Episode 195




Ben: You thought that I would get my hopes up again and that you would have to explain to me why it can't work with the two of us?

Bea: A bit.

Ben:Don’t worry! I know that nothing has changed between us.

Bea:Then this is resolved.

Ben:And it will remain unchanged! I will love you forever!







Jenny: Now, sorry but…you’re not serious, are you?

Helena:Look around you. This building is the opposite of handicap-accessible.

Bodo: But we will take care of getting him everywhere!


Helena:By carrying him? That’s really nice, but I cannot allow this. It’s too dangerous. If one of you fell, the insurance company would hold the school liable for it. Rightly so. But we can’t afford that.

Timo: But what about the declaration of consent from my father? I mean it must be possible to submit this to the insurance company.

Helena: The letter from your father proves your fighting spirit Mr. Özgül. It is very impressive. But unfortunately it doesn’t help me at all with the official matters.

Emma: Then we’ll find another way.

Helena: And I would like to help you. That’s why I already looked around a bit. There are some handicap-accessible schools here in Cologne. Here is a list.

Timo: Thank you.

Jenny: So much for anti-discrimination.

Helena:It’s a matter of responsibility, Ms Hartmann. I’m sure a good solution will be found. And now I’ll call the janitor to carry you downstairs. For employees the question of insurance is different.

Emma: That really sucks!

Bea:Hey Timo. Welcome to … What happened?

Bodo:Frau Heisig just expelled Timo from school.


Jenny:Yes. For official reasons, not because of the wheel chair and the stairs…




Sonja (Dora Swan): Very interesting! Really. Yes, see you.

Frank:Okay, Mickey likes to put someone on hold. You need to apply pressure.

Miriam: Okay, I’ll let you know as soon as I get the confirmation.

Sonja(Dora Swan):Tom Sanio told me that he’ll be getting in touch.

Frank:Dora! Yes we did talk on the phone.

Sonja(Dora Swan): Aha. And when did you want to tell me this?

Frank:There is nothing to tell. We haven’t agreed on anything certain..

Sonja(Dora Swan): But I’m interested in this, nevertheless. Tom Sanio is my contact.

Frank:Okay Dora, listen! If you got problems we can talk about them later. Right now I have to go to the recording studio … to produce music.

Sonja(Dora Swan):Using my contacts to get in touch with bands. And then not even confessing to it.

Ronnie:Don’t tell me you didn’t know this scam of my brother’s?

Sonja(Dora Swan):Scam?

Ronnie:Strange that people are always thinking that with Frank everything is different and completely correct.

Sonja(Dora Swan):Why always?

Ronnie:You’re not the first one he's got on board for her awesome contacts, then ripped them off and finally dumped them..

Sonja(Dora Swan):If you ask me, you're taking yourself too seriously.

Ronnie:You think I’m lying?

Sonja(Dora Swan):Yes.

Ronnie:I will gladly prove it to you.

Sonja(Dora Swan):Well if this is true, I’m gone!

Sonja leaves.

Ronnie:(at the phone) Hey, I’m a friend of Dora Swan's, the songwriter. Maybe it's of interest to you,that she will probably soon need a new label.




Bodo: This word: accessibility!

Emma:As though that’s even possible in life...barriers are everywhere.

Jenny: Definitely in the head of Mrs Schmidt-Heisig!

Bodo:Let’s hope that Ms Vogel is able to break them down.

(Oh YES!!Bring some whipped cream,Bea!!)




[At Pestalozzi, Helena’s office]


Helena:(at the phone)Handicap-accessible, the boy’s in a wheel-chair.

Mrs Jäger:Sorry, but Ms Vogel wants to talk to you.

Helena:(at the phone)Thanks. Send it to me as a PDF. I’ll call you again later. Okay.

Bea:It’s about Timo Özgül. You are expelling him from school?

Helena:He’s not sustainable at the Pestalozz for officialreasons.

Bea:Not sustainable. You know exactly what the boy has been through. Now you also want to take his friends away.

Helena:I don’t want to, I have to. Ms Vogel, the boy has my deepest sympathies, believe me. But the Pestalozzi is, in fact,not designed for handicapped people. It’s a question of insurance.





Emma:There are these stair lifts.

Bodo:Or we construct a ramp.

Jenny:Ey, that would be much to steep to get up there by yourself on.. Hey, what do you think?

Timo:So much effort just for me, that’s not what I want.

Emma:Hello? We want you to stay here, that‘s a fact!

Timo:And for that, they have to rebuild the whole school?



[At Pestalozzi, Helena’s office]

Helena:And now let’s just take a look at the situation. It concerns one student. You think the school's inspector will endorse this and spend the money? And besides, near the student’s home there are two schools with facilities for the disabled. I think this discussion is over.

Bea:You are not making any effort because you don’t care about Timo.

Helena:Not at all. But I have to be realistic.

Bea:We are responsible for this boy. And I won’t let you just toss him aside.

Helena: As usual, the last word but not much else.



[Pestalozzi, in front of the school]

Jenny: I have to go, I have practice. We’ll see each other tonight at my place?

They kiss good-bye.

Jenny: Bye guys.

Bodo: Should I accompany you home?

Timo: No, not necessary. I have my chauffeur. Privilege of the disabled. See you.

Emma: STAG is tommorrow morning..

Timo: I’m not sure, yet.

Bodo: Come on! We need you.

Timo: We’ll see, okay?


[Raumzeit Records]

Frank: You just do everything as we discussed.

Luzi: Okay. I’ll let myself fall.

Frank: Exactly. I’ll give you a sign.

Frank: Are you ready?

Luzi starts singing. Dora and Frank are listening.

Frank: Isn’t she incredible?

Frank: Thanks, Luzi. That went pretty well already. Come over here for a moment, please.

Frank to Dora: Well, what do you think?

Dora: Luzi was okay.

Frank: But?

Dora: My predecessor…why did she leave?

Frank: She got an offer from the USA.

Dora: You didn’t want to get rid of her, incidentally? After she gave up her most important contacts to you?

Frank: Dora, what’s wrong with you today? You know that’s not my style.



[The Bergmann villa]

Jenny: Heyya...what are you doing here already?

Emma: I'm surprising you!

Jenny: Sounds good!

Emma: It is perfect!

Jenny: Well, do tell!

Emma: What do you see?

Emma holds up a flyer with a picture of a wooden hut in the woods and the words “weekend-getaway offer”

Jenny: A ramshackle dump in the undergrowth...an abandoned hut in the woods…

Emma: Yes, better! And when you see this...what do you think?

Jenny: Ants… mosquitoes...chemical toilet.

Emma: What about being undisturbed? Camp fire? Star strewn sky...and me..

Jenny: Oh, I see..yes..that sounds great...
Emma: Yes! The camp leader, who did the boot camp, John, he said we could stay there from tomorrow till the day after!! And then we'd be totally alone and undisturbed ...and *squee*!!

Jenny: This is the hut?

Emma: Totally romantic, right?

Jenny: Hmm hmm....

Emma: Are you happy?

Jenny: Yes.

They hug.



Culcha Candela performs “Berlin City Girl”.

Timo tries to get through the crowd with his wheel chair. Ben helps him.

Ben: Should we go outside right away? I mean, that way you can smash my face in, first thing?

Timo: Dude, you wouldn’t have a chance against me. It’s okay.

Ben: It’s great that you are back.



[At Raumzeit Records]

Sonja:I was simply imagining something different.

Frank:She interpreted the song as the two of us discussed it.

Sonja:Yes. I told you, Luzi was great. But the atmosphere does not fit. It is too modern, it sounds



Sonja:For this song we need some nice ambiance. I want the old acoustic engineering.

Frank:Dora, please. I will not start working with some amplifier and a mixer from the 60s

again. Regardless of that I have just newly set up this studio. Luzi's song needs something

modern, she is a modern girl.

Sonja:Yes, but a modern song should sound good too, right?

Frank:The sound is perfect. Dora please, just trust me, ok? This will be a big hit.

Sonja:You just don´t like that I disagree with you. Right???


Luzi:And??? Are we celebrating now???

Sonja:The song isn´t finished yet.

Luzi: Is something wrong?

Frank:No, no. You have done a great job. Dora and I just have to discuss a few things.

Luzi:Okay. Ahhh, I just wanted to ask about the contract and the STAG clause.

Frank:Miriam will finish it and you can sign it tomorrow at noon.

Luzi:Okay, great. I´m leaving.

Frank:Good, I... I´ll call you. Bye


[At Chulos]

Ben:Jenny told me about Schmitt-Heisig. She will not get away with that. We... we will think of something.

Timo:To be honest, I don´t want to talk about it anymore.

Ben: But...

Timo:Do you think that Culcha Candela will give an encore?

Ben: Tomorrow morning is STAG rehearsal. Jenny told me. Will you be there?

You should.

Timo:Did Jenny say that?

Ben:No, I do. Timo, you are a part of the STAG.

Timo: Dude, I´m done with the STAG. Okay?

For me, there is only S left. But I won´t dance anymore.

Ben: That is bullshit.

Timo:A vertebra damage is irreversible, okay?

The doctors said that I will never be able to walk again.

Ben:I have seen a wheelchair basketball game. These guys are anything but immobile.

Timo:Uhhi, great.

Ben:They do totally crazy turns and other stuff. But you're right, you probably have to practice a

few years.

Ben: Nice. Not bad.


[At Saal1]

Sophie:Can we just leave? She won’t show up anymore.

Ronnie:No, we wait. The B*** hangs out here all the time.

Sophie:That doesn´t mean by a long shot, that she will believe you.

Ronnie:She already has. Dora thinks that Frank called Tom Sanio and hit on him for

Flying Octopus.

Sophie:Maybe he has already told her that it wasn´t him.

Ronnie:Whatever. She is so pissed off, she won´t believe him anyways.

Sanio himself believes that he spoke with Frank.

Even though he would not have had him wrapped around his finger like I did.

Dora... Hey. Sit down with us.

Sonja:I really had a tough day.

Ronnie:Sure, after what Frank is doing to you. You wanted proof, right?

Sonja:My contacts...

Ronnie:I told you.

Sonja:And why are you showing me this? And stabbing your brother in the back?

Ronnie:Because lately Frank hasn’t been himself. Haven´t you heard? The Magnas went to High Sounds. Got tired of Frank's style of leadership.

Sonja:To High Sounds, really?

Ronnie: Great Label, if you ask me.

Sonja:Yes, maybe. But I have really put too much effort into this project with Luzi Beschenko to just throw that away now and leave.

Ronnie:You are letting Frank get away with stealing your contacts?

Sonja:Of course not. I will settle this with him.

Ronnie:You do not seriously think he will admit it? He’ll think of an excuse. My secretary did it, the Holy Spirit or God knows who. Honestly? In your place, I would grab Luzi and the song and then run away.


[The Beschenkos’ apartment]


Karin:Good morning.

Luzi:Looks like I managed to fall asleep, after all.

Karin:You didn’t even react when I tried to wake you up half an hour ago.

Luzi:Yesterday I would have sworn that I could never ever fall asleep again.

Karin:It was a big day for you.

Luzi:My first solo recording.

Karin:When will the song be finished? I mean when may I hear it?

Luzi:No idea. Frank wasn’t too enthusiastic.

Karin:But Dora Swan was.

Luzi:Dora thought it was great. And I did as well.

Karin:You see!

(hammering on the washing machine)

Don’t do that to me!

Luzi:Let me try.

Karin:I think the “big Bertha” has finally left us.

Luzi:And now?

Karin:Seems like I will be seen more often at the laundromat.

Luzi:Oh, you hate laundromats.

Karin:We will find a solution. First I’m going to make breakfast for us, okay?



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Bodo: Hey Timo.

Jenny: Hey, cool that you came.

Emma:And even brought along reinforcements.

Ben: Don’t worry. I will not sing.

Emma:You can sit at the piano if you like.

Ben:Thanks. But really I’m just here to make sure that Timo shows you the wheel dance.

Bodo:The what?

Timo: Ach!

Ben:Don’t be shy!

Timo:Ey, I’m not a dog who sits up and begs on demand.

Jenny:Well, come on. Show us!

Timo:Maybe later. You know where Luzi is?

Emma:She has an appointment at Raumzeit.

Bodo:Luzi, our star.

Bea:Good morning


Bea:Timo! It’s nice that you’re back.

Jenny:Did you see the principal?

Bea:First I have to learn more about the topic. But I’m sure that the insurance company will support us. But we don’t want to deal with paragraphs right now but rather make some music. Are there wishes, suggestions? Timo?


Bea:That’s a good idea!


STAG *Survivor*

Timo joins in but has to cough.

Timo: Fuck. It’s not working. There is this pressure.

Bea: Just try it again. Only the rap, okay?

Timo shakes his head.


[Raumzeit Records]

Miriam: And sign here too, please.

Dora comes up to them.

Dora: I’m gone.

Miriam: Ähm, I’ll just be going now.

Dora: Before you get rid of me, I’d rather walk away, myself. And I’m taking Luzi’s song with me.

Frank: What??

Dora: High Sounds made me an offer.

Frank: High Sounds doesn’t give a shit about its artists.

Dora: Honestly Frank, just because you didn’t get along with them and didn’t have your life under control, doesn’t mean that the people at High Sounds are idiots.

Frank: You know exactly what happened back then.

Dora: Now, don’t play the victim. You are no better than the others.

Frank: Dora, we have a contract. You can’t take the song with you.

Dora: You’ll hear from my lawyers. And the song belongs to me.

Dora storms out and almost runs Luzi over.

Luzi: Hello, could we talk for a minute.

Frank: What?

Luzi: It’s important.

Frank: Luzi, what!? Talk.

Luzi: I need money. An advance payment, I mean. I know the contract hasn’t even been signed yet and the song isn’t finished…

Frank: There is no song. Dora quit.

Luzi: What?!

Frank: Yes. And that’s why you should cool your heels a little and not ask for special treatment all the time. My answer is: no. No advance payment.


[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Timocoughing: It just doesn’t work. There is so much pressure that I can’t breathe.

Bea: Timo, it’s completely normal that your voice is changing. After that kind of surgery. I know a great voice therapist. Some practice and your voice will be like before.

Timo: Great! Another thing I’ll have to relearn.

Bea: You mustn’t give up on yourself, now.

Timo: It just doesn’t work.

Emma: Timo…

Timo: I don’t belong in this school anymore. There are only problems. Frau Schmidt-Heisig is right.


[Pestalozzi, at the bicycle stand]

Luzi locks up her bike and Dora gets out of a taxi.

Dora: Hello. I noticed that you had fight with Frank.

Luzi: He’s mad because you left us high and dry.

Dora: Does that really surprise you? I mean, think about how Frank treated you. At first he was nice, as long as you were useful to him. But if things get difficult, he leaves you hanging. You haven’t signed the contract with him yet, did you?

Luzi shakes her head.

Dora: Then don’t. Come with me to High Sounds. They will really support you. You can keep the song and you would earn a lot more money.

Luzi: And it’s that easy?

Dora: Well, I’ve already told them a lot about you. The only thing you would have to do is to say yes.