Episode 199



(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)

Bea: I couldn’t concentrate if you were there.

Ben: Bea, what are you afraid of?

Bea: That I’ll fall in love with you even more..


Helena: This is your compensation for a five-star hotel in Monaco?

Stefan: The important thing is the quality of the service.

Ben and Bea are making out on the couch in the living room.(Holy Hotness, Batman!)

Helena: The service really must have a lot to offer.

Stefan: There is room service, a spa, massages. Everything your heart desires.

Stefan walks in on Ben and Bea in the living room.




[Bergmann residence]

Bea: Fuck

Ben: What are you doing here?

Stefan: I was about to ask you the same thing.

Helenaon the phone still in the hallway: I’ll need the detailed expertise. It’s about the students’ safety

Beapanicked: Is that Helena?

Stefan: Your supervisor and principal of my son, yes.

Ben and Bea jump off of the couch trying to hide.

Helena: Okay, then please send your people over, I’ll be on-site the entire day. Of course. I’m the school’s principal. But quickly, please. Bye.

Helenato Stefan: What was that noise?

Stefan: That was Ben.

Helena: I thought we would be alone?

Stefan: Yes, me too. That’s why I propose we rearrange our evening.

Helena: Rearrange?

Stefan: Yes, by going to a five-star suite near the Dom (Cologne Cathedral). Hm?

Helena: I hope, that will be the last change of plans for this evening?

Stefan: Helena. You should know me well enough by now to know that I’m not the kind of person to waste time. Come on.

They leave.

Bea: Fuck.


[Raumzeit Records]


Frank: That’s YOUR song?

Luzi: Eh yes, it kind of came to me yesterday…it’s not finished yet.

Frank: Yes, I could hear that. Listen. Let’s try something. Please sing the last verse of the chorus again.

Luzi: It’s nothing special,really.

Frank: When did you write it?

Luzi: Last night.

Frank: By yourself?

Luzi nods.

Frank: Okay, I’ll hand it over to the composer. He might be able to arrange something for small instrumentation.

Luzi: Does that mean you want to do this song?

Frank: Yes.

Luzi: Wow.

Frank: It’s the best I’ve heard today, Luzi.



[Bergmann residence]

Bea: Do you know what would have happened if Helena had shown up one second earlier???

Ben: But she didn’t.

Bea: He is going to tell her.

Ben: He’s not. Or else he would have done it right here and not covered for us.

Bea: Sooner or later he will tell her. They are a couple.

Ben: So what? That doesn’t mean that he can’t keep secrets from her. My father has a different view on morals.

Ben’s mobile sounds.

Ben: From my father.

Bea: And what did he write? I don’t want to know.

Ben: He wants to have breakfast with me. And talk. I’ll explain it to him.

Bea: How?

Ben: By telling him the truth. That I’m in love with you.

Bea: And that I allowed it to happen, or what?

Ben: You did. (You did, Bea, and wearing mini skirts to school has certainly not been helping matters)

Ben: Bea, running away doesn’t solve anything. How are we going to proceed?

Ben: Just stay for breakfast and I’ll officially introduce you to my father.

Bea: Say, don’t you get it?! I’ve gone too far. I’m your teacher.

Bea leaves.



[Home of the Beschenkos]

Frau Beschenko is waiting up. She is worried. She gets the phone.

Frau Beschenkoon the phone: Hello Luzi, this is Mama. Where are you? Ca…

Luzi comes in.

Luzi: Hey!

Frau Beschenko: Can’t you answer your cell phone?

Luzi: Oh sorry. I forgot to turn it on again.

Frau Beschenko: Where have you been?

Luzi: In the studio.

Frau Beschenko: Until now?

Luzi: Yes.

They sit down at the table.

Luzi: I’m sorry, I should have let you know.

Frank got to hear a song today that I wrote myself. And guess what? He wants to record it with me. It’s supposed to be my first single.

Frau Beschenko: You wrote a song?

Luzi: Yes, and he liked it.

Frau Beschenko: Will you sing it for me?

Luzi: Uhm, when it’s finished.

Frau Beschenko: Then at least tell me what kind of song it is…Slow, fast, what’s it about?

Luzi: Rather slow and it’s about…about best friends.

Frau Beschenko: About Timo and you?

Luzi: Well, it’s really a song for everyone who is in a similar situation as I am. So, in this regard it’s not just about Timo and me.

Luzi: Anyway, it’s totally wicked and I think I’ll have to work on the song further and I already have an idea for another song, a faster one…

Frau Beschenko: But not now.

Luzi: Mom, that’s not something you can plan with a timetable.

Frau Beschenko: Yes but Luzi…won’t this become a little too much for you? I mean, the recordings, the charity concert for Timo you are planning…besides, tomorrow is a school day.

Luzi: I’ll manage.

Frau Beschenko: You hardly have enough time to sleep. And you probably haven’t even done your homework, yet.

Luzi: I can do it tomorrow before school starts. Besides, I couldn’t go to sleep right now. I’m much too…Mom, I’m happy.

Frau Beschenko: Come here.

They hug.

Frau Beschenko: I am so proud of you.

Luzi: My very first own song.



[Bea’s apartment]

Bea: (writing a letter) Dear Mr. Bergmann… Oh

Dear Mr. Bergmann, I’m sorry that you…I’m not sorry! I’m not sorry at all! And what will I say? Mr. Bergmann, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t tell Mrs Schmidt-Heisig that Ben and I…Man, I have to work it out.

It is unpleasant that you had to learn about…Oh my. What am I going to do?

(call into a TV Show or write to a woman's magazine on how to word this letter correctly?Or ask ami!

Dear Mr.Bergmann, I am very sorry, that you had to watch me trying to seduce your son on your couch.I am even more sorry, that you were kind of early. But I am not sorry, that my boss was kept in the hallway. Anyways, as to the matter with your son: I'm his teacher, I am aware of that.Sometimes. At other times I am not.Anyways, what I wanted to say:Sorry. And please don't tell my evil boss,, your smoking gf. Sadly, I do remember that she is my boss, even when I'm on your couch or you're busy on your kitchen counter.Uh, which I never saw, because I never made out with your son,my student in your shower. Have fun in your Villa.I usually do.Bye,bye.Yours, B.Vogel)


[Bergmann residence]

Ben: Coffee, orange juice…f*ck, the eggs. Shit!

(Mr. Bergmann comes in)Morning. Did you have a nice night?

Mr. Bergmann: Morning.

Ben: Coffee?

Mr. Bergmann: Yes. It looks like someone has somethingto confess.

Ben: Why? You know everything already.

Mr. Bergmann: Do I? For example I didn’t know till yesterday that Ms Vogel was giving you private lessons of the special kind! (Win!)

Ben: Well, that one was kind of lame. And for the record, I’m nineteen.

Mr. Bergmann:For starters, I’d like to know how long this has been going on between the two of you.

So yesterday wasn’t the first time?

Ben: Are you surprised? I mean you suspected at the time why I wanted to leave for Australia.

Mr. Bergmann:It’s been going on for that long?

Ben: Not really. Bea is my teacher, it is complicated.

Mr. Bergmann:Yes, I got that impression as well. Well, it’s not any of my business.You are both adults.

Ben: You are adults. That’s it?

Mr. Bergmann:Yes.

Ben: And you didn’t tell Mrs. Schmidt-Heisig anything about this?

Mr. Bergmann:Why should I?

Ben: Well, no idea…

Mr. Bergmann:It’s nobody’s business what we are doing in our free time, right?

Ben: No.

Mr. Bergmann:You see? Hand me the newspaper, please. Thanks.

(in the meantime, in our imaginary world, Jenny and Emma are having Orange Juice upstairs)


[Pestalozzi, on the couch]

Emma: Wow, I didn’t know you wrote song lyrics.

Luzi: Well, I always thought that it was real rubbish before.

Emma: I would never be able to do that.

Luzi: Yes, I thought that too but it’s not that difficult. I didn’t even have to think much about it, the words practically wrote themselves.

Emma: Anyways,I believe that you can only write about things that you have experienced yourself or that concern you. And…what are your lyrics about?

Luzi: Oh well, just something that was on my mind.

Emma: Come on, tell me. A love song?

Luzi: It’s about…I thought about Timo…how everything changed and how everything once was. Something like that.

Emma: That’s really bothering you, isn’t it?

Luzi: All of us, right?

Emma: Yes, of course. But you and Timo, that was a whole different story. I think it’s great if you manage to express things like that in a song. I mean, that’s what it’s all about. Feelings.

Luzi: Yes, but it’s really strange, anyway. Well, it’s so personal and …it’s a strange feeling that soon everybody can listen to it on CD.

Emma: But that’s what music is all about. It’s for communicating and sharing feelings with others.

Timo: Äh, what kind of song is it?

Luzi: That…that’s…I’m working on it with Frank right now.

Timo: Cool.

Emma: I for one am looking forward to hearing it soon. I’m probably going to cry.



[Raumzeit Records]

Frankon the phone: Listen, I know that it’s a little on short notice but you won’t regret this little program change…Okay. Alright. We’ll send someone to you. Yes. Thanks.

Caro: Problems?

Frank: Yes. I had arranged a gig for Cold Justice on a TV lifestyle magazine. Rather new format, good ratings. Topic: singer/songwriter

Caro: That’s great.

Frank: Well, almost. The guys are hanging around in Costa Rica at the moment and need inspiration for their new record, and are therefore not reachable.

Caro: Which means you need a replacement. Well, if you want me to, I could fill in.

Frank: Caro, the topic is: singer and songwriter

Caro: And you can’t postpone the appearance?

Frank: And surrender the slot to High Sounds? We can’t just cancel the gig.

Caro: I understand.

Frank: I have to squeeze someone else in.

Caro: But we don’t have any singer/songwriters.

Frank: Yes, we do have someone. (on the telephone) Paul, it’s me, Frank. Listen up, the gig is on with a little change in detail. I’ll bring one of my own acts. Yes. No, you don’t know her yet but you will get to know her, she is world class. Paul…Paul! Please listen to me. Listen, when Nora Jones started up way back when nobody knew her, either. Then she released her record and got buried in Grammys. Exactly. That is exactly the calibre we are talking about here. Yes, right, okay. Listen, think about it and let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.

Caro: And who is this new stunning act?

Frank: Luzi.

Caro: Luzi?

Frank: Say Caro, don’t you have school?

(Frank, don't you have a social life?Why are you talking to Caro anyways?)



Helena: Frau Vogel, I knew it would happen again. But this time you got caught. What am I going to do with you, now? (YAY!Recommendations?:-)

Bea: I assume that you will report me to the school board and suspend me from teaching. So make it quick. Say what you have to say.

Helena: You don’t even want to defend yourself?

Bea: No excuses. No explanations.

Helena: Alright. For the rest of the week you will take over the recess supervision. But should you continue to be late for class, other disciplinary actions will follow.

Bea: I…I’m too late.

Helena: That you are. Classes started 5 minutes ago. Even though you are only having a STAG rehearsal right now, I urge you to remember that as a member of the teaching staff you are somewhat of a role model.

Bea: Of course.

Caro: Sorry, I’m late.

Helena: You see? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. You bear responsibility.

Bea: I know.

Helena: Good. Then we’ve settled this.


[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Bea: What…what are you…(using the informal “du”). I apologize. What are you (using the formal “Sie”) doing here?

Timo: Frau Vogel, we already talked about this.

Jenny: We would like Ben to stay.

Bea: Oh. Okay. We are too late anyway.

Ben: Yes, I was late this morning, too. That happens when you talk with your father about certain things for hours. But in the end everything got resolved.

Bea: Good.

Ben: Ähm, can I talk to you for a minute after rehearsal?

Bea: Of course.

Ben: Cool.

Bea: We’re rehearsing the song for the charity concert?

Bodo: Sure.

Bea: You’re playing?

Ben: Sure.

Bea: Then, go on.

They sing Lady Gaga’s “Born this way”

Caro: And, nervous already?

Luzi: No, why?

Caro: Oh, it’s better that Frank tells you himself.

Luzi: Tells me what?

Caro: Just wait. I mean, it’s not 100% yet. Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.

Luzi: Hey, now wait a moment.

Everyone else is gone and Bea gets a little nervous. Her papers fall to the floor.

Ben: Everything’s okay. I’ve talked with my father, he’s cool. Apparently, he doesn’t care who I am with. And he won’t tell Schmidt-Heisig anything, either. So, will we see each other tonight?

Bea: Ben, this is not a game.

Ben: That’s right. And I’m not playing.(YAY! For using Jenny's lines to Emma !!)

Bea: Then you surely know that we mustn’t see each other in private any more.

Bea: That…that thing yesterday was stupid. Careless. And stupid!

Ben laughs.

Bea: My mistake. I shouldn’t have allowed it to happen and…I didn’t want to, really.

Ben: Then why did you?

Ben: It’s going to happen again and again. You know that as well as I do. I can even understand that you are resisting but it’s useless.

He leans in to kiss her.

Bea: Don’t do that.

Bea: Not here.

Ben: Alright.

Ben: Well then, Frau Vogel, thanks for allowing me to join and till next time. Oh, if I have any questions, I’m sure I can just let you know at any time, right?

Bea: Of course.

Ben: Cool.


[Pestalozzi, by the big books]

Frank is talking on his mobile.

Frank: You just have to trust me. I wouldn’t suggest someone to you if I weren’t 100% certain that she has the class. Okay. Alright. Anything further you can discuss with my assistant. Okay. (to Luzi) Hey.

Luzi: Caro already told me you wanted to talk to me? It must be important for you to come to school.

Frank: Right. There are news.

Luzi: Good or bad?

Frank: Great. You have a gig.

Luzi: At Chulos again?

Frank: Hm, I’d say the audience will be a little bit bigger this time.

Luzi: Well, Chulos isn’t that small, either.

Frank: We are talking about two and a half million people.

Luzi: Sure, even the RE stadium (RheinEnergieStadion, home of the 1.FC Köln) fits what? 50.000?

Frank: In front of the TV, Luzi.

Luzi: TV?

Frank: You have a gig. That’s your first appearance. It's beginning now..

Luzi: And what should I perform?

Frank: Your song.

Luzi:My song about…I mean, I’m not ready and the song…we still have to work on it.

Frank:I’ve spoken with the composer. It’s great.

Luzi: Yes, but…rather private. And anyway, I’ve only ever sung the song at home or in the studio.

Frank: But Luzi, that’s why it’s time for people to hear it. It’s really good music, it has emotional lyrics. It’s going to blow people away.


[Pestalozzi, in the hallway]

Frau Jäger: Ah, Frau Vogel, Herr Bergmann is waiting for you in the consultation room.

Bea: Äh yes, then he will have to keep waiting because I don’t have any time right now.

Frau Jäger: It sounded really important. If I were you I would go. Right now.

Bea: Okay, I’ll take care of it. Thanks.

Bea starts to open the door.

Bea: Ben, didn’t we say that…

Whoops, it’s Bergmann senior.

Bea: Herr Bergmann.

Stefan: Obviously, you seem to get surprised by my appearance rather often of late.

Bea: I…I have to apologize to you. For this unpleasant situation.

Stefan: Unpleasant? That’s very well phrased, Frau Vogel.

Bea: I’m really grateful that you didn’t inform Frau Schmidt-Heisig.

Stefan: I have my reasons. I would prefer to resolve this matter between you and me.

Bea: Of course, I…

Stefan: Three things I want to make clear. First. What we are discussing here and now won’t leave this room. Second. If you don’t abide by the things we are discussing here you won’t ever get a foot on the ground, again. And third, from now on you will leave my son alone. Do you understand?