio of Sanio…

Dora: …Sanio Music Management. Yes, I know. It’s surprising that you don’t have this information. Well…so here he is already. Which number do you need? Agency, mobile phone, private number, the head quarters…?

Miriam:Agency would be good. Mobile phone would be even better of course.

Dora:I don’t want to be too curious now but do you mind telling me what it is about? After all it’s my private contact.


(Ronnie and Sophie are watching the conversation)


Ronnie:(whispering)Hey, this bitch doesn’t want to share the number.

Sophie:Shouldn’t we rather think about what we should do now?


Dora:Oh, I’m sorry, but I’d rather not interfere if it’s about “The Flying Octopus”. I like Frank very much but there are different labels which are after this band. The really big ones…I mean, I think it’s really great how Frank takes a stand for young artists. And I would really do everything to support him with that but…

Miriam:Yes, really? Then why don’t you just give me the number? Frank is really close to landing this band!

Dora:I’m sorry but I’ve build up the relationships to important people like Tom with a lot of effort. Tom trusts me because I’m discrete.


Ronnie:She really won’t give away the number.

Sophie:At least that is not our problem!

Ronnie:But our chance! If I somehow get my hands on the number of this manager…Or even better: If I somehow manage to get the band itself here! Then Frank won’t give a sh*t about all the radar pictures in the world, dude.

Sophie:Ah, and you think Swan will give the number to you, of all people, just like that? You just have to ask, or what?

Ronnie:Who talked about asking, huh?




[Bea’s apartment]


Beato herself: Okay. Get dressed, pack your bag and off to school.

She finds a note from Michael in her things. It reads: Don’t correct these for too long, I’m looking forward to seeing you. Michael.

Bea starts to cry.


[Michael’s apartment]

Michael tidies up the remnants of last night’s romantic dinner. He puts the flowers in the trash, takes the gift coupon/tickets and leaves.


[RaumZeit Records]

Miriam:Frau …Swan can’t help me out, unfortunately. I’ve searched the entire hard drive for Tom Sanio, Sanio Music, Sanio management, Flying Octopus... There was nothing.

Yes. I know how important this contact is to you. I’ll keep trying, okay? Okay, see you. Bye.

Ronnie makes a call with is cell phone. Miriam’s phone rings.


Ronnie:Why don’t you just tell Frank that she does have the number but refuses to give it out?

Miriam looks behind her to see Ronnie with his phone.

Miriam:Because I’m sure she would deny it in front of your brother. And who would he believe more, hm? Let’s just leave her to it. She is only waiting for Frank to come home to serve him the number on a silver platter so that she can revel in all the attention.

Ronnie:Or maybe not.

Miriam:Excuse me?



Sonja:If anyone comes looking for me, I’m just freshening up, okay? And if you could be so kind as to make me a white tea? But don’t let it steep for more than three minutes or else I’ll get migraines from it.

Miriam walks over to Ronnie to make the tea, mocking Sonja:

Miriam:Ah-oh … 8:00??? Only three minutes or else my head is really going to explode. Boy, ey!

Ronnie meanwhile grabs Sonja’s cell phone.

Ronnie:Send the entire directory? That’s possible? Cool.

Sonja comes back and Ronnie rushes back to his seat and checks his phone.

Ronnie:Hey, how awesome is that!


[In front of Pestalozzi]

Stefan: Ben? We’re here.

Ben: I’m sorry. I was lost in thought.

Stefan: Your community service starts this afternoon, right?

Stefan: I know, 200 hours sounds like a lot but you will see, time will fly.

Ben: I have no problem with that. On the contrary, I’m glad that I will be doing something useful. Maybe that way I won’t always be feeling this shitty. Even though it won’t bring anyone back to life.

Stefan: Ben, you can’t undo it. But you are bearing the consequences.

Ben: I know you would have preferred avoiding the scandal. But I had to do it.

Stefan: You did the right thing.

Ben: And that coming from you. So one can still be capable of learning at a very very very advanced age.

Stefansmiles: Get out…of my car. Quickly.

Ben smiles too and exits the car but leaves the envelope with the speeding ticket behind.

Stefan: Ben! You’ve lost something!

Stefan opens it and realizes what it means.


[Pestalozzi, in the hallway]

Helena:Good morning.


Helena:Someone’s in a bad mood.

Michael:I’m in a hurry.

Helena:Don’t try to fool me, I know that facial expression.

Michael:Okay, so I’m in a bad mood. What business is it of yours?

Helena:None. I’m just surprised. Since by tomorrow you will already be in a gondola on the Grand Canal with Bea, I’d have thought you would be singing “O sole mio” and floating along the hallways.

Michael:Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but after yesterday I would like to limit our communication to business matters only. Thanks.


[Pestalozzi, at the lockers]


Bea:Good morning… I’m in a hurry.

Ben:What happened? What’s wrong with you?

Bea:Nothing. Why?

Ben:You look terrible.

Bea:Very charming.

Ben touches her arm.

Bea:Ben, stop.

Ben:I can see that something has happened.

Bea:Everything is really okay.


Bea:Ben, don’t.


[Pestalozzi, in the hallway]

Sophie: Hey!

Ronnie: How’s it going?

Sophie: There you are. Say, have you already talked to that band that your brother likes so much?

Ronnie: I thought you might want to experience it live. Now I’ll show the manager how he can get The Flying Octopus straight to the very top.

Ronnie takes out his cell phone.

Ronniein English: Hey, it’s Ronnie Peters, calling from Germany. Am I speaking to Tom Sanio?

Ronnieswitching to German: Originally from Berlin! Great! Hey, I always sa… why I’m… where from…OK. The short version. It’s about The Flying Octopus. Dora Swan gave me your number because she thought I could maybe help you out… Hey, don’t tell that to me, pal. Dora has been after me for days to organize a gig for you. Well, here in Cologne. Ey, I understand all that. But we aren’t talking mainstream-teenie-scream-commerce crap here. I’ll just say one word: Chulos. What!? You don’t know the Chulos?? This is where everyone here is floating their trial ballons. No, not some no-name acts. At the Chulos, the the high and mighty are testing incognito if their new songs have potential. Uh, the last…? Well, Blur were there, The Verve and just now, Nora Jones. You understand what I mean? No man, much more way-out. No! The Chulos is small. It’s a very relaxed club. Of course that gets around. Even to you, now. Hey, by now, all channels send their scouts there. And you know what that means, Tom. Exactly, man... A better question is when could you guys be in Cologne. A moment, I’ll check… because around that time Beth Ditto wanted to…ähm…no, free! So I could definitely green-light that evening. Should I send you a preliminary contract? Alright. Hey, you’ll hear from me, okay?

Ronnie hangs up.

Ronnie: Hey, Frank is going to kiss my ass. And Ben can shove his fucking radar photo where the sun doesn’t shine.



[At Pestalozzi, teachers‘ room]

(Mrs Jäger is planning the schedule)


Helena:That already looks quite decent. I’m correcting: it LOOKED decent. Until just now.

Mrs Jäger:Mrs Schmidt-Heisig, do you always have to creep up on me like this? Like a cat! I mean, really! (Meow!!)

Helena:Shall I wear a little bell for your sake? Mrs Jäger, you haven’t considered the vacations of the colleagues again!

Mrs Jäger:But I have!

Helena:And how is Ms. Vogel supposed to watch the students during the long break from Venice?

Mrs Jäger:Ms. Vogel has just withdrawn her request for vacation. So I did everything right!

Helena:Not completely. Then you also would have had to reverse the substitution lessons for my hus…for Mr Heisig.

Mrs Jäger:As far as I know, your husband wants to…Mr Heisig is still going to go on vacation!

Helena:Michael is going to Venice without Ms. Vogel?

Mrs Jäger:Yes, that seems to be the way things are…at the moment.



[At RaumZeit Records]


Miriam:I’ve really looked through everything concerning this Tom Sanio. There’s nothing!

Frank:Then this still hasn’t been worked out?

Miriam:No, it hasn’t, unfortunately.

Frank:Yes, but I got a strange stuttered message from Ronnie on my voicemail. But there I also just understood Flying Octopus…uh, Sanio and kissing some feet? That’s why I thought that you would… maybe?

Miriam:No. I’m sorry.

Frank:Well, okay, he’ll surely tell me soon enough. And was everything else going well while I was in London?

Miriam:Uhm, actually, it’s not really a big deal. Pff, it’s nothing terrible, uh I wasn’t there either. Uhm…


Miriam:Uhm, last night your brother and your nephew, Ben Bergmann, quarreled somehow with each other here in the studio.

Frank:Ah, gosh. Ok. Why and what was it about this time?

Miriam:Probably about a misunderstanding. Ben and Bea Vogel, who is the teacher of both of them, they somehow got forgotten and locked up in the music studio. And then the night guard came, he wanted to call the police. And at the last second Ronnie could prevent this somehow.

(Stefan Bergmann enters the label)


Frank:It’s strange that this doesn’t surprise me.

Stefan:Yes, it’s strange. We have to talk…urgently.



[At school]

(Bea and Michael meet at school)

Bea:So you’ll go?

Michael:The advantage of motor biking is…that one doesn’t have to think. One is just riding (the motorbike). A little distance will be good…for both of us.

Bea:Michael? Take care of yourself.

Michael: Take care of yourself, too!...Okay then…

Bea:Have a nice trip!

Michael:Thank you.

(Michael leaves)



[At RaumZeit Records]


Frank:So your son was locked up in my music studio for a few hours. Okay, what are you going to do now? Do you want to report him (Ronnie)because of unlawful detention? (Frank laughs, being ironic)Then he’ll get scared!

Stefan:Well, he should. Because it’s about him being partially responsible for the accident.

Frank:Ah, Stefan, come on. Again, he has an alibi! He was with Sophie at the time of the accident.

Stefan:Sophie is lying to cover Ronnie. And you know that.

Frank:You know that you’re close to the line between slander and defamation, don’t you?

Stefan:Have you just tried to intimidate me? Frank, you’re refusing to face reality! Neither Anja (Ben’s mom/Frank’s sister)nor Ronnie were or are the way you want to see them!

Frank:I’ve no idea why I’m listening to this nonsense anyway! If at all, then I just have to blame myself for one thing: That I wasn’t there…when you drove my sister into death with your affairs, indifference and coldness!



Duffy *Stepping stone*

Bea sits at the piano in the auditorium,all nostalig, pulls out the note Ben left next to her after their night together:

"It was so wonderful." it reads

 Ben reads his note:" Everything is going to be alright"

Both take out their cell phines..meaning to call each other..


[At RaumZeit Records]


Frank:Ok, this conversation is over. The door is over there.

Stefan:I’m not finished yet.

Frank:I don’t f**king care!

Stefan:You should listen for your own sake!

(Ronnie enters Frank’s office)

Ronnie:Hey. You know The Flying Octopus?

Frank:What is it about The Flags?

Ronnie:You know, they are hot and pretty much all big labels are after them?


Ronnie:You wanted them…you’ll get them!

(Ronnie hands Frank a document)

Ronnie:This is a preliminary -contract. They’ll perform at Chulos…and they want me to produce an album with them? Us. They’ll let US produce an album. Because a brother who manages something like this for you, will surely be upgraded to your partner by you, huh?


Stefan:I would think long and hard about this! Because your talisman, your “partner”, the one you can always rely on, will have to stand trial soon.

(Stefan shows the radar picture to Frank)

Stefan:An explanation: That’s you, Ronnie!